So i bravely told daniel. I cannot tolerate you coming near my nest. Oh crikey, are you okay, cath that looked like it hurt? Should i call the vet, get your hand off it? Terry. I meant to do it didn’t it look cool yeah, okay, sure i reckon swans are part of the hissy flappy cobra chicken family here’s one holding up traffic, what a everyone’s too afraid to get out of their car and move it well. Luke we’ll come back to this one later here’s a young man in the wilderness about to touch a cobra chicken, maybe it’s some kind of dodgy canadian parenting, a rites of passage or he’s buckled. He’S a bit scared there. Oh, he touched it there now he’s panicking he’s tripping over. I don’t know what the reward is for doing this. Does he get his own phone? Does he get more hours spent being able to use wi fi dodgy, hey mate? How are you yeah? Are you my uber, hey, stop laughing my wings are tired. I just need a lift to the lake. Come on. Look i’ll. Give you five stars. Just let me in i’ll even give a 10 tip all right. 15 percent geez come on don’t wind up the window. No, no, no! No come on. I booked you don’t, cancel on me. Oh, this looks like bad news for the tiger. Look at him absolutely shut himself. I don’t blame him what’s. He gon na do he’s gon na come back for round two.

Why would you do that and it’s gone as well as you would expect? If this goose was in the jungle book, it would have been a very different movie. How’S that swan doing oh yeah, slow, very slow, don’t worry mate. If you’re putting people out, you know who are we we’re just humans, we’re, not important, carry on this cheeky goose has found its way into a gorilla enclosure, or, should i say the gorilla has found itself in a cobra chicken enclosure. You can see the gorilla’s hesitation. He doesn’t want to approach the cobra chicken he’s heard what happened to the tigers, but he also knows that people are filming him. So his pride is on the line. Oh here he goes. Oh, he regrets it. He’S, like i know, off off all right. Look at least he tried he’s tried harder than any mammal. I know to be friends with the copper chicken. This was a video sent in by aussie man fan michael. He wanted to. Let us know that these bastards will fight anyone even each other. They do not give a zero loyalty. Their mates are standing around yelling yeah world star. If they had phones, they’d be filming. What are they fighting about? Who knows? No reason. I’Ve spent a lot of time over the last week pondering why this species is so angry. Are they not happy with who they are? Are they just by nature, or do people keep getting too close to them, trying to make a video? Is it a privacy issue? Get away from it back off you back off, maybe it’s, all of the above it’s, probably all of the above anyway.

How’S that bloody swan doing oh yeah, holding up a train sounds about right, yeah! No, no! You just let him do his thing. Everyone you’re gon na, be late. Today, people accept it. Your boss will understand you’ll be on time when this swan wants you to be on time. No one wins when they mess with the cobra chicken overall, no one so don’t do it. Oh yeah whack, the like button. Everyone go to to check out the merch i’ll. Tell you what, because cobra chickens like to send people to destination, you can use the discount code cobra chicken to get 10 off whatever you want there. You go limited time. Only.