Was you couldn’t repair it you couldn’t get parts? Well now you can a quick search on you. Um google youtube quick search on google, and this is what you’ll find you can now buy replacement arms. You can buy the arms with motors and without motors it tends to be a lot of stuff coming from china at the minute or aliexpress and places like that, but i’d. Imagine over time things will change so yeah, as i can see here. This is the left and right arms, so you can now buy them for it, and this is just a plastic outer shell. It looks like it comes with the antennas built into it. You can also replace the esc that’s now available. This is on ebay. I found that you pull loads of them. If you look down here, that’s the original esc board and you can even buy the middle cage. Now you can actually buy this middle cage from amazon.com, so it’s nice to see they’ve got a lot of things coming out already for it uh one of the main things that tends to break on these things and uh the arm. So if you break a couple of arms and even the shell you’re, looking at the arms about 20 you’re, probably looking about 60 quid to replace the shell on the arms, if it’s done no motor damage – and obviously it looks quite – it probably – is quite an involved. Job but fixing quads is um and it’s nice to see you can get the esc.

Now. I haven’t seen these on dji’s website yet or when they will appear. I don’t know, but i just want to get this out for you just in case you are one of the people that are doing this and another video i’ll have shortly very very shortly, is i’ve just bought these i’ve actually bought them from the drone authority. So i’ve got the true rc duality and what that allows you to do is use your dji goggles v2 with the air unit and everything else, so you’ve got full compatibility, so i’ve ordered them, so a review of them is coming up soon.