G 906. Pro version: this drone is foldable quadrocopter with 4k camera and the price is only 120 euro. So let’s look what we have inside. We have one spare battery, die is. This is original battery. This one comes with the drone itself. Also we have remote control, let’s unfold it and than us can look right now. We can turn in odd, als volgt. Oke, this needle to be charged as you see – Oke, let’s put it asidelet’s check the drawn and unfold it. Ja, this is sg906 pro version. It’S unfolded, it’s very easy gimbal. You can see how gimbal is working right now. Extra battery extra bigger battery i have bought from aliexpress for about 20 year euros, the same dimension, only bigger capacity as you can see. So this also has micro, sd card slot right here, let’s fold it back together like it should be. This is the sg906 pro version, so this drone supports microsd card up to 32 Gigabytes. Video quality of writing to sd card is much much better than writing to your cell phone maximum flight time. They say you can reach up to 24 minuten. This drone has battery of 7.2 watts and 28 100 milliamperes. You can find info that video range is about 600 meter, but maybe in ideal world i have tested and marks. I can get was about 450 meters and at 100 meters high also need to mention challenging charging. Time is about 6 uur, so maybe you want to buy extra battery for longer flights and you can even buy bigger battery life.

I showed you from aliexpress for 20 hours or so. Naar mijn mening, this is g906. Pro drone is quite stable. The gps does a good job of keeping it where you want to uh. It has a go to home function, but this sometimes may fail you. I already one time lost this drone and you had to search it for a few hours or so. Deze Drone, doesn’t battle well went very well so make sure you’re flying in no or light wind wind. The camera is pretty good for a drone in this price range. It isn’t great 4k, footage and don’t expect to take this on a professional shoot like mavic mini or some similar drones. There is a bit of jello and wavy lines in the video, because this is not freeways, Gimbal, so main things you need to know about this drone it’s, cheap and good for full around and great. If this is your first drone and you just want to see how it got, how it’s gone also it’s, stable and gps works great in good weather condition for the price point, the camera is the best thing you can get for the money right now on the Market, but the true range, it also depends on your mobile phone. You have better phone, you have better range, you can reach downside, there is no connection between phone and control unit, so the range is limited, but but all other features are great.

The next step is only mark me. I think you can check some winter video footage here right now, the same place in a summer time and some more video testing from this drone. This is made by me in summertime thanks for watching.