0, yes it's, because somebody commented: did you check out the new kyosho wave chopper? 2.0. I'M, like there was a wave chopper 1.0. I didn't even know that look at this i got it all turned around here. This is the wave chopper right here. One sixth scale: radiografische besturing, electric personal watercraft, electric powered personal watercraft, that's a lot to say insane so 2.4 gigahertz radio system look at this. This was a little disappointing but easy for everyone to use 7.2 volt 2200 milliampuur. Nickel metal hydride battery, which means ah it'll it'll, go for a while, but it's not gon na have tons of power a usb charger, so you can easily plug it in. I was like what this is going to be an insane platform. The driver, the helmet everything, looks like a full size like it's about as scale as it gets, except for having a prop. You can see it's a new redesigned rudder. It says on the back, so apparently they've had this out. I'Ve just missed it. 2.0 modern technology. It'S got a waterproof servo in there you look over it's got a 14 Schakel. I think i'm gon na have to guess on that one because it says g14l. It may not be 14 Schakel, but it's brushed water. Cooled 550 can a pretty straightforward, a hobby or pardon me, not a hobby wing it's, a kyosho branded esc and a kick up rudder that protects the rudder now. This is something that i, like you hit something and it kind of kicks up out of the way.

You'Re still able to maneuver back to where you are and optimum angle for the stern tube along the bottom resist reduces drive resistance, so i'm interested to see this hopping across the water. I know other people are interested in this as well that's why i brought it in. Eigenlijk, i wanted to have a couple of these around here, so we could have some races, but i only got one of them in so we're gon na have a look at this one. In plaats daarvan, voor vandaag, okay wave chopper, the driver looks like he's about to take a oh yeah. Look at that now immediately it's, not as large as the prop ski i have, but this is definitely a decent little size. I'M gon na do a side by side comparison. Don'T worry and let me get all this stuff out of the box first here is the radio for it check this out. There'S four batteries in this radio. This steering wheel is slightly more forward and off to the side, and it looks like you've got a a switch on this side. Probably doesn't do anything because, when everything is unboxed and put together, look at that is that gnarly or what comes with its own little boat, stand or should. Should i say personal watercraft stand, there is the ejection port on the side. There is the very small prop on the bottom, but look at that tube the way, it's angled out very straightforward and simpleand here i was thinking that this was a sealed hull because from the videos and stuff i was watching, like everybody does, when they buy A new thing they're excited about they research it and then, when i saw this was lifted, i saw this was all white and i didn't realize in the video and which i'll point out to you that there's actually tape along here waterproof tape.

It actually comes with a roll of waterproof tape, so if you want to switch this esc over to lipo mode, you can do that because it does support a two cell lipo, so it here's the battery that it comes with. This is the reason they send something out like this with, i would, i would assume, is because it's safer than a lipo lithium polymer can be very unstable if not treated properly and nickel metal hydride, Natuurlijk, if it's not treated properly is also unstable but way Safer than using a lithium polymer, so they include this in there. So it really is a legitimate ready to run unit uh right out of the box, which is cool and so i'm, going to take the tape off and see what's on the inside, because i want to be able to put a two cell lipo in there for Sure and then go for a rip. I took the tape off, so this is completely upgradable. O jee, it totally is sealed. Goed, generally, sealed you see all this. This is all enclosed. Ja, which means we can pretty much do anything with this platform and yes, it's only plugged in two channels, which means it's, not waterproof uh, the receiver is not gon na be waterproof and it has just steering and just throttle. But who cares if i switch this jumper over to this side now it can take lipo and it's going to have forward, break and reverse.

I don't think i'm going to need a break on this. I wonder if it can go in reverse. That would be very interesting. OK, let's try this three two one yeah i'm, not gon na run that too long make sure the rudder is working uh. We are ready for a test. I know everyone's gon na ask this and i don't want to do this to you, Sir, on camera, but you don't mind. If i squeeze your chest, do you all of this is actually not hard plastic, it's, a soft plastic, so that's very interesting. It may turn out to be more durable in the long run. As i know, kyosho's old stuff was like a very uh firm plastic like the surfboard guy and would break a lot. So hopefully this will actually turn out really good and because i know people are gon na ask to see them side by side check it out overhead view so nose and then it's just a little bit smaller the driver. It looks damn good i'm ready to go. Ah it's called a wave chopper, but there's not much waves out here, just clouds. If i had as many waves as i did clouds. This would be a good video i would say, but shall we onward and on to the water you gon na, go in after it did you turn it on? Ah ready go, Oh! That was way faster than i expected so 2s lipo right there on the prop ski wow.

That actually is a lot slower than i expected. But what do you think i can't turn it as fast as i thought i would let's get down low let's see if i got a dual rate on here god, Gelieve, don't splash me turning up my there's no way. I like this one already. Goed, the whole reason i got it is a number one. It'S gon na be awesome for morris to beat around with and have fun number two it's gon na be a great platform morris is my son for those that don't know so. Something like this on the water is super cool and then for budget wise to be able to get onto the water. Look at that wow propski, something easy and simple. I want to get him driving though, and get me driving the other one. Shall we okay morris? You got it yeah yeah good, Hier, i'll put mine in there don't splash me. I should have the water's so gross. It is so gross. I wore a brim yeah. I was so close to him. Hey that's, Oke, i got ta fix him. Daar gaan we. He balances off a little bit there. Dank u, mr max steele, Muziek Applaus. So if we're able to upgrade the inside of that little machine, it's got tons of look possibilities me, i know Music like magnets. Did it myself watch me level up Music? Wat is er gebeurd, Hoewel, there's something up with that drawing power too much.

I don't know what it was there. He was cavitating and drawing air there's no way he's just going to be bunch bunched around me, but if i can push him to the other side, yeah that's. What i figured i'll make him go, get it you got ta, you got ta swim out there and get it never do that. No, no it's, a horrible idea make him walk around for a boat walk around it it's just gon na float across. O jee. Tot nu toe, Music gosh that thing's fast Music, O ja, oh my prop came off. My prop came off we're waiting for both of them call your corner family waiting in each corner. Go to your corners boys. I lost my props. Now we got to wait just another day in the life of rc boating. If you guys want to check out rc votes check the links below see you in the next episode of rc adventures, we got ta, gaan, Wachten, it's slippery and for all those wondering check it out, the prop is still there.