You ever wanted, like an rc version of that now you can have one, and this one really goes out to that paranoid. Neighbor of yours thats always thinking that youre spying on them, no matter what you do, youre out in your yard, youre picking tomatoes, and he still thinks youre spying on him. Well now i got something for you fire this up in your front yard and man. He is going to go ballistic, be super careful depending on what type of mental illness he might have, but it is pretty cool. It has a 15 minute flight time on this eachine e110. It is around 100 price point, has a camera in the front which is kind of cool real time, fpv view it has leds on the bottom of the 1s battery this pops on and off, and one of my favorite features about it is. It is fly barless, which is nice. It has stability mode on here. It has one key takeoff and landing. It has video recording and photo stills for spying on your neighbor. Obviously, six axis gyro. It has optical flow on the bottom as well that little tiny camera right there, thats optical flow, which is pretty cool, usb charger charges, the micro usb port on this battery in about id, say about 45 minutes per battery. So what i do is i put several cables on a tower of power. One two three four say. However many batteries you have, i have three with this kit and uh its easy to fly.

The funnest part record videos back down to your phone android or ios. You can get it in mode, one and mode, two guys with 2.4 gigahertz. We have three different speed modes here on the transmitter and theres my auto takeoff landing. We have throttle on the left, roll and pitch on the right lets, get it on all right. Guys. Look at that leds on the front its telling me that it wants to be bound up to the transmitter. So to do that, you press the throttle up and then back down, and it should be bound, if not turn it off turn it back on lets see if it links up up and down up and down. Oh looks like i got a mode one here. So im gon na be flying this in mode one. Today i dont even fly mode one, but were gon na fly it anyway. So now were gon na go into the wi. Fi were gon na connect to sentry 720p. Yes, good to go. Okay were connected. No password needed, hopefully im just going to leave the phone on the ground and, of course you can use my location. It wants all my data im going to go ahead and go into the real time view and lets check it out. Theres my little spy drone with the real time view lets go ahead and figure out how to start recording. It looks like this button right here and it is now spying on your neighbor lets, take off and have some fun with the e100 dudes lets.

Do it im gon na separate the blades like this and im gon na set the copter away from me and were gon na? Try that auto take off real, quick, so auto, take off pressing the button. Lets see what happens long press it. Maybe i have to unlock by doing this type of thing sticks down and out now i can auto take off. We have a low idle lets. Do it auto takeoff dude? It has optical flow on the bottom, so this is sticks off right here and it just came up about. I dont know about two to two feet off the ground: almost three feet, but its kind of chilling and im in mode one guy, so im flying with throttle on the left hand, side. So im just going to boost up a little bit and you should be able to change which side the throttles on and ive got yall over here on the left side as well. So this is totally screwy and i have aileron, on my right hand, side. So this will be interesting and im just going to spin around here and let it hover in place im going to come down just a little bit. If i can remember which side my throttle is on and were going to check out, the phone here looks like the real time view is still happening and im flying a helicopter. I mean spy drone with hands off and in mode one totally hilarious, so thats actually pretty good hover theres, not any wind right now, and this little dude is just chilling like it has gps on board or something um whos controlling this helicopter.

Not me, maybe the government or something i dont – know um, so im gon na try to do some forward flight, real quick. If i can figure out which controls are, which here and im just going to set that there, because they never gave us any phone holder. Whats up with that dudes, so lets go ahead and try to do some forward flight here and its really screwy, because uh my pitch is, on the left hand, side and my roll is, on the right hand, side of the transmitter in mode one. In this situation. My my yaw is correct. Now, im just kind of spinning around there for fun got some dudes coming over, throwing some disc golf here. So im gon na go come a little bit closer man. This things flying really good. Actually, im gon na come down just a little closer to us, so you guys can get a close up of this thing. If i can remember, which way is my pitch as well, but super quiet, the cairns, theres, no cairns out today, no cairns, they dont, even know. This thing is here: they have no clue cairns, no cairns have any idea and whats really cool. Is you can actually see the leds on the front for the battery? I can see. I have four bars there out of four, so thats, pretty cool im gon na go ahead and do some forward flight here were just gon na cruise out into the field so cool.

I wonder what the range is im going to say. The range is probably around the 300 meter point because most times it is for these type of uh helis and toy drones. So this is a toy guys, its not a spy drone im, just making jokes here right now, im in speed mode number two, and it has a little more aggressive forward flight with speed mode too just goes a little faster up. A lot quicker on the yaw axis as well lets lets come down a little bit. Lets get a little closer to the camera and lets check out how fast itll spin around with that yaw stick ready were going to spin around as fast as itll go and let go of the stick and man this. This stability mode is really good check. This thing out, i mean im going to come over here and get a little closer to it. Dont try this at home. How freaking cool is that how cool is that little heli i mean spy drone there we go im, loving im, getting the feel for it. Now, even though im flying in mode one, so its doing really good so right now, im on my second battery im, just like cutting over to a second battery. For some reason, my gopro wanted to be a punk and uh shut the video off. So the last part of the flight on my first battery – i didnt, get for you guys so were just gon na go ahead and like just fly part of this battery and were just gon na continue talking about the e110, so uh, yeah and im still flying In mode one so throttle is on the right and pitches and and yall are on the left, totally screwy in mode two throttles on the left and yalls on the left and normally rolling pitcher on the right but um.

Today, things are backwards and – and i mentioned in the other video that yeah its a testament to how good this little dude flies, because um im having to remember which axis is which axis right look at it. Up close, it looks so cool. It wants to get me when it gets close to you it for some reason. It leans into you, and its probably just a little bit of wind disturbance like right up close to you so watch out, itll itll come at you come at me, bro come at me, so full stick forward im in mo speed mode. Two right now lets go ahead and go into speed mode three and we might get a durability test today. Full stick forward. What you got spy drone, what you got so im gon na come down a little bit. Lets come down in front of us. I want you guys to see this thing up close because it is freaking, so cool military spy, drone toy version, not a real military spy drone. Obviously dont get confused internet come on dont get confused, but i love it. It says high definition, high speed helicopter on the side, yeah its pretty high speed for what it is, not bad for speed mode number. Three, it kind of zips around the field. If i can remember which stick is which oh a little bit of tail blow out there, the wind is coming up a little bit.

I mentioned that in the last part of my review, um that didnt get recorded thanks to gopro and my sd card that the wind is coming up a little bit so theres a little more kind of reaction from the flight controller on board and thats kind of Thats going to be good for the second part of this review. Let me just come down a little bit and full stick forward straight at us, its kind of bouncing up and down a little bit there, but this will fly great in like a gymnasium. You can see the trees are blowing now. Look at that and this little dude is still handling it really nicely. So in a gymnasium, if you have like a flight night like in the winter, this would be an awesome little helicopter to have in the gymnasium, because in mode one honestly, its slow enough to just fly it in a tight space, which is super cool. Now, im really getting the hang of it on this second battery flying mode, one i might maybe ill switch over you guys. What do you think should i switch? Should i go mode one on you guys, everybody in the us flies mode too. Look at how cool that is. I love it. I wonder if we could push it. Its still stabilized dont. Try that at home it might turn into an attack military helicopter checking out the r rate. What about in the high speed mode? Oh its, like its like a wild bull, full stick full yall that flight control is really fighting to handle that its kind of bouncing up and down there its a good test for it, though thats.

What reviews are for right, its so quiet again like no cairns? Are gon na come out of the woodworks for this little dude, and you know what i feel like this one is even cooler than the e sky 300 that we reviewed the v2 300 that was so quiet. It reminds me of that, but even quieter – and i mentioned before in my last part of the review that was not recorded – that i i bought a similar one from horizon hobby years ago. I love micro helis and i bought one. I love heli so much. I bought one for my granddad so that we could go fly together. He could absolutely fly this one and my son could fly this one too, my son or daughter. They would have a ton of fun with this, and you know it cant get away from you. If you dont know what youre doing but its good practice its kind of like real world simulator, you know what i mean: im loving that, and so i um for this part. I just wanted to fly it line of sight for you and just have fun with it. I love the leds on the front. This does not tell you how many bars are left in your battery by the way i got confused earlier, and i was thinking that these leds on the front would tell me how many bars are left in my battery nope, but it will start flashing in the Front and on the tail when the battery gets to a low voltage like on on the battery, and then you should come in and land it honestly.

You know we could fly this thing super high up there, because it has all this stability on here. Optical flow. Look how smooth it is military spy drone coming to your neighborhood. I think that should be like uh, the soundtrack or the uh. The jingle for eachine eachine, one 110 lets go. I mean i wonder if i could grab this and like disrupt it. Look at that. I think its super stable. Could you do that with any other eachine toy heli? I think not, i think, not, my friends. All right full stick forward here come on every time. I think the batterys dying its not the flight time. Okay lets just say the flight time on this little heli is two thumbs up. Im loving this two thumbs up for the flight time fly by the the tower lets do a tower flyby we landed on my head yeah, you could probably land this in your hand. You know years ago, like when horizon hobby was making all their micro helis. The big thing was to like land it in your hand, and this little guy. You can just reach out and grab it, and then you can hit your land button and it will land in your hands. Lets try to do a hand takeoff all right, press the button again bring up the speed. Uh. Oh, is the battery done lets press the button auto take off here? Does it know that its in my hand? Oh, maybe i have to do the stick arming thing again.

There we go now lets do auto takeoff. Oh beautiful, beautiful eachine come on. I love it very nice hand. Takeoffs are possible, wear safety, goggles dont do anything dangerous. I didnt tell you to do that. Man. That thing is so fun to just just to look at it. You guys wanted to see another cool review. I almost hit the car check out my eachine e200 review. That was a a scale blackhawk, so we have two military style scale. Helis on the channel this week come on you guys, thats awesome, two of them. I normally get none and you know what we got. Another one coming too so i am very, very excited about the third military rc scale. Helicopter review coming up on the channel weve got another one coming yes guys, another military copter coming up, maybe with all the craziness in the world. You know we should all start flying these, but this is a toy, its, not a real spy drone. You guys chill out chill out. Karens can chill. I love it and the more it looks like a spy drone. The more i like it honestly am i a disruptor, maybe that is too cool, nope im, just an rc nerd. Just like all of you guys, i love it. It flies. It flies good im flying into mode one with no problem. I dont even fly mode. One thanks banggood for sending me mode. One note to banggood only send drone camps rc mode.

Two. Thank you guys, yay uh, oh, is it landing its landing, its landing in the grass, so the batterys done and now were done with the battery number two. It might be that my transmitter is low when you can just check the battery on the front, because it has these leds on the front. You can press and you can see your battery level, so it might be that my double as in here are not totally charged, but that was so cool. I love this little heli its just another addition to like the military scale helis that eachine is offering um. I know that the e 200 thats available that looks like a little blackhawk. It is made by a different company – and i kind of wonder if this ones made by a different company as well and eachine, just slapped their name on the side which they may have or may not have. But i dont really super care because it flies good. Its fun it looks hella cool it records video down to your phone. I wouldnt say that the the real time, video back to your phone is like really really that great its kind of a novelty honestly and they dont even give you a a clip for your phone um. But you could probably mod something on here to hold your phone on, or you know, gorilla tape it to the transmitter or whatever um but uh it. Overall, i would say two thumbs up for the fun factor its like freaking awesome.

I would say its a 20 out of 20 for the fun factor and the the way it looks 20 out of 20 performance. The flight time is 10 out of 10 for sure, as well um 20 out of 20, if you will – and just it is just – i love the scale, look of it. The body everything optical flow on the bottom works. Amazingly awesome with a no win situation.