As always, my one and only co host its tyler whats up brother, how you doing good man good to be here wish we had tom here with us for nurgle. Indeed. So a quick note on this time and the length of the show and all of that and were going to jump straight into it. Um this show is going to be just the nurgle battle. Battletone review were not doing. Our normal segments were just gon na jump straight into this theres a lot to talk about. I have a limited amount of time. My wife and i are going away for the weekend. We leave today shes already been gracious enough to uh. I told her. You know. I needed to do this show and shes like oh well, whos your co host. I said tyler shes, like oh lord, so so were gon na try to make this relatively snappy, but were cutting everything else out and were just getting to the gold baby right into the meat of it into those weeping pustules. That is. I got this very clear. Emo from vince were only doing nurgle, i mean you practically underlined bold and italicized everything and 2 hours and 30 minutes thats right so were going to try to do this all in two hours and 30 minutes shout out to everybody in the chat. I see gary p is out there whats up gary. I saw two plus tough, a lot of great people, oscar whats up oscar.

How are you doing? Oh, but our tr, our buddy uh, tristan gray? Is there so a lot of uh a lot of people in the chat, hello, everyone ill be watching all this whole time were gon na jump straight into the nergal battle, tone, review and ill. Tell you, im excited im, actually excited about this book tyler. I dont think i was gon na be, but before i get into my feelings, were not gon na jump to the summary slide. Yet right, uh hit me with your overall thoughts. Whats your feelings. I mean, like a lot of folks, been saying it feels like nurgle. You know it is an elite, tough and yes, slow army, so they hit those three things im a huge fan. You know it is a middle or i like what you have what you characterize as the actual middle. I think this will be an actual middle book. It can sort of fall somewhere right there in that 55 to 45 range and a lot of times. We dont react well to books that fall in the middle as a community yep as a community. We only like books when theyre broken. We celebrate broken things for like two weeks and then complain about them. Yes, when slaves to darkness came out one of the best written books, it was widely panned by by a portion of the audience. When soul, blight gravelers came out. Everybody was like, even though everybody has you know now said like for the i shouldnt say everybody, even though the book has shown that its a good middle of the road book, exactly where we want these books to be falling right, and you know, like part of The challenge here is that weve still got the sinister six floating around as we talked about last week, and it makes it really problematic when you always have to compare your books to them.

Those books are not only meta warping in their overperformance of the meta but theyre meta warping in our perception of well written books, which i think this is yes yeah definitely agree. Oh theres one issue well get into with the not the effect of the trees. The fact on the trees, i think normal about how are we supposed to read it, and i know you have strong opinions on that uh, depending on how that turns out that could dramatically shift the uh the power level lets say of this book. In my opinion, i actually tried out the exponential interpretation last night and yeah it turned out. It was quite strong, in my opinion, so its also just not the way it works, but well get there well get there. There are two faq issues i think primarily well get into them all right, so uh. Yes, there was a a soul. Blight white dwarf update its cool. We will talk about it next week when we do the news uh just to show everybody by the way how into nurgle i am. I painted my fifth nurgle model thats right. Five nurgle models have now been painted by me. Theres, a little pox bringer herald that i i kept bashed up out of some extra bits, um to have a little herald im gon na do uh. I were spent all weekend working on a golden demon – entry, thats, nurgle, uh, so im im into it buddy.

I dont know i dont think id play this book, but im into it, thats cool. My final thought before we get into this is: do you know how excited tyler? This makes me for corn – and oh my god, yeah yeah yeah, absolutely did really really really excited because lets jump to the lets jump to the overview here, a very different but very nergal book. This is the first time since the launch of the game that i have thought nurgle felt like nurgle thats. My honest answer: okay and uh. They like this, gives me so much hope for corn and for uh for slinesh to get new books eventually somewhere down the road and to actually feel like theyre supposed to, because right now, neither of those books feel anything like what they should. They dont feel like those guns, but this does. This is always what i pictured nurgle to be born as this strange uh, johnny, esque, delicate dance of buffs and auras and combo wombo combos, as opposed to yeah just smacking your opponent in the face well its this ballet and the wrong people have the wrong power. Its its just, you know its silly um huey, no im, not it just means that ive picked models that dont have those things uh, that those trees are still a nightmare to me. Okay, so uh lets talk about the overview here. Tyler tell me if you disagree with any of my points.

I think this is a much slower book. Average speed came down an inch um. All of the movement buffs were stripped out of the book uh its but its a tougher army right and it relies on attrition play um. It wants to go all five rounds. It wants to play the full game. It wants to do lots of chip mortal wound damage and can certainly thats extremely dangerous to some armies. Um it one of the things that does like in the now it doesnt have the speed on board, but it does have a good amount to be able to like be off board to ambush to null deploy. I will say this is actually an army where you can truly null deploy. You can one drop. Nothing like you can say: zero things on the board. Go. My friend brett tried it last night yeah one drop, no deploy and yeah, so its fascinating one drops could be. You know well talk more about it, but that the potential of getting alpha pins and blocked your deployment. You know your opponent goes. First, they have a way to pin you in your deployment, thats kind of an obvious potential play against nurgle. That could cause some challenges. I mean thats, something you can list build for. You do have some tools to counter that, including the gut rot and lord of affliction, starting with those two yeah yep, and i completely agree with elect man who says that i love that it actually feels like nurgle thats, the best part of it.

And i agree this like in reading this. I was like wow. This feels so nergle right um, so it does have big big changes as well get into. It has a universal ward, now uh and universal healing uh, just across the board, so thats just thats. Just a thing: now: everybody gets an amulet of destiny, all the time um it does have weak summoning, but it does have potential. I think one thing in this book is: the coalition has become basically worthless, um, because the way they structure the rules, all the coalition units no longer have any home here. So scavenger units slaves to darkness and beast chaos, sadly have just no home here. They just dont get to play in the pool if theres one weakness i would point to in the book. It would be that it makes me kind of sad that they allowed for coalition units, but then basically said, but they dont get any of the fun stuff. So yeah well be curious to talk more. It would be another show. You know when well want to think about allies coalition endless spells. You know, lists all that stuff we get into the details later on, but yeah. I hadnt really dived into that yeah. I thought. Maybe some chaos nights where mobility might be a thing. You know things like that. We could talk about it later time, yep yep uh. So there are some challenges there are. Some strengths were gon na get into that as we go, i think.

Overall, there are some armies; this will perform very strongly against uh and there are some armies that i think that you know are going to be um. That nurgle is going to find a challenge to beat and and well talk that through, as we you know as we get through it. Okay, all right, i think its a good summary man yeah, like this matches, what ive experienced in my two games so far, uh its. It is a very durable army. Oh, my god, and i love how it plays differently than what ive been accustomed to in aos over six years. Sure it was quite a unique play. Experience and the strategic use of farting is still the most critical element of this book. I would say, which is a wonderful place to be im from slovenia, like that that ability is still nuts impact that that has had on the two games. Ive played yeah, preventing pilons yeah sure i mean were gon na talk about both sloppy and scrivener, and why? I think theyre two of the strongest scrolls in the book um, but you know uh well, we will definitely get into them. You know, i think, when i look at matches that theyre strong against, i, i think something like luminesce, especially if the foxes get the the nerf. We expect. Luminous have a really tough fight against these guys. They just dont. You know like theyre good against their mortal wounds. They dont have the wounds to take it uh.

I think luminous are going to be in a real rough spot against this army, but things something like sons of batman seem really strong against this army because sure on, like turn, four chances are. All four giants would drop dead, but by that point, youve already lost right. So i think theyre sort of those are kind of there are extremes and its certainly not going to be. You would expect that to happen. You would expect that an army doesnt have great matches and i dont think any of these are 100 to zero. Of course, right um. There are some hammers in here, but they are weak hammers. It is an army that largely revolves around weaker hammers and mortal wounds and ship damage. So theres definitely a lot. I mean a lot of conversation be had about yeah. How are they going to play the meta? I think a common criticism is going to be or is, and will continue to be. They dont pass dps checks and this game in part. Right now, because of the existence of sons, a level characters, death star type units is a little bit of a dps check. In some ways like you, you can do the big brain plays with some armies play around it play objectives, etc, but yeah so thats, thats, certainly a thing and then mobility as weve always is always king aos mobility is king, so youve theyre going to have to Find a way to get on objectives and compete on objectives in sufficient time.

Things like that, but theyve got some tricks to do that. They certainly do yeah okay um! Well! If i saw your question about against stormcast with yandrosta, i i honestly think theyll theyre a very good opponent to stormcast, because stormcast generally cant handle a deluge of mortal wounds. Um and i dont think androsta. Is that scary? I think shes pretty easy to deal with and i think that in the end a lot of uh youd end up losing too much too fast has been my experience. Uh ive played two games against nurgle so far um to get ready for this show – and you know what ive seen is largely the mortal wounds are more than you think they are thats. My answer, i would agree. Yeah all right lets talk about some points. Changes. First off uh, you know then well have some context for these later, but the the the real take home point here is: most things went up, thats the story right now. Why did they go up? Because a lot of scrolls got rewritten um? Because everything now has a five up board built in not just the demon stuff and because people got a lot of new abilities and because everything now self, heals right and now everything effectively has a one step removed, mortal wounds, tick, uh the simplest way to think About it now is this: army has every six to hit is half a mortal wound right like that yeah? Okay, two to a limit, i suppose right um.

But so you see a lot of points moves you know all the the um maga thorns went way up. The great unclean one big up, you know theyre, basically ticking 500 points now at 495, but both both the great unclean one and rhodicus are right around there um. So you see a lot of points moves up, but i think in a lot of cases these are going to be earned. I actually feel pretty like it felt pretty comfortable. There is a couple of points in here that i feel are probably maybe a tad too high, like we could bring a few down, but in the end, thats still a better place to be its better to be just a tad over pointed to start, and then Its easy to kind of wheel it back its much harder if your book comes out too cheap or way too cheap, and then you have to make these moves up and uh. You know if, if theyre underperforming, as you said, we can take some points down yeah. Some of these things and that and that can help yeah largely you know you guys talked about – i think its. The last show you went through these three different buttons you can push and to me this one is largely a points button thats going to help bring this army potentially more in line if its out of line either on the low end or on the high end.

Like radiga theyre still making the mistake with some of these name, characters, like radicals, absolutely has to be cheaper than a great unclean one thats to me its like a no brainer. When i look at radicals and the fact that i think theyre very similar in point costs, a number of these things also are deceptively. I think about appropriately pointed you know, like you look at likings and you get sticker shocked 250 points for five. Are you crazy, but then you start adding up what theyre doing and what they can do. I think it you know maybe its ten points off, but it generally checks out at 250. yeah. I i agree, like the the my hit list of things that seem maybe slightly too expensive. Okay would be the regular guo, rodicus uh, the glottkin and the regular poxbringer. That would be my hit list of things that seem slightly too high for what theyre doing, maybe maybe the beast of chaos as well like hes. Just not, i will get into him, but i just dont think hes doing enough. You see play drones added to that. Potentially i see i like playing drones, where they are all im: gon na im, gon na defend, okay, all right cool all right. I think theyre actually pointed pretty dead on oh sweet, okay, fantastic, but yeah. Those are the standouts yeah, i mean we could quibble about a few other things, but yeah yep, and i understand why they pointed the glock in where they did, because they were scared of what this thing could achieve as well get to when we talk about it By the way, thank you to aos coach for providing all these wonderful, this, these little graphics.

With his little points up and points down, i watched his show and was like. Okay, can i have that, and he was nice enough to send them along so excited to remake this chart, so go check out. Aos coach, if you havent already uh, also, if youre excited about nurgle, hey dont, forget to hit that like button and subscribe and stuff. Like that uh i see we were joined in the chat by the owen jackson. Everybody says the owen, jackson, amazing heres one and dont worry oh, and we jumped straight into it. Today we we cut all other segments because were going were going hard straight in the paint here. Okay, all right, so in general points are higher, but for the most part it feels about right again. I would label and well get into these when we get into the war scrolls, but i would label guo radicus the glottkin and the regular poxbringer herald as being uh, overpointed and probably needing to eventually come back just a little bit. What its worth, i suspect our opinion on this, maybe outside of the norm. I am seeing a lot of people who think that this book is generally over costed. A part part of a lot of what ive seen is its too slow its too tame and its too over costed yeah. I think that thats an easy perception to get until you play it right. Um. When i looked at the slaanesh points, i was like well clearly, these are all too high and then i played it and built lists and i was like yeah.

I was right clearly these are all too high when i watched what the nurgle units did in the two games i played, i was like wow. These guys really earn their points right, uh and you know again. I think there are some real standouts in here that feel exactly where they they should be um. I think that when you look at sort of the toughness, the self healing stuff like that, and then the mortal wounds youre going to get, i think its going to catch people off guard as to just how effective it is all right, um. I you know whether or not they can handle a dps check. Meta is the real question right that and and thats a tougher question than just the points, because adding another unit doesnt necessarily make you pass. The dps check right, thats, sort of a fundamental question, and maybe what that says is maybe giants are just designed poorly and shouldnt act like they do yeah right yeah, i mean weve had this conversation for many months now. What giants are the impact that theyve been having on this building? You know, like ive, told you many times that im building say four forminators and one by four instead of two by two. You know you, you create these larger units to give you a dps check unit or another dps check unit, whereas otherwise you might like to for a lot of other reasons, have an msu orientation yeah its its uh well see yeah yeah, absolutely, and you know when I read it first, i i admit: look i felt the the sticker shock too.

Okay, so its not like i feel people are are like lunatics for for thinking that that theres a bit of a sticker shock here right that this stuffs expensive. I get it and, like i said, maybe theres theres some units that are a little high um the glock, and i have a special place for that. I think hes, just i think hes wildly out of balance but well get to him later. Um, the you know, but but part of the challenge here is that some of this stuff was really undercosted because it didnt have any of these abilities and then we handed them a lot more. So they went conservative on the points and i think thats good for the reasons weve already said right, if, if these 10 turn out to be a little too high, its pretty easy to wheel them back just slightly right, but on the whole i think theyre theyre, Mostly in the right area, okay enough about the points well well, well talk more on points when we, when we get into it, okay lets get into the the the meat of the thing; okay, so yes, they have sub factions. Great lets start with the allegiance abilities. Diseased this is your core mechanic of the book, and one of the reasons i say that coalition units dont get to play in the pool anymore is because diseased only comes from maggot kin of nurgle units and your coalition units simply gain the nurgle keyword.

So theyre legal in your army, but they are not maggot kin of nurgle, okay, uh, and so they dont get to play in this pool right uh. Now. How does diseased work disease works like this? At the end of the movement phase and at the end of the combat phase, every turn so 10 times during the game so 20 times total. This will happen right. Everybody with me on that math there are five battle rounds consisting of 10 turns this happens twice per turn 20 times. If your unit is within three inches of any nurbal unit any then you gain a disease point, you can never have more than seven disease points. Uh hot tip invest in d8s since im also an rpg player. I had a big duck bucket full of d8s, so i just handed them to my opponent uh and we just used those to track, and it was very simple and easy. My opponent ran out, ran out of d8s last night, so dont make that mistake. Folks, uh and you can never have more than seven if nothing else is happening and youre standing within three inches of the unit. The end of the movement phase you go to one at the end of the combat phase. You go to two okay, easy peasy. Now there are a lot uh. Yes, any maggot can of nerve unit. Thank you, tomas. Yes, absolutely correct! Thats right, i was being a little too short um if youre, really, if youre, really clever by the way.

Tyler. Are you familiar with sushi dice? Do you know youve mentioned it before, but i didnt know what it was and i still dont so zucchini. Dice are odd, dice, like they have d, uh, fives, d7s d13s and something deep congressman. I dont remember the exact thing, but they have a d7 in zoochie, dice, z, o o c h. I so for you nervous players. If you want to get the die, that is exactly matching to the sacred number of your of of holy grandfather. You can order zoochie dice that are in d7s, so that would be a super cool thing i think uh. Now there are lots of other ways to get disease points which well talk about as we go on uh at the start of the battleshock phase. Very important timing on that for each disease. Point that an enemy unit has you, make a die roll called a disease roll for each four plus that enemy suffers one mortal wound, meaning if you ramp the units youre fighting to seven disease points on average, theyre gon na take three to four mortal wounds per Turn every turn assuming youve still got a unit there. Even one person right assuming you can ramp to seven. So that means at maximum, if were just thinking, were just charting. What is the asymptote of this ability? Look like right now there is a. There are ways to push this to a three plus by the way, which would put the number to four to five mortal wounds.

So what were talking about in general as the asymptote over the course of the game? Five five battle rounds is each unit suffering 35 to 50 mortal wounds. Okay. Now, if that were to be the way like, if you were able to approach that asymptote and again im saying its a maximum, its, not realistic, but as you approach that there is no army in the game that can withstand that kind of punishment. Right, like no army, can withstand that amount of of mortal wounds like over the course of the game. If you have that many units, taking that many mortal wounds, thats literally hundreds and hundreds of mortal wounds, okay – were not even talking about fighting or combat, or anything like that. At this point, this is just literally the diseased ability – and i think this was part of their their challenge – right, um, oh they were, they werent sure exactly how much this would rant because its a hard a bit – and this is why i think people also have A challenge in judging this book, its a really hard ability to get a read on yeah. It is yeah all right, yeah and theres. A number of consequences that are yeah just number consequences are not like ill give you an example. So i had a single ether wing whose job was to go help grab savage spearhead in like round three that damn thing had a token on it, which meant that i cannot risk my opponent rolling a four up to kill that poor bird and deny savage spearhead.

Like little instances you know and thats just one of many examples you could give you know i was using vandas to pin, try to pin four blight lords and a lord of afflictions. Vanda is on nine wounds and hes safe stacking crazy, but he quickly got because theyre rolling quite a few dice with those that many numbers. I think he had three blight lords left quickly got up to seven disease points. He only had my i was rolling two ups on everything my saves with their minus one wren, but he got enough through and he got the disease point rolls and advantage to the wounds which had a huge impact on the game, because that units suddenly free and Its just yeah ive seen a number of these little instances where sort of these consequences of disease points that has been interesting and its been more generally more impactful than i would have expected just reading it blind yeah agreed. You know in one of the games so so two things one this cert. This book certainly wants to be msu to a point theres a couple theres a couple counter examples to that. It certainly wants to spread out um and and be able to put it like. You want to be able to engage on all fronts, as it were right. The more places youre engaging as an army, one, the less they can do things like safe stack against you, and so the more your weaker hammers will have.

A lot of you know. More effect and actually be able to add to your damage, two, your units actually can somewhat over commit and spread because theyre tough enough to generally withstand the beating. When you look at sort of your uh, your wounds, slash, you know, word self, healing, capabilities, okay and then thats also spreading a lot more disease around right. So it actually encourages you. The sort of secondary incentive of the core mechanic is to spread like nurgle right thats, a great point: man, yeah um, so thats, an interesting sort of uh corollary of design, slash, gameplay, yeah, slash theme very melvin, i suppose um the you know when you talk about The impact of disease – it was funny because uh the i, when one of the games we played the normal player, spread out a lot took his units into a lot of different units. One of the fights that ended up happening was basically 20 plague bearers, supported by a spoiled pox scrivener up against some knights of the empty throne. Now there was a few other things going on, but that was the the basics. Was that those two units kind of up against each other? There were some other, like you know some other ancillary things floating around right now, if youve played knights the empty throne, you know that these guys are ridiculous. You know, and they were juiced by everything. It was the standard two up re, rolling ones, zinc nights, the empty throne, nonsense.

Okay, i think over the course of like three full battle rounds of combat, which first of all the plague bears lasted that long. Let me just say that okay, thats alone says something uh. Basically, the slaves of darkness was losing a night per turn right, because the disease alone would end up being three four or five mortal wounds that there was a wither stab in place. That was on three ups, oh nice, yeah, and then there would be just other ancillary mortal wounds from other places. Floppities were you doing celebrities mortals on sixes or were you doing the the farting for no power? No, only the scrivener was in play in this one. Only a scrivener okay gotcha he there was a scrivener who had the wither stabbing play and he was using it to give the plus one attack so like every turn. The play bears were just auto ramping them to seven disease points right. So a knight was just dropping dead because they have no save against that and, like sure plague bearers were dying. Okay, like yeah, of course you know, but in the end it didnt matter like this was chewing up their best hammer sitting there taking the punch and just slowly killing what should be known, which is in many cases to many armies. An unkillable unit – oh yeah, yeah weve, talked a lot about how i mean its one of the more underrated powerful units in this game right now that block of six and knights right.

Ironically, it kept them from getting the objective away from the plague bearers, because every time they would drop one night and fall right below the level. Now that was just a lock of math, but you know every nights counting as two right and just every time they would lose a night and then fall right back under the like. They would just come short of stealing the objective round after round after round. So it was quite funny: okay, cool uh, all right, so the other way you get diseased is, as i mentioned, if the unmodified hit role for an attack made with a missile weapon or a melee weapon is a six. That attack inflicts one disease point on the target, in addition to any damage it inflicts, and this is really the way you ramped seven right, because the key is if your one unit is in combat with any number of nurgle units like im playing. I dont know my slindash or something ive made a bad choice, and i have you know three nurgle units in contact with me: im still only getting one disease point at the end of the movement phase and one disease point at the end of the combat phase. Now there has been some. This is the first faq, because there has been some uh argument about this. The base rule is written very clearly. All right give one disease point to each enemy unit that is within three inches of any friendly maggot kin of nervous units.

That is a very clear wording right, not each any. There is a long established history of how we treat any in this game, but i suspect, as we talk well talk about a minute, that that was a last minute change, because uh, because theres an artifact that doesnt work, no its causing a lot of controversy. Well get there, but this is how you ramp people to seven. You fight them right and the way to think about it in simplest form. Your disease, i should say once they go to seven and you apply those mortal wounds. They all come off down to one. You can never go below one okay, so the magic number of attacks here tyler is 24. Music right. You understand why im saying that uh well, explain it. I think so: okay, after the first after first contact, if they dont self heal themselves, because you can heal thats the next thing it says you can heal to get rid of these points. Youre gon na sit around at one movement phase two combat phase three. Okay. I need to get four more disease tokens on which happens so, hence one sixth of my attacks, hence 24 attacks. I was thinking you start at two and then thats a 30 instead of 24, but yeah. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah yeah, you know like the key. Is these units are going to get stuck in so after first contact youre, basically rolling around at one? Sometimes heroes who heroic recovery entered a low amount of wounds? If you have an extra heal from a heroic recovery, like you were two wounds and you healed three great ill, heal the two wounds and knock off my last disease point.

I would find my i did that a couple of times, but for the most part once youre diseased youre, diseased, okay and the uh. The other thing ill say here is that as well see endless spells, can be an interesting play in this too, to keep people running at one or to get that initial one on there or to spread that that love around um. I actually think there is some play in that with a couple of different, interesting endless spells so intrigued by yeah were gon na have to well do this show. Hopefully, tom can be on that one, but yeah so intrigued by rock coven and some of the things you could potentially do with that yep yep absolutely so we talked about legions already the coalition units they dont really get to play in the pool they dont get Diseased and they dont actually get the subfaction rules either, because it only only magnetic and miracle rules get the sub factions, so i mean theyre, really not playing in the pool um. The only thing i can think of here is, if maybe you wanted to ally in its not even a coalition unit, but if you wanted to ally in some uh um untamed beasts for like a pregame move or something like that just to hedge people out. So you cant be alpha bunkered into your into your deployment zone. But honestly, i think thats a thats, a mistake. I think you have better options to prevent alpha bunkering here in really really good units that can be off board.

So, okay uh disgustingly resilient. Your whole army has a five up board period. All your magicking of nerve units, again maggot kind of nerve units doesnt apply to coalition units so but hey great awesome, its even better than it sounds its my experience, its real good, its real good, especially on 20 wounded 18 wound heroes. Yeah it aint too shabby um, but it also really really matters on a unit of plague bearers, tyler uh. You know well get to plague bearers, but they are theyre hot yeah and i agree: yeah theyre very so hot now, at a 20, a tenner and a tenner and yeah 20 uh brett, my friend he pushed 20 with abundance of flesh. I think its, what its called to give him an extra wound. In my face and its like 60 wounds right there, you just feel, like you were wasting your time. Yeah yeah, hitting leg burst in the middle of the board yeah. I was incredibly impressed by their durability, um, okay, uh, the locus of econody. Basically your locus. If youre near a guo, horticulus, the glottkin or festus, you heal d3 wounds, otherwise, everybody always heals one wound so youre blind kings if theyre just running around their own heal. One wound every uh every here at the start of your hero, phase um. Otherwise, if theyre near one of the the locuses they heal d3, so there we go, and you still have some summoning though the summoning chart was hit, though the the way to gain your points was simplified, its three cps.

If you have uh people uh wholly within your territory, three cps, if youre holy within your opponent territory, i love that they call dcps by the way contagious were not already using that acronym. For anything. Are we thats fine, yeah thats? All archeon only has the nerve keyword, he does not have the magnet kind of nerve keyword, um and then you get uh and then, if theres, no other enemies in those territories like if youre alone, in your territory or youre, somehow alone in their territory. You get a bonus cp as well. Trees, uh, add to your cp uh and well talk about the controversy around that at the end, when we get to the tree, but i mean just uh on the go back to the locus just to state it. Of course, thats a big deal, potentially you know heroic recovery and locus so 2d3 heal. I mean that that could be amazing. I was thinking about maybe festus as a power pairing or like a trio with gut rob im. A big fan of the idea of gut rot, plus pick a maggot floor. I actually really like morbid decks where this guy is epitomizes distraction card effects. In my opinion, rot and morbidex 500 points. A quarter of your army thats, going to wreak havoc in your opponents. Backfields going after casters msu units threatening an objective in the backfield that dude i played against a blow out last night man, uh 20 attacks from five sides was stacking plus two on a four up ward, that round from the wheel, and i did four damage with Five sides, which you know in 2.

0, would have destroyed the world right and its like what is happening so yeah mor im, a actually big fan of morbid x. Even i gather that most people rate or gods and blood, more which i understand, but i think hes pretty interesting too anyway. Festus could be a tag along with morbid x for potential another 2d 3 heal as part of that little trio, yeah yep, absolutely uh. The summoning table got a you know a bit more expensive for stuff. You know youre if you want 10 plague, bearers theres, no more five plague bearer option right. So, if you want 10 plague bears its 14 points um. I think your hot summons are right. At the bottom of the chart, getting a new, sloppy or a spoil box depending on your list, could be incredibly good at seven points, uh and then i think um, the like the 18 point plague drone is not a bad summon. I dont know that youll ever really get to the guo. As my honest answer, um yeah, i mean its its fine, its meant to be weak summoning, which is good by the way summoning should be weak. I just want to go ahead and state this, the its good to have weak summoning to like, over the course of the game you summon a unit or two fantastic thats. Probably how summoning should be like one of the most hated things about slaanesh is their summoning? Is on a million people who play against it hate it? People who play the army hate it, it shouldnt, be the summoning army.

I shouldnt be able to summon things every round its stupid and it warps the whole book and it makes it so everything needs to cost even more points and its terrible right uh. I i want summoning to be pretty weak. I want something to be pretty hard to do because its just extra free points – i i dont, think its weird. Like again. I also dont think you should pay that much for it in your core points right. I want to keep the points of the units close to what they can, what theyre worth on the table, not pay for imaginary units that i might summon right and so the better the summoning gets the more expensive everything has to become and thats, not what we Want um right well, well, talk about that later. I know some peop many people strongly disagree with your view on what they intended and well well find out, hopefully soon enough sure what they intended with uh with the summoning but yeah yep im, i tend to be in your camp like i, i doubt they intended This to be exponential could be wrong well get to the tree. I can already see theres some people standing for exponential. I i apologize in advance were not going to agree with you and also it wont, work that way like you need to settle in that its not going to work. That way, like its not its how its their intention is very clear, its the same as the musician.

I dont want to spoil this, but folks its going to get faq and will be clearly answered so like there. It is live in the world. That will be not the world that that isnt so um, but well talk about the trees in detail. I understand both. I understand both sides of this. I understand why people want it and ill make my case. I doubt ill win over everybody, but i get why, like i dont think people are crazy for reading it. That way, i get why theyre reading it that way, yeah, it would be good to you, know, say strawman, not that youre strongman, but to steal man. The argument on the other side, as best we can to represent our viewers, because i think there is a view there, yeah theres, a its its logical. I get it. I understand why they want it its. I dont think theyre crazy for wanting it, but you know well well provide both sides of the discussion, because i i completely get it. I just think in the end, its not the its one, its not gon na, be the way it is and two its its worse for the army overall. Okay, all right, the cycle of corruption, uh Music. So this changed a lot im amazed they kept the wheel. Could we just start there a little surprising? No, i saw tyler mingle actually put together his own customized. You know version. He took the the prior physical wheel and printed out the new text inserted into the old.

I was like oh thats, clever yeah, so, but its good, its real. A lot of these are really strong. Okay, but the challenge is you: dont have basically any control over this uh anymore. There is one command trait that can move the wheel one spot forward. So, for the most part, spike now hates the wheel. Yes, okay, because it is a random thing: youre going to roll a die once at the beginning of the game, its going to set the whole five rounds and youre not going to take that command trait by the way, because theres, so many better command traits right Right and so youre, just whatever you roll thats, the way its going to go and its going to roll so spike immediately hates this, because he has so much yeah dude. I you know a lot of this book like the lack of mobility. You know we had a lot of mobility options previously and then, basically, all of that its gone, maybe thats thats, probably okay, with how they compensated with lord afflictions, gut rod etc. This it felt like removing, essentially for all intense purposes, any ability to change it felt like going too far. I would have liked to have at least one meaningful way to adjust this during a game like one one shot sure more than push it. One square one. One circle, i guess yeah the fact i mean you can do it with what is it a command trade or its an artifact? So you can do it yeah, but its not worth it, as you said, because its taking up that slot, but yeah just, i think, just one one chance in a game that isnt dependent on a command trade or an artifact.

You know opportunity cost that you could move it, i think, would be meaningful. Yeah sure i get that i i will say these abilities are very powerful for the most part theres a couple theres a couple of duds on here but like for the most part when you roll, youre gon na, be able to know okay on turn, two ill Have this on turn three ill? Have this on turn four ill? Have this like? You know it from turn one, so you can plan your battle strat accordingly and theres. A lot of really powerful options on here lets talk about them, real fast number one. So if you roll the one right all nurgle heroes have a ward of four up, so youre disgusting and resilient for all. Your heroes goes from four up to five up four upwards across the board on all your heroes, pretty good, pretty good. Last time i checked four upwards: real, strong, okay um, but then your number two is, i think, one of the weaker ones on the chart everybodys treated as though theyre within 14 inches of a locus of fecundity. So everybody heals d3, like already they many of your units might already be. You know, theres, not a he like. Okay, like you know, you know its its kind of the underwhelming one uh, the burgeoning at the start of your hero phase, while the number of dice equal to the number of the current battle round for each four plus you receive one extra cp.

Okay, like boy, is that a tear like rolling a three is just like its its like all right, thats, fine yeah. I actually think id rather roll. Honestly, i think i like rolling the three because im just gon na roll one die. I get one contagion point. Maybe on a four plus who cares its stupid, but then im into like good stuff. On turn, two three and four that i like okay, especially turn two, like my turn, two is looking real good at that point. Experienced this one last night, yeah uh heroes that do not have the nerve keyword cannot carry out heroic actions or issue the rally or inspiring presence commands. So like no finest hour, potentially, oh, you know extra cp. It was impactful in the game last night. You know not overtly so, but i felt it yeah. The big question here is: can unit champions still issue inspiring presence right as its worded they can okay, which feels wrong or right um, aaron somerville said wait, one extra cp or one extra cp, contagion point they because they they said earlier. They pulled like the legal document thing and they said contagion points hereto after referred to as cp um. If it actually turns off inspiring presents period like including from unit champions, if thats, how its theres a theres a slight faq question, i mean like again as written its clear as a bell it doesnt, but is that you know that seems weird um, but still uh.

Very potent ability, yes, shutting off heroic actions. Shutting off rally is really good. Um, no doubt even thats on its own, its just silly to me that, like if youre just turning off heros inspiring presence, it actually does nothing because most units are either elite or have unit champions that could still issue it. Its very rare actually that units cant self issue so thats just a strange loophole. They created for no reason, so i dont know um well. I would also point out: totems can also still issue theres lots of problems now: okay, uh round five or sorry number five. I shouldnt say round five number: five on the wheel, also very powerful subtract one from charge rolls from enemy units. They do not have the nervous key word enemies. They do not have. The nerve keyword cannot finish a pile and move closer to friendly nerve units and they werent starting to move thats crazy, strong, oh so good, yeah, again that i felt that last night. The thing i felt the most from this book is the the lack just turning off highland like if you are thoughtful about what youre doing you can really change games and your capacity to win games with sloppy, and with this i mean you know, we could spend 30 minutes talking about all the different uses and, like you know, get get tom do some visuals for us on. You know how you can position units precisely to screw a hammer unit like in knights of the empty throne or whatever theyre theyre, especially susceptible to this kind of nonsense.

Yes, yeah any fulminators with one inch reach that came up in my first game against brett, where i wasnt thinking about sloppy the first first time out against, and i got a six of my charge. I didnt get far enough and im staring at four formulators and only one is in and then im like. Oh my god, what have i done? Ive literally just walked into a trap right im. Im stuck – and i can you know so – theres yeah theres, like multiple instances of these kinds of things from this book that until i think you start playing it and you see it its not obvious yep yeah dont sleep on that neg one to charge either by The buy uh neg want to charge is a hugely impactful penalty. Uh, like i dont, think people understand it unless youve ever played with neg1 to charge, but its crazy for only a minus one. How much it moves the the number as to where you can succeed on charges its a big deal um this used to be so. I dont know if you remember tyler, but um the what was the name of the nurgle thing from storm of magic or whatever. The the idiot from forge world uh, tomerkin, tomerkins, horde, okay, oh yeah, yeah, so tomic and sword used to have an ability like this okay next one to charge, and it was like crazy, strong what it would do, and i was always so impressed by it uh.

So, at any rate, thats, why i like the three – i actually love the uh like rolling a three to start, because then youre sort of like starting on something thats kind of crappy. But then you roll into good thing on two good thing on three really good thing on four for the cleanup, but you know so absolutely uh, so uh rampant disease add one to disease. Rolls that you make. I mean turning board wide. Your disease rolls from a four up to a three up or potentially a two up in certain circumstances: uh really strong, really strong. It just means that for that battle round, youre doing a lot more mortal wounds across the board right um, and then you get into the non numbered option of corrupted regrowth, which is sort of off number and um. You know its not great. Lets start off hero phase. You get one extra container point for each country and your army on the battlefield, so yeah yeah its like okay, you obviously cant roll that you can only turn order into it, but its you know, and its kind of like or whatever man the wheel wheels. Quite good, i think even no, i cant remember a lot of the details of how it used to be. I know, used to be pretty good, but to me yeah its regardless. It feels quite strong, impactful, so uh this just got mentioned in the chat. Serp said uh like uh ill, be interested to see.

He mentioned the the corn demon prince thing, which i dont think you can ally in im. Not sure if i remember, if you can or not, i dont know, if theyre a valid ally, Music allies, blades of corn, heath knights of slimesh slaves to darkness, including zinc units and units that can or must be given a mark of chaos can or must be. Given a mark of chaos – and this and the demon prince, does have a mark of chaos like but thats a weird yeah, so it must be because you have to take them as cool sorry. Its excluding zinc, of course, excluding zinc units right and so yeah units can yeah and lets see excluding zinc units. I dont think you can take him in there yeah. I think youre right yeah, you cant ally that, because they want him to be coalition and they have to be nervous so anyways it doesnt matter, we can. I dont want to get caught up on it uh. My argument is yes: uh Music, five out of the seven four out of the seven five out of the seven are good somewhere there, four and a half. How about that? Well! Call it that uh! There was a thing with the wording we i meant to mention it on uh lets see the the designers notes. Coalition units are not allied units, they did not have the battle line designation. You know in a lot of these books, weve been getting oh yeah.

The extra wording recording yeah with regard to battle line im gon na have to pull up, maybe keep going. Let me pull out the stormcast book because it has it in the stormcast book, but not this book interesting. That word interesting, a mission if they, if they intended that or not – i dont know i didnt think about that. I just yeah. Okay, keep going and ill find keep moving all right, so lets get into the command traits and artifacts uh all right, okay. So these are divided between mortal and demon. Im, not gon na read every one of these because good lord theres, a lot of this stuff and again were trying to do this in two and a half hours. But here we go um. The grandfathers blessing is the commander that lets. You move the wheel if, if thats, really what youre inclined to do, you can move it forward one stage, so there you go um infernal conduit is actually like. It seems silly, but its one of a couple of ways. You could choose to sort of guarantee a ramp to seven contagion. Points well, not guarantee. I guess its a two up still um, where youre very likely to go to seven on the first turn like getting to seven contagion points in the first term. Uh and seven contagious points means you. Could you could bank on summoning uh a scrivener or a slavity round one right, so you could basically not put the guy in your list and and guarantee you summon him turn one theres a couple different ways you can ramp to seven uh in a pseudo guaranteed Fashion again, i understand two up isnt every time, but there you go, which feels like a pretty good play, maybe in a lot of list building with nergal yeah, just planning to summon in particular, probably sloppy so that you free up those points on your list and Then you play sloppy where needed, you know, based on kind of how the game plays out in round one around two yeah, but there are two ill say this.

There are two that really stand out to me. I wonder if theyre the same to you by the way these are for the mortal heroes mortal heroes, so um. So this is going on your lord of afflictions, because this guys gon na be like the choice to stick things on uh hes gon na be like the most popular new general of the day: okay uh, but living plague start your hero, phase, roll a dive for Each enemy unit within seven inches of this general on a two plus give that unit one disease point and you receive one contagion point so thats, a pretty big aura around him. Its hitting multiple units, its ramping disease, right, its getting you to to likely three disease points automatically without fighting without you know, without counting your your hit rules is what i mean and its also ramping your contagion point strategy and its if you put it on somebody Like a lord of afflictions, depending on how you play him, he might want to be somebody whos stuck in real, deep Music right absolutely so i like living plague a lot thats, the first one that stands out yep, but then we come to the one that i Think youre gon na see a lot like living plague is interesting. It feels like something you could sort of build around right.