If you're, looking for all the terms and learn as much as possible in a short amount of time, then you should check out my full glossary list on gog.com that you can check out right here at the top or in the description I go through. All of them alphabetically and also have a few graphics and tables that can help you to easily understand certain concepts: hi i'm paul from georgia.com and, allereerst, what the hell is a job in aviation and in space. Meestal, the term shown refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as a UAV. Other names for the common drone would include remotely piloted aircraft system or small unmanned aircraft system. So what types of jobs are there you've all heard about military drones that made a bit of a bad reputation for common commercial UAVs in general, echter, we're not going to discuss those right now, the most prevalent out of the bunch and definitely the most popular multi Rotor drones are the most common types used by professionals and hobbyists alike. They are mostly used in aerial photography, video surveillance, inspection and much much more. If you want to see a more in depth, article on drone uses how expensive they are and how long they can fly for check the article description as a point of reference. The longest flying multi rotor drones can stay for 20 Aan 30 minutes in the air. At one time, this type of drone can also be further classified based on how many motors they have into the following categories: een quadcopter, the most frequently used model being very power efficient and handling.

The absolutely great it's, no wonder, is the choice of most manufacturers out there having four motors they can adjust the speed at which the motor spin, thanks to ESDS, also known as electronic speed controllers, that connect to a main computer board track. Copters are indeed drones that can fly with less than four motors, very rare, as they are prone to a bit more instability, what's even more. They are also buy copters, which remind me of the really cool new drone called the captive Falcon that's been recently revealed. I plan to review this as soon as possible as it's, so damn cool looking and that one flies for 50 minutes which is well above everything with vinyasa to hexacopters, have six rotors and provides a bit more power and redundancy to the mix. This is what you'll find in drones that are able to carry bigger cameras, maybe DSLRs and such they are also used for inspection work and even agriculture. Use octave copters are the big boys with eight rotors included and are the top of the game for raw power and redundancy they're made for heavy lifting and industrial world. Besides multi rotor, we also have fixed wing rolls don't think that planes can't be called drones. As you can remember, the only conditions applied are that it flies and doesn't have an onboard pilot. This can basically stay longer in the year as they don't need to use that much energy to beat gravity as they can glide in the air.

They can cover large areas in a shorter time, it's useful for anything agriculture related and they're, usually more lightweight than motor orders as disadvantages go. They have a larger frame, they're, not really useful for photography, and you need to know better how to pilot one because there's a higher skill type report. Some of these fixed wing models can fly up to 16 hours or even more, especially if you have solar panels installed on the wings. If you're curious, what the range would be in this case. Goed, theoretisch, infinite drones can use 4G LTE signal to fly just like your phone gets Internet data, for example there's this youtuber Dustin Dunhill that tested such a mode with the paradise go to travel from one island to the other and actually succeeded. You can do so much more with the right equipment, though vertical takeoff drones, also known as Vito, are a very interesting hybrid between the previous two, as they can take off like regular drones, yet engaged into gliding like fixed wing drones, while they reach a certain altitude Or speed this allows for improving battery limits, while benefiting from the stillness and stability of standard domes, it's, a complicated, a design mix. So don't expect to see much of these types in the market service. As a point of reference, Amazon was planning to make their drones a VTOL shape, being able to glide for more efficiency. Yes still land, precisely on a location, there's also single rotor drones that are basically like helicopters.

They have a heavier payload capacity, have the ability to hover flight, but come with the disadvantage of being more dangerous and harder to fly. You can share the article in the description where I have a table with the full cons and pros of each of the jobs. We discussed so far. You can also find out my top quadcopters for each price category, including for beginners let's talk a bit more about multi, rotor drones and quad copters for that matter, because that's, what this channel is all about anything beginner to professional camera. Multi lot of Joan's reviews, comparisons and videography advice. Allereerst, there are majors which are basically made for beginners and they can be flown inside. They have small frames and are usually cheaper. This can be considered toy drones, but some can be quite advanced despite their size, a doe that small in size and weight is the nav emini that's. Also a drone with an amazing camera. So size is no longer such an important factor. Hoppa drones are mid. Sized drones that are popular among hobbyists and they're, usually priced under 200. These types of multicopters are ideal for those with some experience in handling rooms. Many hobbies rooms come with cameras or have mechanisms for camera attachments. These are usually under 200. Although much progress has been made, they're still not on the professional level required for making money with them, professional Joan's are usually on the high end, with four or more rollers.

Many of these types of drones are used for professional aerial, fotografie of videografie. Als zodanig, they already have built in high definition cameras. They often have a better range and longer flight ops. These drones come with impeccable three axis stabilization, gimbals, brushless motors and automatic vitamins. The barrier of entry has lowered substantially in the past couple of years. Now being able to get such a drone for about 500, but of course there are advantages of paying more for one racing. Drones are relatively smaller types of quad copters. They are built to be faster and more agile than the typical hobby or professional drone. They also include a built in camera that provides first person view video feeds that provide a cockpit view as the craft flies to courses and obstacles. Trust me this can be really hard to fly and quite dangerous. Sometimes so only fly this if you're quite an expert or have flown before in an FP v simulator. I know I've talked a bit about brushless motor brush motors three axes. What so, let me explain what the differences are. There is the glossary with all the definitions. In de beschrijving, but let's go a bit over. The main terms that I have mentioned during this video brushless motors are superior to brushed motors in every way, but they're also more expensive. Brushes inside electric motors are used to deliver according to the motor brushless motors. Don'T have these commutators. This means that the brushed motors are in perpetual physical contact with the shaft and brushes, and they wear off.

The price range where you can find brushed Jones is usually under 100 and brushless motors are found in more expensive jobs. Fpv is known as first person view and is usually used when I talk about racing jobs it when you feel like you're in the cockpit of a drone and fly like a pilot, a very interesting experience, especially thanks to the new fpv system from the g. I i have made a video of it right here. Three axis gimbal are usually found in more professional camera jaws and are a series of models that help stabilize the camera independent of how the drone moves or vibrates. This is what creates those silky smooth videos. You see on youtube. The three axis gimbal has three models that stabilize the image in all the three axes. A two axis: gimbal doesn't, usually have the sight stabilization and tends to be slightly cheaper, because this is quite a sophisticated system. They'Re, not that cheap, so expect. Adding at least a hundred to two hundred dollars to the price of a drone, if it has one of these especially good ones, electronic image stabilization is an alternative or, in addition to the more classical 3 as, gimbal stabilization and means that the image is stabilized to Software inside the drone, this is usually a compromise because it has to cut down from the final image size to compensate for all the movement. Although a is made huge progress, lately, nothing can compare with a good three axis gimbal another term that has been used more frequently in the recent years.

Thanks to the GI is obstacle. Avoidance Vidya has included cameras on the drone to provide alerts for objects in proximity and even actually calculate a new trajectory of the drone. This can be found either in front of the drone or lately in the back sides, or even up or down the term ready to fly comes from the Hobby drone mainly and makes the difference on how a drone can be bought from the store you can get. It fully functional from the box like most commercial jobs BJ, bijvoorbeeld, lipo batteries are a type of very technology that is favored by many tool manufacturers because of its lightweight and high capacity charging well it's generally safe lipo scan burst in flames when overcharged or the Polymer case is broken. I try to cover as much as I could on the topic of drones in general and a few of the main definitions that I consider important. This would have to be a really long, video if I wanted to cover every term out there. So that's why I made the glossary in the first place, to help you understand things better. If you haven't yet decide what drone to buy. I strongly recommend you check my dosage control in the description or here the top. You can go and fill the drones by price and any spec combination you prefer, including the battery life. You want the distance, de gimbal, if you want image stabilization and not if you want it to be under 22 grams and so on.

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