They were one of the most anticipated products of recent times. There was a huge amount of interest, but there was also a little bit of disappointment as well, relating to the reduction in field of view compared to the original models. However, i have now spent two weeks nearly with these goggles and im going to give you my thoughts on them, whilst on paper, you might think that that reduction in field of view is a problem, but the reality of the situation is very different and i strongly Suggest you take a number of other things into account before making your final decision today im going to give you my complete overview im going to walk you through the features, the capabilities, the menus and then at the end, im going to give you my thoughts. We are going to address that field of view, an optics thing as well and if you dont want to waste your time going through. All of that, i am going to put chapter marks in it to the most important bits that you can jump to. If you just want to get to the meat and bones of the situation anyway, lets get on with it and lets take a closer look at these goggles. First of all, the new fpv one pilot goggles for morka are a redesigned version of their original fpv1 goggles. They have a whole new optical system that orca say not only improves image quality but helps reduce ghosting and pin cushioning as well and adds more adjustment options.

For the user too. There is a completely redesigned external case with improved cooling, new dc input options and a new menu system as well. There is also a new custom digital input, connector designed by orca themselves that is going to be compatible with their own digital fpv system in the future. Taking a look around the goggles youll find all of the controls, for these are located on the top on the right. Youll find the dvr record button, as well as the battery check button, which brings up the display to show you what the current voltage the goggles are receiving. There is also a right hand, menu joystick, which allows you to control various functions on the goggles, as well as the main power button located towards the middle on the left. Youll see the fan button. This allows you to quickly tune the fan on and off. You have your channel up and down buttons as well as another joystick. This one gives you access to the main menu on the goggles and allows you to control all of the functions and features and well take a closer look at that a little bit later on. In the middle youll notice that theres also a removable cover, this is the all new digital connector that orca have introduced with these goggles. This allows for direct video input on the system without having to use hdmi. It appears at this moment in time to support video in as well as power and its going to be interesting to see how walker integrate this in the future right now.

There is no products currently available with this, but there will be their own digital system in the future, as well as possible expansion boards that allows you to use it with systems such as hd0. Moving around to the business end, and here you will find the biggest changes in these goggles overall, they feature the same 1280 by 960 pixel oled displays which offer an absolutely stunning image quality, as well as good color rendition and great blacks. They arent 4×3 native. But do support 16×9 in 720p resolution, as well as a result of all of the new changes in the optics theyve been able to integrate both ipd and focus adjustments on each eye, allowing you to set the goggles exactly for your own specific requirements. However, as a result of making these changes, they have had to reduce the overall field of view compared to the original models and its now at 37 degrees in 4×3 and 33 degrees into 16×9. Above the left, optic, youll notice, the sd card for the dvr, and this supports recording resolutions of 1280×960 in both 50 or 60 frames. A second in h.264 mpeg 4 on the left. Youll find the analog module bay, which is designed to be used with modules such as rapid fire, and the cover that orca include has all the correct hole spacings for use with that specific module. However, you can use it with others, such as the tbs fusion, but you will need to download a separate cover from the likes of thingiverse and get that printed separately.

There is an audio output for use with headphones, as well as a microphone input on this side of the goggles as well. On the right side, youll find the dc input jack av hdmi in as well as the bay for the orca connect module. The dc input on these new goggles has been improved and it now accepts two to six s and offers both reverse polarity and over voltage protection as well below the dc jack. You will find the 3.5 mil av input, as well as a micro, hdmi port. The hdmi accepts both 720p and 960p inputs, and it allows you to use these goggles with devices such as the hd0vrx okay. So for the rest of this video im going to be talking about my experience with these goggles, because ive had them now for nearly two weeks. First of all, im going to just talk about the goggles themselves and give you some thoughts on that im going to then address both the field of view and optics conversation around the focus and that tunneling effect that ive mentioned as well were going to fit the Sharkbite vrx onto this and then im going to show you a little bit of footage recorded on both the sharkbite and the orcas. To show you what the dvr is like recording over hdmi, because that is something i found very interesting myself and then at the end. Im going to give you my final thoughts and an opinion on, if i think you should consider these goggles or not now just before we do.

All of that i just want to say a massive shout out to peppermint pilot, because he is the user who loaned me these goggles. He ordered them from orca and literally as soon as they came in, he met up with me and handed them over. He barely had time to try them himself, so i just want to say a massive thank you from me for helping me to be able to make this review and i would not have been able to make this video or a number of videos on hd0 without His support because he also loaned me his hd zero system as well. So again, just a massive thank you from me, okay, so to give you my thoughts on the fit and finish the feel as well as what the goggles are like in use. First of all, i really like this cybertruck esque design to them. I like the plastics, they feel good quality and they are solid. I do like the overall layout of the controls as well. However, i do have some issues with the buttons which ill come on to in a second, the overall new improvements with the ipd adjustments is very, very good and theyre easy to get to, and you have both that ipd adjustment you can slide in and out as Well, as the focus adjustment there too, and that will directly adjust the position of the optics and youre able to easily focus each eye, and they do have this nice little built in focus function which ill, try and show later on in the menus too.

And that helps just to make sure that you get them set up properly. I do, though, have a little complaint with regards to the module bay, and that is that they only give you a rapid fire compatible cover. Whilst i know there is a partnership with the mission rc, i do think they should have also given you a tbs fusion cover, because these are a premium set of goggles and not everyone is going to be using the rapid fire module, and i do think at This price, i would have expected to have a cover for both of the premium module options which, for me, is either tbs fusion or rapid fire, as i mentioned. Whilst i do like the layout of the controls, i do have some issues with the buttons and, if i jump onto the overhead ill show you this in a bit more detail, and that is that they are just too flat to the surface. In my opinion to easily find when in use, whilst the layout is fine, all of the buttons dont really easily feel distinguishable from the surface, you can feel them, but when youve got the goggles on your eyes, you cant easily distinguish what each one is. Personally, i think they should have added raised plastic and actually some symbols into them. So, for instance, the top of these two should have had a plus and a minus printed into them just to make them easy to distinguish.

Maybe you could have put an x on the battery button and risen up the pin in the middle of the record button, just allowing you to easily distinguish what each one is. These joysticks are fine. I have no issues with these at all, but those same complaints stand for both the fan button and the power button, less problem for the fan, because youre not turning that on and off all the time. In my experience, as well, less of a problem for the power button really because youre not really turning it on and off all of the time, although, if you do power the goggles down when theyre on your head, you do sometimes have to fumble about to find It and again just some height on these would have made it better overall, i think it is something that could easily be fixed with maybe just putting something on the buttons, and i have seen some people do that, but it is just a bit of a shame That wasnt picked up in the initial design moving around to that bottom area, as i mentioned, you do have this focus and ipd adjustment underneath and if i just hold the strap to the side, you can see that the ipd goes in and out easily no issues At all, theres no gaps there, so hopefully there shouldnt be too many problems with dirt or grime getting into and overall it does a good job of allowing you to adjust the optics as well as get them focused as well.

Moving around to the mask area, and overall here, im happy, it is comfortable on the face. Ive had no problems at all, although i am seeing a little bit of light leak at the bottom, but it is absolutely minimal. One sort of little complaint ive got is the fact that they have the dvr slot located here for the sd card, and you have got to end up pulling the mask up to be able to get the card out and it is so close to the optics. Its easy to slip and end up putting a fingerprint on the optics while taking the sd card out in use. Personally, i would have preferred that down here somewhere or down here, maybe even on the top just somewhere else, where youre not having to get near the optics and risk putting a fingerprint and then having to clean them again. So, overall thats pretty much all of my thoughts on that side of things. We do have this new digital input connector, but i cant really say much on that at the moment, because theres really nothing to try it with my understanding that it does video input. It also has power, so it should offer some nice solutions and, whilst it doesnt look like theres going to be a dedicated, hd0 vrx for it, i think orca are working on a board that hopefully might make things a little tidier in the future as well. Okay, so its now time to talk about the field of view, the optics, the tunneling that ive mentioned and the overall image quality on the displays now im gon na get the field of view conversation out the way.

First, i actually think i was wrong in my initial video that i put out where i said. I dont really think these are gon na, be okay for me, because i base that opinion on the numbers on a sheet of paper, and reality is this. As always, you really do need to try them for yourself. The field of view on these, for me, is really simply about okay, it is not too small. It is not too large. Im not saying, i think its perfect for me, because i am a person who likes large fields of view. For instance, i fly the dji, i even fly the head play hd, which is like imax, so i do like a field of view, which is very immersive. However, i cannot handle heart. Tell you that i find these small in tests. It sits somewhere between the scout. Hds are my dominator v3s, but i am more than happy with them in use i adapted to them and i think its okay, i would have profited bigger. However, i would be more than happy with these in use every single day, and i really dont have a complaint about it, but i would say i would prefer it larger, but if youre on the fence, i would suggest trying them, because you might be more than Happy with it its that simple now with regards to the optics, i havent tried the original one, so i cant comment on them on these.

What i will say is this: the optics are good. I do like the adjustability, i like the ipd adjustment and the fact you can focus each eye, although there is an effect on these, i found rather uncomfortable the second. I tried them and that is a tunneling effect of the optics, whereas im used to having fpv goggles with the screens hang in a completely back background. My tests on these. Initially, i could see the roundness of the optics and then the screen at the end, and i did find it quite distracting when i first used them. However, there was a user on my discord. Server who reached out and just said, look keep trying them and you will find that that fades away, and he is right. The more you use the goggles, the more that tunneling effect fades into the background again, just like the field of view. After a few days of use, it becomes a non issue. You will notice it, though, if you jump between multiple sets of goggles, if youre jumping between something that doesnt have it and something that does you will notice its there, its less that the screens are hanging in a completely back background and its more like the screens Are behind a tube and you can sort of see the light reflecting on it, but the more you use them, the more your eyes adjust and it simply fades into the background and does not become an issue.

The overall image quality and the picture on these goggles is fantastic. The blacks on the oled screen are just so black and the image brightness is good, the colors are great and it is one of the best. Looking fpv goggles ive tried period its that simple, that theres, no other words to use. What i think with these is that you do need to adapt to them, and your first thoughts might not always be the thoughts you have a few weeks later. I think that round optics system is something that theyve improved, but it also initially gives you a bit of sort of oh im, not sure i like that, but the more you use it. I think you will be absolutely fine and i would be more than happy to use these in replacement of any of my other goggles on a daily basis and thats, really, where i stand on it. My advice to you is with regards to that field of view. As ive already said, and the optics try them for yourself, i think most people will be absolutely fine. The field of view, certainly isnt small, the optics – do look very good, but there is sort of an adjustment period when you first tried them compared to other goggles. On the market, just a couple of other things to quickly mention with regards to noise, theyre, actually quite quiet, much quieter than the djis and the scout hds with the fans set about seven ive, certainly got no concerns from an audible point of view.

You can jack the fans up higher, but, to be honest, i dont see any reason to get near that top level because they do get quite fierce at that point. With regards to the focus, putting the goggles on and off, i have noticed that they are a little bit finicky in that respect, and what i mean by that is you do need to make sure that they are settled on your head, absolutely perfectly. Otherwise, the screens are out of focus. The focus depth seems absolutely minimal on these, and you do need to make sure that theyre just right when putting them back on. So what i would suggest is before you take off just make sure everything looks good because it was once or twice i sort of just put the goggles on took off and found that things werent. Quite as i would have liked, and i ended up having to mess with them just to get it settled again, i dont mean with the adjustments. I simply mean making sure that theyre sitting flat on your face properly, giving them a bit of a push just to squeeze the mask in, and you then find everything is right. One other little thing i do want to mention as well is in my use and testing of these. I have had the software crash on them a couple of times, whether its related to me pressing some buttons all at the same time. Im not sure.

However, i have a situation where they seem to just go completely black and the only reason why i can get them working again is by actually powering them down and powering them back up. Ive also seen a bit of a strange quirk on the dvr, whereas when you go to play it back, you get all these strange squares on the screen. I do know. Orca are looking at these issues and i have mentioned it on their discord server, but i did just want to mention it in the review because it is something ive experienced. I dont think its anything major. I think its been once or twice in the last two weeks and hopefully its something theyll get on top of in the near future. Now, just before we jump over to fitting the hd0 receiver on this im going to try and show you the menu system, im, not sure how easy its going to be able to be seen, im going to try a couple of different methods to record it, because I havent done it yet, but hopefully youll be able to get an overview of what the menu system is like, and i will talk you through my thoughts on that as i move through it too. So walking you through what you see on the screen. You have the main settings and everything scrolls along this center bar area. As you will see, we then have our battery level and our sd card information in the top right hand, area moving through the menus.

Youve got the main settings. Menu weve then got the menu for the receiver. So if youre, using that rapid fire receiver youve got the features menu, youve got the record menu for the settings of the dvr playback, the fpv connect menu, as well as the gopro menu and the info menu, which gives us various bits of info about the system Itself, jumping into the main goggle settings menu. Here you will find things like the input source options, the field of view mode, so whether you want to set that to freestyle or racing, and that will change how the image looks, and you then have the hdmi resolution options too. Allowing you to select an input of either 720p or 960p do note. If youre using hd0, you do need to make sure this is set to 720p, as is the vrx module as well. You also, then, have the fan, speed options for the auto fan, as well as the speed setting, which goes all the way up to maximum and ill be honest, its quite fierce at that point. For me, i left it at seven and it was absolutely fine. You then have the image settings menu which allows us to do all the usual settings. Changes like color contrast, luminance, etc. We have the aspect ratio located under here as well. We even set it to what you want the screens to be. We have the user profiles menu, this isnt something ive delved into a lot, but here you have the ability to set up individual profiles for all of the settings on the goggles, and this is something im probably going to dive into.

If i actually get a set of these in the future, then at the bottom you have the two focus options. Now this allows you to put an image on the display to help you set the focus on each individual eyepiece. You have the quick focus mode which puts up this display. You can see here which allows you to set the focus on each eyepiece and its a typical focus image display allowing you to just tune it and get it just right. And then you have the other focus screen which actually puts a real world image up and rather than you trying to focus it via this display image. You can actually upload your own image as i understand it, or use the deep focus image that theyve provided. This is a woodland setting, and this allows you to just tune it even further to make sure that youve got it just right, so youre getting the best possible image quality from your goggles next moving over to the rx menu. Now, if you were using a rapid fire module, this would show up and give you the settings available for that. We then have the features menu where we have settings for things like the battery options. So here we can set what voltage battery were going to be using and set the alarms for that. So you can do things like set the size to s3s4s and set that voltage alarm. So it does tell you, when your batterys getting low, we have the standby options, the head tracker options.

You have the head tilt alarm that warns you. If youre tipping your head forward, like i tend to do and end up pointing your antennas at the ground and then finally, you have the button settings menu option which allows you to change how some of the buttons react, whether theres sound and do things like reverse The joystick as well next, we have our dvr menu, which has options for things like volume, so to set the volume settings of each part of the system. We have the record settings allowing us to do things like turn on auto dvr, whether you have the button or whether you want auto delete as well as the record time the option to format the sd card, because obviously youre going to need to do that. We have the playback menu which will play back anything that is obviously on your card. Your fpv connect menu for the built in module. If you have fitted this because remember that is an extra and then youve got the other menus, such as the ghost options, if youre using that system, the gopro feature as well as then the general information and about screen, including the other menu that has some little Extras, including a couple of games such as snake, pacman and tetris that you can actually play on the goggles, should you be waiting for batteries to actually charge in the field? Okay, so what were going to do now is jump over to fit in the hd0vr on this and then im going to show you some flight footage, comparing the internal dvr recording hdmi, as well as the hd0, dvr and ill explain my thoughts as that video is Going as well just what i think, with regards to the quality between the two to install hd0 on the new walkers, is fairly straightforward.

Tony cake from emission rc has released these little 3d printable brackets that allow you to mount the emission rc antennas, but also the hd 0 vrx on the orcas as well. You can simply download this directly from thingverse and youll, be able to print it and get it so you can install your vrx on the goggles. It is worth mentioning, though, that there are actually two versions of these. Tony has now uploaded a version three, which is a little bit longer than the original one, because i did find that it was binding on the front and i did put a message on his download page and he actually made it an extended version, which is just A few mils longer, so, if i just put them side by side, you can see its just a few mils longer, but it just keeps it away from the front edge on the orcas. So what ive already done is printed one of these off and mounted it onto the front of the vrx. What were then going to do is remove this center screw here on the front of the goggles. We then clip the bracket on and it goes in to that little area up there and then we simply take the screw again and it already seems long enough ive not noticed any issues putting the same screw back in and then you can see that youve got The hd0 vrx mounted on the front nicely theres plenty of clearance there.

So if i look down in there, you can see theres no problems at all and it mounts on the front of the walkers, nice and solid and then youre ready for action. Now. Obviously, youre going to need a hdmi, cable, ive managed to just pick up this one here in the uk very quickly, but there are some better versions out there on the market. I have seen one thats flat that goes into the module and the hdmi on the side, but for now, im simply going to use this one so its going to plug in to the mini hdmi on the bottom of the module. And then, if i hop around to the side of the goggles, it goes into the micro hdmi there and all i did with it – was simply rotate it up. So it then folds in up behind the module. So if i then just show you it its installed like that, its not ideal, simply because of how far down and how far it sticks out, you really want right, angled ones, but it does make installation fairly straightforward. And so, if you are a hd0 user, its nice and easy to get, set up and ready to go, and i will put a link to the bracket to download a big. Thank you to tony cake for doing this for the community, because it makes a massive difference. Okay, as you can see, im out and about im gon na, try some footage to show you guys a bit of a comparison between the two dvrs, the vrx on hd0 and the new pilot goggles, because the pilots can record hdmi input now its the middle of Winter, as you can see its actually quite a nice day, however, it is freezing cold, it is windy, my hands arent working and frankly, my flying capabilities have got even worse than they were before the winter break, but anyway well try and get something together to show You guys so lets get on with it, Music, this Music, Music, so Music.

So having spent a bit of time looking at the footage between the dvr and hd0 and the orcas, i have to say these two are very, very close. Whilst i am really impressed with just how good the dvr looks on this, the reality is, the hd0 does look a little bit better, but it is much closer than i was anticipating. When i was doing the recording. I was also trying to record the audio on the goggles as well, and i tried using my rode wireless go connected, but it didnt work im, not sure the reason for that its something i need to look into. However, it is an option that you can record audio on this dvr and thats. A really nice feature to have, especially if youre, someone that makes content or youre someone that wants to record that local ambient sound on the ground as well. What it does do is give you a lot of options if using it on digital, because you can set the hd0vrx to record a completely clean feed, and then you can set the goggles to record what it will see over hdmi and as long as you can Get that audio overlay to work as well youre going to have a really nice set of options available to you, especially if youre publishing your content, because youd be able to then just choose what bit of footage you want, depending on. If you want to show the osd info or not as well, okay, so its time for me to give you my final thoughts on the fpv one pilot for morka now lets be honest.

These are a high end set of fpv goggles with a premium price tag. They are not going to be for everyone, however, if you are looking for one of the best sets of goggles on the market, these should be on your list. They have those lovely oled displays a fantastic dvr lots of nice interesting features as well, and for 99 of people theyre going to tick almost every box. I really like the overall design and they fit me well, and i have no concerns around the way. The image quality looks the fit and finish and feel, and about the only things im not particularly happy with is a the buttons as ive already mentioned, and b. The fact that whilst they are a premium set of goggles theyre, not including that tbs fusion cover as standard yes, i know there is some politics around that. However, as a premium set of goggles, most people at this level are going to be either choosing rapid fire or fusion, and i do feel that they should have integrated a cover for both in the box rather than making you print one. If you want to use it with regards to the optics on that field of view, well, the field of view, i think, is probably almost perfect for most people, it is a little smaller than i would personally like, but it doesnt feel small in use. It doesnt feel large again, it feels just about right and you will adapt to it in no time at all.

It certainly isnt something that would hold me back from owning these or buying these, and i think its more of an issue when you look at the number on paper than it is anything else the optics. Well, i do see that tubular or tunneling effect. However, the more you use them, the more that fades away, as ive said, having had a few hours on them now, it has almost faded away into the background. I am personally more used to having goggles with the screens hanging complete darkness that isnt the case with these. However, i really dont see it as a major issue, so after all of that, do i think you should consider buying the fpv one pilots and am i going to buy myself a set? Well look. The reality is this: there is no reason not to consider these. If you are looking for a top end set of goggles right now, i personally think you should only choose between these or the skyzone 04xs and as for which one to choose. Well, there is more deciding factors than just the field of view. Do not let that alone make you choose one over the other, because i think 99 of people would be happy with the field of view on this. Once theyve tried it so dont, let the numbers on a piece of paper alone swing you. It really comes down to features price and a couple of other things, because the sky zones do come with a module, whereas these dont.

However, these have features that the skyzone dont so try to find a set to try of both and make your mind up. Based on that, and not just numbers on a piece of paper, i am more than happy to recommend these as a high end set of goggles and as for, if im going to buy a set. I am that close. I havent 100 made my mind up, but i really am that close. Having spent these two weeks with them, i want to say a massive thank you to peppermint pilan, who has lent me these. I would not have been able to do this review without his support. You are a superstar, a legend and again massive shout out, and thank you to you, my friend. I want to thank you for lending me these im going to send them back to you with some extra little bits as well. Finally, i just want to wrap this one up by saying, if you found it interesting, please do consider hitting the subscribe button. Dont forget to hit the little bell next to it as well. If youd like to support the channel to allow me to maybe even buy a set of orcas, please do check out the links theres a link to my patreon as well as buy me a coffee too. Finally, if youre interested in seeing more content like this and thats the third finally, that ive said, i will put a link to some of the other videos here somewhere.

Now too, maybe on express lrs, i dont know something i find interesting.