Here we go Music right, Muziek. All right guys welcome to today's review. We do have two versions of this quad, wat cool is. You have the hd dji version it's around 279 dollars and you have the analog version with the eos 2 Versie 2 on here and that one's around 179 dollar, but what's cool about this quad is that, Ja, it looks extremely weird, but it flies amazing. So this one hit me from left field because i didn't know a lot about it from beta fpv. I got several boxes in the mail this week from them and there's a whole bunch of new quads coming out on their website, so you can go check them out, but this one i wasn't even really thinking that much about this thing i pulled it out of The boxand i was like what in the world i mean come on. What kind of you know juice? Is this but i've. It surprised me when i, when i was flying the diatone take can 25 that afternoon. I had this one to fly afterwards and i strapped my insta360 go on the front and on my first battery i realized that the tune was extremely good on this thing and it had zero wash out. It was doing power loops low to the ground, where the take can 25 would wobble out. I had much more control with this quad. This quad also does not have foam bumpers on the outside of it.

So take that with a grain of salt, but it has inverted motors as well, en deze zijn 1106 4500 kb motors um. I don't know if they have several different versions of the motors, but you can also add crossfire on here. If you decide to buy the analog version, this one has a milliwatt vtx riding in the very back, so it has sort of a trunk style mount back there and you have an option to mount the caddix vista back there later there's plenty of room back here For the cadex vista, if you choose to do that, we have the beta fpv 5.8 right hand circular polarized, antenna back here and i've seen this one before this one worked pretty good out in the field i'm flying it today, with the xm plus on board. We also have an f405 flight controller with betaflight osd. All that good stuff on there and what's neat about this frame is that it is kind of a carbon combo with molded abs style, prop guards and no foam again. Xt 30. Hier, in the very back sticking up, you want to put a zip tie on this to secure it somehow, and we have some other type of camera mount on the very bottom right here as well, which is kind of cool it kind of holds all this together. There'S four bolts right here, holding that bottom plate on screwing down to the frame itself, but what's neat is that the battery does right.

Bovenop, we have dampening for the camera and it looks like this top plate. Carbon top plate is probably around three millimeter top plate, so in conjunction with, like some molded prop guards this thing's pretty durable. I think my only beef with this one might be that eos 2 Versie 2 camera. It is a beta fpv branded camera, but it's, not like probably my favorite camera in the world, but um the flight characteristics outweigh everything else about this. When i take off with this quad, i kind of forget, you know what this quad even looks like, because it flies so damn good and you don't have to use a right turn usb connector to get to this flight controller, dat is leuk. You can go straight through the top right here and get to the usb port, which is kind of nice as well. So we also have 16 amp ese, so that's going to be a 4s max on this quad and they recommend the 450 batterij. But i think the 650 actually gets me above 5 minute flight time and that's kind of what i want for my insta 360, because it records five minutes in fpv mode. But this quad is really kind of a sleeper and probably one that's, niet echt. That talked about, but this design in this frame this whole setup right here is absolute gold, so let's go outside. Let me show you how awesome this quad does fly here.

Het gaat helemaal goed, jongens, let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test. Nu is de 95 xb2 again total surprise. I had no idea what to expect. It looks super weird and my first punch out after i started moving the sticks around in acro mode was where i was like wow. This quad has some serious, serious seriously high rates for freestyle and, as far as the loop spectrum goes, i was pretty blown away with how nimble it felt on the stick. So that was my first impression that this little guy has awesome, maneuverability, um and i'm, not getting all the wash out like i've done on some foam bumper style quads. onlangs, some of the foam bumper cinder whoops can't, handle anything and when it comes to wind, they don't handle wind at all. They do a lot of washout. You can barely power loot most of them, but this one does not have the foam bumpers on there holding you back, you don't have to even cut them off because it doesn't even come with any. So i felt, like freestyle, was right on point with this quad. I just felt like i could even learn and grow with this style power, power system and the frame, because the frame it feels and looks quite durable. I don't i'm, not scared at all to crash this one down into the field into the dirt or whatever. I did have one crash and i used turtle mode and i was able to flip it back over out in the field and get it back up in the air, so this quiet can also do turtle mode.

You do have some good prop protection there with the prop guards, but the tune is is pretty good. My mine is not representational, the the bottom right hand corner there. You can see a little bit of vibes in some of it, but i had my insta360 kind of like closely touching the uh, the eos 2 camera, so it might have been a little bit more vibrations than it should. I kind of had my insta360 go mount installed incorrectly, so that was my fault, but um flight characteristics again way better than the take hand. 25. As far as the size of this quad, the flight characteristics, the power to weight, punch out ratio and the roll rates were all really really really enjoyable to fly. En toen., when you click back into stability, what's neat about this quad, is it it's really precise and it feels good with the inverted motors, so i can fly low to the ground like this. I can see a small, tiny gap coming and be able to make that gap, dat is echt leuk, and this quad is also way quieter than the take in 25. Dus, if you're looking for something you can fly in the park that you won't bother. Mensen, with this one has the same noise level as something like a regular micro, brushless and again i'm kind of able to get out of situations with those prop guards and even like skirting through here. I wanted to go underneath where the batteries are charging hit.

An xc60 cable there just barely made it out still bumping with the prop guards, no probs, and it does blow quite a bit of dust. So if it's dusty, where you are you're gon na see some dust coming up, because those motors are just straight down at the ground like that, but what a joy to fly i really really enjoyed flying this quad and i just wanted to keep flying. It also flies extremely well out in the field. I did a lot of low to the ground getting in between the trees. You guys have seen me do that before, and this quad was probably one of my tops as far as precise control watch. This come to a really nice, stop plop right on the table and done so this one yeah, absolutely awesome to fly so i'm, giving this one two thumbs up for this review. Absolutely awesome! Oke, so man i wish beta fpv would have sent me the cadx version of this beta fpv. Dus toch, um ja. I got the analog one. It flies amazing that's. All you need to know um. It will do pretty much anything that your standard style micro brushless will do. I have flown micro brushless since the early days of micro brushless, when we were actually flying building micros back when they were brushed motors, um old school cheerson designs, i mean whoa. I just said cheerson well, so we have come a long way, guys um and i haven't seen 1106 motors on something in quite some time.

So i have to say that the 1106 motors on here actually worked out to their advantage because they do give it this. This entire aircraft weight a lighter weight um. De 1404 motors are very popular right now, 1402s, but they are a little bit bigger um. But when you're swinging two and a half inch props, these actually work out pretty well and um. You have all the power that you need. You have a pretty good kb on these at 4, 500 KV. It just has a great punch out this guy just is like a rocket straight up, so um the 4s650. If you're going to freestyle it doesn't really feel that heavy, die ik leuk vind, if you're going to do some extreme freestyle, and you want to fly two and a half minutes. You can try the 450 Plus. If you have some older batteries, they're, probably going to sag. So you're going to need to have some decent batteries when you're flying this one. You want to make sure that you have some newer batteries. You can check out the all line. Batteries um jerry from online. He is the original owner of gnb sent me some all lines recently, and they are my go to batteries right now and they're, not puffing up yet so that's good they're doing even better than some of my tattoo r line batteries and r line has been my Battery of choice for a long time so i'm going to start putting some links down there for online, for you guys so pick up a 4s 650 setup for this one.

As your primary long flight battery, you know a 550, maybe for your freestyle battery i would recommend so i think the 450s is a little bit small and whenever i fly 1106 in the past, i was just always kind of a little bit annoyed with a 450, Omdat 1106 do kill some batteries quite quick on the throttle. So if you're on the high throttle end of things, you're gon na you know wipe that battery out pretty quick, but the vtx on the back worked great. The antenna back here, i've used this one before on many different beta fpv quads, this little right hand circular polarized antenna does great xt30, is all ready to go. I like the fact that they do have several different camera options on here too, so that's a plus for guys that want to do cinema. If you want to do some mild freestyleand you can do some crazy fun freestyle with the insta360 go, this just probably is going to be a little bit lighter than even the naked gopro option. So i just kind of prefer this one right now and i'm kind of get to to do this to my gopro, just because i have so many five inch quads that i have to put gopros on i'm, not ready to de case this. Unless someone sends me one one of these companies, maybe will send me one hopefully, so we have four bolts: three millimeter top plate f4 flat flat controller um.

The tune on here is spectacular, and i think that if you spend 179 dollars for the analog version, you're gon na love this quadit looks weird it has inverted motors, but that really really lets. This thing fly a lot better. It has a clean thrust. Output on the bottom it's not hitting the frame at all down here so that's the whole point of inverted motors, but very, erg leuk, zeer stabiel, beginner friendly as well, because this thing is a beast and i don't think you're gon na break it. If you break yours, if you break your 95x v2, show me a picture of it and show me some video of how you did it because i'd love to see it. But i think it's kind of a cool design, it's very original, and it looks to be like something that is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of people out there. So this one's going to get the double thumbs up for me for flight performance durability. The components used on here, 351 milliwatt btx is, is good enough. I like to see 400 misschien – and i like the variety of camera options that they have so pick up. Een van deze, if you have a gopro i'll, try to put the links down below for both of these and an insta 360 go dress. Didn'T buy one of those. You could do that it will benefit the channel, and i would appreciate that.

So let me go ahead and in this review and just say it is an a plus quad, so um very, very nice release that surprised me.