I have my air pods in, so you guys. Let me know if you can hear me um, i might even yep i can. I can hear me on my computer, dat is hier. Uh wow, what a week it has been. We have had uh spin up last week, not saturday at this point. Yesterday we were doing rehearsals and running through a bunch of stuff and man. It was great. I really appreciate everyone who tuned in everyone who was there speaking all of the people that came in via skype all of the sponsors. It was just an amazing amazing event, and so thank you guys for tuning in i see fly natural. I see chris hope i see uh uh john from mappers2. I see brad my brother brad from virginia. I see steve carpenter, uh so good to see you guys. Thank you for tuning in tonight. It'S gon na be a really good show because i've got someone who is a uh, an expert, an actual um, OK, joshua goldenberg good to see you joshua goldenberg, Joshua, goldenberg, um good, to see you bud thanks for tuning in so i've got someone who is Truly an expert in a lot of things, but especially in fpv and antennas. Now i know a lot of us are drone pilots who have started off or still flying a lot of stabilized dji, gimbal drones, which is absolutely awesome, maar um. This is going to be good information, not only if you want to get into flying fpv, but this is also going to be great information for getting better performance out of the antennas range and reception on your regular dji drones.

This guy doc murdock has been to both spin ups, the live ones. Dus je, you probably met him if you were here at one of those or if not um, he's been all over the fpv community, as well as the drone community, um and i'm super excited to have him on so i'm gon na go ahead and invite him He'S, coming in from, Geloof ik, albuquerque new mexico let's see hey what's up chris, how you doing hey kelly yeah, not silver city, new mexico, actually silver city. How far is that from albuquerque uh about four and a half hours? South? Oh goedheid? Oke, so you're you're, uh you're down, are you down near uh like demi? Ja, i'm about uh, 40 minutes north of deming, Oke, yeah i've, driven through deming? I used to i used to have a job where i drove and set up av stuff in california, and i would drive equipment from austin all the way to uh san francisco or la or wherever our show was, and i would always drive through uh through demi New mexicoand i remember yougot theyhave the great duck race right yeah. They do some crazy things down there. Goed, hey man, good to see you so i was kind of talking lupus. You might have caught uh before um you've been to both spin ups. Uh and you watched this year, this year's spin up um let's let's talk about that for just a minute because you're, oh mijn hemel, started to talk about it.

Gisteren, you watched you watched the whole thing: four and a half hours, yep start to finish that's and your wife as well right. Ja, we both sat there and enjoyed it uh. Some of the grandkids sat and watched some of it occasionally so yeah we had a blast, they said they said. Those old people are crazy. O ja, Ja, the kids know i'm nuts. Goed, No, i was talking about us. I was talking about uh, you know puppets and beers and fpv. Goed, dus, oh my goodness yeah you said you said you had a favorite character and it wasn't one of the youtubers who was your favorite character? Oh, mijn hemel, it was boozy bob here. That was bob, Oh, mijn hemel. That was just a hoot. Oh wacht.! A minute we got ta do do the boozy bob right there, man, yeah there's, got ta. Have your drinks cheers to boozy bob? Dus uh? You know dobo uh punched him in the eye and he survived. He did okay yeah, but it was. It was just kind of funny because we did that um. We did that puppet for a video, a traffic safety. You know defensive driving video a couple of months ago and it's just been sitting in the lobby of my building for a long time and somebody picked it up and said all right. Ik heb ta, i got ta get boozy bob in here, and so they brought him on set oh yeah and then brennan from droner is like he was awesome.

He got down under the table and was doing the whole thing. It was awesome. All he needed was a mic on him. That would have been just so fun to hear him. Goed, i think i you know the biggest thing is he does. He said he didn't really do accents, but he made up this kind of, zoals je weet, gruff accent and i think you're coming to spin up right or spin down. Ja, Ja, we will be there yeah. So so you know one of the things we talked about for the future of this. This whole thing was possibly having spin up being more of an online thing and spin down being more of the the meet up. Um we'll have to see how it goes. I mean this is certainly you know very cliche, but this is a weird weird year across the um across the you know across the board. O ja. This has been a lot of craziness with all this, but but i i do think that making forcing myself and and kind of other people who have gotten into doing live streaming to do more live stuff like this has been a good thing. Dus um, oh by the way i want to say, hi to rick rick halber real, snelle, uh rick sent me the cutest video of i assume his his i'm gon na say granddaughters. If they're your daughter's rick, dan uh, then you're much younger than i than i thought, but his granddaughters um uh in ready, set drone shirts, and thank you for sending that rick.

That was that really awesome yeah yeah they were. They were i'd since i'd sent him when he was a subscriber of the month. I'D sent him a lego kit, and i guess they had built it together because they were showing me the lego kit, dus ja, it was all cool. So tell us a little bit about yourself, uh chris, oh doug, murdock. What first question where? Where did the name come from? Oh that's, a bit of a story it it originated back in the 80s. When i was flying nitro helicopters, i had a had a friend where i was working at a car dealership as a mechanic. He was the salesman and i was flying a very large nitro helicopter and he just said it's nothing, but a toyand i argued with him, said no it's, not a toy it's, a real helicopter it's just miniaturized and he says no it's, just a toy. So i pulled it out fired it up, flew it within a 20 voet, wide gap between a block wall and the building back and forth. What was the the span on the blade? 69 inch? Oh geez, so almost six feet: yeah it's. It was over five foot. Ja, Oke, Wow, that is a quite large helicopter and i flew it back and forth set it down. Looked at him. He said one word, he said, murdoch crazy murdoch and that comes from back in the 80s when they had the a team.

Ja, i thought mr t b.a barack yes and that's, where that came from okay, Oke, the dock part came from uh paintball uh, pretty much like anybody that had a broken gun could just walk up to me and hand me the gun, tell me it's it's, not Working and i could have it apart in seconds and know what was wrong with it and be able to repair it and hand it back to him. So i just got the nickname of doc being able to work on everything being able to fix things. So the two just kind of fit together so that ended up being the name so yeah so you're, so you're murdock from the a team. I i loved the a team growing up that was one of my favorite shows, i loved how the bad guys and the good guys could fire machine guns like this. Oh, Ja, a thousand bullets and no one ever got hit. They all oh yeah, and they always made it a point to do the cutaway shot of the bad guys after they've been shot at like climbing out of the wreckage. Weet je, like those guys got away. It was all part of the game, so so the kids for the kids in the audience go watch the a team you have to watch. This episode watch the old, a team; Oke, not the new one. Was there a new one? Ja, oh i didn't know. I didn't know they had done another one wow yeah they did or they did a.

I believe it was a movie remake. Oh, O ja, Ja ja ja. No, No! You got to watch. You got to watch the original. The show the show was yeah. Eigenlijk, i i asked this trivia question of ken herron. I think i asked it at dinner. Um and i i want to say i think it was the same person. Do you know the guy? Can you name the person anyone in the chat name, the person who did did the theme for the a team, the rockford files uh magnum pi? If one guy did that now now ken came back with asking me: who did the theme song for miami vice, which is john hommer, but who can name? Who who did the uh the rockford files, the a team and uh um magnum pi? Any anything i'd have to go, dig it up yeah. I didn't even know that so so the reason i know it is, i loved tv themes and i bought the 45 record of all of those like when they came out. Ik had de 45 of the you know, remember the rocker files, oh yeah and, and of course uh anyway, it was mike post was the was the person john hammer that that's uh lord lord excess says john humber? That was correct for miami vice, maar toch, so we are not here to talk about old tv shows, we're here to talk about antennae and such as a matter of fact um.

I just recently upgraded my antennas on this guy um. I don't know if you can see them there. You look up here. Ja, O ja, you got the little stubbies, Oke, they're little stubbies they're lower profile, and the reason i like them uh is because i can actually put this thing in the in the case. With these on the the dji ones stick out too far and i feel like they're gon na break, they have an advantage. I mean they really do for portability, but you do sacrifice things well well. Well so original dobo told me he thought these actually got better range than the than the originals um. Is that oh yeah? They very well may, because what you have to remember about commercially made antennas is that they're mass produced, which means that they have a set uh criteria that they manufacture each component to, but when they're being assembled they're their quality control, isn't, always the highest. So they're mass produced to a point where it's an acceptable, uh frequency, tolerance, Ja, Ja, so that's the trade off versus a lot of what i do. I actually cut and make all my antennas to the high end of the fpv frequency range, because i know that there's inconsistencies in the assembly, which consequently lowers the frequency response, waar, if you cut it for the middle of the band and assemble it, then the antenna Resonates at the low end of the band and if you're operating on the high end of the band you're giving up range because the antennas aren't matched well so so so help us understand: um, there's, no there's, geen um, there's, no moving parts, an antenna right it's! Just it is literally just a piece of metal isn't that right yes, but it is cut to a resonant frequency and there's a lot of little bits and pieces that go along with that, but effectively that's what it is for every given frequency.

There is a length of the driven side of the element because there's two sides to the antennas, which is the driven side and the ground plane or uh, sometimes it's the reflector side, depending on how it's built okay and that creates what is called a dipole. And okay i've heard that correct right, so a dipole antenna is fed from the center and the driven element is on the one side, which is the center conductor, and the ground side is on the braided side, 180 degrees to the other. That is a dipole, but dipoles come in many fashions. You'Ve got dipoles that are the vertical style which is like um let's see. Where did i set it? I have oh here we go um. This right here is considered a dipole, but this is actually a folded. Dipole, Oke, so wow this. This resonates where, where the coax comes up here, this antenna actually resonates at 300 ohms as opposed to 50 ohms, which is what dipoles resonate at and what all of your radio equipment is designed to operate at so that's the same that's. The same shape that i have on my um x, light uh freesky x, lite same shape on the back of that see now the catch is, Hoewel, being these resonate at 300 ohms. You have to match these in some way, shape or form the diamond antennas and all the other ones that are mass produced by tbs and a number of others.

They match it a couple of different ways. The way i chose to match mine is with a quarter wave piece of coax and what it does is it matches the 300 ohms down to around 50 ohms, and that gets you. Your your good uh impedance match is what it's called and then i add the reflector on the backside for directivity to where the majority of the rf energy goes out the front and not just all the way around me because most of the time i'm, not flying Behind myself, well so yeah and that's, one of those things too, where you know your body will block part of the signal right, Ik meen het, the less things you have between you know: we're, a bunch of water and and meat and and we block uh, although I'Ve heard that actually, if you break us down on the atomic level we're like 99 procent, nothing like yeah, like adam adams, our animals are actually 99, nothing uh. So so uh you know for for those of us that are not as um everything for everyone who is not as well versed in this as you take it down to a really simple level. Let'S say: i'm flying a mavic, Mini, okay or or or a mavic uh mavic, Pro 2. um. Oke. What what can i do? You know there's and i think a lot of people in the chat already know this, but i think some don't.

What can you do to make sure that the uh the antennas are the best they can be for for the most consistent range with with factory made antennas, especially on the dji equipment, where the antennas are fairly well built into the controller? The best thing you can do is hold it as not as far out but hold it at a reasonable distance, especially if you're using a neck strap. So you don't want it right against your right against your chest or belly. No, No! You don't want to put it real close because your body, maybe you want to back up a little bit as far as what affects it. Okay at the frequencies we run at, die is 5.8 Gigahertz, 2.4 Gigahertz, 1.3, 900 en 433 megahertz okay at the upper ends, dat is de 5.8 en 2.4 the things that affect that frequency range, the most is water and dirt. You don't want to put dirt between you, but water in particular. Most people don't realize their microwave ovens operate at 2.45 Gigahertz. That is almost the exact frequency we operate on on our equipment. Zo zo, turning on a microwave and flying fpv indoors could really uh mess with it. Yup absolutely okay, because because what i mean the way, a microwave works. As i understand it, is it it excites the water molecules in the food and that that excitation, that energy is what makes the food hot so that's right. So so what you're saying is if a drone were to go um that's, probably why so? Many of these little submarines that they make don't have wireless connectivity they're all tethered right because yes that's correct, but there is a way around that you just have to run it on a different frequency.

You have to go down below 27 Megahertz, which is significantly lower than what we run on what we have now. Oke, so so so the tip number one, just you know getting down to the really basics is don't. Hold it right up against you, keep it out. Keep it out here kind of like this, you know yeah, but maybe put your neck strap and just hold it away from you. Just a little bit and that'll make a difference right, make sure those antennas, because on most of the dji stuff, the antennas are designed to fold downward. So you want them to fold downward, but slightly you don't, you don't want them flat out like this. You want them that's, Juiste, Ja, rechts, because the energy comes out of this part, Eigenlijk, the antennas in those in those antennas, the actual antenna part if i i've never pulled one apart but i'm, going to assume it's more of a panel antenna style. One of these times i'm going to pull it apart and actually look to see how it's designed so i don't want to fly. I don't want to fly like this that's correct. You want to fold them down to where the flat part of the antenna is facing up say like at about a 30 graadhoek, because the craft is going to be up at about a 30 degree angle to you most of the time of where you're flying. So this is kind of aiming you know at a 30 degree angle up away from my body, so this is going to be right and then and then do i want them parallel or do i want them slightly off axis? Eigenlijk, i don't think it matters too much on the dji equipment because it uses an up and down link and i'm, not sure if they use one antenna for the up and one for the down or how the electronics work in the dji system.

In that way. Do these do these broadcast from both sides, meaning is there energy shooting out this way and this way or is it just one way just just that i'm, not sure of, zoals ik al zei, i've never taken the dji antennas apart to look to see what style of Antenna is in there um like on, like i have a me: 4k uh camera drum. Oke, the antennas on that uh transmitter are nothing more than a dipole that's inside the two antenna pieces that one i've taken apart and looked at so i'm, not a hundred percent sure about the dji. If it's a dipole, then the way a dipole works is that if this was the driven element, the energy is radiating out in a doughnut pattern. So if you can just put a doughnut all the way around yeah microphones are often like that. Like the pickup pattern, microphone can be kind of a um. Weet je: it's called a cardioid mic because it's like a heart, shaped like a heart right, Juiste, that's, a directive mic, but the way these work is as a donut. So if you got the antenna pointing like this, then the energy is the energy is pointing this way and you're actually flying off the tip of the antenna, so you're going to get poor reception or port connection yeah, Ja, Oke! Goed, so so the antenna. The controller has the type where, like mine, my controller for my me4k, the antennas point downward.

So when you hold it, the antennas sit about like so so. The energy is actually radiating upwards out towards the craft, but but but a mistake that people make and i've made. This mistake, early on was flying with these things out flat like this, because i was basically shooting the energy down into the ground so and straight or straight up yes or straight up, so so so having it having them up or or just just to where, like You said you know, essentially the flat part is is facing the facing your uh drone that's, Juiste, Oke, that's that's, that's that's common, i i'm gon na guess, there's a few folks in the um sun, wise water, media sunrise, water media says it's cool. But i understand about 10 van het: here's here's the thing that's, Oke, here's. The thing chris put your antennas like this, not like this that's that's, that's, correct but fold them up and aim the flat part towards the drone that's kind of what i was getting at that's right, so so so i i just recently switched over these. This is the dji uh part of the digital system for their digital fpv, wat geweldig is. I just recently flip flipped over from that to their from this is the radio i was using before the taranis, Ja, which is that's what i use it's it's, a great radio. I mean i assume that i want to have my antenna like this, not like that right.

I want to have it that's, Juiste, okay and i've had good luck, but just the difference between i mean really the camera um. How can i get this? Is this is going to be the number one takeaway, because i know brad alston? Who is in the chat right now? I know chris hope who's in the chat right now i know um, i think steve. I know uh artco. All these guys are flying tiny whoops. How can we get better, better reception on a tiny whoop inside our houses? Oke, if you're using non dji, so we're, actually using fpv now right, the best you can do in a house is just try not to put any metal walls between you, because some houses actually do have metal studs at the frequencies. We run what the signal does it bounces off of it and causes uh what we used to call inner mod, but what it's doing is uh, because we run circular polarization it when it hits something it bounces off of it and switches polarization. Oh, so you actually lose signal, so the best thing to do is just make sure you don't have a lot of metal between you, while you're flying in the house that's about the best you can do. The next thing you can do is having well tuned antennas and that's, really the hardest part for a lot of people that don't know how to make them and by buying factory antennas.

Like i have this one here, that is a uh let's, Zie, Geloof ik, is that is that called a cloverleaf? Ja, well there's there's, two types, there's a clover leaf which is three loads, and then there is the skew planer, which is four words it's the left and then there's the four leaf right and then there's also one that uh alex grieves. Who is with vaz aerial video aerial systems? He also designed an air blade, which is a six element, one and it's, not in the rounded element size but it's, more of a diamond shaped element and there's, six of them and surprisingly, to date. That is still the best antenna i've ever built. As far as for transmission and reception, with six with six uh curls yep, the only problem, it is a royal pain in the rear end to line those things up when you're trying to solder them together. Op hetzelfde moment, goed, so so so uh, two two quick things. Allereerst, Dank u, adam johnson, for the super chat, great advice and love geeking out on antenna tech. I do too. I mean i mean it's it's, the kind of thing it's it's, not the sexiest thing, but it's like plumbing. If it doesn't work, then it's not great right. You want to make sure it works. So the biggest problem is. Is it only works? Oke, most of the time i i mean i i hear and see so many people complain about their their analog, fpv feed being snowy.

They get poor reception and all the different things yeah. All of that and the the two biggest things that cause that is poorly matched antennas or a problem with part of the elements in one of the intel antennas or moisture flying behind trees flying in moist air of all things will actually rain like on a on A rainy day or a or a humid day or a foggy day. So so let me ask a question um, that that came in popped into my head. While you were talking about the the six um, the six, what do you call those loops or or well they're lobes, the six lobes? So i have several um three and four lobes that have been bent. So i look. Maybe i sat on it or maybe i dropped it or whatever, and the antennas are kind of ah they're, a little warped, um, hey another super chat, uh, but but uh does that mess up the um? Does that actually mess up the uh like having them like bent in or bent out a little bit? I assume that messes things up it. It does affect the pattern more than it does the match, so you try to straighten them back out as best you can at some point. You better yeah, where it's just better to go, go either buy or make another antenna. Well it's, just like it's, just like propellers right, um, that's right like okay, i got a little nick i'll keep going or you know that's right.

This is bent i'm going to bend it down, it's all good, but at some point, Oke, you need to give it a sample change. The problem, um here's, an here's, a good example. This one is a one that i've had for about a year and i have bent it tweaked, it put it back, re soldered it and it still works, but you can tell some of the lobes are not exactly the way they should be they're a little out Of whack so yeah chris, is this new one, which is i just finished, putting this one together right before we went on, uh, went, live and this one's all nice and pretty and pristine, and this one goes on the goggles so but it's the same. This part here is the same element that will go on the quad. The only difference is, is this one i've got set pretty rigid, i actually use uh a semi, rigid, uh, coax let's, see i don't think i have no. I don't have one here, but i use semi rigid, coax and then i found these, which are uh party, balloon straws that you put balloons on. They are the exact size to fit over the the semi rigid coax, and it makes this to where it's you can still bend it, but it's got a lot of rigidity to it to where it doesn't just get fall, floppy on you and it protects it. A little bit too um, Ja, Oke, Oke, so so so two two things that just popped into my head.

So if you're using an antenna on your quad that has four lobes and your and your um goggles, that have three. Is that a mismatch um? I have had it's not a mismatch, they're just two different styles of the antenna. Oke, i personally have had best luck with reception and clarity, and all of that, when i use for the the skew planer, the four lobes on the on the quad and a four lobe on the goggles, i get the best reception out of everything and those ones With the plastic ring on them, the little plastic dome that's, covering a a metal antenna. Is that just to protect it? Ja, deze? Als, if i don't think the camera would be able to pick it up, but this actually has four lobes in it. I believe let's see here um one two, three yep this is actually a skew planer inside and all this is is just to protect the elements from getting bent damaged or whatever. Oke, any time you put something over a radiating element like this you're you're kind of uh, stopping it a little bit, it shifts the frequency it. Eigenlijk, it will actually lower the frequency where it was where the antenna matches at so you have to take that into account when you design something like this so, which is why all of mine i don't, put anything over them. So i just design them for 5900 megahertz and then assemble it, and it will tune up around 58 ish megahertz consistently so uh, so the the the plastic.

Maybe they actually tune it a little bit higher and then they put it on assuming it's going to go down a little bit. Would that be something that might happen? Oke, it's it's, a maybe that's the best i can say well, this one is a fat shark. One made by immersion, rc immersion is pretty good on a lot of their antennas. I think they, i think they also do it for branding right they can. They can put their name on it. I want to give a quick shout out to brad uh from uh virginia brad was here all weekend helping me out last weekend. He is actually the one who managed a lot of the giveaways. We did so many giveaways that i needed someone just to write it all down. He gave me all the addresses he gave me all the emails. So if you won something you can thank brad for getting it right. So thanks for the super chat brad, i also want to say hi to uh thomas ariels over in good old, um, good old, uh ireland he's over in ireland. I would love to fly drones in ireland. Man, that's got ta, be a beautiful place to fly uh anywhere in the old world. Absolutely so um. So chris hope was saying just a minute ago in the chat that he has trouble with going behind trees, and you know it's, because they have a lot of water and they can have a lot of that etc.

Um is there any hints for that like like a more directional antenna, or you know those little square ones? Are those considered patch antennas? Goed, Ja. You have a couple of different types. You have patch antennas, which are more pcb designed where they actually print the antenna on the pcb. Then you have what they call a crosshair, which is uh, alex greaves at video aerial systems, uh pioneered that one is not a patch it's, an actual element where it's it looks like a crosshair, but it's. One element is one side and one element's, the other. On the ground, ground side of the coax and they're cut at a certain dimension to create a circular polarization. Then you've got antennas like that. This is a helical antenna now for us, in the fpv and in the drone community. We'Ve looked at this and go wow that's new i've never seen anything like that. Verrassend, they have been using this since the 60s for space communication wow. So so they're talking millions of miles yes and the size of the antennas. They use aren't small like this, because this is very high frequency. The size of the antennas they're using the circular part right here is this big around, because the lower frequencies are running and they're, also they're very directional right. They have to be really pointed yes, uh at the target yeah. Dit zijn. These are all directional. So this antenna here, um let's, see here i keep a cheat sheet because that's, how i make this antenna right here with this is uh three and a half turns, but at three turns this has a 75 degree beam width.

So if you can picture 90 degrees and then just kick it in a little bit, that's the beam width that this antenna receives in or transmits in, because this can transmit or receive okay, Oke, but bear in mind we're gon na do both like like. Als, if you put two of them, if you put two of them somewhere and you were trying to send a signal, would it be a very directional signal going from point a to point b? Absolutely you can point one at another and you would have a very direct connection between the two antennas, so so here's a question for you and i'm kind of putting you on the spot because you, you may or may not know the answer, but how the hell Does dji do occusync, i mean what what wtf? Oke, you think ocusync you have to understand is a form of um it's, a mode of communication, so they're still using the same bands we're using they're still using the same amount of power ish depending on the system, but what they have is a different mode. That is transmitted over that frequency and that's. What makes it work the way it works. You mean like video, video compression, or do you mean yeah they're doing some fancy fancy magic in there? They are that they're using so and and yes, that's that's, pretty much it it's, just a mode for for us we're using analog on these and on wi fi.

It uses a different style of transmission. I i just don't understand i don't understand why no other um company, except maybe skydio andand i guess maybe um – misschien uh – who makes the evo uh autel. Why no one else can get that crystal clear. You know one kilometer away um. I think you know the thing that i mean all of the all of the cheaper drones and maybe it's a cost thing, but all of the cheaper drones that i've gotten i get sent toy drones all the time and anytime. It says you know: wi fi connect to your phone via an app it's crap. You know it's, zoals 30 feet away and it's just dead, so yeah um. It has to do with the mode of transmission. Oke, i will say actually not the frequencies. Are you familiar with the bugs drones, like the bugs three, the bugs a little bit i've i've, seen all most of your videos where you have them and have flown them and they're some of the better they're bet, some of the better toy drones and the bugs Drones, Eigenlijk, Geloof ik, it's the bugs too um it actually can get uh 500 meter. You know half a kilometer away and still give you a pretty big signal over over uh wi fi, so anyway um. So my me 4k is a wi fi type of drone now i'm, not sure how exactly the type on that one but i've had it uh three quarters of a mile away, really it's, really yeah and it's worked just fine.

So is that? Is that um, like clear line of sight, three quarters of a mile, you could still pretty much. You know it wasn't, no mountains between you and it. No! No. I was actually on a road flying up to a uh cliff face. That was about 500 feet high and it was about three quarters of a mile out to get to the one end, and i was going to fly across the ridge so and i had complete control complete connection. I had clear video the whole way: that's that's. What always blows me away too, Hoewel, about ocusync is occusync. Doesn'T seem to give a damn about trees. It doesn't give a damn about buildings. You know what i mean it it i mean. Ja, you can certainly don't don't, go out and try something crazy with ocusync, because it can you can't lose signal, but i have had. I have had my quad or i've. Had my you know, mavic or i guess it's mostly the mavic or phantom 4 pro v2 uh um i've had it just way, far away with stuff between me and it and it doesn't care. It just keeps sending me a signal. It has something to do with how they do their mode yeah. You know the the form of communication that they're using that's their idea that that's their idea. O ja, that just kills everybody else right. I mean they're just like great, maar aan het eind van de dag, even even now, with the um, so a fun funny story.

Uh, you know sean oz, oh yes, i i went out to his uh dad's house and his stepmom um and i just put a little fpv video out and it was awesome. I got to fly with original dobo and brennan, and uh and brad who was in the chat, was was there and we all flew anyway, um uh his parents, who were both in was dad and his stepmom, who were both, probably in their late 70s early 80s. I'M guessing they had never seen fpv before so wow. A few people have done this, but i have two sets of goggles. Sat them down, took them for a ride and they were both. You know it was pretty cool to watch them in that that age kind of experience this but uh, O ja, his ma his stepmom uh, said to me: Hey: can you go over to the neighbor's house because i want to see they're building something i want to See what they're, building and it's you know it's a big piece of property, so they're out in the country. Dus dit is. This is a ways off like okay, i'll try. Weet je, i figured i'd, geef het een kans, so i went over probably a kilometer away. You know a good, a good um. What is that six tenths of a mile with the dj over half dji fpv system? No problem at all. You know i kind of got a little nervous.

It started getting pretty pixelated, but you know she was able to see what they were building and i flew back and it was all good. I i just cannot believe how good the fpv system is. Oh, Hey, alan! Thank you for the super chat. Ja, so and then rick halber had a question. He asked about the poker chip antenna um, O ja, the poker chip antenna is a form of a pcb type and from what all the counts that i watched and read about it. It didn't perform quite as well as they'd hoped, en ik denk dat, it's just a matter of the tuning and matching, and all of that that you have to do when you create an antenna. Goed, so so, if people are getting into flying with fat, sharks or um, you know an amway or or some of the other, some of the other digs or analog goggles. What what are important things like i'll tell you my typical setup is: i have a. I have a team black sheep um. I think it's, a patch antenna, it's a little square that'll be a patch one. I put it on one side and then i have on the other side um. If it's one with two sides, i have just a uh uh. I think it's, a three lobe three lobe clove relief, um yeah you'llhave something like this. Yes yeah, not that tall, though my mine's, shorter yeah and the other thing is.

It often gets like loose and kind of falls down, it's bad. If it falls down right. It should be up yep, Oke, it needs to be needs to be tight. Goed, dus, Meestal, when i put mine on my goggles, i'll i'll thread them on by hand. But then i take a pair of pliers and i i wrench it on to where i make sure that it's on tight so so to to um to ensure that i'm getting the best signal are those the two, oh and then with my fat sharks. I have the little module that goes on it. I forget what the module's called, but the little digital um. Weet je, it's got the digital display um on that one. I have the patch on the bottom and then i have a uh a little adapter. That kind of, als een 90 degree adapter or actually a 45 degree adapter that takes it up and out because otherwise i can't get the patch on, is that okay or am i am i losing signal uh, you do have a little bit of loss. If you put any kind of an adapter between the module and the antenna, you'll always have loss, but like this one here this is the one that i've i've run quite a bit and i will always put the the omnidirectional because that's what this is is omnidirectional. I'Ll put that one on top, but then i'll take this one and put it on the bottom one, and by the way i made a i made a snazzy um uh thumbnail for this, and i don't think it showed up for some reason, because you sent me A picture of you wearing that setup and i made this cool thumbnail and it didn't show up i'm gon na check with um.

You know this is that this is that software that i'm, using the beta softwareyes but uh, but i will put it on the replay version, but so that setup is your typical setup for analog. Ja, this is my typical setup for analog. Let me tighten it up real quick, because this one does tend to want to fall, hey dennis there we go. I also just want to give a quick shout out to dennis love, Lady, because he was one of the people. Now now i was trying to stay neutral with the songs. He was one of the people that put the song in. I don't know if you know that uh um chris, but his song was the ukulele one. I don't know if you heard it, but i didn't get to hear all of them yeah. Let me tell you, you cannot frown or be upset when you're playing the ukulele or listening to it and he plays it like a beast. Dus bedankt. I loved your. I loved your version of it um, so that's awesome awesome all right. So let me show you something about this, and this is the reason why i'm building this one is because of what we talked about before about what affects these antennas is moisture water. How much water is in your head. The moment you put these goggles on where's the antenna, yeah it's right there you're blocking the signal so by taking this and you're now putting it over your head, Oke, which also helps with the signal pattern and with being able to receive.

If you do go behind, you you'll keep a good signal, because this one is directional. So the moment you go behind this one, this antenna, this one switches to the other antenna, so so you're, basically doing two different patterns: Juiste. Oke, this one is omnidirectional and this one is directional now see i've been told. No, not water i've been called something else head, but i'm, not gon na mention that here another thing that i think smells bad and blocks the signal. So yes, so so brad hendo has a question and i think it's a fair question. Where is it you've seen these um adapters? You can get that are supposed to give you a range extension. You know it's like they're, almost like yeah. Do those work: Oke, here's! The catch to them they need to be placed at the right distance away from the back of the antenna, because that goes back to this antenna design. This is the called a reflector, so those pieces that go on the back of the dji type antennas. That is actually a reflector it's, acting as this part and it's just receiving the signal and focusing it on the driven element, which is this part, okay and effectively that's what this does if this was a receiving antenna. Als, if i pointed it this way, and the signal is coming in it's, going to absorb all the energy here and reflect anything that might go past back to the antenna which increases its gain and that's, what you're doing is increasing gain.

Zo zo, when you put those you know what i'm talking about they're, usually gold or silver, they look like tinfoil. Those are just basically focusing that energy energy. Ja, that is correct, Oke, so for for 20 bokken of 10 bokken, you can actually increase the energy. Echter, it's only going to work if you're aiming the right direction right, that's, correct and also bear in mind you're, not increasing the energy rf inter collecting more finite that's right, you're, just collecting more of what's already there and focusing it. I love that yeah, so so. Uh mel from 400 agl asked what's a good module for his fat sharks, since he currently only has uh the the default one connector, Oké, uh., the one that i have. This is the uh uh, the trudy and man. It works really good. I'Ve i've been very happy with this and i've had it on two sets of fat sharks. Now i've had it on my uh, my non uh hdos. This is an hdo. I have the one before it. I forgot the name of it off top my head, but i had it on that one first and then switched it to this one. When i got these and man it just keeps working and working working and i've been real happy with it you what? What um? What do you think of the hdo's in general um, the hdos, have the 4×3 screens, and quite honestly, i i like the uh, 16 9 Setup, better and it's.

Just a personal preference thing. We'Re all used to 16 9 displays these days right, it's. Just almost a weird it's it's, more of what you get used to while you're flying uh. Voor mij, i started with box goggles, so i had a real wide field of view in the box goggle, but it literally was making me cross eyed. You know i'm, an old guy, i still to wear glasses to get just to see it in there. So when i went, what did you say was the name of that module? What was the name of the module that you recommended? Trudy t r? U e d d, Oke, trudy, OK, um, that's, that's, the one that i use and i've been real happy with it um. But as far as the goggle size, you know i got used to the box goggles, which had a nice wide view in there yeah and when i got the first set of goggles that i got they had the 69 Instellen. So it was similar to what i was already used to then, when i got the next, the first pair of fat sharks. Ze waren. 16 Negen. Dus dan., when i got these hdos they're four by three so and it's, what was your difference? What was your 16? Nine fat sharks because i had the dominator: oh eh, the dominators dominated twos, one four, Drie, four yeah dumb v3s that's, what it is. Oh, they switched uh from from four three to sixteen nine in the v3.

Ja, okay and you know it's funny, because i i i thought the hdo's were kind of the top of the line for fat shark right now. Is that fair to say, uh, the hd02s are hd02? Oke, do you have them? No, i just have the hdos okay. I was curious if it was worth the upgrade yeah um, some guys think so, and you know i got to give it credit that the things are fantastic for what they are. But for me and how i fly, the dom v3s are fantastic. You know the hdos are nice because they're a little sharper and clearer. But i sacrifice that extra field of view on the sides, especially when you're flying up here, where i fly up in the mountains and in the trees, and you know out in the desert areas and things like that. Where you got to kind of watch where you fly because of the tree branches and things that pop out of nowhere yeah yeah, especially with analog um, so let's talk a minute about dji system fpv. Zodat u weet, zoals ik al zei, and i think i said this in the description. A lot of, i feel like a lot of um folks who were current, who were previously or currently into flying, dji drones with ocusync and using their phone or switching over starting to do a little fpv play with it a bit um, dat is geweldig. Weet je, it'll grow it'll grow the entire hobby.

You know we all rise together kind of thing, so that says um. Dat zei, i have been recommending uh personally i'll tell you i dabbled in fpv, since 2016. i've had a bunch of fpv drones. I built one. I had the dominator dominator v2s i had the omways, i had only commanders, i had um, you know i had the hdos, Natuurlijk, and and tiny whoops, but really the game changer for me that just lit me on fire was the digital system andand it Was just because you were talking about tree branches, you can see tree branches, you can see birds, u zien, you can see wires. You can see everything in those as long as you're not like miles and miles away and you've got your antennas properly placed um right, what's what's your opinion of someone, starting with analog versus starting with the digital system. Goed, i think it comes down to dollars and cents. I mean if you don't have a lot to spend start analog. You know you can get a very inexpensive set of box goggles that will just fine to get started and you're not going to be out anything because when you do, if you do decide to stay with it and get a good pair of goggles or move up To digital, but in particular just move up to a better set of analog goggles. You now have a ride along set of goggles that you can hand somebody and say here, watch that's, great and that's great that's, the best part about it.

If you have the money, Hoewel, and you want to get go digital right out of the gatethen absolutely the dji is well worth it, but there's just a little bit higher expense. Getting in. You know in started the with the problem with that. The problem, ook, is you will get spoiled right. I mean you, U, O ja, U. If you start with digital and then you go back to analog you're gon na be like wow. This is really fuzzy right. Weet je, and so it's it's kind of one of those things too and they don't make digital tiny whoops. Yet you know you're not gon na be flying really digital indoors. Yet you could maybe rock it. Yeah they're still big units it'll get smaller, Natuurlijk, but but um no i've been i've been saying. The tiny hawk 2 um tiny, Hawk 2 ready to fly kit is a great way to start. If you just want to learn how to fly and then and then you can still go in and adjust things in beta flight, you get a better controller, Ja, better goggles and all that stuff. But if you just want to turn it on, have it bound have it set up with you know the three modes and all that stuff the ready to fly. Do you have a favorite, uh, tiny loop that you like to fly right there, Oh, which one is that this is the beta fpv or the beta 75 Pro, and i don't even know if you can get them anymore.

But this is the one that i i actually won this from albert kim and man i'll tell you what i have used and abused this thing and it goes full acro mode uh. I was out in california and had a buddy uh. I said well see if it'll mattie flip and he was sitting there maddie flipping this thing over a tree branch, six feet off the ground. You know and it's like can't argue with that, did you did you buy that as just a unit and bound it to bound it to a free sky, radio or something? Ja, this one becomes a free sky and uh that's. What it was i didn't do anything to it other than bind it. I actually it's really funny you held that up. We did not plan this, so i don't think jay do you know who jay santiago is jason, so he was my subscriber of the month. Um. Oke, i actually sent him that very drone as subscriber of the month, just just recently sent it out to him. Uh and yes, i mean i, i have a lot of tiny whoops now and so i'm. Just like okay, i can't keep all these but that's the one i sent him so i'm glad to hear it. U, like it i'm bringing i'm bringing this one up to spin down. So we're gon na have some fun with it. Mooi, nice yeah, i'm gon na bring tiny, Hawk 2 and the tiny hawk freestyle.

Those are my two favorite right now. Yeah well, i'll have one there that you will definitely get a chance to fly and see actually be able to feel the difference between a smaller drone and a larger fpv drone. Nice i've got this one here. Whoops knock the picture down. I'Ve actually got this one here. Oh this is uh. Ja, this is the uh. Let me just make sure it's in frame here there we go uh. This is the project. '9 practice rig wow jet, f jet fpv from drl racing. Is the gentleman that designed this because they didn't have any practice machines to practice with in the off season wow? So this is the exact dimensions and, as close to the exact weight of the drl racer that's, a beast too. Those things are. It is a beast. This thing weighs over two pounds at flying weight. Nu, the one thing i did different than a full drl is, i put a little bit higher kv motors on it, because i wanted to be able to have some fun with it, not just practice race. So i went with a little higher kv motor a little smaller stator diameter and it works wonderful. I get seven minute flights out of this thing. That'S awesome! Goed, hey so uh real quick. I i do like to wrap this up around 7. 7 55, because uh oz by drone starts at eight actually starts at 7 55., and so i i don't want to step on his toes if anybody's watching and you want to go check out, uh oz by drone he's on next um doc, any other any other.

Uh way, can people buy your antennas by the way? I really want to get a hold of you. No uh actually well i'm going to be bringing you a set for you to play with that i'm making nice, but as far as doing this themselves go look up. Uh i be crazy. Just like it sounds. Oke, one word on um the rc forums and look up uh alex grieve's tutorials on how to build these things and the numbers he has. There is they're dead on nice, just dead on so it's like a blueprint. They don't yes, so if they don't want to build one, though i i highly recommend buying them, if you can't, if you don't, feel you can build them, the vaz antennas, the video aerial system, antennas quite frankly, are about as close as you can get to handmade Antennas out on the market, Oke, then you know from there you've got. You know you start stepping down to immersion, rc um and a number of the other. You know good antenna makers. I would avoid any of the ones from china. Ja ja ja. I mean they're cheap. If they're cheap, they're cheap right and they are cheap, Ja, there is no doubt they will not perform i'm gon na upgrade and see what difference it makes and maybe that'd be make a good video it's like comparison, goedkoop, chinese ones, to your your hand, built ones. Goed, Hey, i mean even even the one that i got that's that's commercial built.

I can tell the difference well, thank you so much for being on tonight. I really appreciate it. This was entertaining, i think um.