I just got my kamikaze mystery gadget from brett for review and im very excited. I forgot to bring my drink down here, so i dont have that on me yet, but check this out its gon na be. This is gon na be really cool to play with weve got the scoot get theres too much glare. Ah, the scoot force one drone indoor drone, yeah hi, im scoot, give me a toss and ill fly like a boss. Hands free lets play inside um, so yeah were gon na pop this open and i get the glare off it there. It is look at that there. It is all right so right, the glare were going to get this thing open, learn how to use it. It says automatic flight, fun, leds, usb charging, durable shell, indoor drone ages, eight and up so im good. I qualify all right so were gon na take a whirl one eternity later so weve got another tipsy review got my whiskey, sour and so the last kamikaze review. Uh gadget brett sent me: was the scoot drone its just this little guy here and were gon na give this a whirl um. So you just turn it on its got. The four propellers and two sensors ill go over those in detail later. You just toss this in the air and it goes and its got the sensors that are supposed to keep it in that zone. Music. Stop it once you catch it, just turn it upside down and it turns off, and then you just power it so other than terrifying.

My dogs, i dont, think i really have much use for this, but i think it would be a great stocking stuffer for your children.