Still being completed, this is a 1/14 range GOLD MiNE. * KEEP IN MIND * THIS IS NOT THE FINAL BUILD: I have two more sluice boxes presently shipping to the mine website. The 6" Power Sluice Box Setups are to get here for our Two Rotating Drum Trommel catch bays. Het is een 3 Phase Sluice configuration. The Shaker is the Last. There will certainly be 3 Sluice boxes working, when I am done building in a few weeks.

In episode 3 of YouTube GOLD, we flaunted the new watering system we built. After designing, and also upgradingI developed a slightly different watering system that was much more straight, extremely powerfuland is able to run a whole plant.

A lot of individuals believe I am attempting to configuration a 1/14 scale variation of a wash GOLD MiNE. and that is really close. Im not also anxious about making it all look "Real". maar eigenlijk. I am a LARGE PERSON, making a CASH COW with RC Equipment. Im not too anxious regarding whatever looking perfect. rather, be very practical.

YouTubeGOLD is a parody series based around the GOLD Shows of TELEVISION that we all understand and like. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold every one of these are shows that my family members enjoy seeing! I have constantly recognized that making a GOLDEN GOOSE would certainly be possible with RC models. and also lastly I reach realize this desire.

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RC4WD Earth Miner 2 1/14 RANGE EXCAVATOR:.

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