Now i had a look at this uh only fairly recently and we did the unboxing but weve had some beautiful weather here in the uk. So weve had a chance to fly it for me, im really interested in how stable is it in the hover? How does the throttle work? How will the transition from hover to forward flight? How is it in transitioning back whats it like to fly as a regular plane when its acting as a twin and also does the return to homework as well? Now this is a slightly different model, as weve got some changes from some of the prototypes that you may have seen already on youtube. So what have they been doing in those four months to get it sorted now? There were two great questions on that original video that i did, the first of which was asking about receiver types now, the way it comes out of the box or the way i got mine was it works with the dji goggles, of course, its a dji air Unit the full air unit in the one that i had here, but it also needed the dji fpv controller in order to bind to that air unit and to fly it and thats the way that weve been flying it here, however, lots of questions around well. Can i use this radio or that radio now the air unit talks regular s, bus to the flight controller thats in it? So if you have a receiver that can talk s bus, then in theory you can connect it up.

I have been feeding this back to omp hobby. I think it would be great if there was a either an optional, cable or even a cable in the box that allowed you to plug in a regular s, bus style, receiver. You know the servo connection with a 5 volts ground and an s bus, so you could just power whatever you wanted. I think that would be a useful thing at the moment there isnt the option to do that without you kind of making up your own little bit of wiring, it would be nice for it to be a little bit more plug and play second question that i Got quite a lot was, why do you need a vtol? Well, if you have lots of open space and you have enough room to both take off and to land the model without getting in trouble with trees or things around you, then you know what vtol is. Probably not going to be particularly interesting, but what vtol gives you is the ability to both take off and land in a very small space, literally within two meters and thats. What im really interested in veto for? I dont always get to fly in those places that are perfectly manicured and have lovely smooth areas, sometimes its muddy fields, sometimes its the edge of an area, and i want to be able to get the plane back and to land it. You ideally need a couple of hundred yards in order to make an approach and a landing, and if that is into very barren rocky ground, thats going to rip up the model, thats, not a great situation, not everybody has access to a flying field.

Thats going to allow you to have those long, takeoffs and landings and if you do thats great. But if you dont vtol, opens up a whole range of places that you can go and fly and when youre in fixed wing mode its far more efficient. And you get much longer out the battery, so let me give you the highlights. If you dont want to watch the whole maiden video, you can just get an idea of what i found. Um first of all is the manual that comes with. It seems very basic, but actually that is all you need to know, looks like omp hobby have worked very hard to make it almost fool proof to try and fly this thing without making a mess. There is an on screen display in the fpv goggles. Some people were missing that in the original video they have got an on screen display that is populated around the outside of the dji hd goggles. So once youve got your goggles connected youll be able to see things like distance direction to home height, speed, gps location, number of satellites. All that, goodness, you will need to do a compass calibration before you fly uh, that is, by holding the sticks into the middle top position on your dji fpv controller thats. What youre using and that will then allow you to go through the usual little compass, dance. Uh once youve done that on the location, it should be good for the whole day, arming is done via the sticks, so theres no switch for that its old school ardu pilot style, arming where you hold the sticks to the lower outer position.

That then starts the motors. You then have to increase the throttle to over 50 percent very quickly, otherwise it will automatically disarm, and then it will rise into the air need a reasonable height to transition, then into regular, fixed wing flying a separate little switch. Does that once youve got into fixed wing the transition from hovering into forward flight fixed wing flight is really really smooth. Doesnt really lose a lot of altitude. Youll see that in a moment it looks beautiful flying then in fixed wing mode uh. It seems that the throttle control, just as in the hover isnt, directly related to how the models flying this kind of appears to be like two speed settings. One above 50 throttle one below, even if you close throttle all the way off. As we tried uh, you cant get it to stop because it actually continues to fly so rather than you having direct control over the speed of the motors thats a little bit trickier and in fact, ive been trying to get a lot of um follow footage. But ive really struggled to find it because its kind of cruising at 60 kilometers an hour and the kind of endurance quads that ive been taking to the field to try and chase it with uh ive, been struggling to keep up with the thing so it it Does motor, when its in fixed wing mode it can cover quite a bit of ground transitions back from fixed wing mode to hover mode are a little bit more exciting.

The wing seems to kind of stall at just the same time as the motors are kind of kind of come up and then transition to hovering. So you tend to get a little bit of a wobble. You tend to hear the motors kind of really revving to kind of get it all under control. First time that happens its a little bit of an exciting experience say at least you think something horrible has happened, but once youve done it a couple of times its pretty standard, its the only part of the transitions and flying that isnt, absolutely buttery, smooth and finally, Before we jump onto the footage, return to home works really nicely as well youre going to see that in the example from the footage there, the footage actually is from the maiden flight that im about to show you the return to home, brought it back, and it Was within about 10 meters of the arming location uh, but it was descending down towards the trees that are along one side of the field. We were flying in, of course, its going to try and land in the trees, but even though it was still in return to home, i still had the ability, with the fpv controller, from dji to kind of bring it away from the trees and it landed as Soon as its on the ground, it disarmed just like it does normally so lets. Do the maiden footage – and i kind of do my last thoughts after that so sticks into the magic position.

Do i hold that there the whole time? No, no, let go im turning it its still green. Oh there we go its red, hey! Oh, this is dangerous near the park, nice of it. Okay. Now i think it said its done yeah as long as it isnt amber youre. Alright, okay, im sure well be firing you now we hold it. We arm it in the same way as most audio pilot stuff. The motors are running okay, so weve got to take off within a couple of seconds so well arm it raise the throttle Music. The sheep like it is alive. Okay, so the good news is, it hovers. Does it yaw, but it goes left and right is yours. They do look weird dont. They yeah its like a plane. Shouldnt stop Music, okay, so far so good now, should we take it further up and then try transition thats good, a little bit further away from us, not that i dont trust it. That looks weird. Yes, doesnt it okay well climb, because obviously here we go, are you happy if i go on fpv? Definitely yeah ive got altitude. 20 meters lets get a little bit more 31 meters, 32 shes, getting quite small, no no shes good size. Actually, just okay! When we get to about over 50 meters, i think well give it a shot ready for transition ready here we go. Oh, my lord were going forwards, were a plane, nice wow that takes afternoon that felt very stable yeah and it looked too long as well.

How did it look to you yeah? It looked very safe on you, oh wow, okay, this is um, so about 50 throttle im gon na lose a little bit of height, so this just feels like a really well behaved twin now. Okay, let me do a pass. So you can actually see it properly. Wow nice, zero drama, yeah lots of things in the on screen display. Okay, so it says its got two modes: we have like a slow mode, which is what ive put it into now, so that slow mode is that got a fixed throttle, setting isnt it its still not slow, thats all excuse my runny nose, everybody im very stable Self level is good, now, im going to come back and put it into hover mode and start the recording, because, interestingly, the dji unit has not automatically started recording. According to this, we need to be below Music, so we get another again. We get a little bit more height, we need to be below 50 throttle, okay, we got it got it and we just flick it into hover mode wow. That was good a little bit of a wiggle there yeah it was a little bit just trying to stabilize itself a bit wasnt it as the transition. It was okay, so in my goggles there we go were actually recording now. So let me just kind of give you a birds eye view: are you, okay, with it yeah still good its good gon na transition again? So we need this.

This little switch here that we need to just put into the middle position and away. We go its really funny. You can hear it its almost like a kick yeah. It just goes pretty much silent doesnt. It just go silent when shes out of um that kind of move okay. So again, let me do ive got it on the lower speed setting. I think its designed so that you cant stall it even that is not its not slow. Its incredibly stable, though yeah im really happy with this weve got loads of sheep in the field going from one to the other, incredibly stable. The only issue ive got with this moment is: we only have the two modes if you dont count return to home, so theres, no um, and also the distance and direction to home arrow is kind of working, but its a little bit sluggish wow. That is lovely. Do we risk i returned to home? Should we give it a shot on there? Okay, here we go were going to return to home return to home engaged so shes swinging round. Okay, shes lined up on us pretty well yeah, still in uh plane mode. Oh, is that the transition yeah yeah, i would say whoa – that transition back to uh yeah it does its just kind of a bit of violent, really isnt. It kind of right, im off goggles, now im watching it as well. Now the only issue ive got is that is not where we started its, not very close.

Its coming down near the tree, yeah im going to take over because yeah so im a little bit too close for comfort isnt it really no, but its kind of more there yeah okay, so you can actually finesse it in the last little bit, wow thats! Actually, pretty cool right, i think, were going to charge the battery and you can have a go yeah. You can see that definitely yeah thats great, so omp hobby is a vendor that is well respected for making quality kit both fixed wings and helicopters as well and theres. A lot of quality pieces inside this model and the performance of it is very nice. The throttle on the radio isnt directly controlling stuff, it feels like its the standard you know above 50 is going to make you rise below. 50 is going to make you sink when its in hover mode. The two air speed modes are pretty much set and it is an awful lot of fun to fly about. Obviously, you have all the dji fpv goodness as well, and you can put that um gopro camera in the front, and it is a lot of fun and very impressive to actually see this thing take off and do all the transitions. It is very uneventful. The only thing that makes you you know kind of hold your breath for a second is that transition back from forward flight back to hover, where theres that little moment where it has to catch itself.

Now, one of the reasons that it was so tricky for me to get the follow footage is that we were also struggling with the height the height in the on screen display in this is displayed in meters. The speed is displayed in kilometers an hour im, a uk pilot, so i like miles per hour and i like feet for altitude, and that is what all my osds are set for. So when were trying to get the chase footage, it was really tricky because my friend was flying in meters. I was flying in feet. We were trying to have to do that. One of the things with this is that there is no customization options on this model. You cant go in and change the on screen display. You cant, move things around. You cant change any of the flight modes. You cant change how the switches work that is all set. So, if youre looking for a ready to fly model – and you dont want to mess around with any of that stuff touch a computer and flash firmware, and you want to get into all that – and i know lots of pilots out there are in that camp. Then this allows you to get and try a vtol without having to play personally for someone like me, i would have liked the ability to do things with just the on screen display would have been a big benefit and actually help with some of the customization.

I can understand why omp hobby dont want to give you access to all the guts to potentially then change, something that makes it crash, and hopefully there will be kits that they will do in future or pixhawk versions of this for uh. You know advanced pilots who like what like me, who want to play with the software and to change things around and install their own flight controllers. So before i finish the video i do need to give a huge shout out to steve at scotia rc, who is the gentleman who started this conversation with me about getting this veto in to have a try up there in scotland. Steve is a full reseller of omp technology, as well as other things so ill put a link down below if you want to go and check out his store theres only a handful of things that i would draw your attention to with this particular model. Apart from, obviously the price which will put it out of the reach of many hobbyists first of all, as ive mentioned, is an s. Bus cable in the box would be handy for those without a dji fpv controller and making sure that all the spares are available easily too itd be good to see a kit version of this available for those who dont want to use the dji fpv system or Want to use another flight controller where they can get into the settings for this version.

I would also like some way to change things. Just like the way the on screen display is laid out where the pieces are, but also the metrics and units used. So i can have miles per hour and feet for the altitude. Only other thing really for this is that you do need the weight in the nose to get the center of gravity right if you have a gopro, its going to be fine. And lastly, unfortunately, with the gopro in the nose there isnt any way to access the buttons. So once you have popped in there and done a couple of screws, youre going to have to use your phone or a remote control to start, stop, recording and access. How everything works? This is a simple to use and simple to operate, ready to fly model that goes straight out the box. It flies great in fixed wing mode, it hovers great. The transitions are fine and also things like the return to home. Uh seems to work. Pretty well as well, so this has been an awful lot of fun and really interesting to play with. So, if youve been looking for something like that, this is a great option. Ive been feeding back some of my thoughts on this model back to lmp hobby directly, and hopefully they will continue to invest and create veto models that also allow pilots to get into the guts and have a bit of a play as well and provide a little Bit of flexibility in the future stuff they bring out for pilots like me, and some of you who are watching who want to play with the software too.

Thank you for spending your time today, watching that video. You can find me in all the usual places on social media and, if youre, trying to learn about a subject then check out the playlist.