Oke, now uh last year i reviewed the original uh us 65 from banggood, and actually it was kind of nice drone fun to fly indoors or outdoors. Echter, it was only a 1s drone. Oke, it could only fly with 1s, meaning 1s power – 1s maneuverability great indoors, but outdoors a little bit sluggish i'd have to admit, but it still could have been flowing outdoors. I did fly it outdoors quite a bit, but since then um easting's gone back to the drawing board here. Let me get this carrying case out of the way, but i want to compare the two um by the way it comes with. The us 65 pros does come with, en de 65 pro come with this nice carrying case by the way i wanted to show this before. I moved it out of the way, but it carries all the equipment that you see here. It all fits in there by the way that's pretty cool, but what is new about this okay? First off let's say this is another 65 millimeter drone just like the original us65. Echter, this one weighs two grams, meer 24 grams versus 22 gram. Nu, looking at the two, especially at the canopy, you wouldn't think that you'd think this would be probably heavier. But this one an extra two grams just because of the motors they're a little bit bigger motors than what came with the original us65. But i'll go into that here shortly, Umm andere dingen over het.

Het heeft een 40 channel video transmitter 25 milliwatt with smart audio. The original had a 48 channel video transmitter. Maar, echter, you know those other eight channels um, i wouldn't. I would rarely use those, maar 40 channels is more than sufficient for most purposes. Mensen, you really don't need 48 channels um. Ook, this has internal free sky fly sky and also it's available with external uh, vrije hemel, rx or yeah rx s, r transmitter receiver. Your tbs crossfire nano receiver also can be available with this particular drone um. If you want to use an external receiver, echter, i prefer to use the internal receivers because it makes it lighter keeps it light folks. So you want to consider that possibly now again the big the biggest difference between this and the original is this one is 2s capable, Oke, both 1s or 2s, capable meaning you can fly with one battery or two batteries provided batteries to give you that extra oomph And power, especially if you want to fly this outdoors and do do stunts outdoors or fly very high speed, deze, Weet je, flew nicely but did not have very much speed, but with 2s this one actually kicks kick some butt. I have to say okay for this little drone. Another big difference between the two is, if you look at the canopy of the two, this canopy's quite a bit larger on the original, the one on the the new pro version is a smaller canopy with a large open area both to reduce weight i'm assuming and Also, to provide increased ventilation to the video transmitter to keep it cool, so that's that that's the frame itself.

Looking at the differences, um let's see, i mentioned this 102s capable now there's something special about this 2s capable in that we have this new type of plug. Hier, Oke, this is the receptacle plug, i hope that's coming in focus, and this is the battery plug for it. This is the new et 2.0 plug from eachine. Nu, why do they have a new proprietary type plug? Goed, if you look the original the original us65, it had this ph 2.0 receptacle, which would go with the ph 2.0 plugs of the battery. Now these little pins inside this receptacle, i don't know if this is focusing or not are very tiny, very narrow. Nu, why is that not necessarily good actually bad? That creates a lot of resistance, Mensen, it cuts down on the amount of current, then that can actually go to the motors of the drone uh. The reason being you know the more narrow here and a good analogy is thinking of a garden hose versus a uh pharaohs. You know greater diameter firos more water can go through a larger diameter fire hose, but the same is true similar in regards uh to these pins. These receptacle pins. This can handle a lot more current than the original, and why would you want more current? Goed, this original version was susceptible to sag voltage sag. If you give it a lot of, you know a lot of power. The voltage would drop down on this particular drone.

You would see, notice it and then you'd land or stop and that voltage would come back up again, okay or slow down. Weet je, you'd see the voltage going up going down. You had no idea what the you know. What the actual voltage on your battery was on top of that, when you'd be punching it and that voltage go down, you'd lose some of that power that's available from the battery. So with this new connector, the idea is hoping to eliminate that voltage, sag and indeed i've been been flying this around doors in my basement here and i have not been able to see any voltage sag since this update to this pin now the downside to this Pin is these: are proprietary you're going to have to buy them directly from eachine, Oke, you're not going as of this moment. I don't know where you get uh spare batteries for this other than each. By the way this comes with four batteries. I don't know where my other, oh there is, i thought i lost it uh, but i don't um, i don't know where to get other batteries other than eachine for this with that uh, this new type et 2.0 plug. But again the idea is to eliminate voltage. Sag now additional things about this, the original drone. You know the uf65 had a relatively, not the greatest camera in the world. This was a 700 tv line camera in here. Echter, this new us65 has cadex ant 1200 tv-lijn.

Camera very good camera inside here. Um providing white good wide dynamic range i'd be flying down in my basement, going in and out of the light, and it would keep it nice. You know the light was nice and balanced throughout that and by the way, you're probably going to be noticing like going in and out here, while i'm doing this tabletop, because we've got clouds going over outdoors here and it's. Changing the light in here occasionally so is that that's what's happening folks cloud's going by outside um other things about this. This now has a crazy boy, gek, b, f, 4 flight control board as compared to a crazy b f, 3 flight control board and it's loaded up with beta flight 3.5.7 and uh. The stock pits on this are relatively good. I'Ve, been flying again flying it around. In my basement they seem to be fine. Additionally there's a five amp uh continuous six amp uh burst esc on board, which is very similar to what's the on the original uh. I don't think that's been changed. Echter, we now have these new brushless nx. 0802. 14. 000 kv motors now the original had 19 000 KV. You know motors very you know much higher uh spin on this. Echter, deze, you know lower rpm, but more power. Oke, i think the idea is they're going to improve the efficiency of the flight. Probably give you more flight time, echter. I'Ve been flying, one s again in my basement and i'm seeing flight times around two minutes um the original here i was seeing about one one minute, 45 seconden.

So you know there is a slight increase in efficiency um in what s uh than the original, but it's. You know don't expect to see like another minute two minutes. Echter, when you're flying with two batteries yeah, you might see a lot more minutes. I guess compared to the original when you're flying 2s other things about this. This comes with a 6 port charger and it includes both ph 2.0 pin or connector receptacle or the new et 2.0 receptacle. Now the thing about these et 2.0 be very careful inserting these pins because you can bend them. This is not the easiest pin to get in or out of this, the same with this particular you know with the drone itself. You know it's kind of difficult to get that pin in there or the plug in there, so be gentle. Doing that you don't want to bend these pins is what i'm trying to relate to you folks, but um another difference between this and the original us65. The us65you also got a similar charger to this. Echter, they did not provide you with the power supply. Now the power supply is included, which is great yeah. I really never understood why they were bundling these without power supplies in the original, because you'd have to go out and buy a separate power supply separately for this or charge it using a xt60 connector off of the large battery. Not no no everybody's going to want to do that, they're going to want to get themselves a power supply, and this does come with a power supply, so that's great and finally, you get with this a nice construction manual and does go into relatively good detail on The particular drone, along with a this, is the controller menu board for the on screen display, echter, houd in gedachten, this has smart audio uh capability, so you can adjust that on screen display through betaflight using your controller, your remote control, so i don't know about the Utility of having this included but it's there and you get a spare set of props and a little adapter for when you want to use two batteries instead of one you get a screwdriver and prop remover and some spare screws in here now, there's one thing missing: Mensen, and in mine at least, and that is a shorting pin to enable you to fly this in 1smight not come with a shorting pin.

You know normally, when you see these type of bridle connectors and you want to fly 1s you're supposed to plug a little shorting pin in there to short it out, so that you can run the the current would run through both of those connectors to provide give. You the ability to fly with one battery, since this doesn't did not come with a shoring pin in mind, and i don't know if others are experiences. The same thing uh to fly, one that's. What i had to do is i had to manually short that myself by putting a little piece of aluminum foil in there, which worked but um it's, not ideal. So you should double check what you're shipping make sure you include shorting pins with yours but i'm going to remove that for outdoor flying when we go outdoors to demonstrate this. So that is the new us65 pro and those are the big differences about it, particularly the et 2.0 plug the cadx ant, FPV, uh transmitter and uh camera and the brushless nx0802 14000 kv motors and the six point. Uh charger with power supply included and the general look with this new canopy. So those are the big differences, zo goed. Let'S take this drone out into the field or maybe into my basement, depending how i feel and see how it flies. So i hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 Hier, and how do you, Net als mijn shirt vandaag, folks um, what i'm going to do? Eerste, uh? Goed, first off welcome to the quadcopter 101 basement flight test facility.

This first time, i've had a basement folks since i've been living in california, they don't have basements in california, but they do back east and that gives me an opportunity to fly in the winter. So those of you wondering how am i going to be flying in the winter? Goed, i got a basement now: Oke, um, what i want to do. Eerste mensen, you know i mentioned voltage sag the problem with the voltage sag on the original us65, and the problem is again this little 1s connector here um the pins on it are very, very narrow so that when it gets a lot of current going through there, This actually tends to heat up and it actually gets quite hot, and when that heats up that increases the resistance electrical resistance across this. These terminals here are causing a voltage drop from the battery to what the drone is seeing. Oke, so you'll see when i we go flying you're going to see as soon as i give this some thrust or get the motor spinning you're going to see an immediate drop in voltage on the osd screen. The on screen display and that drop in voltage is not real. Okay it's the battery voltage is not dropping, but there is going to be a voltage drop going across there. So what the drone is seeing is going to be less than what's actually available inside that battery, and that is the you know the voltage sag and when we land it and the current goes down you're going to see that voltage go back up again.

So that is a problem you know, and why is that a problem? Because when you go flying you're going to see your voltage down there at 2.9, volts and you're saying oh, i should land and you're going to be landing early. When you still have more voltage left in that battery. Oke, because that 2.9 volts you're seeing is not correct because of that voltage drop across this terminal. Now again the new u.s 65 pro and de 65 pro has this new connector with much well with a larger diameter pins in here. So there shouldn't be as much resistive heat loss across here as the voltage as the drone draws current, and we should actually see quite a bit less if any uh voltage sag from this particular drone when i'm flying in 1s mode we're going to be flying 1s Mode in the basement, vandaag, 2s mode up i'll probably be doing a later date outside. So i can really punch this drone but again watch when we go flying watch the voltage reading on the screen on the osd screen between these two. When i fly the us65 and then when i fly the us65 pro and watch that voltage sag, and i think you will see a difference because i have you know in practice flights, i did recently with these. So let's go for a flight of this and see how these perform hold on folks, Oke, i hope you're hearing me folks, uh that my camera is picking up the sun, maar uh.

This will be the first flight with the ridge original us65 um again watch that voltage down in the lower right corner see that 4.1 volt. As soon as i arm this and start the motors watch. What happens that voltage? Okay and keep an eye on it? So here we go and i'm going to be flying in stabilized mode throughout the basement here because i'm, not good at all at acro indoors. So here we go folks arming the motors motors are armed and let's take to the air watch that voyage. Kijk daar eens naar. 4.0 down to 3.2 instantly. Oke, now that voltage and let me get a feel for iti'm going to start out slow here because i'm, looking at the voltage at the same time, it's flying, but i don't want to get too involved here now. Let'S see if i can go down yeah forget it i'll, try it later, but again see the voltage. 3.1 volts that's, not real. Oke, that is the voltage loss i'm, going to try to come down low again here i got my hat camera there and i'm afraid to hit it, but again the voltage. Let me get out of here: daar gaan we dan, which is the way he's at let's cut the other way. I am not doing well at all indoors here folks, but we're gon na fly until the battery's depleted um. I have to apologize folks uh again. We just moved in recently and we're still not unpacked yet let's see.

If i get a little more confidence here, i'm not gon na go under there. I was able to go under there earlier, but not under that uh overpass, because i have cameras there and it's in the way for my descent, so we're just going to go around and around just to show the voltage voltage loss staying up high. How do you like my uh hot tub there we haven't, we haven't, used that yet that come with the house for some reason the previous owner had that hot tub. I'M, not sure i want it it's because it's a pain in the butt to take care of. I understand so again: look at the voltage, zeggen: 2.9 volts and i'm continuing flying it's saying land now, but that is not real. Oke, now it's saying 2.8 now i'm going to start considering coming in, because this may is probably israel so i'm going to land it right about now. Take a look and watch the voltage go up again: 3.6 volt, so that voltage drop voltage. Sag is pretty significant. Nu, i'm, going to let it cool down in just a second and i'm going to speed it spin it up again and go around one more time see if we got more flight dying out of this coming around coming around, we do got more flight it's, 2.8 Volts now, but that's again, not real let's, bring it in again i'm going to land in here beside me, Music and disarming so uh and then i'm gon na put it back up again and we're gon na see uh where's that camera beside me here and let's Arm it one more time and see what the voltage is now 3.

6 volt. So again that is the voltage sag folks. That creates a big problem, because you don't know what the real voltage is under on the battery and also since that this is acting like a fire plug or a um restriction that uh control, pan or control plug. Restricting the amount of uh current that can go through there, so the amount of current that actually can go to the drone for flight purposes is reduced. So now let's try the us65 pro and see if there's a difference so hold on folks and i'll i'll hook. It up: Oke, now let's try the us65 pro notice. We hebben 4.2 volts on the pad right now. Um before we take off. I want to clarify one thing here: i've been using the term voltage, sag uh, it's, inappropriate, it's, Eigenlijk, voltage drop folks it's, because these drops are caused by resistance of the uh. That terminal that i mentioned also, Ik vergat te vermelden. There is another voltage drop caused by the batteries internal resistances current is running through it uh, so the combination of both is what we're, seeing there 4.1 volt. Oke. Now i am going to arm the motors and we should see another drop in voltage and let's, give it some power and we see well. We should drop it down to 3.9 volts now that's, not as bad as what we were seeing before. Okay with the us65, the original right, um we're, seeing a lot less voltage drop with this particular drone or with a 65 pro and that's because of that terminal that terminal that we got there that provides much better current, much lower resistance terminal that enables you to Fly like this so again, you know that is the main advantage of this us65 pro.

The secondary main advantage is. It can use 2s battery and that's what i want to try uh later i'm, not sure i'll be able to do it in this review, but i'll follow on do a follow on review here. Once i get nice weather that's the reason i'm, not flying outdoors folks, you're right folks coming here to erie the weather can be a little tricky. You got ta wait for just the right day when there's no wind and the temperature is not too cold, but yeah it's working fine going over the hot tub yeah. I got ta fire up that hot tub one of these days, since we got it. It comes with a house up above the hot tub and over me yeah. De 65 pros look how long it can fly with this battery here: Oke, we're, not seeing that huge i'm gon na go over this time, huge drop uh that we see that we would see with um the us65. The original let's go over. The other direction now see if that messes me up, it will mess me up by the way in the back there that door that you saw there. I actually got a hobby room that came with this place, pretty fancy. Naar mijn mening, this is a much better setup than i had california folks that's, why you never saw me flying indoors in california it's, just awful that's. What i had got much much better here in pennsylvania than what i had back in california coming around coming around going this way now so it's working great now whoa the voltage on this one.

I am going to believe when it gets down low. Eigenlijk, i'm starting to need to give it more and more throttle at 3.2 volt, so i am going to think about landing. It here right now actually bring it over to me and disarming so let's turn this around while i'm wearing my goggles give my summation of the indoor flight um yeah this using the voltage tag or voltage drop is much less than what i was seeing with the Us65 uh, so these these terminals, or this plug that's on this particular drone, is a big advantage as compared to us 65.. Nu. The next thing i need to do is i'll, be, Weet je, do on a follow on review with this we're going to take it outdoors folks and try the 2s so stay tuned for that review. That'Ll come down maybe next week. I need a good day to fly first before i can do it so hope you enjoy these flights. Deze quadcopter 101 afmelden hi quadcopter 101. Ook hier, Hey, Als je je eigen shout wilt krijgen in een van mijn toekomst, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, ga gewoon naar mijn kanaal pagina en klik op dat abonneren en zorg er ook voor om op die bel knop rechts te klikken. Naast de abonnee-knop op die manier krijg je een melding wanneer ik een gloednieuwe video onmiddellijk release en geef je een kans om dat eerste schot te krijgen op dus probeer het eens te proberen.