… You tell it yourself Uncle, It would stink. Right. Goodness me, There is a bathroom here. Oh There is no water. Wait for a minute Hello. I am calling from 5005. The thing is, we have just checked in our room: There is no bidet shower in our toilet. I will connect your call to the reception. Okay. Thank you Guys. I had no plans to make this video Since we are making so many food videos outside. We thought lets not make videos of our stay Because there are enough shoots outside daily, So yeah …, Hello Greetings. I am calling from 5005. We have just checked into our room: There is no bidet shower in our toilet. It is just the paper rolls here. Shall I send the bucket and mug for you Bucket, So actually in most of the rooms, we do not have bidet shower. If you are expecting …, We could send a bucket Okay, so most of the rooms do not have showers Most of the rooms we dont have bidet shower. Oh, is that so Okay, then send us a bucket with mug What they meant was …. It is not there in many rooms, apparently It will only be in some rooms. You are trapped in that room. It will be there in 2 out of 3 rooms Thats. What Guys? I think this room was designed for Americans. There is only paper here. They could have told us beforehand Guys the biggest problem now is .

… As I told you, I had no intention of making this video, But we were staying in another hotel before We didnt have a good experience there. It was a bad experience, Disappointed with their services. We stayed in that hotel for 2 days. We thought lets go to a better hotel, Even if it costs extra money Park. The name sounds amazing Park. Hyderabad lake view You can see the lake from here. This is the Hussain Sagar lake. It looks so beautiful. It would look even more beautiful in the morning, But its fine. The pigeons have shat outside, But thats, not really a problem. We are not going to sit and look outside As far as the room looks good. It is fine, But we booked 3 rooms. They provided 3 different rooms, But in all 3 rooms there is no bidet shower. One room is fine …, But the other two rooms have such problems. I will show you what the problems are. Actually, I had no intention of making this video, But I have to do it now. I am going to share it. As my experience to you, It is a good hotel, But because of service or some reason There are these issues that they have to take care of Because of the lack of it …. I am going to show you what we are going through. I am not complaining, I am just showing just for your understanding, So I just came to this room right now.

This room is on the fifth floor. Naresh Uncle and I are on the fourth floor. We rushed upstairs anxiously when they told this. They didnt have water to wash after using the washroom. We also experienced this problem in our room. They have provided a slab of sorts, Water has leaked in and it has dried up, It is damaged It doesnt. Look so good. It doesnt look like a 4 star or 5 star property. I dont know if this is a 4 star or 5 star property, It will come in that range. Their swimming pool downstairs looks amazing, And there is this thing right: We are unable to roll it up completely, And also it produces sounds as we try to roll it up. Thats. Another problem Are all the lights functioning Put those lights, Two of these lights, dont work in my room, These two focus lights, dont function, Press those switches. No, I tried switching on everything. It is none of those 3 switches. I think there might be some other switches. There is a button. Next to it Looks like a light switch that on Press it nicely. Oh okay, Maybe I didnt try that on This works, but not that That is on the other side, So these are LED light. I guess Thats nice. Actually, it is an amazingly built place. It is a superbly designed hotel, But because of the lack of maintainence, This has happened And also look at the sides here.

…, Like how the paint comes off in old houses Thats how it looks here Over here and there There is Uncles Wooden Handle Bag as well. Why have you brought all that It is to take back used clothes? So there is that problem, And actually this is a huge wardrobe Check this out. …. You can keep all your belongings here, So they have provided 2 hangers Thats neat. I will show you everything in this room. There is a big mirror here. …, You can look at your reflection or change your clothes. Nice Mirror They have kept it clean And there is this device to operate your AC. You can increase or decrease …. There is a light great. It reads: the room temperature Great. It is a Honeywell product. Thats neat And there are 4 water bottles. It was there in my room too, There are kettles and these glasses. This Drone is mine, Not theirs. … And TV is a huge nice LG TV Great. They have Samsung Deck. You can watch a film in CD Guys. You can watch films in CD, They offer such services Nice To someone who knows to keep a deck to watch movies in CD. They havent kept a bucket to clean … … Is this Hathway internet? Oh it is the cable Hathway. No, So Uncle is expecting something here: Isnt it the one Uncle Dont break it. There should be a door coming from here, But thats missing, Uncles biggest concern is .

… You tell it yourself Uncle, It would stink right Door is all open, So bathrooms smell would be evident. That is Uncles concern This door opens this way. There should be a door from here, actually Look how they have kept it Wow. This is actually another …. I dont know what this is. Usually it wouldnt be opened like this Because it would be closed completely And there would be a door for the same, A side, door of sorts …. Hence this wouldnt be open, But yeah …. This is a problem And biggest concern of all. This is an American Toilet in Hyderabad, India, America. I am not speaking ill about it. There could be such toilets Following all kinds of culture and welcoming them with such services is actually a good thing. I am not teasing that, But when native people board here, They wouldnt have such practice. How can you ask them to use paper? They would definitely be taken aback. They told that they would provide bucket and mug. How would we sit in here and wash with mug? Did we think about that? Also, where is the tap Without tap …? I would have to fill water from here. I have to take the bucket in the morning And where would I keep it? How would I clean myself later So there are so many problems involved. There is open space here, … It will stink after using it Exactly … In these kind of bathrooms, .

.. They will have a door like this. There wouldnt be any latch on it. We had already seen it in Malaysia Uncle meant that there is a big opening here. Look how open it is. You can see the entire toilet from here Peeking into. It is not an issue Because there are only two people Uncle and Brother wont peek in, But the smell would peak out. We cannot do anything for that Because of such problems …, I am actually laughing as I say, But this is a very serious and concerning issue It is a very expensive place. They should provide guests basic needs. Let me into the swimming pool. Since I paid you. I aint asking for that. If the pool is closed, I understand Because of the Covid situation. … Swimming pool and gyms are closed. Spas are also closed. Fine by me They are all extravagancies. I dont need them, But using the toilet is my basic need. Look how long have I been talking about it Because I am talking that And there is a beautiful tub like this in all the rooms, But you cannot lie down …. You can only sit in this right. You can sit nicely and fill water …. You can lie down if you are short, If you are short you can fit in, It would be perfect. For Iqbal to lie inside Height would definitely be an issue. I am simply teasing Iqbal. Should we turn this around? It is here Woah I didnt do anything.

What They have brought the bucket Guys the bucket is here, Wait. Wait! Thank you, sir, For the bucket This bucket is sufficient. It is a big enough bath for washing. I am not complaining about that, But filling it and going in … Wait. I will show it to you, Oh no. I want to use the bathroom. Oh, there is no water, Wait for a minute. Oh no! It is taking time to fill. I have to use the washroom, Oh, no, It is open as well. It is fine Lets. Take it quickly Everytime, there is a sound when I turn onoff the tap I dont know. What sound is that Now I am going in a hurry, Wait guys. How would you wash after that Show that too Use your imagination for all that, So I will show you the sound once again, You might shit right here on hearing that sound There is tremor. There is some supernatural power here. I dont know what, though They have provided these soaps and all, But they have only kept one for two Yeah thats a valid point too. There was only one toothpaste, Only one shower cap. No one is going to use that There was only one lotion Lights would work right, Yeah it does. It is a huge mirror here. Focus lights are amazing, And what about the light here? Is it really not there Seriously nope? Actually, the lights in my toilet, doesnt work. I will definitely show you guys.

I am not even joking. Actually, we can take bath from this light. Okay, I might agree with that. There is a huge shower on the top. It might break off and fall on your head. Thats, not a shower, It is shower. Bro Wait. I will turn it on for you. Did you see the shower Rain shower? You can take bath like in the rain Thats. All great Water is being wasted. Guys, wait! A minute Hey, switch it off. I am wearing headset as well. Yeah, There is one shower gel and one shampoo inside And the floor is a little slippery Do watch out. For that too. They have provided towels Thats nice. It is rolled and kept neatly. So this is Uncles and Nizams room Check how beautiful it looks. The bucket is very close by to the toilet, So we would believe them. Actually I booked it for all 4 days, So we dont have any other option. They wont return the money. Hence we would manage in this place. We already had problems with that room Now. I dont know what about this place now, So guys lets go upstairs and check out my room, Not up, it is actually downstairs. I am staying in the fourth floor. This was kept in the morning Now there are mosquitos breeding on it. This was definitely kept in the morning. I am definitely sure, But it is okay …, Not in my room, So its cool Guys Come inside my room.

I am here So this is my room. There is a huge mirror as soon as you enter. You can catch your reflection on it. As I told you, There are 4 water bottles like in the top, Then glass kettle and also sugar, packets and tea bags, Nescafe Everyday and all of it. There is a Samsung Deck here as well. I didnt notice it before So I was tired and I was like. Finally, The room is amazing And I had plans to enjoy the stay and leave. This was the Lungi I wore after coming here. There is a dustbin below. Actually, this is a well constructed room. One light works while the other doesnt And there is a beautiful sofa here that stands out. It is very beautiful Super great So here …, These lights should work Thats all One light works while the other doesnt, But look. How beautiful is this room? There is a teapot to drink tea. The view from here is splendid. It is lake view room apparently, So it is not like a normal room at all Guys. It is working. There is a switch on this side, So both the focus lights work, But that light doesnt work and the light over there too. This is the bathroom. There is a difference between the two rooms in bathroom. Actually, there is a shower on the left Shower on the top and this on its side. Similarly, they have one of this .

… There is a shampoo And a big basin near me, Thats nice, And there is a place here to keep your luggages Looks good right. There is a safe. You can open this safe and keep your belongings here And lock it in. Actually, I have not seen such safe before And there are so many racks in the bottom. This and this You can hang your clothes here, Hanger, So a walk in closet of sorts. My room doesnt have a dry toilet. It is wet toilet. So on that note … I am safe, But the thing is … Lights, dont work here They have provided lights, but it isnt working And also the light on the side is pretty minimal. So the light isnt working That is a minus. If I inform them, will they do something about it? Mostly, they wont do anything so I dont know Because we are getting super annoyed. There was an even bigger problem in the next room, Because Naresh and Uncle stays in that room. Their wash basin was full of hair. Then they called in and asked them to clean it. They asked them to clean the entire bathroom, But he cleaned just the basin. The thing is, it is my take on it. … There arent enough people, Mostly because of Corona. They might be understaffed and business might be dull, But still it is a luxury segment hotel And they are charging you that price In such places.

…, You cant, excuse yourselves And basically, we didnt know there were dry toilets. It wasnt mentioned in Agora the app we booked either. So when we asked about that …, There are only 15 toilets with shower. Apparently They said, none of the other toilets are wet toilets when Naresh bro called and talked to them. How huge a hotel is this? How many rooms would there be? Will only Americans stay here? I am saying because of the dry toilets, Not just Americans. Most western countries use dry toilets, So would only they stay here. There would also be Indians too. If there are only 15 toilets …, You could have mentioned that it was dry toilets Because I dont think …, Usually an Indian would be cool with dry toilets Thats. Why? I said that If it was a normal, Indian, toilet …, It is easy to use a bucket with that, But it is difficult with this, So I joked there, But it is getting seriously irritating. Now. Can you hear the sound Yeah There was that sound constantly? While I was using the washroom Thats some malfunction in the light And thats why that sound? So I will just leave it like that and close this, And this particular door was missing upstairs This opened for me See how we can open this, And also there is this door Yeah, No problem. So this is our room. What has happened? What has happened So he is like just give me time for today And I will get all the 3 rooms from tomorrow.

I am sure you would like it and if we dont He would help us with the refund and cancellation from his end. What about tonight, then? He wants us to stay in these rooms. He doesnt have any availability, it seems Everything is completely booked. Is it in this hotel? All of them is booked And tomorrow also, if we want the room to be shifted in our absence, We can just submit the keys and leave He would do the entire shifting. If not, it has to be done in our presence. He said they will get. It done once we are back, They told they would change our rooms for tomorrow, Because they dont have rooms. Now, apparently – And my only problem in the room here – is that the light isnt functioning inside the toilet – and there is a sound, An electrical shock sort of sound. There is no other problem here. The problem you are facing is pretty big. You tell yourselves what is that problem? I just told them now: It was not clean before we used it. It was that bad after they checked in It is pretty annoying guys, Not because it is a luxury hotel, Even in a lodge, they keep it clean. Dont. Think I am so sophisticated. He has become well known now. He would only be clean …. We would all expect cleanliness, Even if it Rs.400 First thing is cleanliness Thats. What everyone expects It should be clean thats all, Even if it is very small, It should be clean, But it isnt clean here Thats the problem So guys.

This is our Park experience in Hyderabad Its good right, But they said they would upgrade it tomorrow. So lets give them a days time, And I would let you know what happens tomorrow So guys we have vacated from Park Hotel. So we talked to them after that And asked them to change the room, But they asked us to adjust for one day since they didnt have any other rooms And that they would change it. The next day, The room in which Uncle and Nizam stayed in …. Since they couldnt use that restroom at all, We told them we had to change it. We told that is not going to be possible, So they asked us to cancel it. So we cancelled that and have come to Trident. We are going to check in at Trident right now. I dont know how it is going to be, But I will show it to you, So that was our experience there. We talked for so long in the lobby and hence we couldnt shoot it. We talked with them and vacated their room. They also accepted that, And we also left that place. Our timings got messed up. We had plans to do a food shoot tonight, But we missed it. … The food ran out because it rained So were going inside. Right now You will see tomorrow about this place About Trident Room. Okay, Bye, see you Take a look at the room for yourself. They have provided enough lights.

There are focus lights, It is amazing.