It comes in a really nice padded case. One side is foam padded with cutouts to hold the drone in the controller. The other side has a netted pouch to hold the accessories, so lets check out what all comes with it. You get a manual a spare set of propellers a screwdriver so that you could take out all these little screws. If you ever have to change the propellers and if you would lose a screw or a few, they give you spares of those too. You get a usb charger to charge your 3.7 volt 240 milliamp hour, lipo battery heres a look at the 2.4 gigahertz altitude hole controller. It has a bunch of buttons to do all kinds of things that ill take a look at youre, going to need that screwdriver to open the back and put in the three aaa batteries needed to power. The controller heres, the d2 drone, the propellers – are protected from all sides, so bouncing it off the wall or ceiling shouldnt do much of anything to it. To turn it on here is the switch and below that is the charge port to connect the usb charger. So theres a quick look at what you all get. What we all really want to know is how good does it fly ill, give this battery a charge and then were ready to fly and now were ready to fly the dwi d2. So, as i mentioned, it does come with a 240 milliamp hour lipo battery thats, not a big battery.

Hopefully i can get through all of the functions of this drone. With this little battery so were going to turn the controller on well turn the drone on, and we got some green and red leds and then theres. The white led in the front were gon na start it with the head facing forward because it has to be facing that way when you pair it with the controller for headless mode, so lets bind it so up down a bind and theres two ways to take Off you can take off by hitting up, and then it arms the motors and then up like that. Oh a little, a little bit of throttle punch there, snappy, okay and then right here is the oh heres, the trim, so it is wanting to drift there. We go its drifting okay. Now now its altitude hold. As i said, this is the emergency stop button right here, so lets press it and it just kills the motors thats, just in case you have to land it immediately. A another way to take off is just by hitting this auto take off button, see the motors are going and then hit it again and it takes off and then you can hit it again and itll come down the land so go into headless mode. You just give it a short press now were in headless mode, and you see im going left and it doesnt matter which way the head of the drone is facing it.

It goes whichever way you move the right stick, so headless mode works. Lets get out of that because it is kind of annoying and then lets take it over here. And if you do a long press its supposed to do uh return home, which now its coming over here. So so that didnt really work as planned. But it did like it did do something. So this button here is one key rotation and one key spin, so im not really sure what that means for one key rotation, its a short press, so lets give it a short press whoa. So it just it just yaws and then lets do a long press and okay, so it just it does circles then, and i guess itll do it as long as you want it to and then okay, you have to hold it in and itll stop. So lets check out the flips before we run out of battery this button. Here is the flips: oh whats happening there. We lost a little bit of altitude on that. One lets do a backflip, oh okay, so it is not a strong flipper. I mean it flips. Okay, it just loses altitude, it drops pretty good when you do your flips lets. Do a backflip again see Music. I have to give it all kinds of throttle to get it back up, so it doesnt hit the floor. Lets check out the speeds thats this button here so im in the first rate, not very fast, the yaw is very slow.

Look how slow that yaw is lets hit this two beeps, okay, the yaw did pick up and also did the speed its still very slow. In the second rate, so lets try the third rate theres the yaw and its still, not that fast and well. The third rate isnt that fast either so thats the third rate and thats as fast as it goes. That is a little disappointing. Theres, a cyclones, thats thats as tight of a cyclone as i can do, but i was able to get through all the functions of it before low voltage. Detection happened. Oh, look at that and its flashing now so low voltage has been detected, uh ill and i did land this a couple times and then take off again so ill have to see what the total flight time was with this wow that that did not last long At all, so lets just fly it around until it it stops flying see how long we can fly in low voltage. Oh thats, it it just came down on its own, so the d2 from dwi not the best drone. It does good flips its weak on the recovery battery life, barely over five minutes, its pretty slow actually, and when you go into that one key rotation, it spins a lot faster than it yaws. In a third rate, i wouldnt recommend this for anyone who is an experienced flyer, this would be more of like a beginners tight level drone with the altitude hold and the prop guards all around and the slow speeds, but i think what they should have done was They should have not spent so much money on this nice case and put that money into the drone and produce a good quality drone.

You would look at a case like this and think theres a really good drone in there. Well, theres not, but i am going to put this in for the november giveaway. You saw what it is its totally up to you if you want to enter this is the final rc for november. I have this one here, the eachine e012 and i have the san cisco a21 battle drones. All of these are up for a chance to win in the november giveaway now theyre, not all getting given away. Only one of these is getting given away. What ill do is ill draw a number of names out of each video, so many for this video. So many for this one, and so many for this one and yes, you do have the potential to have your name picked three times to get to the wheel, but it can only be picked once for each of these ill pick. The names from each video ill put peoples names on the wheel, spin, the wheel, eliminate names off of the wheel, and the last person left on the wheel wins the rc that their name got picked from. All you have to do is be a subscriber from the us comment down below if you want to enter for this one, if you want to enter for these two go to these videos and comment in those videos and then youll be entered for whichever one you Comment on and then im gon na do a live drawing on december 1st, where i announce who wins, which rc so good luck to everybody who enters the november giveaway and thanks for watching dont forget to click that subscribe button.