Everyone, i hope your day is going fantastic. I figured today we do another, only eating blank for 24 hours, but i figured wed. Take it to the next level and only eat the most expensive items on the menu for 24 hours. Its gon na be expensive, but lets get to it. My stomach sounds hungry, so lets get on over to our first restaurant and uh, see how much todays gon na cost me come on. This portion of the video is sponsored by current current is banking for the modern generation and since the modern generation is already glued to their phones exhibit a huh. Why not have your banking available on your phone as well, and if youre gon na be spending money? Why not earn points that could be redeemed for even more money. Its a simple choice really and another amazing convenient thing about current – is that you can deposit checks directly with the camera on your phone. It doesnt get any easier than that, so you never have to wait in line at a bank or an atm ever again thats a win, and you can also link up your current card to the wallet on your phone. So just click the link in the description sign up right now and get like me a big. Thank you to current for sponsoring this part of the video now lets get back to the video and uh go. Spend some money come on its breakfast time.

Im starving lets get inside and lets get some food: hey brandon. How are you its been a long time? I know man good good, how about yourself im good im good. So today i need the most expensive item on the menu the most expensive yep. Let me figure something out: do you think you can make something 100. Okay. Give me some time sure i just wish. You would have told me the price first yeah he didnt mention it at all at all, hopefully its not too much. Oh, my god. You guys are going to see our reactions same time that we see this all right guys. Oh my god got that 24 karat gold. There we go wow, it even has like flakes gold. It has gold flakes all over the tacos and the fries, and then it has its a gold plated. Burrito. Okay man, i got ta, ask you whats the damage on this uh, its gon na be 1.99. Okay. Is this gon na be like how all all today goes to be expensive today, but i am so excited to eat this so ive, never actually, in my life seen a gold burrito. Is this potentially the first ever gold burrito? I think so. This could be this. Oh yeah, i mean ive, never seen one. I honestly do think so, and that thing is glowing like it was dipped in gold. Well, thank you so much for exciting, of course, enjoying that.

Okay, i almost dont even want to mess it up because it looks so beautiful. I just want to frame it. I know. Okay, so were gon na have to split this gold burrito in half, because jake and i are gon na wan na both try this obviously so uh. Oh, my god, look at that yo! Oh, my god, all right my hands already! Here we go first ever gold burrito 200, but lets see oh my gosh, that is insane. There is so much flavor holy crap to explain this right now guys. This is 200 well spent a little bit spicy, but at the same time, youre kind of getting like um like a mexican feel to this burrito for some reason and they wrapped it in cheese. Oh thats cheese yeah, oh my gosh, they put cheese down when they melt them and, as you know, im lactose intolerant but im gon na send it okay, im gon na save the rest of my burrito and move on to this taco over here. I think ones. Chicken, this is chicken thats, the steak one. This is a big taco like theyre, not messing around here. Its a big old tortilla, so lets take lets get in. There lets take a bite of this thing. Oh, my god, the egg is what makes this taco so good. I dont think ive ever had eggs on top me either thats, why its just next level ooh and the guac and makes it creamy, like i dont, even think i could think of something that i could say like.

Oh, it would be better if this was in it. You know what i mean like. I guess this leads us to this moment. Okay, yes, this is gon na cost us 200, but was it worth it? I think this place is so good by itself that you can come in and get the 13 burrito and still be happy and still be happy. But i there was something about this burrito that just like hit a little bit different made me feel rich for real. Like i feel very luxurious, you know what i mean like its crazy. It really is how good this is lets finish this up and then ill have to uh pay for this all right, so i told jake he could take us to anywhere he wants, and by the looks of this, we are heading over to malibu. That sounds expensive. Already jake yep, i i dont, know how i feel mom. How do you feel youre just going for the ride? Thats right im super excited yeah cause. You just know that youre gon na be spending my money here, because i love the beach. Oh, my god look. I just wish i would have known ahead of time that we were heading over to pch, because nothing good comes out of pch, or at least nothing good for my wallet. So uh wait a second. I recognize this area were not going to nobu. Are we youll find out when we get there? Oh, my god, Music, all right so wheres the place, jake uh right here this little place – yeah, oh my god, im so glad it wasnt nobu.

We could do this place. Oh they already know me here. Whats up. I mean it cant, be that bad, its literally like a shack well find out. What are you seeing it like that for well find out? Should i be worried, yeah, god, hello? How are you hi, lauren nice to meet you nice to meet you? This is jay. I watch you guys all the time like every food review im like i bet theyre going to come here, its so weird. I got you guys these its extra large thats awesome yeah, look at that then. I also have this all right. So whats your most expensive item, um uh, the seafood tower. It comes with a dozen oysters sea urchin caviar, three stone crab claws from the caribbean and um crudo; okay, so it comes with all the raw items. Lets do that. How much is that one 150.? I thought this place wasnt as nice. As that i told you all right, youll love it its all fresh. All right lets. Do it lets send it thats. The video were doing the most expensive items lets go. I only need beer, i mean we cant, be here without drinking some beers, all right. So 2. 12. 43S. Your total! What did you bring me to jake? You said you werent expensive. I did, but i didnt think this was gon na. Be this expensive big shout out to lauren, although she took a lot of my money today, she did hook us up with a lot of free stuff.

So thank you. Thank you. Oh my god, guys with tip the total came out to 250 dollars. I mean look. I guess i shouldnt judge the book by its cover, but i was not expecting 250 dollars. I just i just spent hundreds of dollars for a gold burrito its been worth it now and we still have lunch. I mean this is lunch. I mean dinner all right. Shes cut off with the beer already shes barely had a step. Oh my gosh, this out guys. This is enough to feed a family of 15. theres. Just three of us: no wonder why it was so expensive all right, so obviously things have to be a little bit different right now because of covenant stuff, so they had to give it to us like this im sure it usually comes out a lot more beautiful, But lets check out exactly what we got for 250 dollars: oh wow, its so heavy because theres a lot of ice in here this is beautifully presented. Oh, my god, look at these shrimps, okay, blue face needs to take some notes, because that is a jumbo shrimp right here. Wow there are things here that ive never tried in my life me either. This is what is this uh? What is it called uni, but we got hello oysters. We got some crab legs right here we got some. This is the caviar right here. Oh, i have never had caviar, so this is an exciting moment for us im honestly so excited to dig in.

She even told us how fresh it was and how much its worth the 150 price tag. It cant get more fresh than this. The oceans right here, yeah literally right right next to us, you can literally cross the road and youre at the ocean. So first thing you got to do when having oysters is youve got to put a lot of lemon in that, are you guys ready im ready? Oh my god, that was good, a little bit of shell in my mouth, but that was wow wow. I think that was one of the best oysters ive ever had in my life wow just off the first bite you can just tell, and i dont want to say, like money, buys happiness or anything like that im. So happy im just saying – and i just want to say also this restaurant has more than just you know, expensive items they have some affordable items as well, which we also got too exactly were already here, might as well. Try them all exactly dont skip this video, because im watching you stay on hit the subscribe button right now. This oyster is so fresh im gon na tell you it literally swam down my throat, and i said, im. Okay with it. We have some kind of sushimi here were not exactly sushi. Is it session sashimi? What did i say sushi? I just say how its spelled you know its spelled. So do you go and eat at your favorite sashi restaurant, its sashimi spelt s.

A s h. I m i yeah is it oh, my god i might be dyslexic, because ive always thought it was sashimi its definitely. You can literally see the veins in it still ready all right here we go. I dont know what that is, though it was really like. Buttery ive never had this kind of fish. Neither i feel like it needs lemon, though uh we dont know what that fish is, but its delicious, whatever it is on the menu. It says chef selection, so its probably changes vary depending on the freshness of the fish right whats in season and what they can even catch. Wait can fish be in season. Oh for sure, i think, but its very smooth and um kind of just kind of went down, yeah it down from your throat exactly and the cut the cuts are very thick, so they have like a good little like chew factor to them. Oh yeah, the next thing were gon na jump into here. Is these giant shrimps? Okay, i dont think ive ever seen a shrimp. This big, like my head, is pretty big and, as you guys know from watching my videos, this is a big shrimp. So your cocktail sauce and lets throw this thing back. You know this thing was underwater, injecting steroids, because this is the huge shrimp ive ever had you got it really huh, oh yeah, you guys can check through here. Are you guys glad i paid 250? So, im happy! Yes! Thank you brother.

This is like super airy and fluffy. It feels like this is what being on a cloud would feel like when you chew this lets go for the uni okay. I love it. So remember um! You guys werent crazy about it. So compare i didnt, i dont think i tried i dont remember. I thought i liked it really very slippery. I cant even grab it its literally, so so slimy mush, oh my god, it just disintegrates. Is it good, though its different, its really different, its not bad? I think im gon na pass on this one. It has a very like fishy taste, though, like it has the texture of like a puree like a cottage cheese, almost like a like a pizza sauce yeah, like you know, not the biggest fan, i probably liked it, but maybe i was drunk then everything that weve Eaten so far right, what do you guys think? Do you think it was worth 150 um, or is it because were in malibu? Is that why i think also the caviar is expensive? Yes, and no yes or no? The quality is amazing. Amazing, im not gon na, be like fully full off of this, just just as meal. She said this is for what two to six people. This is like me compared to a lot of restaurants that weve gone and had fish. This just screams like it, came right out the ocean yeah 30 minutes ago. Theres definitely places where you go for the ambiance or you go for the food right.

You know what i mean this place is for the food. This is for the food because were literally sitting next to a tesla charger right. Okay lets. Try the caviar guys look at that, wow im, pretty sure these are little eggs of a fish. If you put one in your pocket put it in some water, it could grow. I dont think its gon na grab. It could grow the moment of truth guys. The time we all try caviar for the first time here we go, i feel, like you, usually have to put it on something right like crackers or a little bread thats. What i was thinking were eating a carrot yeah, but just dont just swallow it chew it. Okay, have every single mom have every single egg pop um, salty, salty and fishy? I was expecting. I was expecting pops of the eggs, but it doesnt even get to that point because it just slimes down your throat yeah. I feel like ive always been scared of this and shes shes scared of everything. So she literally is – i was thinking like when you bite into it like some kind of juice or something was gon na come out of it, but its really not like that. It kind of just its really nice, it kind of just turns the mush in your mouth and its good, so that was the most expensive item on the menu. Now we ordered some other stuff that were not gon na really show were just gon na eat for ourselves to fill ourselves up so uh.

I guess well check back and we order some more expensive stuff at some other restaurants. I have a crazy idea that we can go do this was your first crazy idea. I feel like weve had enough of your crazy ideas, all right ill stop. I just got back home and honestly guys my pockets feel empty way more empty than this morning. When i started this, video and i dont know how to feel about it. To be honest, i feel exhausted and i havent even had dinner yet, but i just know: dinner is gon na be expensive because thats the name of the game so um. For now, i got a couple hours until dinner, so im gon na take a little nap. Usually i put some content in between, but i really need a nap after all this driving and eating today so ill check back when its dinner time. Okay, i needed that nap now its dinner time. I really dont have much room inside my stomach, but were gon na try to make this work so im thinking pizza lets go so were back at our favorite pizza spot jerrys and were gon na get a crazy pizza. So what were doing today is were ordering the most expensive items on the menu. So you tell me whats the most expensive thing that i can order here. Okay, so i could go with the jerrys deluxe extra large and i can make a double dough for you and i could add, extra toppings.

Well, it comes with pepperoni sausage, mushroom, meatball, olives, onions, anchovies and bell pepper, but i can also put basil bacon, jalapenos fresh tomatoes, garlic, so thats. Why ill talk about that? I can load it up for you. Okay lets lets, throw everything on there right, jake yeah. What about like some chicken you got ta check for chicken on there lets. Do it put ham on there too yeah i mean i love him lets. Do it wait whatever you do just please, no pineapple. Okay, i got it. I got that thats. Why i dont know thats why i didnt put my number. I learned my lesson from last time: yes, im, just not a guy who believes pineapple vlogs on pizza, but some people do debate it in the comments yeah and then i need to know whats. This gon na run me ill. Let you know in one second: add it all up make sure you get nervous 83.65 for a pizza, 83 pizza, okay, lets! Do it all right the moment of truth here it is lets check it out. Oh my god! This will take me at least a week to finish man. How much does this thing weigh uh? Oh, my god, yo thats like a solid 10 plus pounds wow. Thank you im excited to try it ill. Try it ill give you guys some plates appreciate it. Thank you. It smells so good. Oh my god guys. Imagine like the best smelling pizza with every ingredient that you can imagine on it like i from just looking at it.

Theres jalapenos, theres tomatoes, theres, onions, chicken bacon. This is the protein filled pizza. If i have ever seen, one like this is absolutely insane and i want to share it with you guys because wow i cant finish this. What im worried about is when i grab the pizza and everythings going to fall off because of how heavy it is. He double dowed it, so we are getting extra, though its like basically putting a pizza dough and then another pizza dough right on top of it. Thank you im using the knife – oh my god, im just trapped. Oh my god, dude. What the heck look, how thick this pizza is. I hope this is doing it justice after today, its going to be spicy and glittery when it comes out – oh, my god, spicy glittery and fishy and fishy the perfect combo its going to smell so bad thats. Like so much flavor that i like, but it all combines into one new flavor that i never thought i would ever experience im fork and knifing it its perfectly cooked. Oh the bottom. The bottom would hold straight if you held it, if it didnt, weigh 10 pounds each piece and guys we are not exaggerating when we say this thing weighs 10 pounds like it: legit weighs probably between 10 to 15 pounds the box each pizza on its own. I would guess is probably, like i dont know much less than half a pound, but an ounce.

No, i dont know im not good with that, but let me just tell you its an image. Thats plain: oh, look! It lets. Let me just tell you its heavy. I do kind of taste like the salami, a lot or maybe its the canadian bacon or something i its – the canadian bacon im getting really good flavor from it. I also get some ground beef, flavors yeah. I can see the ground beef in here and theres a lot of oh thats, not ground beef, its the meatball, oh thats, the meatball thats, the meatball yeah, see usually im a guy who throws ranch on every single bite of my pizza. But this is so flavorful that i almost dont even need the ranch on it and thats a first for me, because i was in italy asking if they had ranch for my pizza. They didnt by the way bad idea they looked at me like. I was crazy when i was there jerrys pizzeria right on sherman way, heres the address this placements, the best pizza, and we gave them a little idea, some crazy, crazy pizza and were going to be the first to review it when it happens. Yup. This is like really good mm. Hmm. I was kind of scared that was going to be too over too overwhelming or like not, everything would be cooked through and crisp. You know perfect pizza, oven that literally got down to double like double doughed.

It yeah all these toppings and still cooked it to perfection. We didnt even make a dent out of this. Come with me in my mouth. It wouldnt be the first time hes used to meat in his mouth ill. Tell you that much you dont got ta make the noises like the people get it. I made the joke thats it. I thought you said you could do two nope youre gon na go, take a nap. Now again, i think im out for the night and then after this one im out for the night and i think, im not gon na eat breakfast tomorrow were gon na, take a little five minute. Siesta right now well see you back later. So was this worth? It the price, look its an 80 pizza, which is yes very expensive, but the flavor that came out of this was like nothing i have ever had before yeah, and this is enough pizza to fill a whole family. Oh yes of six, because at this like at this level of pizza, you only need one slice yeah, usually when its just pepperoni and cheese im going for like four or five slices, but when its this heavy, you really only need one. So you could honestly how many slices are left. One two three can feed a family of ten right now, ten, more people. I think it was honestly really good and this it surprised me because were so used to just getting our our favorite type of pizza pepperoni, but everything is so good here.

Imagine if we started getting like a meat lovers, pizza with just me all the time. Yeah. Try new things guys yeah, please do we did it yall its been 24 hours of only eating the most expensive items on the menu and we spent just over 500 today on food, which is absolutely insane. So if you have any suggestions for the next 24 hour, video, let me know in the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video smash the thumbs up hit the subscribe button pick up the merch at brandontaylor.