** WiN the collection of D1RC BLACK Alloy Bead Lock Wheels I show in This ViDEO! ** Click on this linkIt's free to get in of course.:-RRB- Ja, today is a fantastic day to do an unboxing video clip. So many of us enjoy to share our RC "booty" whenever we get a brand-new bundle. I for one have actually constantly been delighted to flaunt brand-new, as well as "economical" items in the Radio Control hobby globe that makes sure to make our trucks simply "THAT MUCH" far better! I have always had an infatuation with "Dub" Design Wheels for this jeep as well as when I saw D1RC had some on Ali Express, I was instantly searching their products online. I was pleasenty stunned to see how much they have. as well as exactly how simple it was on my pocketbook. I picked up an established for my better half, and a smaller collection of 2.2 sized wheels for my boy's Traxxas TRX4. My JK Max was constantly yelling for an ale wheel. and also now I have located them!

As a side notethese tires I have are also really wonderful. The foams in the tires absolutely require to be improved. They are low quality, but the tire feels amazing! They do have rest openings, yet I am covering them up so I do not get any water inside these great tires.

A lot of people ask me concerning where I get my items in the show, so here are the links I made use of to obtain these wheels & Banden. Hope it aids you!

2 ontwerpen 2.2 Inch RC Beadlock Wheel Rim With Multi-combination
( My sons set).

D1RC 2.2 Inch Al alloy Metal Wheel Rim.
( Free Gift Tires).

D1RC Hotselling Triangle Aluminium 3.2 inch Beadlock Wheel.
( Jems Tires).

D1RC 3.2 Inch RC1:10 1:8 Rock Crawler Beadlock Wheel Rim.
( My Tires).

D1RC Super Grasp RC CRAWLER AUTOMOBILE 3.2 Inch RC Thick Wheel Tires With Sponge.

4PCS D1RC Super Hold Two-stage Sponge RC SPIDER AUTO 2.2 Inch RC Thick Wheel Tires.

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