Welcome to my channel well check this out. It is the end of march and the snow is melting. Look at that is that beach sand. I see beach sand on the beach. Normally, this is just a white mess of snow theres. Actually, a guy out ice fishing someplace back here. I think i dont know so. What my plan is today is to take the zmo omp hobby, zemo, zed mo and take it out for a flight, because i want to see how far the ice has disappeared and water is showing up away out there and also no way over there and also A way over there in all the areas here so lets, try this out Music, all right. A little bit of a wind lets see if we can take it off. All switches are forward so down and in and then take it up there we go. I hovered over here in the wind Music hurry up, okay, im going to aim it towards the water that were going to fly at and im going to take it away up Music. Now i have to put my goggles on so im gon na put that down its the way up there and uh lets. Take it a bit higher. It says: im at 23 meters, high 18 satellites. I think ill go up a little higher. I dont know how high i have to be to make it go into airplane mode, but just in case it drops nose down a bit.

So here we go. I have a switch down here, im going to switch it into airplane mode. Here we go now there. We go, we should be moving forward and there we go. Ah nice smooth sounding there. We are all right lets come on back so now we can see the ice flow way out there, but i want to come back and see the guy ice fishing here there. He is over, there see that little black dot down there. I know im going into the sun here ill, bring it down a bit slow it down. Hes not gon na like this, but hes the only guy out there ice fishing holy cow, so i dont know: weve, had trucks drive out here late in the year before and uh theyve fallen through the ice lets bring this around nice and smooth there. We go so lets go over my area here. This is not supposed to be a pawn to water here, ill, bring it down thats not supposed to be a pawn to water there, not at all and come out this way. This is the ottawa river and yeah. Look at the isis just breaking up everywhere: wow bring it on back to me, coming back, pretty cool on the zemo on the left. Stick here is your throttle. So if you push it forward, you go faster and on the right stick. Obviously, if you push it forward, your nose goes down into the ground and you crash, so you dont want to do that.

But no matter what you do, you really cant stall. This from what im told thats, what the specs say. It says you cant stall it at all, so here we go going away out and lets go on back this way. So pretty soon. All of this is going to be water. Shouldnt. Take too long before that happens, and then it will just be uh. Well, thered be a beach area, and everybody about here and doing their stuff in the beach lets go this way lets take it up a bit. You can hear it screaming over top ill, bring it back in a second just to see if i can get some shots in the cameras that are filming us im, going to slow it down and bring it down and see if you can get the actual zemo In the shot, so let me just slow it down. Apparently you cant stall it so ive got the throttle way at the bottom here, im just going to bring it down ill. Take a nice smooth turn to the right going slow. If anything that would normally stall something like this theres, my jeep over there thats another question. A lot of people have, is they say, can you move the camera up and down no its just a gopro sitting in the front, so you cant move it up and down. So here we go. If you watch my hands ill show you how you fly, this thing lets bring the nose up and if i want to turn to the left, use both joysticks on this and turn to the left, like that.

Hopefully, my little camera off my chest is picking it up so thats how you turn smoothly to the left, if you just do one joystick uh its an airplane with ailerons and everything, so it doesnt like that it likes the two joysticks so much. If i want to go to the right now, do this and ill take it up a little bit because im pretty low to the ground there we are, and if i want to buzz the ice im going to bring it back and buzz. The ice here lets. Go all the way out here and then come around this crack in the ice. Follow that for a bit we go im buzzing down to the ice and now im going to bring it this way and then im going to bring it down where nothing can crash into bring it down low to the ice here, not too low. Because this thing might drop too fast there we are there. We are keep it away from that tree and then zoom it away up in the air im gon na climb altitude really fast, now, im gon na bank it to the right there we go theres the other part of my world over there im going way up And uh theres my little world down there and bringing it on back pretty cool eh. So this is pretty good for exploratory. Now i will say the range ive noticed that you have to face the direction of the zemo when youre flying.

If it goes behind you and it gets out of range, uh youll lose videos. So if youre staring in the direction its flying, then no problem, you can go out quite a distance but uh its only because the antennas on the zemo are just these little antennas. Nothing exciting so there we go thats coming back, weve got our little guy down on the ice down there and i lost him there. He is all right if you want to go and return the home mode. What ive learned is that what you do is put it in return to home mode before you hit your location, because if you dont it will fly over, you so youll see what i mean watch this lets bring it back. There we go and okay so im going to bring it down a little bit im going to slow it down im, bringing the throttle down to next to nothing in a second here there we go throttles down to like zero. So now its just light so over here theres a switch on the right hand, side, and that is your return to home, switch so im getting close to me and any second now i am just going to hit the switch and blink there we go. That should be returned home, so its doing it all automatically, and i could, if i take off the goggles, i can see where its coming down got, to put my glasses on to see this so way over.

There is my drone, its not really coming back to me so im gon na fly it back to me here, so you can fly these things backwards, which is so cool, hang on a sec ill put this down on the ground, so you can see it here. There we go ill fly it back to me here ill get out of the way, so you could see it in the other camera so its still in return to home mode. So what im going to do is just coming back, coming back, bringing it down and try not to hit me in the head and then flop it down here there we go and we are home its a really cool product, its a lot of fun, if youre, Just someone who likes to go out fly around have a great time. It would be a lot of fun to fly this on an evening with sunset yeah flying like that, i just havent had a chance to do it also. I do want to get at one point: somebody chasing this or maybe ill go fly it with the guys who fly rc planes and do the same thing that camera is pretty far away from me. Hang on. Let me bring it closer. All right, thats, better were closer. We can talk much closer now, all right, let me get rid of this camera too. This is just my my chest, camera that you saw. Hopefully the video on here worked.

So if youre interested in this product, the zmo from omp hobby uh, i will put links below you can go and check it out. The other thing i want to mention as well is ive done two videos on this already one is a total unboxing youll see everything comes in the case in the box. Second thing is how to put everything together and fly it in high detail and get it going. Go watch that one and, of course this video was just a fun video out here to check out the ice so looks like i probably have another. What two three weeks and all that ice would be melted or, if not, you know one week, it depends how hot it gets here. Well, theres rain in the forecast for the next week, but anyways so much for that ill have to bring out a waterproof drone. Next, all right guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and, like i said, links are below if you want to check this thing out and uh thanks for watching catch.