Today, i will talk about the fimi x8 mini pro the drone under 250 grams of the xiaomi., A drone that I really liked both for the video quality and for how it flies and also for the build quality. It has the price of the mini 1. So a very good drone has the stabilized gimbal look. It remains perfectly aligned. I move the drone, but the gimbal remains perfectly pointed forward. This allows us to have very, very stable shots, as you have initially seen, or by the way you will see of the day. Shooting of the night shooting, obviously something accelerated it, but the drone was flying at a normal speed. They accelerate the shooting also because in the high speed of the accelerated playback, you can see even more if there are vibrations instead in the shooting presented. Now. Obviously, everything seems a lot stable and a drone when shooting must be stable, and this show me some drone shooting during His velino will obviously show me from the car with the filming to show that all the problems I have seen so far in some reviews. So the presence of vignetting, crooked, horizon, etc. with the latest update, have disappeared. At least mine does not present them now lets get on with it. Counter lets look at how done obviously, but remember, to go and take a look at the link that you will find in the first comment in the registration, because you will find a discount code to buy it on the ban good site.

I do not know what discount percentage I will be able to get, but you will pay less now. Lets look closely lets start. The drone is sold inside this box. It has no briefcase, it has no accessories other than what we will now find inside once opened on the top. We find this sticker with a qr code that allows us to download the application on the top. That is our ends with its pop bounce. Obviously, something will be positioned in mo. I do different, because the drone I have already used is used a lot on the lower part and in the middle there is the radio control allows you to house the mobile phone in the central part. Now we will see it well that there are also instruction manuals, quick, guide, etc. and even further down. We find this box with the usb type c cable inside to be able to recharge both the remote control of the drone, a small screwdriver and two pairs of spare propellers more obviously, these cables that are used to connect the devices, our mobile phones with the most Types of connections then widespread the connection for the iphone, the connection with the usb cable type c and micro usb according to the mobile phone, one part must be connected to the remote control and the other part to the phone. Now I will show you lets also take a quick look at the box. As you can see from this on the side we have the drone photographed in white.

Instead, on the opposite side, we have the drone in orange, a color that I really like m. I was deluded when I took the package convinced that it was this color is month. Unfortunately, it is white. I like it much more, then, who knows in the future. It may be that this color will also be proposed on the lower part, and we have icons. So they inform us that within one weighs less than 250 grams, but in the pro version, in fact, this pain can be purchased both in the normal version with batteries that weigh more or with the slightly lighter pro battery. That allows us to maintain a weight of 244 g alongside another icon that tells us that the shots are 4k kimball, mechanically stabilized on three axes: the battery that allows us to fly up to 31 minutes. Honestly, I have not timed it, so I cannot tell you how long it flies, but I have not taken it to the limit but exceeded 25 minutes. Then I returned also for personal needs, the reachable distance 8 km, but I still remind you that in Italy you have to fly on sight and that the maximum height a where allowed is 120 meters, otherwise less withstands, a very strong wind. So the level 5 l type of recharge is fast so with the usb type c cable. Now we look quickly at this is a radio control, and then we also move on to the drone.

Is the plastic very solid, quite hard, despite being extensible, to very little play almost imperceptible, so it stretches way and allows us to house mobile phones that have a maximum size of 5 and a half inches. But as you can see, an iphone without a blaser can stay inside it without problems. But if I had to take another 5 and a half inch mobile phone like this one, we cannot use it for a few millimeters. But we cannot insert it in its seat because, unfortunately, with this curvature so take into account the maximum size, then in the description I will leave you the measures a with the cover is inserted to realize, which is the maximum extent that can then be housed on At the bottom we have the sticks that can be avoided, metal on metal, so I do not even understand to flush them out over time. There are some radio controls that have plastic on plastic or metal on plastic and fury to live unscrew. You risk ruining from the housing as softness. I like them on the front. We find the two antennas open in this way, obviously being sensitive, the antennas remain only on one side, so one end stretches sorry if there are some scratches in short mistreated, but I have used and exploited it for almost two months. Really. A lot now lets look at the controls on the lower left side. We have the ignition key for both the drone and the radio control to be able to turn them on.

You have to make a short press and then the longer press, 1 and 2. At this point, emits a sound signal is will be ready to use on the front. We have the button to take pictures rather to record videos and the wheel to be able to orient the child who orientates himself in a fluid way. Obviously, also the rotation of the wheel, the command must be given in a fluid way, otherwise the team will move more or less quickly, and this is the key for returning home, because this drone has the possibility of returning home. So at the point from which it took off, you know when we take this button when you run out of battery or when you lose signal, this emerges is the usb type c input to be able to recharge it, but also to be able to connect the Mobile phone to the radio control and consequently to the drone, because this drone has a peculiarity, unlike many others, it does not connect directly to the mobile phone. It connects to the radio control radio control, then transfers the data to our mobile phone in the back of the drone. In fact, we find this sliding button to the right and left that allows us to the left and use it with the remote control to the right. Instead, we have the option of use it with wifi and then take advantage of the mobile phone with virtual commands that appear in the application.

Now that we have the drone in our hands, we look at how it opens and we observe it closely. Then the first arms of April are the upper ones, as you see as similar dimensions, a lot to the malik, so one practically the same size. I do not want to make a real comparison, but as a term of comparison, lets say that a good starting point, because it has superior performance to the mini 1, but does not reach the mini 2, both as regards lovering. As regards some particularities. However, it is certainly superior to that already. As regards the quality of living k. We are in an excellent mother, called certain dear, but without the friend. Obviously the finish and the plastics cannot be of a very high quality because for having to stay under 250 grams, they are afraid of necessarily removing material. However, for example, compared to the malik mini 1 women that I am more ace, a lot look how the arms fold, so they have this movement, a noise you want heard it was at the opening of the game to the cashier. That has settled. Look how the arms move it is instead on this to make they remain very, very stable. They are really hard, so the quality, also as regards the construction compared to the 1, is superior on two. Instead, they have been made a little more rigid, but for the rest, as regards the quality, also in this part, that is hard plastic and plastic, so the wiring is all covered and done a lot very good.

The same, obviously, with regard to one, you do not see absolutely cables, but on this side we have this, which is practically a foam. So if they play it in some ways, brave 1 are the cons of the other and vice versa, and then for all those functions. Smart that allow us to follow the subject and chase moving subjects, etc.. But I do not like them also because these drones do not have if nsori. Therefore, we risk breast used well used in a wrong point: the obstacles to make the drone rotate and make it fall or, worse still, to hit someone. Then, on the lower part, we have the coverage of the child. Honestly, I do not like it very much. It is a bit plasticky, but still protecting it, unlike of other media that do not give any kind of protection these the game that we showed a little while ago on the front shown the writing 4k. As you can see on three axes, then stabilized and on the front we have this sticker. That should remind a bit of an air intake in reality. Instead, they are only dots drawn on the lower part. Instead, we have the sensors that allow us to have an excellent, real and the key for switching on and off. This also turns on and off with a short press and then the more pressure prolonged at the ignition. We will hear 11, which confirms us skin. The drones is on and she is there that they will make a quick movement.

Ok, ne The rear part, also flashes, a small, led, negative note. This is the only led on the drone so during night use. Unfortunately, I found it is not possible to understand how the drone is oriented instead, another light also on the front or at the extremity of the elite ray and surely it would have helped us to understand its positioning. So in the evening we could have used it much much better and at the rear there is the battery on the same battery. That is the usb input of a few to be able to more quickly charge, and it is possible to have more bacteria and then use the drone in the meantime to recharge the other battery. Some drones instead require to recharge the battery to be inserted because the input for charging and on the body of the drone at the rear. We also find the input for the micro sd, which is partly covered by the key to remove the battery. So we try to unhook it, and this is the housing on this too. Obviously, you can insert the standard battery, then the non pro one that, unlike this one, weighs a little more. This is a 3 am x battery that allows us a flight duration that should approach or in any case, should reach about 30 minutes. As I told you a little while ago, it wasnt, so I ca nt tell you if it actually gets there. I have seen several videos of other youtubers, including foreigners and Italians, which confirm the duration, so I rely on what they say.

We do a quick comparison also on the lower part. As you can see, they are also aesthetically similar, so the sensors on the lower part and bering word of the dj and the reachable there is this here remains perfectly still this you will see instead that, while remaining still a little bit, it moves quality of mali Xvi has practically almost unattainable, but lovering of this anyway. Okay now lets look at the application as well as Ill show you install the phone on the remote control is nece. It is obviously necessary to first insert the cable on the mobile phone and then make it lodge on the remote control by sliding the cable into this housing. So it is all hidden after which the cable is inserted from this side and once the application is open, we click on enter device. We turn on the drone, because otherwise we cannot to use it. We give the radio control time to associate with the drone. On my iphone, also an authorization request appears to me, so it recognizes as if we had connected it to a computer. I authorize I have always authorized sincerely. I do not know what happens if it does not authorize it. So at the top we find a notice. Obviously now it does not lock a satellite, so we have this warning on the upper left side. Then we have the indication in meters regarding the altitude, the distance, the number of satellites locked which at the moment are zero, is obviously the signal intensity.

The level of battery reported both as a percentage and as times this is the command that allows us to vary from photo to video and further down a command allows us to set some parameters concerning the shooting of leo is obviously also for photos, a command that Allows us to some smart functions, therefore, the possibility of using wipeout smart rataplan in orbit the spiral etc. are. However, all things that I honestly do not use. I happened to use it, but I am not crazy for this type of use and further down the indications on the type of settings we have given this instead in the wheel with a gear which allows us to modify some parameters both concerning the flight and obviously Concerning photo videos etc. as well as the calibration is much more. The calibration must be done, as always by rotating clockwise, both with the young person is positioned in this way in with the drone positioned vertically, and we have to do this calibration every time we move a few kilometers. Of course, it is possible. Ile also calibrate the team, then click on this icon and then go to calibrated. The drone will do everything automatically, so you will see the evil that will move physically released. I am obviously doing it on a perfectly flat and perfectly leveled surface information about the battery. The possibility of changing the types of commands I advise you to always set mode two, because the most common mode on almost all drones.

So if you use these, you learn with this, then you will find most of the new ones well, but you can use it. According to your preferences, you can also set the maximum flight height, the maximum distance that can be reached. In this case. We can also set no distance limit for now. It was set at 1000 meters, but, as you can see, we can set up to 5000 meters, but the remote control within is not, however, able to communicate up to eight kilometers and then the height for the return home is very important to always be set based On the height we have as obstacles for the di torino. It is also possible to use the sport mode or the big mode in this one allows you to be inexperienced to fly with maximum safety, because it will limit the speed, distance etc.. Of course, I cannot show you everything, because the commands are really many, but now I will show you other defenses performed during the flight. I will also show you on overing done some tests. As always, I try to do some external tests, so I tried in a campaign where you can see olive trees shaken by the wind and even some plants next to this area that you will see very strong moment. Despite all the time, trial managed to fly perfectly and remain practically almost motionless. You have to consider that the wind was really very, very strong, after which I will show some other daytime shots even over a lifetime, and then a couple of night shots.

The red led in the back is definitely not a excellent indication. It is not a positive signal, in fact, in this case, for example, it also indicates that, in addition to being upside down, it has overheated a lot look. We have reached 70 2 degrees because the real one has remained on all this time without using it and therefore has overheated what what I do not recommend to do. I am doing it because I had to make this video so not kept on. Otherwise, I could not show me the application, but I do not recommend keeping it on all this time. It is obviously like all drones that remains stationary. It overheats mg flight. Thanks to the sockets d, the air is getting colder, nichi, no campania call for time. Dear. Yes, no and then guys what to say then about this throne and, as you have seen, it is okay. It has absolutely no flaws as regards the very sharp shots very clear used. The standard profile are not intervened in post production and I have not given any type of setting even from the application. So I turned on. I started the drone that I started to record that the bull is very stable. I like the shots and built well as well, built also the magik but the malick. We know that a few steps higher and about malick. I have seen that these hours are often compared compared the videos with the mali mini ii, but for the price range.

I would compare it more, at least one ensuring, with this drone, a better quality as regards the shooting, many more functions, etc., of course, with the mini 2. It loses at the start, but this drone costs little less than the minimum and guarantees us a much much higher quality guarantees us through, above all, the latest updates of the really excellent results. So what to say, I hope you liked this video invites you to subscribe to.