I WiLL BEAT THiS! There is only a certain time of the year that I can attempt this difficulty. both due to temperature level, and also water flow through the dam. Vandaag. the conditions are ripe for one more attempt at this Water Climb Obstacle. Similar to a Hill Climb for Trucks. this Boat MUST Make it to the top of a "raving" fallscan I make it!?

The Thrasher Has Enough POWER. However Will I Figure out the Problem?!


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A Note From Streamline RC

" The Thrasher is a high efficiency RC jet boat that has actually been developed to be one of the most sturdy and also reputable RC watercraft in the world. Thrasher introduces a completely brand-new level of adaptability to its user, by significantly raising the choices of where as well as exactly how the RC boating experience can be delighted in. Thrasher also brings RC boating off of the traditional 2D water airplane and also right into 3 measurements with its ability to jump off items in the water and also leap into the air off natural and also man made jumps. The high performance, ruige, dependable, and functional top qualities of Thrasher broaden the fun factor of RC jet boating for every ages and experience levels.

With a Patent Pending high result jet pumpour team believe this to be the highest result pump of this scale readily available anywhere.

Distinctively designed deep v hull with Thrasher's exclusive "high lift" bow for exceptional efficiency in rough and large water

Interchangeable and detachable sponsons enable the pilot to fine tune handling efficiency

Quick transform impeller and also thrust nozzle design lead the way for performance adjusting

Simple battery based efficiency rangeWe have actually streamlined the traditional performance upgrade path by providing an effective bushless motor and electronic rate controller that can be run from 7.4 volt (2s) completely as much as 18.5 volt (5s) without altering anything on the stock Thrasher. (see battery alternatives additionally down the web page).

ToughToughest boats on the water!

Sturdy impact immune ABDOMINAL hull.

No propeller or tail to hang up on anything (or reduce anything).

All moving parts are put up over the lower plane of the hull.

Thumb screw installed hatch lid.

Dependable as well as Versatile.

Live bilge vacuum to get rid of any type of water that finds its way in.

Dynamic self rightingwhile in motion Thrasher is balanced to find ideal side up.

Fixed self rightingif Thrasher comes to relax upside-down, water will enter Thrasher's hull from the top. Once adequate water has actually gone into the hull, Thrasher will roll over enabling the pilot to browse Thrasher back to shore to remove excess water.

Water resistant as well as totally secured Digital Speed Controller (ESC).

Water resistant and entirely secured receiver (units that include controller).

Cool Runningdual path, high stress (from the jet pump) air conditioning with a committed air conditioning line for the ESC and also a committed air conditioning line for the brushless electric motor.

Power administrationThrasher will drop off of plane (reduce speed significantly) when the battery needs to be re-charged or altered.

This will certainly accompany enough advanced caution to return your Thrasher securely to shore.".

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