Today, ive got some amazing news for you guys. We are going to unlock my mavic 2 pro to remove the no fly zones, as well as the altitude limits and enable fcc boost mode in this new mod. This new version is absolutely exciting because it supports almost all dji drones, so if you guys want to – and you guys were ready to apply the mod, all you need to do is just simply go to the drone hacks website. Please make sure its the drone hacks by think awesome. Once youve opened the site, youll have a couple of options to choose from. Obviously all these unlocks are going to be at your own risk. So if you are going to proceed with this, please make sure you understand and fully agree to all the terms. Now, in our scenario, i would like to mod my dgi drone. The first thing youd like to do is just maybe go check. The bird map out the bird map is going to show you what drones are supported and what you need. If you dont understand, there are options where you can, click on which license. Do you need and so forth? In my scenario, ive already done this previously on another drone. So im going to do this now on my personal drone as well so im going to click on the mavic, 2 zoom and pro option and youre going to see all the options available. Now this new mod is absolutely amazing because it runs on the latest firmware it supports all of this.

So, where you see the recommended firmware, you can now ignore this and you can just click on the latest firmware on the bottom of the page, and it will show you what mods are available. So in this case, you can see that the free or just the dronex application itself is going to allow you to flash your firmware, modify your parameters, so you can increase your speed and so forth ill. Show you how to do that as well and if youd like to enable fcc mode, this is obviously to increase your range of signal strength, if youre outside of the us, but theres, also a boost option. So if you are in the us, you can still enable fcc boost which will increase the output of your remote or your signal, even better, even more so the last one the one im most excited about is. We can now remove the altitude limit, as well as the no fly zones using the certificate, so you need to have the correct license for this one. Now, if you do not have a drone, hacks account, i would simply click on my account and then you could go to the sign up option and you could register your email address now. This is where you guys need to think ahead. Is the drone something youre going to keep for a long period of time? Are you in the process of maybe thinking about upgrading, your drone and so forth? Because, if you are, i actually recommend creating a separate gmail account for each drone that youre going to mod on the dronex application or by purchase or purchase a license for, and the reason for this is, if you sell the drone, you can now give the gmail Account or whatever account youve created with the drone, because the license is linked to that login details.

So in this case, ive already got an account on my name, so i can just log in i can go view my profile or i can purchase more licenses. But if you are new to this, i would recommend signing up and getting a email account that is dedicated for that drone purely because, if you ever want to get rid of the drone, you can then give the account with and the person purchasing the drone can. Then get all the benefits of the dronex license that youve already purchased, because the license is linked to the drone serial number, its not transferable, between one drone and another. So in this case i all you need to do. Is you can go? Look at the pricing options in this case: ive done up anything in my shopping cart, but if you have already selected, maybe a pricing option for yourself. So if id like to go and purchase a license, i can now go and buy a license now, if you want to buy a license, obviously youre going to have a few options, but we want to obviously upgrade my dji mavic 2 pro. So in this case i can go choose my bird, which is my mavic 2 pro and i can go, buy a regular license if you click on the license. It goes to the whole process of going to the cart where you can make payment. My internet connection is, unfortunately, not fantastic, so, as you can see here, the regular license is now put in my cart and i can proceed proceed to my checkout now.

If you do make payment, youll just get an email and its just going to tell you that you have purchased your license. Youre, not getting anything as you can see. Theres, no shipping costs or anything like that included because its just linked to your account that youve registered with so make sure once again that you are signed up. So the account gets linked to the correct email address now, once youve done that go to the download page which you can select, whichever operating system youre working with. Currently it supports windows and linux. You can just click on the button on the bottom and start downloading. The application and its a very easy to use application tool. Now, if you are unsure of how the whole process works, you can always go to the options on the screen at the top. Here you can go to the unlock certificate. Itll explain the whole process for you step by step, how to do it and proceed accordingly. So if you do go into the dji, go 4 app, for instance, and you find that you dont have your certificate enabled you can just go to get on manually as well, because sometimes it doesnt always enable automatically but ill go through the process. But later for you as well now you can also, like i said, go, take a look at the what options are available in the hack and the unlock certificate? It explains it quite well.

So for those of you guys who would like to have some further reading, especially for those of you guys that arent 100 sure what fcc boost is um but further well lets continue to do the mod. As you can see, ive now completed my download for the dronex application and, if you want, you can just open it over. There ive already got quite a few downloaded from previous experiences. So im just going to open my drone hacks account my login details. Everything has already been inputted, so its going to be easier for me just to proceed. So what you can do so long is once the dronehex application has now opened up. You can type in your details and it is then going to log you into the application. But while you do this, you might as well turn on your drone. So in my case, im just going to switch on my drone quickly and youre going gon na see that drone hacks will detect it pretty soon. Now, once its detected youll see on the dronex screen itself, its gon na say its device connected, and then we can just click and check the firmware of the drone itself. So if you click on the welcome page, youll see the version that your firmware is currently on. Now i already have a license associated with my drone, so when i connect it up, dronax will automatically detect my license and it will start loading the settings available.

For me now, if you do not have a license associated with your drone, a little pop up is going to appear and its going to show you that or ask you to link the existing license in your account thats not assigned to a drone to this drone. You have, then the option to click. Ok, obviously cancel it. Naturally, you would most likely assign that license to your drone. Now, once the license is assigned to your drone youre going to see the drone, hacks is going to say that the license is valid for the drone and its going to start loading the exploits that are available now. This can take some time depending on your internet connection, so you just have to wait for drone hacks to complete loading, the exploits and then log you into the application itself once its logged you into the application, its going to start loading, all the exports again and Just make sure that you are able to make changes to your drone, as you can see, ive now logged in i can click on the hack parameter option, and you can see that my drone is currently in fcc mode. Now i would like to switch over to fcc boost mode. All i have to do is select the box, click the apply button and drone hacks will do the rest as simple as that, all we need to do now is just to wait for the mod to be applied to the drone once its completed dronax can have A little pop up to say its successful and then which you can just restart the room so, as you can see, were just waiting now for it to complete, it can take a minute or two, but the pop up should pop up any second now, once its Complete you can see the pop up there.

All you do is click the ok button restart your drone and then you are good to go. You can check in the app itself, but it would be easier just to restart the drone, reconnect it to the pc and then go into the hack parameter option and check if the boost mode option has been selected. As you can see, im just connecting my drone going to the hacks option now just waiting for drone hacks to detect everything. Remember your internet speed will determine how long the exploits will take to load, but once thats done, all we want to check is if the boost mode option has been enabled on my drone. If it has, then the drone has been successfully modded to fcc boost mode, and we can proceed to the no fly zone. Mod now, sometimes youre going to get an error message and youre going to see it pop up any second. Now that is because the internet speed is not great. The best thing to do here is just to click. Ok, button, restart the drone, reconnect everything and then try again when the drone gets connected, the loading exploit phase happens automatically. Now, if you dont restart your drone, you might get stuck on the loading exploit page because its errored out and it doesnt know it needs to refresh so simply just restart your drone. It will automatically restart the loading exploit page again now in my scenario. Unfortunately, my internet is very bad, so i had to go through the process two times.

Luckily, i succeeded on the second attempt. As you can see, i am now in boost mode. That means that the fcc boost mode mod was successful, and i can proceed now to install the dronehack certificate. Remember the dronag certificate will remove the altitude limits, as well as the no fly zones, so once again, just as easy as the fcc mod just click the install button, and once you click it a little pop up screen to appear for you to agree to. Naturally, that is a place where you need to accept responsibility, because you could be breaking laws in your country. Remember just because youve removed the limits does not mean you are flying illegally. Artel parrot. None of those drones have any limits, but if you remove the limits, you can potentially be breaking the laws in your country, so please fly responsibly and do not break the laws in your country. Now, once a certificate has successfully installed a little pop ups going to appear to tell you that you should not be upgrading your application, nor your firmware. If you do the possibility that the certificate will stop working does exist now all you need to do is restart your drone and you can then proceed to check or go for a test flight now. Remember. If you dont want the mod anymore, you can simply update the firmware on your drone, or you can go into the dronex application, go to the hex firmware option and click the remove option.

Then it will remove the altitude limit, as well as the no fly zone certificate. Now let me quickly jump over and show you guys how to change the parameters of your drone. That is, if you want to make it a bit faster or a bit slower its completely up to you all. You do is switch over to the hack parameters, tab and it will then load the exploits available for your drone, its just going to check the parameters for you, so its just checking what is your current settings and then you can make changes in this case. We can make changes to sport mode as well as to normal, p mode. Unfortunately, we cant make changes to tripod mode or cinematic mode here, but if you do go to the advanced options on the right side, that will give you a few more options so on the screen. If you want to, you can change a few of the options over here, so if i want to, i can make my the send speed faster or my ascent speed faster and if i make anything over here and im, not happy with it. All i can do is just click on the reset button again and i can then just restore to the default settings so theres, no real risk here. If you want to play around with it, do please dont make massive changes like ive just done just click the reset button. I would make five degree changes.

Maybe at a time, if you want to do something a bit more advanced, you can click on the advanced parameter option. This could be a few more options for you now you can search for something in this case lets just search for tripod mode, and i can look at all the settings that are associated with that now. Please only make changes here. If you know what you are doing, if you dont leave this alone, you can really mess something up here. If you make a change here and you are uncomfortable and you want to go back to the previous settings, you can just close the screen. Click on the set default values and it will restore to the previous configuration now, if you guys want more in depth knowledge of the drone alex application. I really do recommend going to the dronex website reading all of the content there or go to the fly. My mavic youtube page good friend of mine. He has a whole tutorial on how the dronex application works so simply go to to fly. My mavic click the subscribe button and follow the content that hes making there hes really up to date, and he works very closely with the developer of the dronex application. Well done guys, you have now modded your drone. All thats really left is for you to go and test it out. So what you need to do just go into the go4 application or the fly app, and then you can go check if your certificate is enabled or not so log into the go for app.

Go to the top three buttons on the top right and youre, going to scroll down to the bottom, where you can see the three dots at the bottom of the page. Now, usually it will open at the drone icon on the top left, simply tap on the three dots at the bottom scroll down. We can see unlocking license geo, unlocking on the dji flyer app, and then you can take a look at what certificates are on your drone. Currently, in my case, ive got a few thats from the app itself but im more concerned about the one thats on the aircraft itself. So the drone hacks one remember was loaded onto the aircraft, so just tap on the aircraft side and youre gon na see that the drone hacks certificate is enabled, if its not enabled so you tap on the certificate to turn it on and off now. Remember if you turn it on again, youre gon na have to accept the liability questions so just tap on the buttons and then proceed now if you are flying, you cannot disable this while in flight, but this is pretty cool. If you want to turn off the certificate and enable the no fly zones, if you are in an area where you are maybe more sensitive towards that, but if you want to turn it on, you can simply come back in here. Tap the certificate button and it will then be enabled, as you can see, that its valid till 2030, so its going to be there for a long long time.

Remember once again do not update the app and do not update the firmware on the drone. If you do, you will lose the mod now. Thank you guys for sticking around till the end of the video, please consider to click the like and subscribe button as it really helps out the channel.