That is the perfect solution for all of your outdoor adventures, whether youre heading out for a couple of days of camping or maybe youre, flying your drone and youre. Looking for a way to keep your drone batteries fully charged. So you can extend your flying day or maybe youre like me, where you take a ton of thirsty electronics out in the field with you that constantly need to be recharged. This is the perfect solution for all of those situations and then some now before i get too deep into the overview of the product, i always like to start with an unboxing just to show you exactly whats included with the kit. So if you purchase the product, you know what youre going to get and then ill start with the overview and explain all the connections and things you can charge from the product and how you can charge it as well and then ill come back and actually point Out a few things that really make this product special that you can use to, compare it to others, you may be considering so lets, get started with the unboxing when you first pop open the box, youll find the p501 portable power station and an ac charging kit. Now this is used at home to recharge the unit and, depending on how discharged it is when you start that charging cycle could take a couple of hours to fully top off the unit in that kit.

Youll find an ac cord right here. This will plug into any standard wall outlet. The other end has a computer connector on it, which plugs into the side of the charging brick. Now the charging brick converts the ac from your home into a dc current that will actually charge the product, and this is a barrel connector which plugs right here on the front. You do have the option to use a solar panel assembly to charge it or a car charger to charge it and you can buy both of those accessories from the company and theyll plug right into that connection. On the front. Also included with the kit is a full instruction manual with warranty information, connection, diagrams specifications and everything you need to know about the p501 to take care of it and use it properly. Now lets take a closer look at the unit, because i do a lot of reviews of portable power stations and theres a couple of key things. You have to keep in mind because what youve got essentially is a large battery youre, going to charge it at home with a lot of energy, a lot of electrons youre going to take it out in the field, and then you need a way to be able To distribute those electrons to all of your devices and different devices require different types of voltage and current and connections, and this product provides pretty much everything youll ever need to connect any of your portable gear out in the field, including things that run on standard wall Outlets now, for starters, its a 500 watt unit, which is about 518 watt hours of power inside there.

And if you need to know what the milliampere hours are its a hundred and forty thousand four hundred milliampere hours so its powerful. But the key thing is: when youre looking for a portable power station like this, you wan na make sure you find one that fits your needs, but isnt too big or too small for what youre going to use it for so 500 watt is right in that Middle right, in that goldilocks zone of being just big enough, where you can take it out for camping a couple of days of use and youre going to have plenty of power in the unit, but its not so big that youre bringing it home with a little Bit of extra charge in it and thats something heavy. Your camera in the field that youre not actually using so 500 watt is right in that goldilocks, home of being perfect balance between sort of capacity and weight taking it out in the field weighs around 12 pounds. So its not light, but its got a really nice leather strap in the top, which is really comfortable to carry it out in the field. Some of the other products on the market have a plastic strap on it or they dont have a handle at all, and it makes it really difficult to take it with you. I also like the fact that the unit has got rounded corners where its not going to get caught on things, so you could throw it in a backpack put it in the back of your car, its not going to get cracked or chipped if it bumps up Against something else now on the front of the units where all the connections are made and where you actually can connect up all your portable devices – and there are three different sections: theres a dc section right here, which is basically going to deliver 12 volts through a Car outlet, so if youve got a standard plug that youll use in your car, you can plug it right in there below.

That is a barrel connection, which is a 5521 thats, a very common connection, and you can buy external cables like this one, for example, that is a 5521 plug here, which plugs into that youre at the other end has another uh port. You can use with anything youd use in your car, so you can actually use two different devices on this at the same time, thats 10 amps of 12 volt current that comes out of that section. In addition to that, on the other side, you have two ac outlets right here, one is ungrounded, one is grounded, those will support 500 watts of power, so you can plug any ac appliance in under 500 watts and run it off the unit and thats great. If youre bringing a lamp along or youre bringing something along that needs to be charged through another brick like a laptop or maybe your drone batteries, youll plug them in right. There then, finally, in the center, is the usb connection, ports and theres a lot of them in there and theyre really sophisticated. One thing i do want to point out before i talk about these is that each of these circuits can be turned on individually and thats. Important because a lot of the other portable power stations on the market theres one main power button, we turn everything on which seems like a good idea. But if youre not using the ac and youre only going to plug in maybe a phone or something to charge, it youre wasting a lot of that energy thats stored in the batteries just keeping the inverter running that actually works there.

One other thing i want to point out about the ac, which is critical, is that a lot of the units on the market have ac, with a modified sine wave, now thats a technical term. But what that means is if the sine wave is not a pure sine wave by the way, this is a pure sine wave. If youve got a modified sine wave, it can really cause a lot of problems with modern electronics that are looking for that 60 cycles of frequency. Out of the ac, this one uses a pure sine wave inverter, which means youre getting the cleanest and purest ac out of this unit. Youll have no problem charging your laptops or running sensitive electronics on it, maybe like a pap machine and things like that or cpap machine in the center. Here you have usb connections and thats the magic of it, because most of the devices youre going to plug in are going to plug in through a standard charging cable, whether its a an action, camera a tablet, a phone or some other device that uses dc current Thats usually supplied by usb, and they give you a wide collection of devices right here that you can plug in so for starters, theres, a usbc port on here, thats, a power delivery or pd up to 100 watts and thats super important, because a lot of the Portable power stations on the market may have a usbc connection, but it might only be 30 watts or 20 watts or 50 watts, and if youre gon na charge like a laptop or something bigger like drone batteries, for example, you need a higher current.

So, having 100 watts out of a pd port right, there means you can plug a lot of different things in including larger laptops and charge it directly off that port to the right of that is a usb, a port, thats qc or quick charge 3.0 compatible. So if youve got some of the newer phones or the new tablets or if youre running a switch one of the nintendo switches, you need to have a qc port to be able to charge off of it. They give you one right there below that are four standard: usba ports. Each of those are 2.4 amps, which is a fast charging current and thats the highest current. You can get out of a standard usb port, so youve got six connections that again, you can connect all of your portable devices up to the unit at the same time and charge all those thirsty portable devices, without any fear of damaging the unit or damaging the Devices now one other thing i did want to point out about the battery delivery system in here is that alcatel has built a better battery management system which is electronics inside the unit that controls how the charge gets into it, but, more importantly, how the charge thats Stored in the unit gets distributed to your external devices, it has a very sophisticated battery management system, which means, if im plugging something into the pd port. The pd port is going to look at the device i plugged into it and negotiate the best voltage and current to charge that device safely and quickly, and if i plug something into the qc port, its going to negotiate separately for that port.

So you can plug in a wide range of different devices at the same time and the units going to be smart enough to know a tablet over here needs a certain current and voltage. This action camera needs a different current voltage and its going to deliver those individually. A lot of the units on the market dont have that level of intelligence built in which means not only will you damage or possibly damage the batteries internally when youre charging it, but you can also damage the sensitive electronics youre connecting up to it and when you Think about it, this unit is very reasonably priced, but what youre connecting up to it will be five or six times is more expensive than the unit itself. So you want to make sure that the battery management system built into any portable power station youre buying, has that ability to sort of negotiate those different voltages. One other thing i wanted to point out too is theres a light up top here and theres a button to turn that on. So you can click that button. The light will come on and theres a couple of different modes. For that light. You can put it in sos mode. You can put it in bright. You can put it on blinking and thats, really handy if youre camping, because maybe youve got a flashlight with youve, got your phone with you, but having a portable power station, where youre trying to connect cables up turn that light on hold your hand in front of It you can see everything perfectly on the front and really easily make that connection.

A couple other key things: theres a fan internally. The unit will run just fine with a lot of devices connected to it. But if you start drawing a lot of current out of the ac and have a few other devices connected, that fan may kick on to keep the batteries cool and the electronics cool, especially if youre out in the middle of the summer, trying to use this product. In a tent its nice to know that its got cooling internally, you may also have that fan come on when youre charging it. Because the internal battery management system not only regulates how the current flows out of the unit to charge external devices, but also how the current flows into the device to protect those batteries internally, now the internal battery structure is standard, lithium, polymer batteries, which will give you Long charge cycles youll get tons of charges out of it, so you can keep it for years, youre not going to have issues with it, but the battery management system is smart enough to know if youre at a 50 charge, itll need a different amount of current To bring that up to 100 than if you were down to a 10 charge, so everything you need to worry about is handled by that battery management system which again protects not only the internal batteries but anything youre going to connect up to it externally. One final point i want to make: is the company built in an mppt system now youre going to hear that a lot? If you decide to charge us from a solar panel a lot of times, if youre camping, you may want to bring a folding solar panel with you and set that up in the sunlight to charge this unit to extend the use of the product most of the Products on the market dont have that internal regulation circuit the mppt, and the problem is, if you dont, have that solar panels because of the different brightness of the sun and how youre facing it will have different voltages coming off that solar panel and if the unit Doesnt have that internal regulator built in it doesnt efficiently use that energy, and you want to make sure that if youve set up a solar panel youre going to get every bit of every ounce of energy out of that sunlight into the batteries to fully charge them.

Knowing the units got an internal mppt built into it, means youre going to get the best use out of any solar panel. You connect up to it and again itll work with a wide range of solar panels that simply plug into the front of the unit and ive used this out. When i was camping with a solar panel and it charges it really well, and it allows you to extend the use of the product for a couple more days now, if you stay tuned next, what im going to do is take a closer look at the unit Because its hard to really see what im pointing to here but ill, give you a closer look and point out the things that i just discussed a minute ago and then ill come back at the end and reinforce some of the things you should be. Keeping in mind when youre, comparing this product to others, you may be considering the p501 features, a very comfortable soft strap in the top, which makes it perfect to take out for a long afternoon in the field on either side, youll notice, ventilation, slots inside the unit Is a fan thats temperature controlled if the unit gets warm itll turn on and pull air through those slots to keep the electronics inside at a very comfortable temperature on the bottom of the unit are four feet that protect it. If you set it down on a rough surface and on the front of the units where youll make all your connections to both charge, the unit and charge external devices from the unit now ill start in the upper left hand, corner youll find an input port thats Used with the included power supply youll simply plug that into a wall outlet plug the barrel connector in here, and that will start the charging cycle of the unit in the upper right hand, corner youll find a light.

There are three modes for the light. It can be on flashing or sos, and by tapping this button you can walk through those different choices and turn it off now down. The bottom is where youll make all your connections, and there are three different circuits. You have a 12 volt dc circuit, a usb circuit and an ac circuit and ill go through these individually, but to turn these on youll tap the buttons above them thats the main power button that turns the entire unit on and ill start with, the 12 volt Dc circuit youll find a cover over a convenience outlet. This is the exact same type of outlet youll find in your car, so anything you charge in your car. You can plug right in there and youll be able to charge it directly from the product below. That is a 5521 port and thats used with an external cable for a bunch of different devices and thats, a very common port. You can find cables thatll turn that into another convenience outlet. Other cables can turn that into a usbc connection, so you can charge modern phones and other devices and those are available as aftermarket products both of these supply 12 volt dc at 10. Amps on the right hand, side is where youll make your connections for ac products. Again anything you plug into a wall outlet under 500 watts. You can use these two connections here for the top one is ungrounded.

So if youve got a cord that has two plugs in it, youll plug it in there. If you have a grounded cord youll plug it in the bottom and again, this is 120 volts, 60 hertz and its a pure sine wave output and thats very important, because a lot of these units have a modified sine wave and its not as good so pure Sine wave over here, again 500 watts between them in the center as well youll make all of your standard. Usb connections ive mentioned before the pd outlet, thats 100 watts of power delivery. Current that can come out of there or power can come out of there. So you can charge laptops and other thirsty portable devices there to the right is a qc connection: thats a qc, 3.0 or quick charge: 3.0 any device you have that uses the qc standard. You can plug it in there itll fast charge that device below that are four usba connections, which are standard connections, youd use for other phones, tablets and portable devices. Each of these will supply 5 volts dc at 2.4 amps, which is the highest current available on a standard. Usb connection now well take a closer look at the large display in the top. Currently, ive turned the unit on by tapping that button and none of the circuits are activated yet, but if i want to use the dc 12 volt circuit ill tap this button, itll, beep and youll, see two indicators come on letting me know this circuit is now Active youll see car for this port and dc 12 volt for the 5520 one below it.

But when i turn on the ac ill tap that one the ac indicator comes on and finally to turn on the usb ill tap that button and its showing me, the usb is on currently its going to beep a few times when you first turn on the Usb because its running an internal self test against all the circuitry inside there now, once these circuits are active, youll have two indicators of what kind of current is flowing into the unit and out of the unit when youre charging it youll, see an input. Current indicated on the top and an output current on the bottom. So if i connect up a few devices here now, youll notice that output current go up and thats a great measure to show you how much power is still left in the unit against what youre. Using out of the unit to turn on the light, youll tap this button once it turns on tap it again, youll see it flashes and its in an sos pattern. Tap it again. It just continues to flash and the fourth time turns it off. I hope that closer look was helpful. Now this is my favorite part of any review. I do of a product where i get a chance to point out some of the things that really separate this product from others on the market sort of bragging rights. If you will, for this particular product – and this has got a few hidden features that are really important, so for starters, ive mentioned before the battery management system, that is really critical, that you have a solution.

That is a really strong battery management system to protect the batteries internally, when youre charging it and again, probably, more importantly, protect all of the external devices youre connecting up to it. So you dont damage those devices. This is incredibly sophisticated in knowing that, if its got multiple devices connected to it, especially through the usb its going to sort of interrogate those devices to figure out what voltage and current this device needs compared to this device and deliver exactly the right amount of voltage And current to those two devices, another key thing, which is something you definitely want to look for in a product like this. A portable power station – is that mppt circuit, because maybe youll initially charge it at home and take it out with you camping. But i promise you over time, youre going to want to invest in a solar panel to take with you to be able to charge it when youre out there in the field and if you dont have an mppt built into the unit. Its going to be a little clumsy to charge its not going to get full efficiency out of that solar panel. Maybe some solar panels have that built in, but theyre more expensive, knowing its inside the unit means youre ready to go. You can connect up any solar panel virtually to the front of the unit youll be able to recharge it. I love the fact that, with the usb connections, youve got a usbc connection on there, which is pd at 100 watts.

A lot of the portable power stations on the market again offer a usbc port but its a low power port. And if you just see it and go oh its got a usbc port on it. You wont really get full value out of it. So having a really powerful usb c port on there means you can charge a lot of different devices that are larger and thirstier. Like laptops and portable gaming systems and a lot of other devices nowadays like drone batteries that require at least a 65 watt port. Next, to that, ive got a qc port, so ive not only got the ability to charge quick charge, devices that are pd compliant, but also qc to compliant as well so ive got android devices or apple devices or ive got drone batteries. All those use, different standards and ive got them covered here with voltos ports. In addition to that, ive got four more usb8 ports that i can use for standard devices like action cameras or older phones or older tablets to charge those at the highest current rate possible. So all those things being equal, i think, really puts this in a class itself compared to other products in this price range and thats, something i havent talked about. Yet this is a very reasonably priced product for the amount of features capacity, battery management system, mppt built in all of the ports i talked about in the front. I think youre going to be hard pressed to find a product like this at a lower price.

Pretty much anywhere so thats pretty much all i had for today. Now i appreciate you watching. If youre interested in this product theyve got a link below where you can go to amazon, you can check it out and see if its something youre interested in and compare it to other products over there. I love doing these kind of reviews and portable power stations, in particular something that im really fascinated with, and i love investigating them because theres a lot of technology that go into these products that i hope i was able to explain today in this clip. So, thank you very much for watching.