Do you want to see shes going to shock? You promise you Music, so thanks to a 69 lighter speed, foam called the speed foam air this year. Reviewing has become a little bit more well difficult floating away. Was it believable not really mate? No! No! Sorry mate! Its okay lets get back to the point. Shall we so, thanks to a 69 lighter speed, foam called the speed foam air this year, which, when you think about it, is a lot of mass and, as we know, taylormade will take that unwanted weight, which works out to be about 3.5 grams for everyone that Wants to visualize that particular weight thats about the same weight as a piece of chewing gum, pre, chewed, obviously, back to the point, the 3.5 grams is redistributed in the head to optimize iron performance. Taylormade is saying this is going to contribute to better launch conditions, sound and overall feel its time, so were going to be hitting the p790 2021 and its the 7 iron. It doesnt look first of all that p790, its actually looking more p770 than the p790, which i think is a damn good thing. Some people will argue they prefer the look of the original p790. But this this is oh, its just crying out for a blend isnt. It mix that set baby dont ever do that again. Now, then, down at the ball and well, first impressions, it looks easy to hit easier to launch.

It looks like its going to go miles really testing my visual memory here because its been a while, since i hit the og p790s, if im being completely honest and were going to say that for the toe to toe so im, basing this purely on memory. But that just looks like a bigger package behind the ball, a bigger footprint seems to really shadow. The ball. Um could be wrong. Dont shoot the messenger, even though im, not the messenger around the one. That said, it so shoot me feel free, but this way front to back. I cant that way. This way that way, Music, this way yeah it looks bigger. Honestly, i could be wrong and my eyes could just be playing a trick on me. 190 yards out im hitting the seven iron, and this is going straight in the hole Music. I was joking all right, then all right well, take it its not in the hole but its um takeable. This is easy. Golfs hard this. This isnt, this clubs not hard Music, oh no loft, police theyre back. Unfortunately, though, its going to be a wasted journey yep, this is still a 30 and a half degree. 7 iron lots of people will be pleased about that. Me included the only people that arent going to be happy. Are the loft police, because theyve just wasted a whole trip coming down here for no reason, so you can go on get out of here.

I dont want to come back to this because i feel like im just going to shank one and ruin everything he had to say it didnt. He what titanium well talk about the materials shortly. Let me just hit one Music: oh Music blocks. One holes, one get left, felt a bit openy still Music. I didnt do that. Your windows, 7 pc, is out of support. Great tell you what that remind me later: buttons had some action, no its blocky business, its not bad arm. There are a lot of tech improvements with the new p790. It rolls in to the racers edge mod shop fast and furious. If you didnt know Music, when the 2019 p790 rolls in these are the tech mods that it receives? Forget your nitrous oxide, because this chassis is filled with speed, foam air. It has a brand new 8620 chassis, which happens to be 37.5 thinner in certain locations of the head. On top of that, its got a kick ass new grille in the shape of a forged 4140l face for extra flexibility. I would also say that im getting a different feel from this as well seems to be powerful. I mean that sounds mint. Itll also receive a banging new, intelligent, sweet spot. So taylormade is saying this is 60 larger than the previous models, and thanks to a lot of feedback, a lot of strikes, it focuses around the common missing areas and just before it leaves the garage and heads for the quarter mile.

The golf course. Obviously, the taylormade mechanics have added 31 grams of tungsten lower in the head to promote launch forgiveness and also stability, which has only been made possible thanks to a lighter engineering process and, of course it leaves the garage looking like this hot rod. Cant wait for this path. Three challenge its having it so ill. Do one more ill, do a par 3 challenge and then, at the end of the video ive got the entire set here ill play a whole, a par 5 to see what we score. Just for a bit of fun, that was a rubbish swing still. Luckily, it saved me now then 10 shots a few different shot shapes going in there, which ill call before i hit them to see how workable this club actually is as well and then well get a hole in one just to you know make it the best. Video ever well couple straight at it or hope to be all right. Its a weird, green youve got to pitch this. Just youve got a pitch thats just left, otherwise it does that try and get it just left. Oh its fading now and its short, its not one more just try and get the left of it stay there dont be too long. You are oh, its rolling in as well high fade off the left left edge in your gum, hello, Music. Oh you pig! No! No food, its trying thats me not the club.

Can we follow those with two? The other side now im gon na take a lot off of this. How how has that gone that far oh yeah point and hit pointing at it swing out charming thats a golf swing probably going to be too much because its not leaking back? Oh, my goodness go! No, so the stock shafts available are going to determine what you want out of this golf club. If youre wanting to achieve a mid flight, youve got the dynamic gold, 105 vss and the high flight is a 95 bss right numbers lets go that golf club was a lot of fun to hit very, very enjoyable and numbers. I think do show that i dont know. I feel like this irons, trying to be a little bit different this year. Dont know i dont know whether theyre trying to separate itself from the p770 a little bit so its blatantly like 770 lower end of the spectrum. P790 more mid to high handicapper. Potentially it could be wrong. Um im definitely sure a lower handicapper could stick this in id happily play this iron, so weve got an average spin of 6000, which again for a seven, is probably on the lower end, but youre relying on this tungsten being low in the head. All the characteristics of getting that ball in the air steeper descent, stopping on a sixpence carry on average was 184 total 190 likes. They took this very easy, very coursey style of swing, very intrigued with the toe to toe numbers wise.

If i was going to predict what i think was gon na happen, this would be longer, itd have lower spin, it would initially fly higher um and i feel like it could be. A very different golf club could be wrong were going to see and im so excited. It says every video, but i am its going to be very interesting toad today. Weve got some crackers coming up so make sure you hit the subscribe button and the bell notification to be subscribed were going to do now, as ive got the full set finder par five. Let rip thanks as always guys for watching. You follow us on social media. Facebook instagram, twitter and im live streaming on twitch. I know a few of you jumped over and said hello. Great laugh would love to see you there and make sure you join the best discord in the world tml the link is below. Thank you right then part. Five weve played this before im. Pretty sure this is uh linfield national hall 12, and it is 449 yards. The good thing about doing this with a full set is, i can actually show you the longer iron weve got. The four and weve also got the pitching wedge and how they look down at the ball. Foreign is just beautiful. It says to wedge, to be fair and its not really offset in any direction. To be honest, its still trying to keep that player profile as well, but how does it perform birdie would be lovely Music thats, not that far away to what i wanted to happen: Music, okay, so thats the potential um, and i like that its you know its Still within its not crazy, crazy long, its still controllable ive only got one nine one left in our trusty.

Seven iron could be a good one here. So i see fade anybody else. No okay fade Music id use, a spider, but thatd be unfair, so were gon na go with the trusty tour weight slot line for eagle Music thought. We had that, then what an end. What an end! You see the potential with these clubs when you actually put a decent swing on.