Now i did unboxing for it just a couple of days ago, so you want to see all that comes with it in the the uh. You know the the packaging and all that stuff and accessories and battery, and all that be sure to check out that video. It was a previous video that i posted on my channel so today, we’re gon na get up in the air and fly it around now. If you did watch that unboxing, you may have noticed that the instruction manual was in chinese, so there’s a few things. I was uncertain about including this compass or headless mode button. I wasn’t sure which one it was one of my subscribers pedro reached out to me today. Actually on the unboxing video and said, hey i’ve got the uh. I’Ve got this drone and he really likes. It sounds like, and the instruction manual he’s got is in english, so he was kind enough to take some photos and he actually emailed those to me today. I was able to actually look that over and confirm that this actually is a compass button and the gyro calibration button it’s, not a headless mode. So a long press enters you into the compass calibration. A short press just does the gyro calibration. So when you get into the app after you connect it to the 5g wi fi in your phone, you do that first open up the lg gps app and then go into the the first thing.

It brings up it’s going to ask you to have you calibrated the compass, yes or no i’m going to say no, so i can go through it and do it with you guys now and then you need to initiate that. Otherwise that won’t start it for you. So do the long press now i can see the lights flashing on the drone so i’m going to pick it up and you just do a level rotation until it beeps and you’ll see it in the animation too, and screen recording now go nose up and do That until it beeps okay, it should be ready to go now. This drone seems like a time limit and it’s been turning itself off on me. If i don’t get it up in the air in a certain amount of time, so real quick, i want to show you you do want to go into the settings here, disable that beginner mode every time i open this app that’s been re, enabled make sure you Disable that are it’s going to probably limit you to a really short flight distance, so um, just the record video has been goofy. I press these buttons and not see any timers. I don’t know if it’s starting it up or not so i’m, going to use a screen recording. That should be the same though it’s possible. The eis is those drawing claims i have in the background, could be doing something and saving a different.

A stabilized version to the gallery. We’Ll see i’m going to long press the record button, and now i got lights flashing, so i should be recording to the gallery and let’s go ahead and unlock the props and let’s go ahead and do the auto take off let’s see how stable this drone is. So it’s not very high i’m, going to give it some throttle. It’S not very high off the ground i’m, not getting any toilet bowling that’s, where the drone goes in circles and that’s be it would mean that the compass didn’t get calibrated well now it is awfully it’s, not terribly windy. Today, i finally caught a break in the weather to get this drone up. I’Ve had it for quite a while, but it’s uh still gon na fight some wind, but it should be able to handle it, but we’ll have to be careful at times. Don’T know how far out i’ll fly it. So i can see here: it’s wobbling around the frame rate, looks a bit uh low, again that’s to be expected, but the the detail and clarity to me looks pretty good again. This is a budget beginner’s drone. That sometimes is under 60 bucks. If you buy the version without optical flow, this one has optical flow. You can see the recording, because that’s why those lights are flashing, got red in the front and green. In the back. Now i can tilt the camera down it’s going to be a bit.

You can see it’s a bit choppy guys and there’s. Probably some jello. I can see some jello wobble in there and let’s just kind of just do a let’s just take it up and kind of do a it’s hard to do a dronie with one of these little brushed. Quads like this, especially with the control lag and it’s a bit, the video is a bit shopping. I think they advertise this at 500 meters range. Maybe you could get that with the controller and just run off three aaa batteries, but you’re not going to get that on the wi fi feed there’s just no way i’m going to put the camera back up as high as it’ll go. It seems to fly pretty nice just don’t, as i mentioned in the unboxing don’t, not sure what that beep was that’s a bit odd that’s, almost like a low battery beep. It shows the battery about half full now i’ve had it out here sitting on the helipad. Quite a bit as i was going trying to film this video and having some issues, but it should. You know this is the first i’ve had it in the air. They advertise a 30 minute flight time, there’s no way, it almost makes me wonder if they’re talking about both batteries, but they have a one two and three battery version. I believe so i don’t think that’s what they’re doing this is a rather lightweight drone. So yeah again i don’t don’t expect much in the video guys.

This is more an intro to having a gps drone. If you’re on a budget again, don’t expect real high quality of the video, you just can’t offer that and keep the price down all the your gps and optical flow, especially those two, but it flies pretty nice. What i want to do now is the battery meter. Already said, it’s like two thirds of it gone i’m just kind gon na we still got some bad i’m, not gon na i’m. Not gon na fly this too far. You know the beginner, let me see, will it go because i make it make you wonder if the see i mean it almost is acting like it’s hitting the geo fence, but i’ve got the beginner mode turned off. I don’t think it’ll. Let me change it. I’M. Going to click it back and see, maybe that was disabled but it checked. I don’t know doesn’t see much difference guys, but i was. I was unchecking that because that is, it almost sounds like it’s hitting the geo fence, but i had it unchecked. This drone yeah it’s definitely hitting a wall out there and i’ve got the the the limitations all the way up. So i don’t know what to tell you. It seems like it’s doesn’t have much range with that on it’s it’s warning me, hey you can’t go. I can’t go any farther it’s flying back. What we could do is land it here and take off i’ll recheck that and let’s see if that uh it is actually disabled.

So i’m gon na just do from right. There return to home let’s see if it flies back here and it’s beeping faster means it’s gon na let’s. I always want to test return to home accuracy on these drones again, it’s fighting a pretty good breeze, but it’s making its way back here. Let’S just see how good does it do now? It does have an optical flow camera, but i’ve never seen these cheaper drones use those to aid in the return home accuracy more expensive. Drones will use that to look down and help recognize the ground and use it in conjunction with the gps to pretty much land spot on within a foot of where it took off. But this drone’s up in six feet with just gps i’ll be extremely happy yeah. The video is awfully wobbly there’s. A lot of love dropped frames, unfortunately that’s. What you’re gon na see with a drone like this? The aorta has a 6k camera it’s, just going to be an upscaled photo that’s, not bad at all, guys, that’s only a couple of feet off of the helipad. I cannot at all complain about that we’re still recording video all i’m going to do is before i take off. Sometimes these drones won’t, let you make parameter changes while you’re in the air, even though it let me uncheck it i’m, going to click on that i’m. Going to re click, the beginner mode, which would be odd if that was disabled, is recommended that new users switch to the basic mode after once, until they’re proficient, i don’t know man guys i’ve got.

You can see this meter here. I think i was able to do it here earlier. It won’t. Let you change those sliders because it thinks beginners mode is on it. Doesn’T seem to be letting me disable beginners mode, and i don’t see any um there’s. No, i don’t see save option in here. Sometimes you got to click, ok or something um yeah it’s got to be that’s got to be off because now i can see. Look at that. I can slide and i want you want that all the way up, you know they’re all the way up. I don’t know guys i’m got to be pretty disappointed in that the battery meter’s gone back up, of course, because we’re on the ground, so the lipo is sort of the voltage has gone back up. Let’S go ahead and take it back up and just test that, like circle me and the way, um not the way, pointy follow me mode. The circling that you can do from here and there’s there doesn’t seem any parameters on that. So maybe you have to try to set it while you’re flying we’ll figure that out hopefully um, but the follow me mode. You you do have to do that from the app so let’s go ahead and unlock the prop. So i’ll just do a manual take off again it’s. You know for a brush drill, it’s pretty stable. Whenever you stop, it does kind of break itself and looks sloppy because it’s trying to break and then go back to where you left the sticks, that’s not uncommon for the lower price drones, which are less accurate and the fact the brush motors are not that strong To break it as fast as a brushless motor drone, okay let’s turn it around here.

Take it up and let’s see what it does when we do that circle let’s see if it tries to do anything not yet let’s, try a long press on it. There we go it’s doing something and now it’s going to go and let you circle around. We put the camera down and maybe it’s just using a preset distance, because it didn’t really give me any option to change that. It is going pretty slow down. That’S good that’s, what you want if you’re filming but again this is just a toy camera um, not many people are going to use circling mode on a drone like this because of the camera quality but again i’m, not knocking it for that, because it’s of the Price point: you can’t expect any better if there’s a if you’re just getting into drones, and you want something that’s relatively easy to fly now long press will cancel it. Then this may be perfect for you, because even at the current price, it was around eight. I think it was 75 dollars for this version here with single battery. I believe it was a single battery. All right, let’s go ahead and put the camera back up here, so you can see me guys let’s, try that follow me mode over here. I think it was right here, let’s see if it follows me at all. I just pressed it on the app and it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. Let me make sure that it’s, i don’t, have a whole lot of room to walk here, but it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything.

Let me try it again here: there’s, a little icon here, guys yeah it’s it’s, not doing anything for me. I’Ve got your. I think it’s your compass calibration button there, but i could also be headless mode i’m, not sure what the first one’s, i think, the hand gestures and then waypoints in the middle and then the one below it is either return to home or auto landing. Probably return to home, but yeah i’m not let’s, try the circle circle mode and see if that works. Now that brought up a map – yeah i’m, not i’m, not having any luck with the with that. This app only has a few hundred downloads. This drone’s, i guess relatively new but that’s, something that i’ve seen in these before. Sometimes they use these um. Sometimes they use these apps for multiple drones and then it doesn’t always work just right, like they just reskin the app and release it. So for what i can tell the circling mode actually works, pretty good. Follow me. Doesn’T appear to function at least it’s. Not for me, let me try. Let me try just moving it and just confirming i’m going to put it out here, face it away or something or try that again, that’s, probably a low battery warning there so i’m sure you guys can see we’re getting there’s no way we’ve been in the air. For 30 minutes it’s just telling me that the battery is getting low, yeah i’m, not getting anything on the following mode, so i’m going to do is i’m going to long press the video button on the controller and hopefully let’s see the lights.

The rapid flashing is probably a low battery warning, hopefully that video store again, if not we’ve, got the screen recording going for you guys to see, but the crime camera quality being so poor compared to what you might want. I guess you could say it’s not going to make a bit of difference whether you’ve got the um, whether you you’ve got the gallery or stream recording let’s real quick, try a photo while we’re in the air and see if it saves it yeah a quick press. I can see it, the video looks like it froze up, but now i don’t know it’s all frozen on the screen. Now i think the app may have crashed yeah. I did all right guys so the app crashed on us um. These things happen, i mean i am not going to sugarcoat it at all, it’s about what i expected for this drone, but it actually flies pretty decent let’s go ahead and do an auto landing. Have it come on down here? That was actually pretty good it’s. The auto landing there this is going to probably continue to beep on us through the whole talking to this so i’m, going to go ahead and stop that i’m going to go ahead and stop turn the controller off just have to listen to that beeping and yeah. I mean it is what it is. The reason i was interested in this drone is because of the price i thought you know, let’s see how it does and it did about how i expected it flew pretty good.

It uh holds position pretty good, especially because of how windy it is and the fact that this drone is attractive and that it’s under two it’s 220 grams, so it’s, if you are in a country where that under 250, is important, it’s going to make this drone Even more attractive because you don’t have to worry about obeying a bunch of really strong regulations, but don’t expect much, it does look nice, the lights. The light on the battery here shows too. I like this battery meter – and i said it flies decent for a little brushed drone. Just don’t expect it to fly like a mavic mini or a mini 2 i’m sure to be a far cry even from the femi x8 uh mini that’s coming out, but the smart features uh. The circle me the only one that would work. For me. The video quality i could tell on the feed is not very good it’s. The quote. The clarity looked okay from what i could tell outside here, just a lot of drop frames and there’s. Some jello wobble, but again you’re gon na expect that on a little brushed drone at this price point so it’s more ordeal if you’re getting into drones. I would recommend this if you’re on a shoestring budget, if you want to buy a little gps drone for someone younger, this is relatively safe. If i crashed into someone’s house it’s not going to hurt anything that’s, why i flew it here, it’d be perfectly safe to fly in a neighborhood.

So keep that in mind, but um, you know again just have reasonable expectations. If you want a drone with a good camera – or you know, that’s gon na not have jello and stuff you’re gon na have to spend at least you know two three hundred dollars at the very, very least. So just keep that in mind all right, guys that wraps the flight review up for the smrc m21 gps drone with optical flow. If you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing to the channel, i appreciate everybody that does subscribe to the channel. Also, you click the bell that way. You know when i do upload new videos.