A usb c powered artificially intelligent, ptz webcam. Now i know that’s a lot to unpack and i’ll explain what all that means in a minute, but before i get too deep into the review in the spirit of full disclosure i wanted to let you know the company sent me this for review, but they didn’t Just pick me out of thin air i’ve been following these guys ever since they were on indiegogo with their original camera, because i’m, always looking for nerdy things out there that are kind of cutting edge, and the minute i saw they were making a webcam. That was smaller. I immediately started an email and i’m saying: hey i’d love to review it on the channel, hey. Why don’t you send me one of those and it took a little while, but eventually they got back to me and said: hey we’d love to have you do the review on the channel, so they sent me one and that’s the one i’m going to review today. Now i’ve been using this product for the last couple of months and i’m in love with it because it’s a webcam, but it does so much more because of the artificial intelligence built into it. It’S just way smarter than anything you’re using today so i’m, going to go through the review, starting with an unboxing to show you everything, that’s included with the kit and then i’ll talk a lot about the artificial intelligence and the features that are built into this because It is almost like a next generation webcam in so many different ways and with all of us, working from home or doing zoom meetings or talking to friends over zoom.

Having a camera like this. That makes things simpler, for you is just a home run in a lot of ways and then i’ll come back and actually show you a couple of demonstrations of how it works with a computer and i’ll. Show you some of the cool features that are built into it and it’s going to blow your mind quite honestly, it’s, really that cool all right, so let’s get started with the unboxing. So when you pop open the box, you’ll find the obs bot tiny, which is the camera itself. You’Ll, also find a really nice. Usb cable it’s got a usb a and this sound which connects up to your computer and a usb c on the other end which plugs into the back of the camera. You don’t need any more power, that’s, all the power you need to operate this product. So one cable and you’re good to go. They also include a really nice mount that has a magnet on the base here, and you can hang this off the back of your laptop screen just like that, and this will adhere right to the top of it and sit there. In addition to that, it’s got a quarter. Inch 20 turn on the bottom, so you can use a tripod with it as well. If you’d like to do that, i know a lot of people like to have cameras on their desk or maybe they’ll set it up on a tripod in front of them.

Also included with the kit is a warranty card and instruction manuals, but i promise you you’re not going to need that because one of the best things about this camera, unlike all the webcams on the market today, is that when you connect it up to your computer, It takes about five seconds where it does a handshake with your computer, whether you’re running an apple product or a windows product, and it says hey i’m out here. Do you recognize me? The computer goes yep, i know who you are and you can immediately start using. The camera, a lot of other webcams out there, make you download some software package, that’s monstrously big, and it only works with certain versions of the operating system and what a headache getting that stuff working this one you plug it in it starts working and you’re off And running so that’s, one of the main advantages of it, so let’s break down first off let’s start with the name obs bot that doesn’t roll off the tongue that well so i thought to myself: did marketing take a vacation like how did you come up with A name like obs bot and i couldn’t really find an answer for it, but then i was thinking about it, that’s a brilliant name, because the first part of it, the obs there’s a software package out there right the open broadcast software that a lot of us Use for streaming so that’s, where the obs came from, i think, and the second part, the bot it’s, a robot it’s got artificial intelligence built into it in a lot of cases, it’s smarter than the person looking into the lens so and i’ll get into those features.

Now, but that obs bot, even though it’s a little clumsy to say i totally get it now – it’s called the tiny, as i mentioned before, the company had a larger version that came out first, which again is a brilliant camera. It basically goes up on a tripod and it’ll. Follow action in the field. It’Ll do zooms all kinds of cool stuff. Well, this is a smaller version and it’s almost like they took that larger camera, which i think was called the tail and put it in some kind of shrink machine and actually shrunk it down to get it. This tiny, the features that are packed into this still blow my mind that they can fit everything into this camera as small as it is all right. So some of the features that are artificially intelligent because that’s a term that everybody throws around it seems like. Nowadays, you can have a broom and they’ll call it artificially intelligent that varies so much in product the product. So when i hear it’s artificially intelligent, i got to think about it a little bit. What are you doing exactly? How smart is it and how much does it rely on the computer it’s connected to well i’m here to tell you all the ai functions are built into the base of this unit, so essentially it’s a standalone unit that can do everything it can do connected to A computer standing on its own and i’ll show you that in a minute, but some of the artificial intelligence features you might care about.

It has two features that i think are brilliant, that every other cam out there suffer from and that’s auto white balance and auto exposure. This is smart enough to look at a scene and if the lighting changes or you move in and out of a light, it’s going to adjust both the white balance and the auto exposure to keep you in perfect focus and give you the best possible look. So many times when you hook up a webcam, you end up with. I do anyway, with a purple face or a red face and i’m in there tweaking the settings or whatever trying to get it right. And then, if i move a little bit and the lighting changes, everything goes wacky on it. This one is constantly adjusting the auto exposure and the white balance to give you the best possible picture so that’s. The first thing it takes all the headache out of operating the camera. The second thing it does, which i think is again brilliant – is that i can hold up my hand it locks onto me as a subject, and then it auto tracks me. So if i move around it’s going to move around and track me and that’s where the ptz comes from right, that term ptz is pan tilt and zoom. And you hear that a lot when you have home security cameras that are really advanced where you can actually move your field of view to chase things around the artificial intelligence will chase it that’s exactly what this does so it’s going to move up and down.

As you move up and down and move side to side, so imagine if you’re in a meeting with you know, clients or you’re meeting with your colleagues and you’ve, got to stand up and walk over a white board. You can stand up, it’ll, actually pan up and stay with. You it’ll follow you over to the whiteboard. You can point the things on the whiteboard come back and sit down, it’s going to keep you center frame most of the webcams out there. If you stand up you’re going to get your belt buckle in the camera, i mean how many times you’ve been on a conference call or somebody stood up at their desk and you’re staring at their belt buckle. That won’t happen with this camera. The other cool thing about it is: it can zoom so it’s got two hand gestures that it can recognize again artificially intelligent, where, if you go like this it’s going to lock on your face, if you go like this it’s going to zoom in on, you so Say, for example, you’re up at that white board and you’re, pointing to something that’s, really tiny. You can go like this it’s going to zoom in on that point. Go like this again it’s going to zoom back out and again all that brilliance is built into the base of the unit, so it really is an incredibly smart product. I love the fact that i’ve got a magnetic mount with it.

I can also put it on a tripod with the quarter 20 on the bottom and all that stuff happens pretty much automatically, so those are some of the features that are built into it. Now again, there are other cameras on the market that are ptz, webcams and i’ve tested a bunch of them. The challenge with most of them are number one they’re big, they’re, big and ugly, quite honestly, but they require a ton of software on the laptop or the computer you’re using and that’s a headache because operating systems change. Maybe you need certain drivers, or maybe you need some version of java to make it work with this one everything’s in the camera, so it’s it’s drop dead, simple to use it it’s brilliant. When it’s working and again, it isn’t just a couple of cool tricks that are built into it, they’re using true artificial technology for artificial intelligence using deep neural networks that are learning networks that watch the scene that it’s looking at making adjustments on the fly to keep. You in perfect focus all of that makes this an incredibly brilliant camera now next i’m, going to show you what it looks like connect to my computer and i’m actually going to stand up and try and fake it out now it isn’t quick, because you don’t want It to be quick, you don’t want to have jerky motions where it’s following you all over so it’s nice and smooth when you’re moving around, but your natural movements in a zoom meeting or something where you’re teleconferencing with somebody you’re not going to jump up and fly Off, like superman you’re, going to stand up slowly, it’s going to follow you it’s, going to keep you in focus, it’s, going to adjust the auto exposure and white balance if it needs to.

So it is like having a cameraman standing in front of me, making those adjustments on the fly it’s like having a studio crew, sort of making sure that the video is good. So for me, with all the zoom meetings i do and all the streamings we do. This is the exact camera we should be using for everything, so stay tuned and i’ll. Show you what it looks like connected to a computer and i’ll show you one other trick, because i know you’re thinking rick it can’t possibly do all this on its own. It’S got to have some major software running on the laptop and i’ll show you how that’s not true in a second so stay tuned and we’ll. Do the demos now i’ll show you how simple it is to use the obs bot tiny with your own computer? Now this laptop is nothing special. I promise you, i haven’t downloaded any complicated software to get this product working and that’s one of the things i love about it. It really is just plug and play simple, but it happens to be the laptop that i use all day long when i’m, video conferencing with clients or at night, if i’m, opening a zoom or a skype call with the family or maybe i’m live streaming to youtube. This is my go to computer now, if i’m being lazy, i’ll use the embedded camera on the front screen because it’s simple, i just boot up the computer camera’s available.

I can start streaming or i can start video conferencing immediately. The problem is, the quality is horrible. It’S, like 720p, so by moving to an external camera like this that’s, 1080p 60 frames. A second all of a sudden i’ve got brilliant video. The challenge is, i could use another webcam and clip it to the top, but then i’ve got to deal with sort of getting the screen right where i’m in the middle of the frame. And if i happen to reach for something on my desk, or maybe i go for a cup of coffee, all of a sudden rick’s off the screen, what happened to rick? So you know i don’t want to deal with that. The fact that this is artificially intelligent and it has that ptz function where it’s going to lock on me and follow me around. I know that i’m always going to be in the center of the frame and it’s going to be a great picture and that’s important, because let’s be honest. If you’re on a long conference, call you’re going to get fidgety you’re going to reach for stuff and nobody likes a jittery screen where you’re jerking around there, so everything you need is built into the unit now to use it. It couldn’t be simpler. It comes with a mount that folds out it’s got a little metal piece on the top here, it’s magnetically attached to the bottom. You want that on the top. Then you want to spin this around and sort of curl it in like that and you’re going to lay this on the top of your screen right here, and you want to make sure that that’s level and then it magnetically attaches here.

You just snap it on the top, but first you got to connect it up to your computer, so it comes with a usbc cable. So on one end, you’ve got a usba that connects up to your computer. The other end has a usbc connection on it, which plugs into the back of the camera. So once you make that connection just pop it on the mount like that, you want the logo to be facing you, so you should see the obs spot in the front. It’S going to take a second or two for it to actually spin up now, i’ve opened up a program on my computer here that will record my screen. So i’ve got to let it know the camera’s there it’s ready to go, and i have a couple of choices here. I can use my camera or internally or i can use the obs bot and i’m going to pick the obspot one thing i didn’t mention earlier is that there are microphones built into it as well and i’m going to pick that microphone. It actually has a set of microphones that are almost 360., so almost surround sound picking up great audio. It also has noise cancelling built in so, if you’re at home, on conferences and there’s a lot of noise around you, this is going to cut down. On that background, noise, so i’m going to use the internal microphone there all right now that i’ve got that set up.

Let me center this i’m going to actually show you some of the functions. So let me start the recording all right now. I want it to lock on me because i’m going to set up that ptz tracking, so you hold up your hand like this. It blinks three times and it comes up with a green bar and then you know it’s tracking. You now watch this i’m moving to the side, it’s tracking me. Let me move this way. It’S tracking me now i’m, going to give it the belt buckle test, like i mentioned before i’m, going to stand up and let’s see if it stays down at the belt. Buckle level now, it’s tracking me it’s, coming up now it’s coming up slowly but that’s. What you want you don’t want a camera jerking around in there sort of you know. What’S going on. There is an earthquake going on rick’s house there, it’s, nice and smooth. I, like that, an awful lot all right, one other feature it’s got built into it – is the zoom function. So let me do that and the way you instigate the zoom function. Is you go like this? It recognizes that and it pulls in so there. I am full screen now. Let me get it back out. Okay, it’s going to recognize it again. I think so. Let me get back a little bit, so i can see it there. You go so it’s zooming back out now.

The only complaint i’ve got is the engineers that designed this. They could have picked the better symbol than the l, because the l for loser they could have gone with a peace sign which would have pulled it in and pulled it out, but either way you get used to it. After a while and i’ve used that an awful lot, because if you’re standing up and you walk to a bulletin board or you walk to a whiteboard and you’re drawing something – you might have some pretty small printing on there. So, by holding up that zoom symbol, it’ll, actually zoom in on what you’re, trying to show them and zoom back out again so that’s pretty cool all right. One other thing i want to show you is the auto white balance. I love that and i love the fact that it does auto exposure because a lot of times, if you’re on a conference call and the sun comes through the window, maybe it’s been cloudy all day and the sun comes out all of a sudden you’re washed out. Your face looks goofy, so i’m, going to turn on the lights behind me or turn off the lights behind me echo studio wall off it got dark behind me. You noticed my face. Didn’T change. My face is exactly the same white balance as it was before and that’s because of the artificial intelligence built into it, holding that white balance and that auto exposure.

Now let me turn it back on echo studio wall on now watch my face: she’s confused echo studio wall on technology it’s the best isn’t it okay it’s back on so see, i kept the colors and the brightness everything on my face perfect. So you can do all kinds of unnatural things to the lighting in the room and it’s going to track that. The last thing i wanted to do is prove to you that this is actually a plug and play device and that all the brains of the product is built into the tiny base right there, and i know a lot of people out. There are probably thinking rick you’re pulling my leg on that one there’s got to be a ton of software running on the computer. This thing can’t be smart on its own i’m telling you you can run this on a really old computer, because all of the brains of the operation is built right into the base, and i started thinking about. How can i show you that? How can i show you that this will work just fine without the software actually running on the computer, and i think the easiest way to do that is i’ve got a power supply connected right over here i’m going to unplug this usb a connection from the computer. So there’s, no physical connection between this and the computer and all i’m going to do is plug it in here and give it power that’s all i’m doing so.

I’Ve got a 5 volt usb power supply over there i’m powering up the unit it’s going through a power on self test. Once it finishes that i’m going to hold up the symbol for tracking it’s, going to lock on me now let’s see if it follows me, are you kidding me, look at that it’s actually tracking me so there’s, no software running outside of the product it’s actually running Right in the base, so all the artificial intelligence, the deep neural learning networks are built into the base of the unit. Now you can’t use it as a standalone it’s, not going to record on an sd card or anything but i’m trying to prove to you that a lot of the cameras out there that do similar things require you to download a massive software program to your computer, Which is going to eat up resources, a lot of the older computers, can’t run it and you get it home, you plug it in and it doesn’t work, this one works and it works on a wide variety of computers, because all the brains are built right into The base of the unit – so i think, for my money, it’s a fantastic product and again just to go over some of the high points. It’S artificially intelligent, it’s, a ptz webcam it’s got auto exposure. Auto brightness it’s got two stereo micro for two microphones on there. That’Ll do surround, surround with noise canceling on it.

Full 1080p 60 frames. A second for me, it’s a light touch product that just works. You plug it in you can start webcaming with it and you’re going to get some beautiful crystal clear pictures. So i like it an awful lot if you’ve got any questions about anything i’ve covered today, please drop those in the comments below. I also have a link down there, where you can go to amazon and check it out. If you want, i like putting those links down there, because a lot of people will ask me well: where can i find this thing so there’s a link down there and again i like doing these kind of clips, so i hope you found this helpful if you’re In the market for webcam, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It does everything i said it does and it’s just a really simple product to use.