That is this pack of ZERO ZERO ROBOTICS whats inside the V COPTR FALCON with my first video about this drone dates back to almost three years ago to December 2019. I still had a lot of hair on my head. I was very, very interested in this drone because on paper, a revolutionary b, cotter or professional, with a respectable cam, like the then mavic, two, almost a hour of autonomy, a decent, remote control. In short, on the fantastic paper I paid for it over a thousand euros. If I m not mistaken, but after about a year of referrals, it goes apologies, etc. etc. he decided to cancel my pre order and he also made a video of it because, in my opinion it was not a scam. But in any case there was something that stank – and here I am recently telling you for total transparency towards you, 00 robotics gets back to me proposing to try for free review 0 0 robotics a falcon. So I said, oh well, its been three years lets. Try it at this point lets give it a chance. I have no idea if at the moment, this drone is available or not tried to do a search on google. If I find something I leave it in the video description, but before throwing yourself headlong into the purchase or pre order, wait a moment. Let me understand if this drone is still current, because I had repeated three years have passed since its presentation and maybe a little something is no longer so revolutionary and i would start unpacking it guys.

Forgive me for the summer outfit, but its very hot here in the air conditioning not or ventilat ori, immediately notice that inside we find several interesting packages. We start from this is the radio control or is the support for this thing of the radio control in a really new part box? Note that we have the acronym fcc. I do not know if a question of command works. The c is way. Fcc is certainly also certified for the American market that if there is really the radio control with a small instruction manual – and here it is beautiful weighing and I must say we also have the lace to hang it around the neck. And this is not a bad thing, I must say here: it is the remote control of the copter falcon co greeting the use that is clean. That is practically. There are no buttons except the stop here above to stop the drone during a smart fly. The return button to the automatic case, the control sticks that are not there like on the dg rai. Here we have the ignition key of the remote control that turns on the integrated battery. There are charge LEDs above a lever to set the mode of I think flight sport and dell, two buttons photo and video 2 wheels one faith in the final, the jimbo, the other, I think to adjust something like the exposure, the zoom or something else here behind. We have the base that will be used to go to insert our smartphone is very special how this remote control is engineered.

I have to say that I had still seen something like this is quite comfortable once you understand how it works behind here we have the two very long antennas, two other buttons, the chrome control clothes. Look, how cute they are. They go to live. Obviously, here I dont love flying with such long sticks, look at how they protrude make the flight a little less precise. What I would prefer, however, the spring is very powerful. Look at how they return to position perhaps too much, and in any case a particular drone is a b cotter or therefore there is to evaluate whether the levers like this long, the spring so hard are due precisely to the particular peculiar characteristics of this drone below. We have two connectors one for the r I charge a taxi and a usb to connect the command to the smartphone. What I think well is a radio control that is certainly important, as its size is heavy, but still solid. We are around 350 grams. Ok, friends. Lets continue and come to the highlight of this unboxing of this first part of the video review or the drone. Obviously, the book of the fall with automatic engine control now Ill explain how it works. Friends a moment: 50 minutes of autonomy in flight jimbo, the mechanic three axes: 4k cam and folding arms. I also show the very nice images on the package: radio control accessories, so the basic radio control is sold as an accessory.

This makes us think that the drone can be used completely with a smartphone. We are ready after three years here it is guys packaging covered in very, very protective foam. I have to say surprised me here in this casing, so particular there is the drone. We see it. What else we find? We have a pi ccolo instruction manual is below other foam rubber. We have all the various accessories very well arranged. I have to say two spare propellers: look, how long these props pil screwdriver with change screws, usb tex, the power cable, Italian company, fortunately, and finally, the charger which almost looks like that of a laptop the plug is proprietary in addition to this small booklet. That warns us about one aspect: in my opinion, it is important we do not have to open arms in the classic way, as we do with all drones, but we must first press this key and then open the arms. I think it is a safety system, considering that this drone has only two motors two arms but lets open it, and this is how the book of the falcon looks like it is a nice beast, I must say, definitely weighs more than 250 grams. In my opinion, we are close to the kilo and are almost 800 grams. The massive drone made entirely of plastic. However, it seems very solid to notice another warning or danger with lots of darts that show us the keys to press.

We also have another sticker. Another warning below the smart battery must be recharged before the first flight, so keep these keys pressed lets go to open the arms of the water falcon here it really is really interesting. There is a jimbo cover below lets, go to remove it and immediately try to turn on the drone. The power button is located above, I think the battery is hibernating. The Romanian turns on must be recharged anyway, for now, I will show you more closely in the front. We have two anti collision: sensors, a 4k cam, a child to the three axis mechanic below. Instead, under the battery, we have the height sonar sensor with a small extra cam in the back, we have a very nice signaling, led the connections between the arms and the body of the young man, in particular of the motors boys. Look at how the brushless motors of this drone are made. They also rotate on this axis so as to be able to stabilize in flight, in the absence of other two motors, as happens on traditional drones. So the motor rotating goes to stabilize the drone in flight Im curious to discover the battery, which is really heavy guys. Then only the battery the drone has a weight. In the meantime, it keeps well even without the battery and companies look 330 grams. The drone instead 436, the battery is a 15.4 times from 4500. Milian itself should guarantee up to 50 minutes of autonomy in flight, and this guys was a first look: al v, copter falcon of zir zyl robotics, a very interesting b cotter.

To tell the truth, it is no longer a novelty. Some time ago, velo reviewed one very cheap, find the link in the cards above. However, this on paper is a whole other level between anti collision, sensors, cam 4 kg the three axis mechanic 50 minutes of autonomy. In flight a really interesting, remote control to try, it definitely seems to me well built below we have or other lights other signaling LEDs higher up. We have a type input. Yes in this hatch. Instead, we have the input for the micro sd, many ventilation grids. I dont know how heat dissipation works for a drone of this type. I imagine that this type of motors, like look at how big they are, among other things they are continuously under mechanical stress, so we need to dissipate a little the heat that is generated friends. What do you think? Are you curious to try it in flight with me well time to charge the battery and lets go out, approve it lets test the application and lets see the first few minutes of flight how it behaves at the moment. I do not recommend you to buy it because it is objectively expensive. It costs over 1000 euros and a particular company took almost three years to launch it on the market from the presentation, and this, in my opinion, is not the best and you have to evaluate the whole question after sales assistance accessories. You do not know how much a replacement battery costs useful for this drone, but, in my opinion, not very little so guys, referring you to the second part of the video review of the v copter falcone, that I have always considered interesting on paper.

The main problem, in my opinion, is your company that has delayed sending the marketing of this drone too long. It is necessary to evaluate whether the up side, photographic ato, is still current or not, and if it is really worth all the money it costs. I have many doubts about. The build quality is good, it is not to say the packaging is excellent. There is the case c its a bit of everything, but I dont know friends. Honestly, if I had to spend over 1000 euros for a drone, I will go to an important brand with excellent assistance. It is still all to be demonstrated for 00 robotics. Well, friends, I leave you some drone links and accessories that I recommend, such as microsd henning cat power bank to recharge the batteries of almost drone below in video descriptions. You will also find the link for my official tegra channel the quest il sin daco facebook of every technology, italy – is the instagram page enter numerous. I wait for you to have your say on this drone, leaving a nice comment below what do you think, locusts, rester or not, you find it too expensive. You have already had the opportunity to test it or evaluate its behavior in flight. Well lets talk about it together below. I greet you very curious to try it in flight. The color is black, but black black, so I imagine it will get very hot with these temperatures in this period.

Okay lets hope. Well, we say goodbye. We give you an appointment at my next video as long as you always want here.