Its the novomos ring light kit and the reason they call it a kit is because they include pretty much every accessory youll need to use this in a lot of different situations. Now. The thing that makes it really interesting to me is unlike a standard ring light, which is basically a fixed light that you turn on and its in a circle, and it casts perfect illumination on a subject, so it eliminates the shadows. It allows you to put a camera in the center of it and take a picture of something and not have to worry about having dark and light areas on the subject, but whats different about this one is that its composable and ill explain what that means. In a minute, but your first clue should be the fact that its not a perfect circle, its actually a hexagon and its interesting, because you can reconfigure this to be a bunch of different lights and ill get into that in a minute. But before i get too deep into the overview, i always like to do an unboxing and boy. Am i excited to do an unboxing on this one, because the company could have just sent you the light with a power supply, but they included a ton of accessories that allow you to use the ring light and all the configurations you can put together. With this light in a lot of different scenarios, so when you first open up the box, youll find the ring light kit, which is basically six sections that can be joined together in different configurations with these specialty connectors on the back.

They also include a really nice phone holder here that slides in they include a power supply which you can plug directly in the unit. One power supply will light all the segments. At the same time, they include a cable that splits that single power supply into three different connections, and they include three tripods. So when you break this apart, you can actually create fill lights with it and three of them on the tripods and power them from that same power supply. They also include a really nice ball head here. Thats got a quarter inch 20 on the top female quarter. Inch 20 on the bottom, which you can use on any of the tripods. If you need to angle a light or make changes to the way its casting the light on the table, they include two bags, so the first bag will hold all the accessories the second bag is made for the tripod and they include a full tripod. This is a pretty nice standard tripod that you can use to mount this on the top of put your phone in the center of it, and just can you know, create content to your hearts content, so everything you need to do youtube videos, video streaming for gaming, If youre going to do product reviews, the ring light is an essential light that youre going to end up picking up is probably your first illumination device. Now. What makes this so cool – and this is a clever design, because a lot of other companies out there sell ring lights and ring lights in general are pretty basic products.

They, if youre getting a good one youll, get one that has the ability to change the temperature of the light from soft white to bright white. So you can dial between those different settings to give you sort of a very soft look or very bright. Look if youre taking pictures on a desk. You also want to make sure that you can adjust the brightness of the ring light. Some give you that ability – some are maybe three step settings where its low, medium and high. This one gives you complete control over the brightness and the temperature, so you can change it to be a very soft setting if youre doing video reviews and youre up close against the camera or, if youre taking photos of objects on a desk or on a setup. You can actually turn on the bright weight which is going to give you a lot of detail in there, but they also give you control over the brightness. So you can step it up and step it down to your hearts content. But what really makes this special is the fact that i can break it apart and i can actually create fill lights with it, which is another type of lighting that most people use when theyre doing product reviews where fill lights are sort of individual lights that sit Off to the side of an object when youre taking a picture to create shadows, to create a little bit of interesting depth on the products and youll end up buying a ring light and a couple of fill lights.

If youre going to be doing a lot of photos of objects on a desk, the best part about this one is, i can use it when i need to as a ring light and when im doing product images on a desk or im trying to take a Picture of something – and i need additional lighting – i can break this apart and create six individual fill lights or three bigger, fill lights or even two gigantic fill lights just by snapping. These sections together and ill show you how to do that in a minute. Now, what again is clever about this? Is that thats not an easy thing to do, because the segments themselves are easy to power and each of these have an individual power port in the back, but making them work together to join them together to pass that electricity between those segments is a little bit Tricky and thats, where the wizardry comes in, they built these connections on the back that snaps together and continues that electricity all the way through the lights, to light them all up with one single power supply. The other thing is the joints that connect these segments and ill show you that in a minute, as well, are flexible enough, where you can move it to different positions. So if you want to get creative and you can make letters out of it, you can make a triangle out of it. You can build it to be kind of a cool display for your back wall if youre trying to draw attention to something.

So, in addition to being a ring light, which it does a great job of, it also allows you to have a lot of other different lighting options using the same kit. So thats going to save you money in that you dont have to buy a ring light and a fill light. You can use this for both of those functions now, if you stay tuned next ill, take a closer look at the unit ill. Show you how those connectors go on and how you can vary the distance or the the angle between those different segments and ill come back with some final thoughts at the end, because ive got a lot of ring lights here at the shop. I use for different pictures that im taking or if im doing a real, quick zoom meeting with somebody. I may have a ring light on to illuminate the background behind me, so im in clear focus, but this one has become my favorite one because its so flexible that i take one ring light with me and i can do a lot of different things with it. So stay tuned well take a closer look next and ill come back with a few extra points at the end to explain why its different than a lot of the ring lights on the market inside the kit youll find the six lighting segments youll find six connection Blocks, five of which are active one thats passive youll find a power supply thats used to supply enough energy to light all six segments.

At the same time, and on that power supply is a remote control. You can use to turn it on adjust the brightness and adjust the color temperature of the lighting. Youll also find a hydra cable, which will take that one single power supply connection here with a female three and a half millimeter port and convert that to three male ports that allow you to light up. Three different segments that are disconnected from each other youll also find a really nice bag to handle all of the accessories that are included as far as the mounting kits go. Youll find a full size tripod here with a bag included to hold that tripod. Three small desktop tripods: you can use if you break these in individual segments and position them around your desk youll find a really nice phone clamp that you can use to hold your phone. Its got a cold shoe mount on the bottom, with a flexible gooseneck to allow you to position the phone in that perfect position and then slide this into any one of the segments. Youll also find a ball head. Joint quarter inch here quarter inch on the bottom, complete control over how thats, positioned and thats great, if youre, using the full size tripod to adjust that light ring to the exact angle, you need and then finally theres an assembly guide. That explains how the connection blocks are used with the lighting segments and a diy assembly guide.

That shows you a couple of different suggestions on how you can configure these lights to get the best use out of them. The real magic of this solution is the fact that its totally composable – and what i mean by that is – you – can certainly snap these together to create that ring light that i showed you in the overview, which is basically a hexagon of these segments joined together. But when you break them apart, you can create all kinds of cool things. So, for example, here ive got a single fill light. Ive got a double fill light ive got the letter c and if youre really an artistic person, you probably could spell it a bunch of words making. You know different configurations with these lights, but really what its? What its coming down to is that the system is comprised of six of these light segments which again snap together in a lot of different configurations, so lets take a look at the light segment first and ill: explain how you join them together. So each of these can be individually powered, so theres a power port in each of them. So if you wanted to create a simple fill light, you could plug this into the power supply. Put it on a tripod point it at your subject and still have total control over the temperature and the brightness of the light, but where it really gets interesting is snapping these together.

So i do use this as a quick fill light. If im taking a photograph of something, if i need more light ill snap, two together like this and itll, create doubly illumination with total control again over the brightness and the color tone. But i love the fact that its so flexible, also youll notice theres a quarter inch 20 on the top and quarter inch 20 on the bottom, as well as a cold shoe right there. So when i put this out as a fill light, i could snap a microphone on the top. I could snap the camera in the top, if im even doing sort of video conferencing or something like that, and i still have plenty of light shining that direction now. The way these connect together again, i mentioned each of them – have an individual power port on them. So you plug the power supply in right there and the way they send that power to the next segment are through these connection, blocks and theres. Two types of connection blocks youll find five of these that actually make an electrical connection and one that ill call a dummy block if youre building that light ring. This is the last one youll pop in if youre building any of these others youre going to definitely want to use this connection block to pass that electricity along sort of daisy chain along to the next light, and when youre snapping these together. It is a little bit tricky in that that port, where this snaps into has a bit of a personality.

So if you look closely at it in the center, you can see theres a three and a half millimeter port right there, and there are connectors here so im sure theres a heavy duty wire running between these two and that plugs in the center and then on. The outside ring there is a bit of an orientation to it. So over here ive got a a long slot here. Ive got a short slot, and over here ive got the same. Ive got a nice long connector, i should say bulge and over here, ive got a shorter bulge and you make sure you line those up. So when youre connecting this, you want to make sure the longer one is lined up with the longer one. So, in this case, its going to flip in this way to connect youll pull back on this right here and then basically snap it in like that and then youre good to go now, heres the really cool thing if youre trying to make different shapes. This is locked in a 90 degree orientation right now relative to this light, but i can lock that by pulling this back in a 45 degree a straight line degree. So, if im going to make a really long straight line of these, i can snap them together. That way, and i can flip it up this way now. The only thing to remember is: when you take this off, it has to be oriented the same way.

So youre either going to have it up or down to take it off the block. Now, in this case, we know its backwards. I cant get it off the block, but if i spin it down like this and pull this lever back, i can pull it off. The block and thats, because ive got the longer segment lined up with the longer slot and again the beautiful part is. I can create a ton of different configurations of this, depending on my needs really quickly and then light up a particular scenario. So theres a lot of times where i only need a little bit of lighting just to sort of illuminate something im, taking a picture of ill use, a single segment on a tripod and light that up but other times, i need more lighting ill. Do this? If im trying to be a little creative, maybe ill create a word or something out of this to to do something there. I havent done that yet, but ive seen people that do that. So really the limit is your imagination on how youre going to create this. But for me, the value of this is its both a ring light and a fill light in one kit that i can in a couple of minutes, literally reconfigure it to be either of those two things or somewhere in between. So i think from a design perspective. Its just really a brilliant product from a lighting perspective as well, because its its eliminating the need for me to buy a dedicated ring light and buy dedicated fill lights.

Ive got all that in one kit. I hope you found that closer look helpful now ill show you a few ways that i use this light around the shop and point out some of the features that really separate it from a lot of the other ring lights that are on the market. So for starters, if you set it up like this in a ring, light configuration youll, plug the power supply in youll, find a control right here that allows you complete adjustment of both the brightness and the color temperature. So you can turn the light on by tapping that button right now, ive got it in bright white mode, but if i want to knock down a little bit on that intensity, i can put it into medium mode or even soft white light mode. Now, thats perfect. If youre going to do any kind of zoom call where you dont want to have a lot of white light, glaring off your eyes and off your skin, that soft white lighting is perfect for that. But if youre taking pictures of a subject on a table, you might want to go back to bright white because thats going to throw a lot of illumination down at your subject without creating a ton of shadows which is really nice. You also have complete control over the brightness levels and you have 10 different levels there so thats the brightest and you can step down through those to get down pretty low.

So you could get down to a situation, maybe here where youre at one, where you dont need a lot of light because its a very bright room. But you just want to throw a little bit of light on the subject and thats something you dont find on. A lot of other ring lights that are out there. They may give you one or two steps where its bright or its low or maybe no adjustment whatsoever over the temperature. And that can be a problem, because, if youre going to do, zoom calls youre going to want different style lighting, different temperature lighting than if youre doing, product reviews and youre trying to take a picture of something on your desk. Now the thing i really like about it – and, i think really the main advantage to the product in addition to the fact that includes so many different accessories, is that its composable and i cant stress that enough, unlike most ring lights, that are out there, that are Just basically stuck in a circle which work great if youre gon na do you know video production youre looking at it, youve got a phone in the middle of it or youre, taking pictures this ones composable. So i can break it down from a ring light and use it as a ring light when i need it, but then break it down and create three individual fill lights, that i can use the three tripods for now.

I dont know if i pointed those out in the unboxing, but they include three desktop tripods and when i pop this light apart, like i showed you a few minutes ago, i can put them together as two lights in a brick and have three bricks around the Table to create three individual fill lights by using this hydra cable right here, where i plug the power supply into it and fire up all three of those light stands at the same time, and that saves me the trouble of not only buying three extra fill lights And charging three extra fill lights, but the fact that i can move it back and forth between the different use cases is really powerful. The other thing i didnt point out, i dont think in the review or the closer look was on each of these theres a quarter inch 20 female in the top and the bottom. So you can use anything that screws into a quarter inch 20 like a microphone up top here. It also has a cold shoe mount on the top and the bottom, so i could add a cold shoe up here with a microphone on it. Theres just a lot of different ways to attach things, and i love the fact that they include the clamp for your phone, because you can open up the box set. This thing up in your desk clamp your phone in it and be doing video reviews in a matter of minutes using this beautiful fill light, so those things are all important to consider and then the final icing on the cake, if you will, is the fact that They include so many accessories.

I cant get past the price of this product when i consider all these accessories, if you just add up what theyre giving you as accessories beyond the fill light, this is almost as much as the cost of the product, so the full size tripod you can use It for this use it for other things. The desktop tripods are great. I love the ball head because it allows me to put it on the tripod and adjust it as i need to to get that perfect angle. I dont know if i mentioned this in the unboxing, but they also include a diy guide. That shows you a bunch of different configurations. You can create with this, as well as a lighting guide, to show you how you snap those segments together so overall. I think this kit is a tremendously good value, but for me the bottom line, the real value of this product, is unlike a standard ring light where youre stuck with a ring light youve got to buy fill lights with this one. Its sort of both you can make it a ring light, you can make it fill lights and it works just great. So i hope you found this review helpful. If youre interested in this ive got a link below where you can go to amazon and check it out, we get a little bit of kickback from amazon if you use that link to buy the product. But the reason i do these clips is because im always investigating new technologies and i spend a lot of time around high tech gear and when i find something i like like this particular product, i love talking about it in the channel.

So any questions you have about this product, please drop those in the comments below and i promise to answer them as quickly as i can were approaching the holidays. If youre a fan of the channel and youve heard about our 12 days of drone valley christmas, you might want to keep an eye on the channel around those 12 days because you might be seeing this up there on one of those days for grabs.