De SKYWIND LH-X34F – $50 Drone met grote functies – Beoordeling

This low value drone has Gesture Mode, Twee camera 's, Comply with-Me, Hoogte houden, Pace Management, Sample Flight Mode, Flip Mode, en nog veel meer, and even comes with a Controller.

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CAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
GoPro hoed:
CAMERA: Canon 80D lichaamsbouw:
VERLICHTING: Studio Softbox:
Sq. Touchdown Pad kleine:

29 Opmerkingen
  1. Heel leuk! I think I'm seeing a trend of looks here. Time for the "copiers" to create a new body and arm design. I like how you can now switch from the 2 camera 's. Since software doesn't weigh anything they can do a lot.

  2. I always wandered what all these cameras on my m air actually see 🙂

  3. I wonder how high the optical camera will keep it stable outside

  4. How can you tell if the antennae are just for show?

  5. Great review as alway Capt.D, all the best from UK!

  6. I've never understood why most drones of this price point do flipsmaybe I need to be 12 to understand 🙂

  7. For the price they should have given you more batteries 🔋 in the box 📦

  8. I have this. It's complete garbage. Not even worth $20. I'm going to send it as high as it will go and let it flyaway.

  9. Looks like a camera better than Tello. Didn't see any frame skip

  10. Great Video Captain Drone 👍🏼👍🏼

  11. Groot overzicht. Maybe one day they will find 1080p costs no more to install.

  12. Awesome greetings from Seychelles

  13. How about you do some beginner acro FPV reviews. Looking to try it. Maybe a whole drone, controller and goggles thing. I know I would like it. As always a fun review to watch.

  14. Your PC is undergoing the Windows 10 1809 / October Creators Update. There's some new apps and features.

    This drone is sort of on the edge. I live in an area that Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority has blanketed with a No Fly zone. There is an exception for craft under 100 grams flying weight. That puts this drone just over the limit at 110 gram.

    Do these low cost drone manufacturers design to performance criteria, or simply what they can grab bag in budget components for a feature list to put on the box?

    This one sort of comes close to being good, but not quite ?

  15. Good Review. Where the drone world will be in 2 jaar? <$100 with 4k video?

  16. This don't look like a good drone.
    When you spend money to this, you waste your money 💵

  17. hahahah! i'll just pay extra for a spark! 😀

  18. Another entertaining few minutes with Da MAN!! It`s nice for a toy. It does point to somethings in more expensive drones being a RIP-OFF!! 🙁 Technology is cheap and available which means that many manufactures are making a lot more than "necessary" .

  19. I would like one ,thanks for your great work.

  20. What is the flight range for this drone

  21. this is basically what I upgraded from when I went for the spark.

  22. Wat een drol. Might as well flush your money down the toilet instead of buying this crap

  23. And we saw that it has the ability to stick to the ceiling. Lol just kidding 😂 I like your videos of the drones and I'm still trying to figure out what drone to get without spending over 300.00 bokken. I'm looking for follow me mode, Afstand, time flight, goede camera, Volg me, gps mode, return to home features. So help me out please I don't wanna make a bad choice on my first drone. So I'm at ➡️ [email protected]

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