As you can tell here, it can fold and it streams videos to your mobile phone. It has altitude altitude, hold new obstacle, avoidance, training, mode, six axis gyro onboard board, hd camera onboard hd video, it can be indoor or outdoor and a range is 200 feet, which is Music, Music yeah. So lets open this its nice. How theres so much tape, because you know that its secure and it can be shipped and the drone wont like get broken when its shipped, which is nice from here, and this drone is good for beginners to enter all yet Music Music lets get it out of This box, so this is the type of brand that looks to secure it by using these screws just turn it counter clockwise counter clockwise and you will be able to unscrew them Music, actually pretty light Music. It looks like you can put some sort of memory card here, maybe how you charge it Music. This is Music, maybe 15. Music control is pretty small. To look Music looks like theres, no leds, just by the looks of it. I dont know how to open this im just gon na cut it open, looks like this. Is the phone holder theres a charger screwdriver Music, so thats about it? Tell that super smaller Music, okay, Music, these tiny screwdrivers but theyre, just the perfect size to unscrew this, which is so nice Music yeah. You like the horde batteries, Music, myself, Music, Music.

It looks like the drone is meant to be outside because it looks pretty powerful, Music, okay, Music, Music. Look at this! Oh you just slide them on Music, hey! So it looks pretty uh sturdy for a small drone. You can choose to either put these on or take them off if you want to im just doing it, because i crashed drums a lot of the time nope okay, so you can tell that this is just a good beginner drone, its kind of sound nope yeah. Always read the instructions, so you can know how to pair it yeah im not putting that on its way too hard. It has a wireless controller. The drone spare parts usb charger phone holder battery instruction manual yeah do not buy the drone in foul leather, just dont that easy, huh, Music yeah. These buttons are the trim. This is the auto start and land. What is yeah theres like three speed modes or stun. Also, if youre having trouble like actually find a drone, just put these things that way, and it should just like sink in with the chrome blown a lot better. I wonder if this even has power, yeah theres a little power in there. Wait! Oh okay! Second part! Second part: Music, okay, so guys were gon na get. If you want to use the camera, then this is the right video for you and we are gon na scan this code, itll bring you to a app store and i already have the app downloaded, but this is the app just push download and Music okay.

So this is the drone app. You can do the tutorial if youre new, but you have to turn on your drone and go to wi fi and enter these numbers, as the last has the password. So you can actually use the camera, then go back here and dont. Do that mistake that i just did okay, Music, you can tell so its just fine, i can subscribe and how two will be soon, hey guys. So we are about the quietest room right now. Im recording i have someone Music Music, its so fast. It looks like it flies very nice, Music yeah, its very everything like that so hard to capture kind of blurry Music, and it looks like it flies pretty nice. I know the battery sometimes overheats, but for that Music, very good against wind Music. Oh my gosh Music, so it looks like its good for its price Music, so hard to capture Music, just in the play all right, theres, three different types of speeds, the first one is for beginners and the last one is for experts, Music, nice and crisp Music. Its very powerful in the wind i got ta say its worth – that forty dollars Music, okay: this is a pretty good drone for its price and its size, and i would really recommend it for beginners and maybe like experts. If the experts want to have some fun with it, the price was like 45 at walmart and its pretty good for a small drone flight time.

The flight time is like 10 minutes and uh. You can put these things on. You can take them off, but yeah see youll probably find faster. You would fly a lot faster if you just remove it, but if youre a beginner, i would recommend to put keep these on, and the pros of this is its very good against wing for its.