That we're incredibly proud of. We call it the evolve triple port power bank and we think it's the last portable charging solution you're ever going to need to bring along with you to charge all of your portable devices. Now this project started about a year ago. We spent a lot of time out in the field with technology, and we got frustrated that we couldn't find a power bank that would charge everything, and if we did, it worked great for certain products. Didn'T work on other products or if it fast charged products and only work with Apple or Android and the frustration was you buy power bank thinking. You can charge everything you'd get at home and find that it only charged a few products. You'D have to bring a second one along to charge all the other products you had. So I sat down with the team about a half a year ago and said can't, we design one that has all the connections. We need to charge everything we take out in the field and then the other challenge I threw at him was. I wanted to be able to fast charge both Android devices that are QC and Apple devices that are PD and that's a really rare thing. Now some of the power banks have caught up with that functionality, but then I threw another challenge a time, and I said I want the power bank itself to be able to fast charge.

In other words, I want you to be able to draw electrons out of the power bank quickly to fast charge, devices that are capable, but, more importantly, I want to be able to throw electrons back in that power bank to charge it quickly, because I don't want To wait five hours to charge a power bank, so we spent a lot of time. We went through about nine different revisions of the technology to get it right and I'm really proud of the product. We'Ve got in front of me today now we're, calling it an evolved product because we've come out with a line of products, including some of our heavy duty cables that have the nylon outer coating on them. We'Ve come out with a car charger. I have a home charger coming as well in about a month, you're gon na love that and the evolved line is really a group of products that are designed to be ahead of the curve on a technology perspective. We want to sell you something that you're not only going to use today, but as new technology comes out, you can continue to use that product with new technology, and this is a really good example of how we're thinking through what those future requirements might be. Both in the connections we're using and the type of charging it can accomplish so before I get too deep into the demonstration, let me show you what comes in the kit so when you buy, the kit include the Powerbank it's, a 10000 milliampere, our power bank and Again, you confess charge the bank and you can use it to fish charge devices.

We also include a short cable. Now you might be wondering why did we include a longer cable? The honest truth is we tried to keep this as inexpensive as possible and when you start adding cables and other accessories to it. It raises the price, and we know everybody out. There has got a ton of cables that they can use to charge the power bank and from the power bank to their devices. So we thought let's just include a small charging cable, so you can get started and then, if you need additional ones, we put it together as a kit where we sell it as the bank itself or we sell it with what we're calling a universal charging cable. It has every connection you'll ever need so totally up to you how you want to do that so I'll show you some of the demonstrations of how you can use this product. The key thing you have to remember, though, is that we spent a lot of time. Thinking about all the protections that need to be built into a power bank to make it safe, but, more importantly, to make it safe to the products you're going to charge, because, if you're, connecting up really expensive electronics to a small power bank. Like this, you want to make sure that you're not taking chances where the power bank can do something wacky and damage the device you're trying to charge. So there are all kinds of protections built in around overcurrent for charging the device over current drain out of the device temperature protections built in we built in spike protection.

So you really shouldn't plug in something that's turned on. But if you do it's going to draw an awful lot of current, we built in spike protections to make sure that it's not going to shut down the power bank or cause issues for that so it's, an incredibly safe Bank to use on the front there's a Piece of plastic up top that's, clear and that's a display there's a button on this side. If you hit that it actually powers up and it'll, tell you exactly how much power you have left in the bank? So it gives you the charge level of the bank and that's really handy, because, if you're out in the field and it's late in the afternoon, you're not sure exactly how much power is left. If you hit that button, you'll know exactly what you have left on. The other side of it over here and I'll do some close ups of this. Our two indicators. The first is it'll, tell you if you're charging it by lighting up the word in so you know, there's current going into the device or, if you're, charging something else. It'Ll say out, so it knows that it's pulling current out of the device it'll. Also, let you know what kind of current you're drawing now on the top of the unit there's a quick charge connection, which is a USB, a connection there's, a USB C in the middle, which is a PD charging connection and there's.

A second USB, a connection over here, that's, a standard full level charge indicator, so that'll actually charge at two amps, so you can actually charge a quick charge device charge, a PD device and even charge a regular two device at the same time using those connections. Now you can charge the bank through that USB see, so you can quick charge the bank using any charge. You have that's quick charge with a cable, it's, USB C, to charge the bank. We also put a second connector on the side for microUSB cables and the reason we added that was because people out there still have a lot of micro, USB cables and a lot of people. Don'T know you can actually fast charge through a USB, a micro USB connection, so having that port on the side gives you the option to charge it through that or if you have the newer, USB C cables. You can charge you through that. So there are two ways to get electrons into the unit through the top or through the side and three ways to pull the electrons out to charge your devices through the top. So it really gives you a lot of functionality. The last indicator, that's part of that display, is, if you connect up to either one of these fast charging connections and your fast charging a device. A little green fast will light up to let you know that you're actually fast charging so it's an incredibly smart device, and I love the fact that really just glancing at it, you know exactly what's going on with the device all right, so let's talk about charging The device first so I've got two charges over here.

I'Ve got a wall charger and again we've got this version of it. This exact charger coming out in about a month, I'll tease you a little bit it's a really nice small charger. Flips closed. So the prongs don't stick out: it's got a USB, a connection on it. That'Ll QC charge, as well as a PD connection, that's USB C. So this will be the last charger you'll ever have to buy so it's fast charging for both ports. We also released a car charger a couple months back. Both of these are evolved products as well. This one's available on the website again it's a full high performance charger. It'S got a QC connection here, that's a USB a and a PD connection here, that's USB C. So you can use this to charge the bank, but any charger you have whether it's fast charge or not will charge the bank. But if you have a fast charging charger, it'll actually charge the bank an incredibly quick amount of time. When I first designed this, we got together and designed this when we first got the samples in and I connected it up to a fast charging charger. I couldn't believe how quickly we're charging the bank. The technology is just that amazing you'll watch it and it'll say fifty one percent. Fifty two percent, fifty three percent I'm thinking there's no way that it can charge that fast, because most portable battery banks take hours to charge and you'll put them on a charge.

You'Re not quite sure, if they're fully charged or not because they have three or four LEDs, that light up and kind of. Tell you what the charges with this one. You know exactly where it is at every minute. So let me show you how to charge it. So I've got a USBC cable here. I'Ll use that first and I'm going to connect up to the USB a connection here on the wall, charger and I'll, plug that into the front port. Here in the USB see the minute I do that it lights up and lets me know. The current charge is 46 and it's flashing green fast, so it's letting me know that I'm actually fast charging the bank. I can do the same thing with the car charger and again, if you're, using the drone valley version, it's ready to go with the QC. I plug that in the minute I do again 46 and the little green LED is flashing. Let me know I'm charging it at full current, so both of those Chargers will charge this thing up really really quickly and again, you can use any charge. You have. You can use your computer. Anything that's got a USB a that will charge whatever device you're using the other thing. I'Ll talk about. Just briefly is the micro USB, so on the side I'd mentioned there's a micro USB for charging as well. So if you have a USB a connection on this end to a micro, USB cable, you can plug that into the side of the charger, and then once you, let me get it in there right.

I'Ve got on the wrong side there for a second, a little bit tighter connection than the USB see all right, so I'll plug that in it takes a second and the electronics is checking to make sure that it's a fast charging charger it's doing its adjustments internally And now again, it's 46 percent and it's fast charging through the micro USB on the side, so top connection, USB C to charge or micro USB on the side now to charge devices here's where it gets really interesting. So if I want to charge a few of these devices, let's start with some of the higher power devices, we had a hard time finding a portable battery bank that would charge the sky dia batteries because there's such a high current range. So let me plug it in I'll, plug it into the QC connection on top and if I can charge it in the drone, but I don't want to pull that plug out of there so I'm using the hub here. So this is the battery charging hub little charge to batteries. It won't charge two batteries at the same time, because you can see the difference physically between these, so this isn't going to charge for batteries because there's only 10000 milliamp your hours in there. But if you have to top a battery off in the field you just plug it in it's gon na take a second make the adjustments necessary and boom. It starts charging so it's an incredibly powerful charger to be able to push that current over to the sky.

Do now it can't fast charge it because it's a high current device, but for me, when I'm out flying the sky, do I typically have a battery in the drone when I'm flying it and the other batteries either on the seat or it's. In my backpack it's great to have this with me to charge that second battery so there's your charging on that it can also charge your DJI smart controller. This was a huge challenge. I'Ll be honest with you. This delayed between the second and third release of this thing. We were sort of designing it. I said it has to be charge something that's high current like this. So, with this unit again it's a USBC connection, the minute I plug it in it's, going through a power on self test, initially thinks it can test charge it, but wherever the battery bank is charged, so if you're below 50, it really won't fast charge, it sometimes You'Re gon na get it up closer to 100. It will actually fish charge this, but either way that'll charge this bank and what's really cool about it is you can use this in the field? This is small enough and slim enough. We designed it on purpose to be a little bit slippery, that you can slide it in the front pocket. Leave it connected to your smart controller and it'll actually charge the smart controller, while you're using it so it's a great way to get extended time out in the field, all right.

The other quad that a lot of people are asking about somatic MIDI and some of the other Mavic products they charge through a micro USB connection. So again we have an evolved cable it'll. Do that you can use any cable you've got I'll plug that into the fast charging port. If you have the battery bank, you just connect it up to the side, and once you make the connection it's going to do a self test really quickly and you notice right now: it's charging slow that's because there's negotiations going on between the two in a second That'S gon na realize it's got a fast charging device and it'll actually fish charge this unit. Now the cool thing is that I can charge all my batteries simultaneously on this unit without any issues whatsoever, so that's, pretty cool and then, in addition to that, I'll connect up the one to the charger there in a second. Let me just plug this back in. I had that a little bit loose. Let me try that again there we go so we're indicating fast charging. There we go. I didn't have it all the way in so there's your fast charging on the battery bank, so that's pretty cool that it can actually fast charge these batteries in succession. It can also fast charge it in the quad. So if I plug it into the quad, I have a battery in there now I'll connect up the microUSB in the back let's watch.

The bottom it's taken a second to realize, it's a fast charging device, and then it just indicated it's fast charging and now it's. Actually fast charging the device so it's an incredibly smart unit to be able to do that kind of stuff. It'S not it's, not like your standard chargers, where, typically, when you hook up a battery back to a device like this, it does a handshake and it just stops at that point and decides it's either faster it's. Not with this one. It'S constantly testing that connection, and it takes a second to register that it's a faster charging device that it'll start fast charging. Alright, the other place this works really well is with action cameras. We do a lot of filming out in the field, but action cameras and action. Camera batteries are really small. So if you're doing any kind of time lapse, photography or you're you're spending a lot of time out in the field you're there swapping a lot of batteries or you can't record, along with action cameras, you can actually leave this connected to the action camera, while you're Filming and extend the filming time so, for example, here's my Osmo pocket. If i plug that in i'm, sorry yeah there, we go I'll plug that in USB see in the bottom it's gon na charge that which means I can record with this for hours, because I've got this portable battery bank cuz the battery. Here you know it's ten times the size of the battery it's internally, here and again, what's cool about it is it's small enough and slim enough slide it into a front pocket.

You can take this out in the field and record for hours on a full charge, with this battery bank same thing with your Osmo action. If you have one of those, this is an Osmo action product. Again, it works with all the GoPro products, so any action camera you have. You can connect this thing up and run now. If you're doing hyperlapse, you can put a little bit of velcro on there. Stick it to your tripod and you've, got really tons of power to record for hours, we're literally out in the field, so it really does give you extended recording time. The other thing it does, which is incredibly cool, is if you've got a portable gaming console like the Nintendo switch it'll fast charge, a Nintendo switch, which again is something that a lot of the power banks out there won't do so. It seemed like every time the team came back and said to me: we've got it designed here's what it looks like let's get a prototype built. They sent us the prototype, we tested it. I said well, that's, pretty cool, but wait a minute. What about the smart controllers, what about the sky do batteries? What about the Nintendo switch products in their Alegre? We got to go back and redo that so this product has been through, like I said, about seven different revisions. It'S taken us forever to build it, but I wasn't gon na be satisfied coming out with one that did sort of what I wanted it to do.

We really wanted to get it right, the first time and not release one now and one in two years. We wanted to make sure you had a product. You could hang on to for quite some time. The last thing I'll mention, which is another major advantage, is we sell a cable that's, a multi headed cable for charging, a bunch of different devices. So, if a couple different versions of this, we have one that's, a USBC, an apple and a microUSB and what's nice about that is, if you put it into the quick charging port, you can actually charge three devices at the same time. So if you have kids in the back of the car that all have phones that need to be charged, you can plug it into this, throw the cable in the back seat. Everybody gets to charge their phones. The only challenge with the three head – cable, like this, is that it can't fast charge those devices because the way quick charge and PD works. They can only negotiate one device at a time. So if you do plug this in they'll be able to charge your devices and use them while they're charging, but they won't be able to quick charge them. If you use a straight through cable, you can sure quick charge, anything so that's pretty much all I had for today. It again you can tell that I'm incredibly proud of this product, I've been using it now for about two months, two and a half months.

Just to make sure everything is working, the way we designed it and it's flawless, so we're very, very proud of the product. The other challenge I have is in the first group of these. I only got a couple hundred of them in so they're gon na go pretty quick! So if you're interested in this and not trying to push you for a sale. But if you're interested jump on it, quick because we can ship them out immediately and you'll have them a couple of days later, they all go out first class mail. The other challenge we've got with this is it's difficult to ship these right now, internationally, so we're gon na kind of limit this to domestic sales to start see how they do and then maybe we can expand it to international sales. I'M, not sure if I can ship it reasonably for international sales, because it's got a light bulb battery inside of it, and sometimes they get a little bit queasy with international shipments on lipo batteries. But we'll work on that. So for now, for now domestic sales and then keep an eye on the website. We'Ll put a note if we can start shipping these things internationally, but we're incredibly proud of this and again I understand there's hundreds of battery banks out there. You can look at a lot of them, make claims that maybe don't work out the way you expect them to when they show up. We spent a lot of time in an effort I'm putting this one together and make sure that everything works.

The way we say it does and if you buy it from us, we'll be here to support it. So if you have questions or problems later on a simple email or phone call and we'll get it sorted out for you. So thanks an awful lot for watching. You can tell that I'm excited about this, because this is one of those projects that was from close to my heart, since I had that frustration a year ago, and I think we really knocked it out of the park with this one. So thanks it off live for watching.