Really, when you consider the thats more crashes in two weeks than ive had in three years, basically after the first crash, i did a video on what i thought was helping to cause so many people to be crashing their brand new mavic 3s and one of the Factors was how the mavic 3 seems far more jumpy and grabby than previous models. Even the slightest touch on the sticks seemed to result in it bouncing away far more than you would have expected to. One of my biggest gripes was the inability to adjust the exp settings, which is a way you can soften down the stick sensitivity of the remote and it was. It was a really useful feature that wasnt available uh, certainly to android users, but after last weeks, uh unexpectedly early and very welcome update to the mavic 3 android users finally got the ability to alter the exp settings. So this week, ive been working out and experimenting on how to smooth things down for the mavic 3 using the exp, the pitch smoothness and the yaw. But during this testing and experimenting is where i found the real surprise and the real reason why the mavic 3 is so jumpy when i first got the mavic 3, like most users. One of the first things i did was to adjust the apas 2 bypass rather than break. This is one of the main features of the promo video and ive already done a video on just how good it is, and it really does work out the best way to navigate past obstacles and get you flying, and i still think its frankly absolutely incredible.

But this week, whilst trying to work out the best settings to reduce the jumpiness its, what i noticed that its actually the obstacle avoidance and the a pass itself, that seems to be the biggest cause of this jumpiness, take a look at this clip here. I have all the settings at their default: ive, not adjusted the exp or the smoothness settings at all, but i have got obstacle avoidance set to bypass rather than break. Take a look at how jumpy it is. When i touch the right. Stick it flicks to the right and it flicks to the left, no matter how gentle i am with the sticks, you can see when i hold the remote up to the camera. If i just touch the stick to a quarter of his extent, it still jumps sideways. Then, when i do the same, stick movement but flicking the stick the whole way. I get pretty much the same jump, no matter what i do with a stick. Its just jumpy all over the place now take a look when i adjust the obstacle avoidance to break this time. A slight touch on the sticks results in just the slightest of movements of the drone itself. Even a full stick. Movement results in a fairly gentle movement. Now that was in normal mode, but even when i tried this in cinema, i got exactly the same result. Look at it jump around when i touch the sticks with it in bypass mode still flicking around and bouncing around all over the place.

But again, when i amend the settings to break, then things smooth right down, take a look at how it moves now, smooth as butter on a warm summers day and look i tried this repeatedly. I tried it with voa switched off. I tried it in cinema, normal mode and sports mode, and every single time you get the same result. Having the obstacle avoidance in break or off will give you absolutely smooth movement for the small touches of the sticks, but the moment you put it into bypass mode, then you go straight back into it, jumping around with only the slightest of stick movements and, crucially, the Exp settings make hardly any difference here, no matter what you do to them by far away, the biggest factor is whether or not you have got the obstacle avoidance mode set to bypass or break. So, anyway, look like, i said, im working on a longer video on how to smooth things down and what the best exp pitch and rotational your settings are for the different modes, and i hope to get that video out in a few days time. But to me, this bypass mode issue is a real problem and its catching too many people out ive had way too many subscribers telling me that, even after playing around with the exp settings, they still cannot understand why this model is just so jumpy and quick to React to even the slightest touches and its having the oa in bypass mode.

That is the cause of all of this. So look yeah again, i will be taking this up with dji. Hopefully this is something theyll be able to adjust and fix, maybe even in the next firmware update. But, as i said, todays video was just a little quick one keep an eye out for the more detailed uh video uh thats, hopefully going to come out in the next couple of days. Um.