I did a review on the three in one hunting torch, the kl 52 from motor pro order. Pro are renowned and theyre well known for the high quality hunting, diving and tactical torches. Make sure you check them out at odapro.com in todays review were going to be reviewing the kl 62 plus 3 in 1, led hunting torch guarantee the first thing: youll notice, when you open up the box. Is this lovely soft, packing foam? Everything is really neatly cut into place. Weve got the rats tail and weve also got the double pack of 18650 batteries, for example, all very nicely packed in a soft form. One of the things i especially love about order pro is their attention to detail. If you have a look inside the case, youll see exactly what i mean: theres no pick and plug form theres, no preform plastics. This form has been cut specifically for all the components of this torch. Everything fits nice and neat and on the bottom of the screen. Here youll see the area cut out to fall down over the top of the torch head. This protects it in transit to you and also when youre out and about so lets, take a moment and have a look inside the case and see what you get brand new. We have the star of the show itself. The kl62 plus torch neatly packed away in this lovely soft foam. We also have the picatinny and barrel mount ill.

Show you more on that. In a moment, it also comes with a figure of a clamp that allows you to attach the torch to your scope. It comes as well with an 18650 double bay usb battery charger. The rat steel is over on the left hand side here that allows you to activate the torch from the side of the rifle, and it comes with the two 3 000 million power 18650 rechargeable batteries tearing into the first box. Then we have the barrel mount now. This is a picatinny mount and a barrel mount together in one unit. I really like these because you have the option to mount the illuminator to your scope directly using the picatinny mount by itself. You simply unscrew the picatinny fastener on the side here and youll see just how snug that is, remove that all together, you can mount that directly to pick a tiny wheel on your rifle. The other option is, if you start firing a rimfire or centrifier. You can attach that to the barrel of the gun, so your barrel will go through here and the torch will be out the bottom. That means you dont get white out when the gun goes off. Diving straight into the next box, then weve got the figure rear. Clamp youll have seen these before, but not all torch manufacturers include them. I dont know why they are extremely useful, simply undoing. The bolt gives you the opportunity to give a little bit of slack.

You can mount one end onto your scope. Put your illuminator to the other side. Tighten the bolt back up. Good, solid abs plastic with a steel bolt right through cant. Go wrong with that. Next up were looking at the battery charger. Double bar battery charger good solid spring mount. What i love about this is the fact that theyve thought youve got two batteries, so they give you a dual battery charger usb in the top micro usb, just quite simply plug it in plug it into usb port and youre off. The rat still is good quality plastic. Three buttons operation up off down; thats it good sturdy, wire, good plastic, finish: machined, aluminium cap for the back of the torch, connect that to your rifle and youve got remote control use straight away. Also including the box. Is your product warranty card and youve got your user manual? The user manual is very thin, very lightweight, very basic. To be honest with you, youll pick the torch up and youll know exactly what youre doing with the straightaway spare o rings are also included for when the perish, because they do over time as with any torch and, of course, youve got your hand strap here too, When you look at the protective case, youll see straight away its good quality abs plastic. The hinges keep everything aligned, so you can quite easily just snap it open and shut with a thumb. Excellent high quality, finish perfect for taking the torch out and about Music.

This torch is very well made its aircraft grade aluminium, its got a matte black finish and, most importantly, its ipx6 water and dust proof that allows you to take it out about no worries at all the head of the torch. You rotate to move between spot and flood and has a triple led system to let you switch between red white and green. The stepless dimmer tail cap is dimmable from two to a hundred percent. You simply rotate that and that adjusts the brightness for you. The entire unit is crisp and clean. Everything fits together, beautiful, its very well finished and all of the threads are machined perfectly theyre. All pre, creased and youll see just how nice this unit looks in itself. It feels good when you pick it up its got a nice way to it. You can very easily switch between the different colors simply by rotating the switch on the top. A good, solid, tactile click lets. You know when you change the led and the sturdiness of the torch gives you confidence when youre out and about that its going to perform exactly when you need it Music. When i reviewed the kl52 plus, i took it up to the northeast coast of england, and i used the drone to give you an idea of the distance of the beam with the kl62 im not going to go quite that far because its building on the strength Of the kl 52 plus, that said, i will be testing the beam quality and the endurance of this torch.

Music do Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Do the kettle 62 plus was given to me by older pro, delivered by the uk amazon store? All i wanted to return was an open and honest review. I think ive covered everything that you need to know in the video. Everything is my own views, my own opinions and other pro havent seen this video before its going live, ive put it out and let them know its out if youre looking for torch for shooting fishing or camping, then i dont think you can go far wrong with The kl62 plus built on the kl 52 plus this is even better. Its absolutely beautiful, very well built good center of gravity very well finished. Indeed, and i especially love the fact. Theyve got the three pills in the head because you dont have to remove the head to take it off and swap the pills like it had to do with the kale 52 plus. This is my main hunting torch. I keep it with me all the time when im out about, i switch to the green light when i want to generally set up and take down and prepare to go out on the shoot and come back. I need to focus in the barn. For example, i need to see properly, i can simply switch to the white pill. I can see everything perfectly if i want to scan around if im looking for foxes, rabbits or rats switch to the red pill, and that allows me just to scan around, and i can see everything that i need to see without starting the animals.

The endurance on these things is fantastic. 140 minutes i came in the red got that 110 in the white. I got 145 and 119. The green i got 435 now just be aware. The 435 minutes, if youre, using this on a rifle youre, looking downrange youre not going to get the full power of the beam for 45 minutes. Probably youll get 190 minutes quite easily for long distance, but for short distance up close looking around using it for general sort of light. You will get the 435 minutes really really impressed with this. I have to say it. I dont think youd be disappointed if youre looking to get one of these theres more information in the description below if youve got any questions, drop them in the comments and see.