Music Applause, hey guys, welcome back to the channel. This is crazy Back to the Future. Again just happened. I just got into a time warp and here's an f7. This is an omnibus f7 and it has dual SPI sensors on here and it's 35 faster than an f4, which is kind of insane, because F fours seem to be a lot to play with in a lot to tune and a lot of dampening so I'm interested To see how this flight controller is gon na play out next to an f4, I don't know why we are having an f7 here. I'M, not an engineer, so I don't understand the technicality of maybe going from f5 f6 straight up to f7, not sure why they skipped 5 and 6, but here we are at an f7 and this chip. One here is gigantic. Look at how big it is. It almost takes up the whole top of the board, but I'm gon na go ahead and zoom in a little bit closer and I'll go over some of the hookups for all of your different stuff on here. This board is also about 52 on the gearbest website. So we'll just go ahead and jump right into this one. So here we go guys. This board does have five star reviews. A lot of people seem to like this board and like working with this board. It is a bit more complicated than some of the other boards out there.

It does have a lot of stuff going on here, but I'm gon na try to make this simple. For you guys and we'll jump right into this. This is a 36 by 36 board edge to edge right here, and it does have thirty point: five millimeter by 35 point: millimeter 0.5 millimeter mounting holes, standard 5 inch size mounting holes, so you're gon na run this one down, maybe to like a 150 or 130 Type of quad all the way up to 200 and above now just go ahead and get started talking about these two ports right here, the first one over here this bottom one. You can hook up your four on one ESC to this, and it does have the back current ground in C PWM. 1. 2. 3. Amp 4 for hooking up to your signal wires. If you want to do it this way, they also give you the option to do it over here on this section right here, so you have 5 volt. You have RAM the batt PWM 1 through 4 on this side right here and the graph on this side and up at the very top you have video in at the very top and video out for your VTX and your camera will hook up here. You have ground, you have five volt and you have your video in right there and on the bottom row you have ground five volt and your video out right there know what's interesting about this board is the fact that it does have dual gyros and they say That on the website, if you do put a GoPro on your quad, you don't have to retune it or repin tune it, because it handles that for you, which is kind of crazy.

So for this top harness right here you have si s mo si. You have s CK, you have M ISO and you have five volt and ground right there on the very end and down from there you do have where you're gon na hook up your LEDs at the very top right. Here you have ground, you have five volt and your LED hookup right there and just below that one on the next line down. We have where we're gon na hook up any type of ppm or s bus receiver of your signal, wire for ppm or s. Bus is going to go here, five volt and then your ground right there, and then we have three rows: a below just below where the receiver and the LEDs hook up. We have a spot down here for buzzer. If you want to do a buzzer, you're gon na, do it on this rail right here, you're gon na do positive here and negative right here for your buzzer, and then we have ground ground five, volt and v bat over here and just below that on this Last six down here we have TX six SEL and we have our X 6s da, our X 3, and we have current sensor right there and below that we have more options. We have ground 5, volt, 3 volt and our X 1 and TX 1. So it does also support DSM, X receivers for you spectrum guys now, aside from dual gyros on here on board, working together to help this quad fly a little better.

It also has beta flight 3.2 already flashed on here, so guys. I want to move up to 3.2. You don't have to worry about reflashing, this board it's already up to date and that's that's also a big advantage. So it also has all the same advantages of an f4 flight controller, which is super nice and it has a built in barometer, which is also nice for guys that want to add any type of GPS to that. Now, if you're, looking at the very bottom, you see that it also has box SD card data, support right here, so you can record, while your black box data down to this SD and you don't have to fly with this. If you don't want to most of the time I don't record my black box data just because I'm flying so many quads, but if you're flying the same quad all the time and you want to collect that data and go back and look at it later. This is a nice option now it did see a review from someone that said that this harness it's wired up wrong, so you're gon na have to take a razor blade and just pop these off and redo the wires on this harness before you put it in There so I'll go ahead and I'll put the schematic up on the screen right now and just if you're, if you're, using this guide, this video for a guide go ahead and pause.

The video right here, where it's on the screen and then you can hook up your wires, the right way for this harness and also guys, if you look at this board really closely, you can see that it is labeled underneath here, but it is extremely small. You almost have to have a magnifying glass on your bench when you're soldering this up to to be able to read these, but you can see all of it in the schematic it's, just a bummer that it's not on the top. So like. I said this kind of takes me back to my SP tracing boards that I used to solder up because they were always labeled on the bottom, but not the top. So current trend right now is that they're trying to label everything on top to make this a little bit easier for most of us that are coming in with wires from the top during our builds. But it also does support all the different esc protocols out there. For your esc output signals covering pwm one shot: 125 one shot: 42 multi, shot brushed D, shot 150 300 and D shot 600, so this f7 is definitely going on.