OK, i'm gon na try and walk down to. I am actually over and over on the mainland that away so i'm going to walk down and see if i can get a couple more bars on that all right. How about now all right, yeah it's, it's? Oke, i your your video's a little jerky, but i can hear you fine. I don't know how it's going out on the stream and through you want to see you want to see where i'm, where i'm standing here, it's quite quite lovely i'm. At my my in laws place on the st lawrence river, which is in the thousand islands there's my dog and uh yeah, we are, we are on uh the u.s side, but if you look across actually i go out here and you look across the river, you Can actually see canada so we're right on the border, so i have to be very careful how far i fly my dr um and you said: you've got a hurricane coming, be doing it and it's getting worse by the day. Every time they come out with a new advisory it's, getting closer and closer to me and it's, going to skirt right up the uh the coast. It looks like the eye is and as of now it could change, and i live about six or seven miles inland. But the good news is you're in florida right, Ja, i'm in florida, i'm in melbourne. Now the good news is that it's uh supposed to be like a cat one when it comes by here and and i've been through any number of those and uh.

You know those are those are nothing the last one we have like a cat, a cat four. We were all worried about that one, maar uh, you know you they come and they go and you get ready. Als, if anything happens you just get it fixed. It'S part of living in florida, yeah for sure and and i feel like it seems like this one's moving slow enough that there's plenty of warning. Goed, the good news on this one is that it it's uh it's it's, actually moving faster than they usually do. Uh, Ja en – and you know the first we heard about itwas a couple days ago. So we had to you know like three or four days happened last year we we it slowed down so much. It took like nine or ten days to get here. So just dumped rain right, No, but every day that it was on the way here they kept, showing the path moving a little. This way a little that way. So one minute you know one day it it was like gon na be a direct hit. Weet je – and everybody goes oh and and the next day that the path wobbles a little and they it looks like it's gon na miss us by 50 mijl. Everybody goes yay and then the next day it comes back to you and it's, an emotional rollerco it's, an emotional roller coaster, with a storm that big, because you've seen you've seen what they can do, a cat fighter or cat ford.

It comes ashore. You know i mean we've had them in galveston and now on the texas coast, and certainly you know, it's it's, not pretty especially a cat 5 Cat 4. Those things have some pack, some punch um. So are you originally from uh? Are you originally from florida? No kelly i'm uh, philadelphia, boy, Oke, Oke, so so uh, you probably you must know billy kyle, then he's he's in philly as well. You know believe it or not. I did i did meet now. I met bill uh. They all came down. Eigenlijk, that's that's part of the story how i got started at youtube, was um bill bill. The drone reviewer yep uh was some somebody that i followed because i hadn't a couple years ago. I hadn't bought a drone as yet, and i was trying to figure out what drone to buy. So i was just devouring youtube: video 's, yeah sure you know all the all the usual suspects and uh trying to figure out which, which one to get and uh so i'm watching uh bill bill's channel one night and they uh had put together uh ken donald put Together a fly, a little fly in at the tower at sulphur springs and billy kyle was coming down there as well, so it's about a two hour drive for me. My daughter lives in tampa, and i figure well good excuse to you know, fly with meet some new guys and and visit.

You know stay overnight at my daughter's house, so i visit with family, so i went over there and and uh about 10 people showed up for this thing, but i did get to meet billy and and ken and and joel the drone, reviewer and that's, where i Kind of got the idea that uhmaybe maybe i might enjoy doing this youtube thing yeah and for everyone who doesn't know um. You know i i kind of discovered. I knew i had seen you in your channel, but i just started watching your tune. Insand i mean you, you put out some great contentthat's really helpful for people who are getting into flying right and i don't just mean like reviews of stuff, i mean stuff where you're helping people repair things, showing them how to use software a lot of Stuff that goes beyond the typical camera drone channel um tell us a little bit about your. You know what you do on a weekly basis with your live shows. Uh goed, i've got two two live streams. Eigenlijk, i think most of the guys i see here in the chat are all all guys that regularly come to my to my stream. So how you doing guys, hey everybodyi recognize i i can't uh, i i'm i'm, not a touch typist, so i can't like some of these guys, sit and type in and talk, chat and motion right right, it's, like it's, like playing guitar and singing.

Op hetzelfde moment, it's not easy, Ja ja ja, maar uh. No, Ja. I started out uh in youtube and and uh started building a few subscribers and you know, played the game going on to all the all the channels introducing myself to everybody in the chats and uh and started to build some subscribers and then that youtube changed. The rules where you needed uh 4 000 hours of watch time a year right in order to actually get a thousand subscribers to get anywhere. I said well that's. The end of this i'll never make that and i chugged along for a little while and finally decided that the only way you could actually build any uh um significant watch time was to uh. Do live streams yep, so i decided. I'D start yep decided. I'D start a live stream and i started a like a drone community thing on thursday night at six o'clock john cuppy says mitch is the old man bardwell that's, pretty good uh? I don't i don't even bardwell's the old man. Bardwell mitch must be the really old man bardwell. You know you know, joshua is a, i don't know him. I'Ve never met him, i've emailed once or twice uh about a little situation. I was having andand i don't know if, if he helped me or i found the answer and sent it back to him, but he was incredible that he actually with as many subs as he has and the following that he has actually gets you.

You send him an email and say: joshua can help you have this problem and i i think within 30 minutes he was emailing me back that uh yeah what he thought would be the solution and uh. I i admire the guy andand i learned a tremendous amount of what i know uh, especially about beta flight uh from from him um, and you got to learn somewhere. You know you're not born with this, and it changes so frequently yeah. So i i enjoy his channel uh and i have to give him credit. I have to give him credit for a lot of the stuff that i that i have learned. I'Ve learned i've learned from him and i don't i don't ever aspire to go to that level of diving into the this technology like he has well, he typically he typically has um. He typically has uh. You know six seven, eight hundred people on his streams, stuff you're doing allowing people to hop into your to your live, chats and being able to come up and um. Give you uh, Weet je, give you questions and problems they're. Having like the other night, you helped me out tremendously realizing that putting clean flight on that on that um, while cara drone, i had just wasn't worth it. Weet je, without replacing the i just need to replace the um the flight controller, which is what i'm gon na do, but you know i ended up ordering that um.

What was it uh try. What was the name of it? The kit, the the fpv kit, the tyro tyro tyrone yep, i got the tyrone and i actually ordered it. It'S i'm i'm up here for another two weeks but uh by the time it gets over from bang in china or wherever it's coming from it's gon na it's gon na be another two weeks before it arrives. But i'm super excited to go back and build. That thing you know, it's gon na be i've done. One drone build before with my buddy, and this was three or four years ago, and i think things have changed a lot since then, as far as you know, what's available and how plug and play things are versus how they were back then, but i'm really excited To do it from the ground up and kind of make some mistakes and learn about it, so that's that's, exciting um good to see i see bmx aerial visuals, i see dennis lovelady, i see mr george boy, 706 um, rick halber. Chris hope you guys. Dank u. So much for tuning in um, i think for everyone who doesn't know again. I was just going to say errors, because this is the best cell reception uh on on this place and so uh and and uh. My wife is walking by right. There there's. She is hey um, so uh and i have the guest. If you don't already know him.

This is old guy and a drone or with a drone, i think it's and a drone right, because i type and a drone guy and a drone. You know where i got that i got that name from the moving guys, two guys and a truckand i said well that's pretty cool two guys in the truck. I can be the old guy in a drone, so that's right that's, where i came up with that. Goed, so tell us, i know not everyone in the in the chat. Uh knows necessarily about your background in aviation now you you have been to many competitions built. Many fixed wings, i mean you, have a lot of engineering and uh electronics background right, uh, not formal, maar uh. I do yes, i mean i'm, geen ingenieur, uh by trade. I was in the computer business for uh 20 plus years, so i i do have a technical background, especially in electronics but rc flying and full scale. Aviation has always been a passion and my hobby my whole life. I i started flying uh full scale in 1969. Wow that's the year i was born by 1971. I i had. I was already a flight instructor up in northern virginia and i had a commercial. Weet je: private commercial multi engine instrument, instrument, instructor flight instrument, all the ratings. I was aspiring to be an airline pilot and, if you i don't know, if you remember the economy back at that time, but it was terrible and the airlines were were not hiring and when they were hiring, they were hiring these young kids out of the out Of the vietnam war that had 20 000 hours of heavy heavy turbine experience and fighter pilots andand i didn't have any of thati was youknow all civil well, so i didn't stand a chance and uh.

So i gave up on on on an aviation career just started, doing other things and it's it's expensive. Pardon me! Oh sorry, i was waving to somebody it was going by um. No, i was saying that it's expensive to get the number of hours you need right. I mean you have to have a certain number of hours, and the cost to do that is you know, being in the military, is actually a great way to get those hours well. I was fortunate enough that i i used my gi bill. Okay back in those days uh when i, when i uh, got out of the army, i used my gi bill for my flight education and then i uh started building flight hours by teaching as a flight instructor. Dus, Oke, very dick, very dangerous yeah. You think you think, being a uh, je denkt, being a uh like hey jenga, je denkt, being a um driving instructor is rough, being a flight instructor. So so so what got you into you know? You talked about wanting to buy a camera drone. When did you first start doing fpv and that sort of thing? Oh, Oke, goed, FPV, i started less than a year and a half about in march of last year, so it's, Oke, it's been a year and three or four months uh. Nu, interestingly enough, Weet je, i've, zoals ik al zei, i've been in the rc hobby since the 60s, so uh flying model airplanes has always been a passion and i flew out flew everything.

I flew helicopters and turbine jets and uh gliders and you know the whole gamut of it uh. So you know i i having a set of sticks in my hands is is is was a major part of my life uh for a long long time, and are you a pincher or a thumber? Oh i'm, a pincher. There was no such thing as summers. Back in the day, summers came from video games. Nobody, like everybody, flew everybody flew like this, maar uh. Then i retired, and i had a lot of ups and downs in life and marriage and like everybody else and finally, and getting older, so i finally i just decided that that's it i'm i'm. Just going to coax that i re, i retired and i hadn't been really active in rc for a few years uh, but when i was back the last time i was really active. We started uh and this was 12. 13 years ago we started doing fpv. We started putting cameras and transmitters into our airplanes. There were no such there were no flight controllers. There was no nothing automated, it was just a basic and we didn't even have goggles. We we took tv sets out to them to the field and set them on the table, and we watched on the tv screen. While we, while we tried to fly our airplanes and we had a camera and a transmit, a little camera and a transmitter in the airplane, and so you were using the same same kind of push rods and the same servos and all that control surfaces that you Used today, just using it um trying to fly at fpv yeah, we were just you fly, Weet je, generally, what you would do is you'd.

Take off line of sight fly a little line of sight and then you'd walk over to where the tv set was and then you get down and fly it watching from inside the airplane and then you'd look back up fly to the airplane it wasn't fpv, like We know it today yeah, maar uh, but it's always it it's always been interesting because being a pilot that's, the that's. The experience that i want i want to have. I want to be sitting in the cockpit in the cockpit without having to actually be in the cockpit. I i you know, it's a very expensive past time flying and my retirement doesn't support, owning and owning an airplane, and i don't even know if i'd i'd want to anymore, because i you know you do it for so long after a while it just been there Done that kind of yeah yeah, so i yeah so uh i've always had a passion for photography as well. So when the when these drones started coming out, i started looking at him, and i said you know that looks like it'd be a hell of a lot of fun flying and you know photography. Op hetzelfde moment, i hadn't thought about fpv or doing it with goggles or anything, but you had the screen in front end and you flew the drone took pictures. So i i bought a mavic. I ended up buying pro yeah. Oh yeah watching 100 youtube videos.

That is a great first draft option about to it years about two and a half years ago, three years ago, Ja, so i bought it very intuitive and very easy, and you really you know don't even need to be a pilot to fly it. You just basically have to learn how to push it around the sky and uh so and then i said well, maybe i can make some money with this. So i went got my 107 and like a lot of aspiring drone guys who thought they were going to make a lot of money. I started talking to people and finding out that uh it's it's tough it's, a tough road to hold, especially for somebody that's, older and doesn't, want to work 15 hours a day, pounding the pavement knocking on realtor's door and every realtor i talked to uh. Why should i pay you? My grandson's got one of those things yeah yeah? Goed, he can't do it legally. They look at you like like do i like, i care the barrier. The barrier to entry is very low right and so for someone to buy a thousand dollar drone and and charge, Weet je 50 bucks an hour or 25 bucks an hour or whatever to do it. You know the barrier to entry is very low and i think that's part of the thing is differentiating yourself with being legal number. One also insurance, you know being properly insured and you know there's a lot of other things, but realtors don't care about that.

Uiteindelijk, i found they're they're, zeer, very they they're penny pinchers. You know sorry if there's any realtors watching, but they are no. I agree i agree and uh. So many of the ones that i found actually went out bought their own drone and took half assed pictures of their houses, and that was good enough for them and that's that's all they sold it. So i decided real quick that that wasn't really going to be a a way to build a business so uh, my daughter who lives in tampa owns a public relations company, okay and she started yet and she started getting me a few drone jobs uh for some Different events and things so uh i did start to do a little commercial work, but you know i said: i'm retired. I'M. I'M. I'M. I don't want to start another full time career and you do have to put a lot of time and energy into it, en, and i didn't then it wasn't what i wanted to do so i decided well. This is just going to be more for fun and that's when the youtube thing came along so start the youtube channel, and so you know so for folks who are watching right now and might want to get into fpv but are a little bit intimidated by it. Because it is intimidating, you know you watch most of us like to watch the guys, the johnny fpvs and the nerds of the world who can rip around like crazy and, and you know they they can.

They can um, you know just like being in the military. They can disassemble and reassemble their weapon blindfolded. You know in 30 seconds so uh. You know for us ordinary guys who who didn't grow up solderingor maybe you know with all that sort of mechanical or even software knowledge um. How do we get going on that? I mean how do how do people and i'm i'm a little bit past that point now, maar als, if someone's, watching right now and they're, zoals je weet, i really i'd really like to give this a shot. What'S, your recommendation. Goed, the there's it's pretty much the same recommendation that uh um everybody's given andand that is something like this yepa little tiny hawk too, and this is the tiny hawk ii uh. You have a decision to make when you're gon na start. But i would, i would recommend, as a first drone number one you you're gon na just continually crash it into things, fly it under the couch, be searching and hunting for it in trees. I mean you know. You know that that's gon na happen, but you can't hurt your you. Can'T hurt yourself, Ja, not really you'd have to really try and you can severely hurt yourself with a five inch raisin, O ja, yeah or someone else. I mean or a car severe yes or a window or or there's lots of things you could hurt with it yeah, yeah and uh.

Weet je, and it's and it's, really intimidating and that's the thing that that i found uh about getting started in an fpv. That is as good as i could fly: airplanes line of sight and helicopters line of sight and even drones line of sight. When i first got this thing, i didn't put the goggles on i i took it off and i started flying figure eights and flying it around all over the place, and it was like i'm used to that. Weet je. I know when, when it's coming at me, i don't even think left is left. The left is right and right is left. I just do it. You know you gain the uh, yeah muscle man, muscle memory, for that first time i put the goggles on was an absolute rude awakening for me. I found it and i was doing all this in the house. The hardest thing was controlling your altitude right right. You'Re always knowing whether i know when i started i'm, not always going down. Jumping up and down yep yep it's hard to do. Yeah yeah you hit the ceiling hit the floor. You hit the ceiling because from the goggles, when you're looking at the drone it's easy to see how high it is off the floor. But when you're in the goggles you don't get that feedback as quick about whether that you're going up and down and then uh the good thing about the goggles is now left is always left.

Yeah and right is always right. Jouw perspectief, doesn't change, you're, you're you're. Looking out the front window, the cockpit window, all the time um so so you know you mentioned, you mentioned the tiny hawk 2 and i'm, a big fan of the tiny hawks, and you even made a good comment. I think on my most recent video, which went out yesterday about the tiny, Hawk 2 freestyle kitand you were absolutely right thatand i said this in the videomaybe i didn't say it um enough or clearly enough, but that's, not really a beginner drone it's Super powerful it doesn't have the ducted motors. You know that are covered so it's, something that you would you would um you. You could have some fun with it, but it's, not something you're going to do right out of the gate and be successful with if you've. Never flown fbv before, and so i feel like you're right something with the ducted motors and the fpv um uh. You know 1s battery instead of 2 2 1s batterijen. Exactly all of that stuff makes it so, en – and one thing i will say mitch – is dat, after having flown the i've flown, the tiny hawk to freestyle quite a bit now um. Now the tiny hawk 2 feels really easy, it's much easier for me to fly, because it is more docile and it is more forgiving when you bump into something so um.

You know everybody out there who's looking into getting into it. I agree the tiny whoops, the indoor stuff is great um if you can get a kit it's a good way to start, maar uiteindelijk, if you can invest in a radio, you know whether it's a free sky, radio or the jumper or whatever um. You know kids toy to a a more hobby grade thing and then the last thing is the goggles. You know and then uh have have. You tried much the uh digital goggles yet, but the dji digitals, oh oke, you got him there, um that's that's. All i that's all and i have the analog mod aren'tthey just aren't, they just insanely good. I mean just just the difference between those and fat sharks um. You know somebody somebody said to me just recently that they think fat shark unless they can come up with something to compete, is dead. Goed, the thing about it: there there's there's two ways to look at it: yeah they're, fabulous, they're, they're, absolutely fabulous and uh for a drone for a drone like this, bijvoorbeeld. This is a if the guys wonder why i look so funny is my regular camera. Wouldn'T connect to this thing with kelly, so i it was asking for this stupid, uh uh phone and that my i got my my cell phone sitting in front of me on a tripod and that's, where the camera came from hey i'm holding my cell phone i'm.

Holding my cell phone in my hand on on a boat dock, so we're kind of equal here, that's sort of the and for everyone who doesn't know this is this is um software that that i'm, using that is, basically allows you to live stream from anywhere like This to bring a guest in so that was the nice things i didn't have to get out a computer um. We were just able to do this, but back to your back to your drone with digital yeah. This is a a a marmot, an armitan marmot it's it's, a five and john coope is probably just jumping up and down because he just built one of these things, and i don't know if he's flown it yet or not. But it's going to be his first uh dji fpv experience and john coope. Just just commented in the comments that uh that fat shark is not dead, um en – and i i i agree therethey just need to. I feel like the digital thing is going to become the norm. Much like hdtv and 4k is now becoming the norm for cameras and digital it's, going to take a little while, but analog is going to be a thing of the past in the next three or four years, all bad. Goed, the only problem. The only problem is this see these right. Dit zijn, deze: are analog it's, going to be quite a while before they they're they're going to be.

You you'll find the digital technology in these tiny, maybe you're, maybe in three or four years yeah. I mean that's that's, een probleem, Hoewel, that that you know moore's law will solve right, that's, that's, a problem that will be taken care of by technology, but you're right right now, if you want to fly a tiny whoop and the nice thing about that is typically You'Re flying in a small yard or you're flying in your house, of zoiets, where the signal may not be great but it's good enough to get around yeah and and uh the the analog that they have today is not really bad. Some of these little cameras have 1200 1500 lines of resolution yeah the run cam, bijvoorbeeld, which comes the run. Cam comes in that tiny, hawk uh. You know what's really funny is some of those original cameras think we're up cameras, um from the backs of cars and part of the way you know that is um. There was a setting in them where you could see the backup lines. You know how, when you back up in a car, it shows you the lines if you're turning your wheel, where it goes um so anyway, maar je weet het, uh own technology has uh, given a big boost to the tiny camera development, absolutely we're, benefiting from the sensor Development that they've that they're, you know that's being driven by the hundreds of millions of potential customers for a camera like that, you know in a cell phone now this this set of goggles yeah.

I have to wear glasses in my goggles, so i can't use fat sharks. I even get the diopters because i have a what they call prism correction. One of my eyes actually sees a little higher than the other. So if i put on a pair of fat sharks, i see two images, one on top of the other uh, so i started with a pair of box goggles i used. I got the the viper fxd's, but it's right here, your glasses, Yep, yeah and and the glasses do fit these fit right over the glasses, beautifully uh. The only thing i don't like about this is, i don't like this next step strap. So i haven't put it on yet, but i just got this uh, mr steel ethics, goggle strap it's about an inch and a half wide and yeah yeah. So i i'm convinced that as soon as i put this goggle strap on my goggles, i will be an ace fpv pilot right because it's from mr steve from mr steele absolutely so so you watch out for mine. I will say i will say that the uh goggle straps on the dji um are not bad when you're wearing it, but when you try to place them up on your head, they don't stay. They kind of they're, always they're, always slipping down on me yeah. They slide yeah slow, hiding down, yeah they're, not good enough and then the whole process anyways on every time is a little bit of a little bit of a hassle, but you know that's that's.

The other thing that i love about. I leave mine on. Oh, you leave them on um, i leave them on and i've got a case. I'Ve got a case and it sits down in the case with the with the antenna as well, because that is a pain in the ass taking them on and off every time. The other, the other nice thing, Hoewel, that i'm really impressed by at least the kit that i got came with a uh, xd60 or yeah, an xd60 connector um that you can plug into any 3s or 4s battery and run the goggles, which is so nice, because I have a bunch of those laying around and – en je weet, it's nice to havei literally the cable's long enoughi can put it in my pocket instead of having it up here on the side and and so i've got the battery in my pocket with The cable running up to the goggles and it just feels a lot less weighty on my head. I i i flew like that, a while and then i i decided to actually put the battery on on the goggles, so i don't have to deal with all the wires and everything and this yeah. This is a furious uh fpv. It has two uh lithium ion cells in it: Oke, Oke, you can pull those out and recharge or recharge it in the case. Goed, you recharge. You recharge. You recharge your balance, there's a little adapter it comes with and you can recharge it right through the balance port.

But i put the uh the tbs fusion, uh module, analog module and i think that's pretty easy to put on it's it's not hard to do. If you don't want to solder it right, i i before they actually had the thing uh, the newest one, which is a pretty nice solution. Uh. I actually uh 3d printed this uh this faceplate here and built and built this. I made a video about how to build this thing itself and uh. It was on thingyverse the print for this, and then i put the fusion module and the nice thing about this is the wires come right out of it and they plug right into the av. In input of the goggles and uh this that the fusion module actually will run up to eight volts, so it gets its power analog. All i got to do is plug in the little balance plug here and you can see the module, the module lights up and the way it goes see so so you're running you're, running analog and and the the screen of the dji goggles off of that uh. One battery yeah everything runs off of this one battery and uh and it's got to put it's got it's, got a little um a little readout on top. When you push the button, it'll tell you what the cell voltages are everything yeah and and and i can get a full day of flying out of one charge on that thing, so uh it.

It works out fine and i've kind of settled. In the only thing i don't, like i don't, like i didn't like the neck strap and i don't like the foam pads dji has some thicker memory foam pads that they sell and they they just got them in stock. They'Ve been out of stock forever and i ordered two two pair of them, maar, like bang good, Weet je, i'll see them in a month or so maybe right right, they're on they are on the way. I think that's going to make them much more comfortable. Much more comfortable andand i think that that they'll uh uh block out more of the there's a little light leakage around. But those screens in those things are absolutely gorgeous. It'S, like sitting at an imax movie theater when you're flying it's, it's it's, awe it's breathtaking yeah, and i like watching the uh the videos of the guys yeah they're, reacting their reactions. Yeah it's a blast yeah yeah, but you were asking you were asking about how to get started in this and and the drone the little drone is is uh. The first thing i think there are so many of them there's the mobile there's, the mobile 6 of oakville 7, the tiny hawk, hey somebody was asking about the beagles. Have you have you heard of the beagle you were talking about? That is that yeah that's that that's that drone from the uh up at princeton, university – Oke, i don'tknow anything about it.

I just saw it in the chat. No yeah look at look at just look at their website and tell me you know: it's it's uh. Now it's it's it's, a project that looks like, was designed to be sold primarily to schools to be used in the stem in the stem programs. It'S built this drone modular this module or that plug and play, and they have a big, a big bunch of information about about uh the stem program. They want to sell it to guys like jerry cavalry but for '9 dollars for geez 150. 150. Drone is a a little yeah and i've i've done a few of those um stem ones and also like lego. You know they make some lego drones, they're out of bricks, that you can build and they're they're fun to put together, but ultimately they never fly as well as an engineered drone. They don't have the advantage of the you know. The the the high ti or the i don't know the manufacturing process. That goes into like a tiny, hawk right and those things just fly better. I think this beagle thing is a real five inch ratio – Oke, Oke, Ja en – and the scary is uh to turn a whole bunch of 13 year olds, loose flying five inch racing drones, it's gon na be a lot of carnage. I think yeah it's it's and i think, that's, what they're talking about a couple weeks ago.

Somebody asked me on one of my streams and we looked at the websiteit's very flashy, a lot of marketing. I i wasn't impressed uh, but everything has its place and far be it for me to uh uh pass judgment on it. I haven't seen seen one of them yet um so for 200 Bucks voor 200 bokken. If someone wanted to get a kit, an all in one kit, you know with the goggles the remote um, you know even even binding the remote can be a challenge, sometimes finding the buying boat. Absolutely so, if it's already pre bound that's helpful, if you want to just get into flying without having to worry about that, what kit do you recommend? Goed, i i would recommend the tiny hawk kits, but there there's a there's, a misnomer uh, that that i feel that if you, if you are serious about this hobby now, i guess you can't know if you're serious until you give it a try, Ja, but but But you'll never you'll, never on a first try be successful enough to get hooked to say yeah wow. This is it. Je kent je., you know after 50 crashes you, but you and climbing, under your couch, trying to get the thing. You'D probably say you know. Maybe i can't i can't do this, you have to you, have to have a passion for it and, als u – and if you notice one thing about the fpv that completely differs from the camera drone business is it's the difference between buying a cadillac at the cadillac Dealership or building yourself a hot rod in your garage right right, Ja, it's, a whole, you know you and and and the fpv is more analogous to the hot, be in the hot rod, Ja ja ja.

Natuurlijk, you you get off on all the mechanical stuff. You enjoy working with tools, you like fiddling with things you you you want to, so i can make this better with different motors and everything else. So right now in in our in the fpv community, they don't really have a dji like no maintenance, everything's done for you. You don't have to understand how it works the product. Now i think dji is going to probably come out with something like that. But right now uh, even if you get ready to fly one, the minute, you break something on it or something doesn't work right now you have to you have to either send it to somebody to fix it and you got to be or you got to become A mechanicand i know ken hearn is discovering this. He loves this he's hooked on this fpv stuff, but he he doesn't like the repair side of it and well, i can't imagine being in this hobby even just to make small changes like if you want to switch. Wat, if you want to change what a switch on your remote does, if you're used to having your arm switch on one side, and you want to switch it to the other side? You know it came one way and the other that's all stuff that just you know a basic knowledge of beta fpv, which is a free plug in for chrome, rechts, it's, a chrome extension that you download put on your computer and, and that really to me just Having a really basic understanding of beta fpv is is a really like that'll.

Get you a long way. Naar mijn mening, absolutely the beta flight betaflight is very data flight. Sorry, sorry yeah! You can be, as you can delve as deep into it as you want, or you can just stay on a superficial level. U, you can basically deal with the modes tab. You know and that's generally and the receiver tab and in most cases that's all you all. You really need to do, but eventually you're going to want to flash an upgraded version of a beta flight on it when they come out with it with the newest version that flies better you're going to want to be able to learn how to save off. All your settings through cli dumps, we talked about that change from clean flight to beta flight, upgrade from gameplay to flight. All that stuff. Exactly and and uh do do things like this marmot this marmot that i was talking about this. Deze uh – i i you know, had to build this. I picked out all the pieces and parts i decided to put the dji system in it and uh. The flight controller is the is: is the uh holy bro kakude f7 it's, a fabulous flight controller? I wanted a gps on it, so that i could use the gps rescue function, yeah data flight, which allows which allows me to throw a switch if i'm, if something happens or if it fails, if it goes out of range or the video feed disappears, or for Some reason on your show one time and it was pretty amazing.

I mean it's like return to home for for camera drones, yeah for for camera drones and then, and then that led me to get into a a different operating system called inev which actually incorporates most of the navigation functions, that the camera drones have with the flick Of a switch you're ripping you're ripping around you know, i wonder i wanted to say ken herron said: uh, Hallo, old guy and mitch. Dus bedankt, ken uh, hey ken, how you doing buddy. Thank you for the five dollar super chat, much appreciated uh yeah man it's. It is as as you said and and ken's experienced this, and i think a lot of folks in this chat right now have experienced. Um have experienced this when you put on the goggles and it is. It is like anything else. There is a little bit of a learning curve. I mean there's a fairly steep learning curve honestly, but once you start to get it that's when it gets to be fun, i started. I remember the first time i started snowboarding i was um. Ik was als 19 jaar oud. I had never skied before. In my life, well i'd skied one time before in my life, but really wasn't, a very good skier went snowboarding and day one i got the crap beat out of me day. Two i got the crap beat out of me and day three. I started to link my turns and was starting to understand it and started to have fun and from then on it was a great time it was like.

Oke, i've got the basics down. I can get around without killing myself and it's the same thing with fpv. Once you can get into acro mode, i i i really only recentlyand i started putting videos about this because i've been flying so many battery packs through my uh gep rc rocket with the dji system. I only recently got to where i much prefer acro to zoom out and it's weird, because when you fly and stabilized, and you hear people say that you're like well what what's not to like about um about angle mode or horizon mode. But but once you realize it fights you, Weet je, i didn't understand what people meant and now i do now it's like when i take off even i used to only take off and land in in angle mode, but now it's easier for me to take off. Like when i've taken off an angle mode it's been more disastrous than when i've taken off an acro because with acro i know where i can i'm pointing it that way and it's going to go. Op die manier. You know it's not going to fight me. O ja, aggro mode and and and it's the difference between flying and driving stabilized mode is similar to how a camera drone operates. Ja ja ja, except you have to be a little touch on throttle. But when you let go of sticks, it levels out, acro mode stays where you put it, you have to establish the bank and then roll it level, establish the pitch up and then level by pushing forward level.

It level it off. If you just leave the stick alone, it stays right right where you put it so in acro mode, you're, you're, really flying you're, you're you're flying like this and you're you're you're you're, actually flying the thing: you're, not driving the stabilized flight controller you're right. It is a different experience, but do you do you think people should start in angle mode like if they're just getting started, just just to get the feel of the goggles and such i? I think that uh they should not stay in angle mode. As long as i did get out as quickly still yeah, but for flying indoors in the house, where you're trying to fly through doorways and under furniture angle mode, you know you've got to be a pretty damn good pilot to fly. Acro that tight in and even the the drone racers these guys that race, these whoops around a lot of them in angle, modus, Ja, yeah and they and they say those little indoor races when you're out when you're out there. If you bump into something in an angle mode, het zal, it will correct itself versus if you bump, into something in acro mode, you're, pretty much screwed, acro mode is more of an outdoor kind of thing. I think yeah it's it's it's definitely more for flying outdoors, but i think so it's it's also, Weet je, Geloof ik, there's, two or three steps, a there's, there's kind of getting everything set up and getting it working and getting used to the controls be the whole Notion of what it feels like to be in the goggles and to fly from that perspective, which you can do in angle mode and then see kind of taking it to the point where you're you're getting getting used to flying it versus driving it.

Zoals je zei, Daar hou ik van, de, like that analogy and uh you know we were, we never really talked about it, but we we had, we left off with uh. What should you buy if you're just starting outand there was a couple of uh points that opinions that i have and you know again anything i say is my opinion, which might be not somebody else's. It may be wrong too. You know i'm. I'M. The look you and i are both relatively new yeah at this at this fpv stuff and uh, you you, you learn what you learn and and uh what an old, an old friend of mine used to say, it's what you learn after you think you know it All that does you the most good yeah and that's kind of that's kind of true in in the f b. Just when you think you know it all you find out, you don't know anything if you, if you're honest with yourself and there's there's, so much so much to it uh if a guy's coming from this is the seems to be the general trend. Deze dagen, um, de oude jongens, are discovering fpv up until it's been a young kid's thing, and if you and you see it on the channel, you see more tattoos and piercings and funny colored, hair and stuff, and you know these are. These are the skateboarding generation video game generation. These are the hot rod, young, fbv, kids and and it's a natural for them and they're young and they learn it.

Us older guys are discovered, discover in this now and i know a lot of the people. I know in the drone community uh who may not be i enjoy flying camera drones. Oke, but i love love, fly at fpv drones and if i got my mavic 2 sitting over here and my marmot sitting over there and i wake upand i say: Oke, what am i going to fly today? What do you think's? The answer is going to be yeah nine times out of 10 i'm going for the fpv yeah. It really kind of depends on what you're doing too um. I i had the fortune to fly both today. I was able to go to a um, an area um it's, a school right right near here, and i was able to fly my own. I flew through five batteries and then this afternoon my kids were riding around on a jet ski and i followed them with my mavic air too. You know and that and got some really awesome shots of of them and that's fun, that's kind of actually challenging to to follow a jet ski with a with a mavic uh, especially the way my son drives, but it was easier you find it's easier to follow Him with an fpv drone yeah, because i follow, i thought i'm buying model airplanes out there at the field and find it's not very hard to keep up with them at all.

I'Ll tell you here's my thing for for i'm here for two more weeks and i am i'm surrounded by water right, so you look everywhere: there's water um! I want to fly my i want to fly well. I want to fly my fpv drone um over the water, and i don't have the i don't feel like i'm good enough. Yet i still make stupid mistakes so so i'm going to keep going over to the school it's, not very far away uh nobody's there. You know the school's not even going to open this fall so so nobody's there. I can fly in that field. All day long. I actually lost my drone lost my uh rocket today and found it with the beeper. You know i was able to turn the beeper on and go into the woods and find it but i'm gon na go. Do that until i feel like i can. Weet je 10 uit 10 times i can fly around and come back and land without an incident which right now i'd say it's about six out of 10 times and then i'm gon na fly it around around this, this water, you know and and maybe do Some chasing a boats and stuff like that with the fb tv drone, but that is my barrier rust. I was impressed with your flying in the last few videos of yours. Did you watch it? Did you watch the right crack like the montage of crap yeah? Eigenlijk, i took inspiration from that kelly and in my last video of flying around in the playground, i had three crashes and i started the video with this of montage of three short crashes before my splash.

My logo came up and i credited it on my live stream. We were talking about it and i i credited you and also paul paulie dronebum, O ja, the same thing, all right and he's he's do he's flying fpv and, and chris hope he ishas bought a tyro, niet 119., and all these guys rick halber. All these guys uh, our camera drone guys are. Are you know watching us, do this and saying these guys are having too much fun now do you buy? Dit? Is the big question? Do you do you buy the the all in one kit and get the goggles and the radio that you'll never use again as a test to see if you think you like it? Oke, met andere woorden:, do you buy the do? You buy the sample kit first to see if, if you want to spend more money or do you go out and spend 130 bucks right and get the new radio master and that radio will carry it through professional through your professional just so many considerations. How good are your eyes? Do you need glasses or not? Do you? You know you have to have box goggles. Do you want digital? Do you want a high dollar analog? What modules do you want to buy? You want rapid fire. You want fusion, there are a ton of decisions to make and somebody just starting out if they, if their attitude is i'm gon na, i know ken is watching, but i but i'll i'll use him as an example.

If they have the ken heron attitudeand that is nothing's going to keep me from doing thisi may destroy 400. I may crash into i've, but i'm i'm going to do it and i'm going to get it right, then get the good equipment if kind of person. Dat zei, you know yeah, i don't know if i'm gon na, like it or not, i i wouldn't mind giving it a try, then buy the buy. The cheap goggles buy the cheap radio, see if you enjoy it, Zie, if you think, and if it does nothing for you sell it, you could also. You could also give it to somebody, you gift it to somebody right. I mean that's that's, a nice thing. Absolutely there are so many people in this chat right now and by the way, timothy thompson. Thanks for the super chat, much appreciated and uh safe travels. Mr heron, i don't know where you're headed uh road trip lies, but maybe you're going uh somewhere fun uh, but have fun. Oh, oh and and also john bedsol, zegt: uh fly a simulator that's, actually a great point um. That was a little bit. I guess of this: oh yes, my getting better at this was a combination of doing the drl sim as well as liftoff, and then flying uh. You know typically doing 10 packs because that's how many batteries i have now, when you told me you, you actually told me that i could fly my rocket with a 3s that bumped me up to 15 batterijen, so i i'm flying uh, 15, 15 packs now so I'Ll go: oh there you go.

I uh um i'm trying to get on your channel and see what we got. We hebben 137 people watching this stream wow. Oh, my god is that is that right, oh no! No. I'M. Sorry i'm! Only showing four as somebody else's channel, but you know what you know, what it's four i i i have 42.. I i'd rather have these 42 people that are watching right now than anybody else in the world. Jullie., Weet je, i will quote i'm with you. Ik ga akkoord, i will quote jay z on this and i think this is one of the greatest quotes ever. He said you could be anywhere in the world, but you're here with me, and i appreciate that and i think that's just awesome andand so i do want to wrap up because i don't want to step on uh oz by drone's got his show going on. In uh eight minutes, so if you want to watch more drone stuff hop over to oz by drone, maar um, no really uh mitch, you are awesome and i will say to everybody: who's uh, oh check it out. There is a there's, a riverboat of some sort. Can you see it over there it's kind of dark vaguely i'm looking at i'm, looking at the the fuzzy stream, i'm i'm fuzzy on the stream, dus hallo? Goed, so mitch uh, U! You do a great service and for everyone who wants to check out your show you're on at uh, 6 p.

m. Central on on uh, 6 PM 6 Uur; eastern eastern, die is 5 pm central 5 central on thursday on thursday. So if you want to get your fill of, drone showsand you want to watch thursday nightlive uh tune in to mitch. Eerste, because he's always willing to help people out and let them uh learn more. You know fpv and how to fix betaflight and he'll, bring you on the show and literally like screen, share with you and help you through stuff. Dus, if you're getting into fps, i do the sunday show too. I have two live streams: yeah cause that's the one you were on uh sunday night at eight o'clock eastern that's called the fbv workshop and that's pretty much. I try to stick to just the fbv, the technical stuff you know and trying to help guys and figure out how to do stuff, so that's eight o'clock on sunday night. So i do those two streams and love love to have you guys come in? O ja, most of the guys i see in the chat just look for old guy old guy in a drone on youtube. You'Ll find him go subscribe, he's, he's, a great resource and a great member, and again thanks to everyone who tuned in and uh. You know i, zoals ik al zei, the people i see in here are people that i really appreciate um for everyone who doesn't know we have because of covid and the city regulations.

We can't have any more people in that pavilion, so everyone's got a ticket. Dank u.