Over lupus now, in todays, review ill be focusing on their 600 watt model, but they also make larger capacity versions. In case, you need more portable power out in the field, but 600 watts may be the perfect balance of capacity and weight for a few days out, camping or even a long weekend away with the family to be able to charge all of your thirsty portable devices. Now, in addition to the dc output, this product provides, it also has two ac outlets that are both pure sine wave, which means you can use this unit with your sensitive electronics or even connect a few small appliances to the product, while youre charging your devices now As part of this overview id like to start with an unboxing of the product, just to show you all the components that are included with the kit and then ill provide a brief overview of what the product provides ill. Take a closer look at the unit and explain the front display, as well as all the connections on the product and then finally ill come back and point out a few key things that really separate this model from other portable power stations on the market of a Similar capacity so lets get started with the unboxing when you first open up the box, youll find the portable power station youll find two charging methods here. This is used at home. Its a power, brick comes with a cable you can plug into any standard wall outlet.

The other end plugs into the power brick and, on the other end of the power brick youll find a barrel connection which plugs into the side of the unit now thats the fastest way to recharge the unit using this at home. If this is completely depleted, itll take between six and seven hours to fully charge the unit. They also include a cable. You can use to charge it in your car. On this end, youve got a plug thatll, fit into any courtesy outlet on your car. On the other end is the barrel connector, which plugs into the side of the unit, and this takes a little longer to charge it, and what youll find is youll probably want to charge it at home with the brick and when youre out in the field. You can use this to top off the unit about six or seven hours here, maybe 10 hours here to fully charge. The unit also included with the product is a full instruction manual which lists all the connections. Diagrams and information. Youll need to understand how to use the product and a warranty card now. One thing thats special about this is theres a 24 month warranty the product from the date of purchase. Most companies that build portable power stations have a limited warranty about 12 months, so thats nice. To give you double the warranty, fill out the warranty card and all the information you need is right. There now lets take a look at the unit.

The product itself is really well built, its compact, its small one, key thing: thats different between this and most of the other units out. There is most portable power stations, use a battery technology called lipo, which is lithium polymer. This one uses lithium iron phosphate, which is the very latest in battery technology, and that small difference in the battery technology means these batteries inside here will give you longer duration. As far as the charge goes, theyll give you much more recycle charges and theyre also safer, because youre going to operate this thing in heat and in cold and with lipo batteries. That chemistry is very sensitive to really hot temperatures and really cold temperatures, which will not only damage the batteries but could be dangerous for the batteries as well. So the fact that this uses lithium ion iron phosphate means that youve got the latest technology inside there. So thats a good thing now the case itself has got a bright orange ring on the outside. I love that, because its easy to see its also rubberized, which means, when i put it down im, never going to have to worry about this unit. Getting cracked a lot of the portable power stations on the market are made out of just a plastic case which seems okay, but if you put them down in a rugged environment on rocks or on dirt, theyre going to get banged up and scratched, they may even Crack the case, i love the fact that its got a rubber ring on it around the back of the unit.

They include a courtesy, light theres a button here to turn it on, and there are three levels to this so thats low, thats high in sos. So you can have it in your car if youre pulled over the side of the road, changing a tire, maybe put it on sos on the one end of the unit. Is the charging port and again thats used with the standard barrel? Connector youll plug it in here plug this into the wall, and you can charge the unit. You can also use the one for the car same barrel connector and on the front of the unit. Youll find all the connections youll need to make now. Theyve got a large display in the middle, which is really nice, because a lot of these have really small displays, which are hard to see. Youll turn the unit on here with the power button. Youll hold it in for a couple of seconds, itll spring to life and youll see the display come on. You can immediately tell how much capacity is left in the unit right now. Im at 80 percent theres also a ring around the outside of it, which is a visual indication of how much energy is left in the unit now. One really nice thing about this particular model is that each of the circuits, whether its the usb the street dc or the ac circuits, all have individual buttons to turn them on and thats important, because a lot of the power units on the market come on with One button and all the circuits are live at the same time and thats draining energy from the batteries, because, when theyre on, even though youre not pulling power out of the unit, they have to keep track of whats going on with the battery.

So its draining a little bit of power out of the internal capacity, which means youre not going to get as long a life out of it. So i like the fact that i can turn on just the usb just the 12 volt output or just the ac independently. The other thing thats interesting is when you turn on the ac, the internal electronics that generate that pure sine wave 120 volt signal really have to cool down. So a fan will kick on if youre, only using the dc. The fan may not come on so its nice to know you can turn those in individually all right. So let me start with the ac up here. You have two ac outlets again, both pure sine wave. You can draw 600 watts from both of those combined. So you could plug 100 watt lamp in you could plug in all kinds of small appliances. As long as its under 600 watts youll be fine to turn that on youll hit the button below it. The minute you click that youll see that come on up there and youll see a display in the top thatll. Tell you how much current youre actually drawing out of that. In addition to running the ac, you can turn the dc on. At the same time, this top section up here is standard 12 volt dc, and there are three connections there, theres a standard outlet just like in your car. You can plug anything in there that you would plug into your car.

You can draw 10 amps out of this and the 255 21 connections below it now. These 5521s are courtesy ports that you can actually connect up other cables or other devices to, and you can find external cables like this one which has a 5521 on the end and a standard car outlet in the other one. And if you plug that into one of the ports, youve now got two ports you can use for external devices. You can also find cables that have a 5521 on it one end and a usbc. In the other end, you can plug that into the other. 5521 port and charge a portable device that uses usb c so theres a lot of ways to actually take the current out of this particular unit. In addition to that, there are two ports on the bottom here that are full size, usb a so if youre, using your phone charger or a portable camera charger or something that uses a usb c port at home, where youre plugging it into an outlet and then Plugging a charger in and connecting the cable up, you can plug two full size usb, as in there and whats nice about those is theyre using the latest usb standard, which is 3.0, which means youre going to get the most power possible out of those ports. In addition to that, both of those ports are smart ports and theyre qc compatible, which is a quick charge standard, which means, if youve got a device that can quick charge like a lot of the android phones or some of the newer appliances or some of the Games that you may take, along with your portable games, that can quick charge when you plug them in there.

That port is smart enough to look at every device that gets connected to it and negotiate for the best current voltage to charge that device quickly and safely. So both of those are qc ports. A lot of the portable power stations on the market are using standard 5, volt 2.0 and maybe theyll deliver 2 amps of current, which could take a long time to charge that external device, knowing these are usb 3.0 and their qc, enabled means youre going to get Safe fast charging out of both of those ports, in addition to that theres, a usbc port above it, which is the latest standard for usb. If you plug a usbc cable in there to charge your device thats pd compatible, which is power, delivery, its the same thing, where itll actually sense the device thats being connected to it, itll make whatever adjustments are needed for the voltage and current to charge that device As quickly and as safely as possible and a lot of the modern phones like android and some of the portable gaming systems use the pd standard, so its nice to know, youve got all three of those available and again the cool thing is. You can turn all of those on individually, so right now, ive got them all turned on, but if not using the ac, maybe ill turn that one off so im not wasting electrons keeping that circuit alive now a couple other things that are really nice about this Unit essentially, what youve got here is a portable battery, its just a gigantic battery, but theres electronics inside there called a battery management system that keeps track of how its being charged and, more importantly, once its fully charged, how it disperses that energy to other devices externally.

So the battery management system in here is incredibly intelligent. They built in all kinds of protections around over current charging over current delivery out of the unit over voltage charging they built in thermal protection. So if you try to run this in too hot at temperature, if youre out in the mojave desert its really really hot you shouldnt be using the unit, itll know that it wont. Let you do that and there are actually indicators in the front ive got. It turned off right now that tell you that youre over temperature or under temperature, because if its a cold environment you cant run it either. They also think through how you can charge it. So you have a couple of ways. Like i mentioned, you can use the ac charger at home. You can use the car charger in your car. You can also charge the unit through the usb c connection right here, so that port is bi directional and its intelligent, which means, when youre plugging a device in that you want to charge. It knows the current should flow out of the device, but if you plug a charger in and plug that charger into the unit, it realizes its an input device and itll actually allow electrons to flow into the device and charge those batteries and heres. The best part. You can use both the ac charger and the usb c port at the same time, which will cut the charging time down and a half to about three and a half hours total.

So if you really want to get a charge fast and get out the door charge it through both of those ports at the same time and thats pretty much all i had. The only thing i didnt mention was the fan output, which is right over here and thatll blow air out to actually keep the electronics at a comfortable temperature and thats pretty much it so again. Its 600 watts total its small enough and compact enough, where you can take it with you pretty much anywhere, and it provides just the right balance of capacity and weight where you dont feel like youre, carrying a gigantic brick with you and then bringing it home with Half the chart still in it a lot of the larger chargers are great if youre going to be out for a week or so, and youll need extra energy to do that. But if youre only heading out for a couple of days or youre on a camping trip or youre not going to charge a lot of devices, this is really the perfect size for what you need now. If you stay tuned next im going to take a closer look at the unit and then ill come back and point out some of the key differences between this and most of the other portable power stations on the market. So stay tuned for the closer look on the right hand. Side of the unit youll find an input port thats used to charge the portable power station, and you have four different charging options to choose from.

You can use the included ac charging kit at home by simply plugging one end into any standard wall outlet and plugging the other end of that cable, which has a barrel connector on it into this input port, depending on how discharged the unit is. When you start that charging cycle it could take between four and seven hours to fully charge the unit, if youre away from home, you can use the dc charging kit in your car by simply plugging one end of that into your cigarette lighter and the other end Of that cable, which has a barrel connection on it into this input, port and again, depending on how discharged the unit is, when you start that charging cycle it may take between six and ten hours to fully charge the unit. Your third option is to use an external solar panel and youll set that in bright sunlight and as long as that system can output 12 volts to 30 volts dc and has a compatible connector. You can charge this unit with nothing more than sunlight. Your fourth option is a combination of using the ac charging kit plugged in here and a second charger that plugs in here thats a pd charger up to 60 watts this port, a usb c port, is bi directional and if you plug a charger in there to Force electrons into the batteries. It recognizes that and by connecting two chargers up the ac charger on the side and a pd charger here, you can simultaneously charge the batteries internally and severely cut down on the charging time.

Both of those chargers will charge those batteries internally. In about three and a half hours, just above that power, port, youll notice, ventilation, slots that are cut into the side of the chassis and thats to keep the electronics inside at a comfortable temperature. On the other side, youll notice, more ventilation slots and behind those theres. An actual fan, if youre drawing a lot of current from the unit, its working really hard its going to get warm. That fan, will turn on automatically and draw cool air across the electronics to keep them very comfortable on the back of the unit. Is the lighting panel theres a single button to turn that on when you tap it the first time, itll turn on the light at low levels? Tap it again, its brighter tap it a third time. It goes into an sos pattern, which is really handy if youre broken down on the side of the road you can set this down on the ground, put it in sos mode and let other drivers know that youre in an emergency on the front of the units Where all your connections are made and where the display is so, you can actually see whats going on with the unit theres a single power button to turn everything on youll hold that down for a couple of seconds and youll see the display spring to life. Now you immediately know what the current charge level of the unit is by the number thats right there.

So weve got a 65 percent capacity left and youll also notice little light bars in the circle around it. Those are a graphical representation of how much power is left. So, as the power decreases of available capacity youll see those bars disappear, youll find three different sections for external connections. This is a usb connection. This is a standard 12 volt dc connection and an ac connection. Whats nice about the unit is that each of these have individual switches to turn them on and thats beneficial, because a lot of the units on the market will turn on with one power button and all the circuits become active at the same time and youre. Actually, drawing power away from the internal batteries to keep them on, even though youre not using them. So let me start with the usb connections here: ill turn, that on by tapping that button youll see that itll come on and indicate that this is now live in the usb section. You have two full size, usb a connections both of those are usb 3.0, which is the latest standard, and both of these are also qc or quick charge compatible, which means, if you have an external device that can quick charge each of these ports individually or recognize That external device itll do a little handshake with it to figure out what current and voltage can charge it as quickly and safely as possible and make an adjustment for that device.

You can connect up two devices simultaneously to each one of these usba ports, above that is a usbc port thats, also a quick charge, or in this case pd, which is power, delivery, its a different standard for quick charging devices, a lot of android devices and game Consoles and handheld games use pd to quick charge things youll connect a usbc cable up here to whatever device you want to charge. Itll recognize again what type of device it is and what kind of voltage and current will charge it quickly and you can use all three of those together above that is the 12 volt dc output. Youll turn that on by tapping that button – and you have three connections here – you have a standard cigarette, lighter adapter. You can plug anything in here. You would normally plug into your car, and you have two 55 21 barrel connections below it all three of these together. Cumulatively, can deliver 10 amps of current at 12 volts. These 55 21 ports are really handy because you can buy cables that will convert this to another one of these or even a 5521 port to a usbc cable to charge an external device and those are commonly available all over the market. On the left hand, side is your ac output and there are two full size: ac ports right there. Both of these are full sine, wave or pure sine waves, so you can guarantee any newer.

Electronics will work just fine with them together. Both of these can deliver 600 watts of energy, so you can plug a lamp in here, maybe a laptop charger in here. If it gets really busy and starts drawing a lot of current out of any of these ports again, the fan will turn on and let you know that its working pretty hard to turn off any of these circuits. Youll just tap the button again and the master power switch right here turns everything off hold it and itll actually blink out. I hope you found that closer look helpful. Now. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing this portable power station to others, you may be considering, and the first thing has to do with the internal battery technology, which may very well be the most important consideration of all. Now. As i mentioned, this product uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which is the very latest in battery technology. Some of the other portable power stations on the market are using older, lipo or lithium polymer cells, and that chemistry tends to be a little bit sensitive to hot environments and cold environments, which can greatly reduce the number of charge and discharge cycles. You can get out of those batteries, lithium iron phosphate cells tend to handle hot and cold better and provide a wider range of charge and discharge cycles. So, when youre looking for a portable power station, always check to see what kind of internal batteries theyre using to provide the power youll need when youre out there in the field.

Another nice feature of this unit is the larger display on the front. That display is big enough to see from several feet away and you can easily tell how much of a charge is left on the unit and what circuits are turned on in the front. Some of the other portable power stations on the market have really small displays that are difficult to see in direct sunlight. Another nice feature of this product is the fact that you can turn on the ac and both dc circuits independently. Some of the other portable power stations have one master power on switch, which activates all those circuits and even if youre, not using the ac circuit youre. Only charging a phone off the usb ports on the front that circuits still alive, which means its drinking electrons from the internal batteries and greatly reducing the capacity of that battery inside. By only turning on the circuits, you need. You know that you can be very frugal with the power that you brought out in the field and have plenty of power left to charge all your other devices. Another nice feature is the included charging options, the home charger, the car charger and the fact that ive got a bi, directional usb c port. On the front that, in a pinch, i can use to charge the device off a usbc charger means that youve got a lot of options to add electrons back into the unit to get it ready to take out in the field with you.

I also love the fact that theyve encased this in a rubber ring on the outside, which means its incredibly durable. Some of the portable power stations on the market have a plastic case and if you take it out in the field with you in those rugged environments and put it down on concrete or rocks its going to get scratched up and cracked over time and the last Key feature you should always look for is the type of ac output the product provides. Some of the other portable power stations provide whats called a modified sine wave which works okay for lamps and other small appliances, but some of your sensitive electronics wont work really well with a modified sine wave. This unit has a full, pure sine wave output, which means it looks just like the voltage and current in your home, and all of your electronics can run off it pretty well and thats, pretty much all i had for today. So i hope you found this overview. Helpful, i have links below in case youre interested in this product. I also would like to hear from you, so if any questions about this product or anything ive covered on the channel, please drop those in the comments below and ill get back to you as quickly as i can again. Thank you for watching today.