It is the ultimate compact low priced drone, its pre assembled, and a did i mention compact. All you have to do is unfold it and let it go its got. Gps free app its got the camera that rotates up and down, and one cool thing is that gesture control, where you can actually uh, put a p sign, for example, and it takes pictures or wave and it starts taking a video, pretty cool technology. Some of you may remember my review of the contixo f20 drone Music. You really cant find better video quality at this price point, which is an awesome low, cost drone in 1080p, with a movable camera that has really great video quality in picture quality. Well, this is the contixo f22, which is literally the little brother of the f 20, and when i say little, i mean little. This is the case. Uh sort of a carbon fiber esque case, which is like a soft kind of rubbery material, comes with a cool little handle here with a nice rubber grip on it, and you open this bad boy up to reveal a really tiny drone. This guy uh, the benefit of this drone, is portability. This drone, as you can see, take it out of this little lunchbox size case here, and it fits literally in the palm of your hand, and it folds up comes with this cool, tiny, remote control which actually isnt so tiny, because when you open it thusly, it Turns into a good sized remote control, you actually can put your smartphone on.

This has a little smartphone holder there for you, its sort of like a playstation 4 controller, which is not not so tiny, but it really folds down into a super compact size. All the controls you need are on here, such as power automatic up and down video camera, regular camera, adjusting the speed, the up and downward motion of the camera, the button that brings it home based on gps, etc, really cool little controller and a very compact design Comes with a little little battery fits right into the drone, and the case comes with space for an extra battery. If you think youre going to be flying for extended periods of time so open this drone, all you have to do is unfold. It like this and like this thats it you dont, even have to do anything with these propellers. When you turn on the drone, they automatically extend to the right position, so its kind of neat they just uh are sort of loose like this, and you dont have to do anything to them. They just i guess the centrifugal force opens above for you and it flies really stable as youre about to find out theres a little camera on the front there. Once again, the most important thing of a drone for me is the camera being able to go straight down or straight up or anywhere in between, so that you can look at whats beneath you or whatever. You want to look at lets just pop the battery in, like there Applause simple, as that, this thing is ready to go then, when youre done just put that back in there that back there right into the palm of your hand and put it in here which, If you wanted to what i would use this for is, if im going to go first of all, just always keep it in my car if im going to go hiking or whatever, and i want to take some aerial footage of myself or family or if i Want to grab you know some some video footage or pictures of something of interest, then ill just put this like into my backpack, its really tiny, really lightweight, and you can just carry it along with you.

That said, lets take a look at how this performs comes with extra blades and also a little mini phillips screwdriver to install it and, of course, your manual as well in the free drone app which you can download to control the drone and watch the video footage From your smartphone, alright lets take a look at how she flies contixo f22. Of course, the best review lets the footage speak for itself, so there she goes just kind of getting the feel for going up and down all around. You can see the nice navy blue in my jacket, its pretty bright up and down very easily very, very stable drone, especially for the portable size of this drone um. Here i am taking off and taking some footage in very cold weather of a freezing lake. Going up going up going up Music im gon na fly over and take a look at some of these ice formations, Music, going up even higher im going to spin around and look at some nice houses, Music and thats me way down there. I am adjusting the camera to focus down on me. Um, keep in mind its likely uh a bit breezy up there, especially for such a lightweight drone Music, going backwards out a little bit looking down at those interesting ice formations, spinning around looking out at the uh. The lake there taking some shots of the ice and of the scenery and the side of the lake further out some nice shots of the setting sun skyline there, despite the the brightness, it actually takes pretty pretty good video quality there.

You can see the sun reflecting off the ice Music, another spin around there taking a look at some of the reeds there. Another shot back down towards me, taking her down a little bit, taking a closer look at some really cool ice formations on the side of the lake. Of course, you could never get this view without a drone, a little bit of adventure going in places that you couldnt actually go and getting you know pretty cool footage of it despite being portable. The f22 is very fast as well theres a little zoom. By of me, there Music a little fly over there um. So in comparison to the f20, which i reviewed earlier, the f20 is not as portable but its quite easy to take. Hiking ive done that myself, Music. If you want to have the best 1080p video quality, you would go with the f20 thats the f20 strength. If you want the ultimate portability in a compact, foldable drone then get the f22. So the benefit of the f20 is superb video quality. The benefit of the f22 is ultimate portability and compactness, with pretty good video quality, not approaching the quality of the f20, but again theres some tradeoff with the portability, but even though the f22 is so tiny, it still has that super critical feature of being able to Uh pan the camera down and pan it back up thats like a critical feature of a drone. I would never buy a drone without that.

Anyway, if you use my link below ive, set up this amazon affiliate program, or at least applied for it. So if you use my link below and buy this drone or actually use my link below and buy anything, i should be able to get some commission for that, which i will reinvest into the channel. So help me make the channel grow by using my links.