Hey ive got an interesting product to show you today. This is going to be a fairly short video, but youre going to be interested in this. So if you own the dji rc with your mini 3 pro, this is something youre going to be interested in. So our friend original dobo, ken dono uh, he manufactures a lot of 3d printed stuff when he sees a need out in the marketplace for an rc for an issue with a drone or something he uh and hes. Hes got a partner, uh ethan mitchell. They get together and they engineer a product and make it work, they 3d print them and they ship them so hes engineered a product that he, i think, interestingly enough, calls the love, handles and youll see why when we get them installed, it is a way to Hook up a lanyard to your dji rc and by the way his kit includes this lanyard. So so let me show you what these look like. So heres, the love handles themselves uh and he includes the screws to install them on your uh remote. So give me just a second here and and lets get this installed on my dji rc and you can see what they look like. So its a pretty simple installation, so uh the you know, youre going to want the eyelets for the lanyard to hook up to on top. So it simply fits over the edge of the controller and then youve got screw holes where it screws into the already pre.

Threaded screws on the bottom of the controller, so youre going to want a phillips screwdriver to do this handy, dandy, costco, electric screwdriver and you dont need them super tight right. Just tight enough theres a fair amount of threads there so thats why an electric screwdriver comes in handy boom and uh and thats all it takes and uh. Then you can see them that just you know pretty much a custom fit so uh. So lets hit the hook, the lanyard up to it, so the lanyard itself ill show. You is adjustable here if youve got buckles on both sides, but i dont know how long im going to need it to be, but lets try it out. So essentially, you just have these plastic snap couplers and you snap it in got the other side there, and i like these – are on those 180 swivels. So you never get it tangled up uh, but anyway, that is it. Let me show you what it looks like. So heres the dj rc with the uh lanyard attached to it and uh. You know youre going to have youre going to want the uh, obviously the rc facing you. So i i would probably i dont know this – is i kind of like it short like this, because its right here ill probably make it a little bit longer uh, but, as you can see ill step back here, so you can see it. You know comfortably hangs and one of the things that you designed this is so that you can still look down and see it.

In other words, it doesnt just flop flat down like that, although you could carry it like that, its designed, so that with the with the eyelets up here, uh so that its still the rc is still facing you now ive seen uh other eyelets that you can Just screw into the bottom, but again when, if when you have it hooked up its just going to lay flat like that, well then you cant see whats going on, but you could literally balance it like this and it takes the whole weight of the controller. And you can fly the drone from there, so uh pretty handy little deal so uh. I want to thank uh ken for sending this out to me and uh. I just wanted to show it to you guys so ill put a link to kens etsy webpage, where you can purchase these and yeah. I guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah well see on the next one uh. Thank you.