A lot of people use the obs software, but were not were not looking at that. Today, nope were looking at something, though called obs bot, yeah, so kind of cool uh. This is like a little robotic like they call it. A two axis kind of gimbal uh webcam. So this is the obs bot tiny. Now they make all kinds of different little obs bots um. This one was sent to us kind of web cammy, but you can put it pretty much anywhere. You can see here. Video calls with freedom, and i like that – you can actually see that um itll move around, so its got ai tracking gesture control, two axis gimbal, so that means the camera will move up and down as well as right and left it doesnt have this movement. Just this but thats thats plenty, because its gon na sit on a flat surface. So that should be all you need. So it does look like, as you can see here, kind of this ai tracking with auto framing gesture control. So i think just maybe two controls gestures so one for zooming, i think thats kind of cool, uh, auto exposure, smart white balance, etc, etc. Things like that, and i like this unparalleled privacy, because you simply just turn the camera away from you, because, unlike most most uh webcams webcams, you like mount somewhere and theyre just constantly facing you so youre, just like, i think theyre off.

But this one, you turn it down, so youd know if it was turned on, because it would flip up and start dragging you. I guess, audio support as well various placements. I, like that thats kind of cool with the little magnet, but you can put it anywhere so very, very cool. Now you do have to download their own software, which i have downloaded already. I havent installed it, but i have downloaded it and there is a firmware that they had on their website, which i have downloaded as well, but i dont necessarily know if we need to install it. So what were going to do today? Uh is weve. Looked at that were going to crack open the box were going to install it and set it up and try it out on the mac all right coming up: Music. Okay, so again we have the software downloaded already, so simply were just gon na uh bring it up here should be one of these. I think its this one, you guys, can see it install real quick, but it looks like we just double click it like this open it, but make sure you do that because i think it requires it so were going to continue here. Yep yep yep accept the terms sure good to go off. It goes. Click done nice all right, thats it. So we are going to crack open this box. So this is you guys, can see it here, right, os, obs, bot, tiny and a bunch of stuff.

On the back, so ai powered ptz webcam all right 1080p. Two two axis gimbal gesture control, yep, im kind of curious. Now they also make a uh another one, thats a little bit more uh vloggy style. So this one was really designed to be like, i think, indoors as a webcam, but they do have another one uh. What is it called? That is a little more uh designed for, like, like i said, like vlogging style, so the tail thats it this one here right, auto direct ai camera im curious this one too, a lot of the same similar information but, as you can see here, born for vlog. So take it outside put it on a tripod, thats cool and they have one that works in conjunction with your smartphone, so all kinds of options there you go its a good size. All right. Well, take this and just kind of put it here, and it feels really well like its its. Not it doesnt feel cheap. You guys can see that right. So you can see the two axis gimbal, so theres, one there and theres one this way and im guessing theres a connection between this one and this here maybe thats. One of them is like the sensor, probably for seeing the magic thats going on on the back. You have your plug in for power. Uh would be my guess and a usb c port, so all kinds of all kinds of coolness and on the bottom here you guys again should be able to see that looks like a tripod hole so and a qr code to go download because you can download, As well, it looks like and im not sure if its for this one but uh, you can download an app for your smartphone.

Okay. Well, look at that in a minute and is that it yep nope manual theres a manual okay, this this this. This im definitely curious about so user manual uh lets see here. Writing is its okay, its a little small, but about parts yeah im with you setting it up were just gon na try to set it up without using this a lot of languages which is good. Uh gesture controls right here, so you have a select or cancel target just by and you have a two time zoom. So you know, but you know, thats really the ones i was most interested in all right and then and then this this is im guessing your accessories. Maybe you know okie dokie, so we get. We get this probably the mount to mount it like on your on your laptop, its got that magnet yeah. So this this is going to clip on your on your computer somehow, so it just kind of sits up there, and this mounts just so so it latches on perfectly thats going to be useful. Well use that for sure and and im guessing a us, usb cable. So its usb a to usb c, but it is a nice long, one which is great right, so this its its got some good length to it so yeah its plenty long, so usbc, of course, is going to be going into this right, its funny it doesnt Have a power but im guessing.

If you have one you could use that instead, but thats going to go there im just going to set it on the table, but just so you guys can see this is. This is for your mount so ill bring this close. So if this was here, all you would do is this would sit up here and you just adjust this, so it sits properly so its there right, so its just gon na sit on top of that and if you needed to you just you just take this And snap it on there right and your your webcam thats it youre good to go. You guys may be able to see that uh that was not showing it but yeah thats. That would be all right and thats thats. Actually a really nice like head level. Actually, maybe well keep it there like that. Maybe no well bring it down here. Well, bring it down here, because then you guys, you guys will have a better chance of seeing it. I think right so well bring that over there. So hopefully you guys should be able to see that what were going to do is i should have an adapter somewhere. I do to bring this into usbc, for those like myself and all were going to do now is actually see if we can find that obs software there, it is right there. This is popping up were going to connect our little camera to it boom.

This is coming up here. I get a little blue light on the front right. You guys will be able to see the little blue light and she is shes all gimbal in there just a little one of these. So take that off. Okay, so you have connect ai tracking tap. Do i just? Can i bring this up here, tap lock or ai tracking? Oh, maybe you get both tap to unlock, oh its, its doing something right its doing something. Software version for oh theres updates. Oh update lets update that firmware. New version is available. Yes, downloading all right were going to pause, were gon na. Let this download and and well be back hold on. Okay. So just so you guys are aware just so you guys are aware uh. I did have some issues getting the firmware to update on my m1 mac. I needed to move it over to my imac, which is running intel, so not sure if thats something with the software, but if you have an m1 mac, just kind of be aware of it just just check, i dont know if its mine or if its m1s In general, but it ran, the upgrade was perfect on the on the imac all right. So this is it here: weve got it weve got it up and on doing its doing its thing, which looks good. This is the obs bot software, and one of the things to realize is here.

For instance, you do have all your uh settings that come up and this software kind of runs kind of. I want to see in the back a little bit right so youll see here. You have your firmware. If you have any updates available. Do you want to turn these gesture controls on or off uh anti flicker? Do you want it? I set mine to 60 hertz because thats what it is here: uh tracking mode of headroom mode, standard mode motion mode, depending on how much movement youre going to be having, i guess, and how much headroom you want uh as well as reset positions. Things like that things that you guys can play with, but first thing to do here is we need to get this to lock so im going to actually bring up a program like lets, see zoom, because thats probably a program that a lot of us would possibly Be using so im going to pretend like were going to be starting a new meeting so ill just kind of come in here, so we get an idea, and now right. This is set up here, join with computer audio. So what were going to do here just to see it is, were going to go into preferences okay and were going to just kind of close. This were going to make sure this uh, especially for video, is using yeah the obs spot right. Hd very good touch up my appearance.

Maybe why not adjust for low light? Well, probably not here, because we dont need it, but thats thats, really zoom software stuff so were gon na take this and what were going to do is be like yeah, thats, thats, great. Okay and you can do audio as well, so you guys may be at here – we can switch this if were looking at you, you can set it to the the tiny if you wanted, do a test so test test test. Just a test test test test test test test test test test test test, just a test test test test test test sounds good right. You can do all kinds of weird suppression right all right, so there it is its off to the side, cool lovely. So normally what we would do is we would just make sure so lets say this was over here and see and youll notice that if i have this its not really moving with me right. So if i do this, i think hold on tap to lock it. There it goes see it found me so now it locks okay. So now its got me so now, if i move right, youll see the camera remover. Actually it has a lovely image. You know, especially with the really bad light thats in here, especially over here. Right now, like thats thats excellent, you know well actually get this bring it up full screen right, oh for a little webcam, thats thats, excellent quality, im very happy with that, and the audio sounded pretty good too, and you guys are seeing what this camera is seeing.

Oh yeah, thats, lovely and whats cool about it. If you wanted to come in, you just be like theres the zoom right, zoom it in there get yourself all zoomed up and be like nope were good, come back out, bring it in the screen there. It is. I think like that, maybe one of them i know it was. This – is still tracking me even at full zoom, which is actually really good. What happens if i come lower? Does it tip down yeah it dips down, look at that: okay, thats thats, pretty sweet and then its centered there it goes. I dont know why its hot then this yes itll its a little there. It goes its maybe a little finicky when its out see its just like i dont just make sure youre watching it but its its there, and it could be. Maybe my lighting right its like there find it find it all right. So, im going to say that this gesture – and it could be that light right because its thats weird with that light im just going to try it over here there. It is yeah its a little little finicky with the zoom out its rock solid with the zoom. In for sure, but if you have the screen up, you can over here, if you ever need to just kind of tap on it and shell zoom in and tap on it and shell zoom out, if youre, if youre concerned youre going to have this screen.

Probably up behind stuff anyway, so its probably not that big of an issue, but i have to say i i am a fan of that quality like that image. Quality is excellent. Super good right and i dont have the tracking on now. You can see how its just static, so, if you dont want it to track, you dont have to then just bring it back here and say tap to lock it and now shes moving around with me and she does a fantastic, a fantastic deal or fan. She deals with exposure so nicely right. This is and its quick, okay, no im im pleased with that. Now, if you were to put this on top of your laptop because thats, primarily where most of us would have this so im just going to set this up there, so pretend its on your laptop and get it over there right youre, like yep laptoped up thats, A lovely angle because its like just like straight ahead right, ill tilt, my camera, so you guys can see that here ready hold on like right there right, oh yeah, like thats. Let me show you something over here boom come on with me. Let me just show you this camera over here boom thats. Let me just show you down here: uh tilt up yeah thats, probably one of my all time, favorite as of now webcams, if youre, if youre like doing even streaming stuff and youre looking, you know, you have a mirrorless, maybe as your primary camera, and you want Something as like a b cam thatll follow you around and do stuff with you thats, fantastic, so good, and if you need to maybe i turned it: oh there it goes there.

It goes its happening, not perfect, but it does it im going to come back its like it wants to there. It goes its cool, though i like it. I, like it a lot uh right now, theyre about 199 us dollars, so definitely on the higher end of a webcam for sure, but i would have to say its probably one of the nicest ones out there for sure, like that, thats a fantastic image. So nice all right guys im going to put links down below to the obs bot tiny yeah. If you guys are interested in picking one up, because i think thats really cool the only thing, maybe thats the tail one has this. I was gon na say. Maybe the only thing that would have been cool is if you could charge this and take it with you and i think maybe thats what that the other one the tail, maybe that one is chargeable so that you could take this and put it take it with You right yeah – maybe maybe maybe i can get a hold of that one and test – maybe all right guys, links down below if you guys are interested in this obs bot and uh. Well, talk to you guys tomorrow.