I think i finally got this new format figured out with the uh with the two people on the screen at once. I had kind of some trouble. Last week i went back and rewatched that show, and i have to say thank you to everyone who stuck with, because that was kind of a rough show. But tonight is going to be awesome because i've got roosevelt, aka rose from fly natural, who is sitting out in nature right now, next to a pond in arkansas, his home state uh. If you guys don't know him, he is uh. Zeker, someone who's all over the drone community as far as being in a lot of the shows and the chats and all that sort of thing, he's, a two time: spin up attendee flies with the crew that flies on the uh morning early morning weekend, sunrise flights And just all around great guy and supporter of the community, so welcome rose good to see you good to see. You too, so tell me a little bit about where you are, because i know people who don't watch, oh and by the way, just just go ahead and go to find fly natural on youtube right now and go subscribe. Just just let's just do that um. But for people who haven't seen your uh your morning, flights where, where are you right now, i am in benton, arkansas and i'm at the um. I want to say it's, just one of our local ponds out here close to the interstate i'm going to see.

Is it can i flip the camera off? Okรฉ uh? I guess i can't flip the camera i'll just turn this around. Oh that's, pretty yeah! Look at that very nice, so that's really close to your house too right, yeah it's about uh, 10, 15 minutes away. Oke, en – and this is a placeyou often fly on your on your uh morningsunrise flightswell not on the mornings. I usually just fly right off my uh right out the front porch of my apartment, complex, but we've got some stuff going on right now. Um, if you can believe it or not, i think it was last night one of the um pipes burst. I don't know why oh no accident yeah, so i would notice the other day that water was just. You know in the the grass over in one of the areas by one of the other complexes, and then this morning, when i got up it was streaming out into the street and whatnot. So i know it didn't burst it. Didn'T burst in your apartment. It burst outside, oh no, No, Oke, that's good! So i went home from lunch today and when i got there they were out there digging you know and trying to find the leak or whatever. Vervolgens, when i go back from lunch to work, it looks like niagara falls down down the road. Is your water turned off uh? They turned it off for a little while, but when i got home at four, it was back on well that's good.

We we had a pipe burst on our street and we had our water off for, like i don't know, half a day and man, you don't realize what a hassle that can be, how much you, how much you need water, Ja, Ja ja ja. Ik bedoel, ik denk., Nu onmiddellijk, as hot as it is, i i'd prioritize electricity for air conditioning uh. You know you can always go buy jugs of water, but still i mean it's it's, pretty awful when you don't have it so i got ta try to go to the bathroom and yeah. We got ta fill up the toilet. Um we got ta. We got a good crew in there we got uh, we got chris hope. We got sean from geeksfona, we got thomas, we got 400 agl, we got the drone ranger uh, who uh we got john mappers2. We got agent k mr john's in the house coast to coast drones, so everybody thank you for joining tonight. I just want to say: i'll quit moving stuff around um i'm gon na. Do this whoa hey, they know we're, Hier, i'm gon na start doing hey and even got uh ken herron. There who's telling me to check my text. Oke, i'll check my text, but for everyone who is here, i'm gon na start doing this um. Oh, he says to uh to that. My audio is clipping a bit that now the problem is ken. Thank you for the information.

The problem is i'm using this um. This crazy uh software and i don't know that i can turn my audio down, but i will talk a bit less loud, so that might help but um i move to friday night at 7 Uur, so that i can be consistent. Just like ken herron is with his show, evenals 400 agl is with his show, just like all the folks who do live, streams regularly, lloyd, all those guys they keep it to the same time. Every week versus once friday and saturday, so it's going to be fridays at seven and then on the first friday of each um it'll, be this format kind of just talking having people in on the first friday of each month. We'Ll do first friday, where i'll do giveaways and all that stuff, dus um. So thank you to everyone who's in there. Dank u, ken herron, Hey. I see paul in there from tropic uh i'll bet it's hot in florida right now, um, ryan's, drone and wildlife video. I good to see you. I don't know that i've seen you in before, but maybe kevin speaks. Thank you for being here, frank, frank, puckett, frank, puckett, that's, awesome, so uh roosevelt tell me about how you got into flying drones, um! Goed, um! You can just look in the mirror because that's how i got into drones, um ja – i i was uh watching something on youtube and your channel just happened to pop up and i looked.

I was like oh that's neat uh drones. I'Ve! Never really thought about that. So i went out when i was uh. Oh, it was probably a weekend. I was just bored just happened to go in walmart and see this little drone. Ik was als. Let me try this out. I got one, it was one with you know: no gps. None of that stuff, no fancy stuff, and at first i was like i i can't do this. This is horrible. This is dreadfully horrible. So were you bumping into stuff or crashing? O ja? I was just up in that because he didn't have any altitude hold or anything it was just. You know you had to like fb fpv really and you just had to play with it and stuff, and i kept hitting stuff and the propellers would come off and stuff, and i was just like man i'm done with this, so i think it was like. I might have tried it at the end of that year and i i happened to see a video with someone that else that did the summer with the tillo, and so i went to botticello and i was like oh now. This is really fun. I like this yeah yeah tello is cool. Hello is one drone. You can actually fly pretty well with your phone because there aren't some of those phone powered toy dronesaren't great, but with the telo. You can actually do it.

So so you got a telo. You were liking it, and then i mean, because now you have a you, have a phantom right. When did you upgrade to that yeah um i, and also the i still have the air that you gave me in the giveaway, O ja, subscriber of the month yeah. So that was my second drone or no take that back. I won the first drone from you, uh the uh jj pro epic, and that was yeah. I remember that i remember it's a silver or gray drone right, um, yeah yep. I remember that one gosh that's been a little while been a long time. We'Ve been we've, been at this for a while kelly and that jj pro epic does it. It has gps right, yeah it. It has stabilization gps and all that it's just it's, not the best, but it it's a good training, drone i'd say yeah, yeah or or if your friend wants to fly it give him that one, oh yeah yeah, Ik zei: Oh, you want to fly draw here. Just take that and fly i've got a couple of uh what i call my beater beater drones that i i you know give to people, because they've been beaten up so bad i'm like yeah. If you crash it it's all right, um, goed, that's, awesome man that and and so now you have a phantom 4 pro and are you doing anything um like you travel with it or or are you doing anything uh like i know you, U, post to your Channel is your theme kind of just nature.

Around arkansas i mean is that yeah that's pretty much yeah that's that's, where i got the name that's why i derived the name from is you know, i'll fly drones and then i kept thinking about the channel name. I was like what am i gon na name, this channel, i i didn't wan na you know, name naming after my name and be like ken herron. You know i just couldn't. Do that, but um well yeah. She named it ken herron. He might. He might have an issue, he called it ken herron Laughter. I thought about it. Some more and i was like you know. I live in arkansas. What is what characteristics does arkansas have like? Who knows about arkansas? Echt, no one, but i was like well it's. The natural state, not the nickname, oh fly natural there we go there's, my name and and knox knox. Flight group said uh. He loves, fly naturals channel. Do you? Do you know knox? I don't know knox. Goed, it sounds like you got a you got a fan out there and i i saw chris hope posting uh, some links to your channel in the in the um uh in the chat. Dus als je., if you again, if you haven't subscribed roosevelt, is a great guy and really one of these people that i see supporting so many other channels. Now i have a, i have a question for you and this might be kind of hard to explain, but you and chris hope and dronebomb and lloyd.

Maybe there's there's, like this group of you guys that are like a family. So explain explain to me who's the oldest in that is. Is it chris hope, because i i know i know let me see. I know that guy's old, i love chris hope, but but he's he's. You know he's like the mountains he's like grizzly. Geloof ik, but he told me i think, uh it originally started paul or drone former known drone, bum aka drone bomb yeah. He started the thing he he was the one that reached out to all of us to do this um. So paul was the first one and then we have uh. I don't know if you watch it. Philly drone life, uh, mikey, wait so is is paul in paul's in new york right paul's in new york, oke um, then it goes to dennis lovelady he's in uh. Georgia right outside of the peachtree city, Ik geloof, oke um. Then it comes me to arkansas and then it goes to texas to chris hope, so that's that's, the order of it um, i think the oldest person i'd, have to say i think it's dennis. I want to say it's dennis all right, OK, don't don't, kill me dennis and and you're, probably the youngest you you have kind of a baby i'm, the youngest at it most of the time in the whole community. Out of everyone, Weet je, eat from all across the world, usually i'm, the youngest i'm.

Can i ask how old you are i'm 29.. All right is that like 29 and holding or legit, 29. i'm legit 29 i'll be 30 in january, Oke, Oke! Goed! Goed, let me tell you something as as a guy who passed 30 a long time ago, and i think a lot of the people in the um in the audience would agree. I think your 30s are way way better than your 20s, like i kind of so because my 20s were a little rough like towards the end. They were rough. I'M. 30 brings better things well. Goed, i think i think, ultimately, you kind of have some things figured out, and so you know it's it's, like you go into things with a little more wisdom and um. Ook, je weet dit. This group of people that we have in this chat right now, i'm. I'M, going to get all choked up here, but this this is such a great group that we've discovered and to be able to uh be a part of this. You know as we as we go from 20s to 30s, 40s to 50s, 50s and 60s or whatever it is. It is just so awesome to have this the support, zo weet je, i think you know um, that you and everyone else in this group is supported and loved and it's just an awesome feeling. Oh yeah like when you guys helped me out. Everyone literally came together to help me out to get out to say goodbye to my dad yeah that that really that really touched meand i appreciate you and everyone that pitched in and everyone that just gave a kind word to me that helped me out a Lot like that that time in my life it was really it was tough, because that was the first.

That was the first time i had to deal with death. You know someone that is that close to me, je kent je, you see your friends, their parents might pass away or their brother or their sister. You know you feel bad for them, but really can't. You know sympathize enough to what they're going through yeah and andand i think i think, the the kind of theme on that is because i think most of the folks that are um most of the folks that are in this audience are older than you. You probably are one of the youngest is. I love the fact that we have such a good generation. You know there's even uh mitch, who calls himself old guy with a drone. You know so that's really cool that we have and man mitch, if you guys want to learn some stuff about fpv. You got to watch his lives because he goes into so much detail about his. How he's wired cameras he's got this um. I was watching last night actually at work um at the end of work. He'S got a um. He'S got an airplane that he's got an fpv. Camera wired into i've, never tried flying fpv with a plane before, but it looks like a blast, so you know mitch. That'S that's, all i miss used to do was buy fixed wing aircraft. You know yeah yeah well and i think i think he's an actual uh uh pilot as well private pilot or commercial pilot.

Maybe i think he used to be yeah. So what what do you think about this little guy here, roosevelt you see this one. I i i've seen you fly them um. I just do you have to taste this? No, i don't my taste is: is i'm still stuck on. Weet je. Camera drones, can't fix camera. You know i'm, just i'm, i'm scared to get into that life. I'M, not that life well well, the line's starting to get blurred because what's happening these days is it feels like um. A lot of camera drone people are are starting to fly fpv and a lot of these little um drones. Like the gepp rc, i put out a video this morning about the gep rc with the dji system. The camera quality is so good that you can do these amazing shots that you couldn't do necessarily with a camera drone, because you're kind of like flying faster and doing crazier tricks, but it's all stabilized. Je weet wel., but this is a good way to start. Oke. Goed, i have to look into it, but i just i've been so timid about it, because i've seen ken some of ken's videos i'm, like i'm, going to be just like him. Maar wat? Wat? What does that mean like uh, he's he's had some crashes? Goed, he hasn't had the best of luck with that he's. You know i'm i'm actually pretty impressed with some of his flying, but he's gotten he's, gotten better and so of you.

I watched your video that you put out this morning, man, and that was literally going out um going out for three days in a row plus some other days early in the morning and flying through 10 packs of batteries and just starting to really feel comfortable with Going through gaps, but i have to tell you a quick story and tell everybody: this is i've, told my wife, this and she's the only one, my kids but um on monday, i got a text from somebody that a lot of you guys might know, and some Of you not might not, but i got a text from nerc fpb paul nercola, who is the 2018 drl racing champion? And he and i have youknow we've we've become friends, we've gotten to know each other been on. Each other's shows a few times met up in person a few times for drl events, but anyway he says: hey i'm gon na be in austin on wednesday uh. Are you free to come out and i was like what are you doing? Goed, he was here with the company and i'm blanking on the name right now. It'S really, shame on me, but it's, a company, a red cinema camera. So it's got you know the red cameras, those really big cinema, big lens, all that kind of thing so um it was uh it's. The the drone is actually called the money shot and so i'll i'll figure out what the title is.

I'M gon na have one of the folks from that company on this on this show at some point, but um nurk was here to fly that drone with the red camera on it and chase two things he was chasing a uh ducati. I believe it was a or maybe race track called rally ready where you you drive rally: cars like around on a dirt track and they're they're modified hondas and subarus and stuff like that. Hoe dan ook, i got to fly my little mavic as well as um use, a gopro and stuff and film him flying uh chasing this. This rally, car with this giant drone and the drone, is almost as big as the car. I mean it's. Oh mens, it okay, so it has the it has the dji fpv system on it. It had a insta360, de 360 camera on it and it had the red camera on it, plus all the components. I got to think this that's a lot of weight. It'S. Oh it's it's it had two big batteries um. I think they said it was a 12s like 12 12 cells of batteries um and it went so fast. Het was. It was just amazing to watch him and you know uh. I would have been really nervous and probably a little testy during that time. Like don't talk to me i'm trying to concentrate, he was so chill and just like making jokes, and he i guess he. This must be how they do it.

Everybody had headsets these wireless headsets, so we could all communicate with each other because we weren't standing next to each other and man he's. Just in there like flying and laughing and and great great footagei saw some of it, but i i unfortunately we only did two. They only did two laps with this uh rally car and that was it that's. All i had batteries for so i don't have a lot of footage, but i'm really excited to post that. Maar goed., if i wasn't into fpv before that i'm, like so so excited about it now, yeah that i could see dark. Just being you know, calm and relaxed, that is his area of expertise. So yes, Ja, het was, it was uh, het was, it was pretty cool experience, um and as far as uh. As far as my flying skills, i just try to remember that if i'm flying something uh that crashes, it can be fixed that's. I have to tell myself that, like a dji drone, not as easy to fix, but an fpv driver a little easier so as far as um as far as your experience you've been to spin up twice um for folks who haven't been before and i'm kind of Pitching it, i realize it's going to be a little different this year, because it's going to be online, but for folks who haven't been to spin up before what's the vibe, what did you experience uh overall, both times it just you just have a great experience like You get to meet people that you talk to in the chats all the time meeting.

You is like meeting a superstar like you when the first time i met you, i was like you know. O jee. This man is on youtube. What am i doing here? Why am i here, and i was like oh he's, just a normal guy like me, so i just people who people who start to get you know popular or whatever. I wonder if, if like some sort of arrogance subconsciously creeps in and they don't know it so i'm, always trying to put myself in check like, zoals je weet, just just don't be like that. You know well you're you're, pretty cool i'll, give you that one, but i appreciate that no problem at the uh diamond dale diamondi loved it like thatwas the best venue. Goed, that would be a good place to go back to um it's. It was expensive as far as the venue goes. The big thing is, you have to use their catering, one of the reasons with that you could bring your own food in and and metro jones, his wife sandy and my wife. I don't know if you remember last year, but they did all the food now we catered from chewie's for for the lunch, but every with it being on uh online. I think it's gon na have a different vibe, but i know it's gon na be fun because i think we're going to have the ability to bring more people he wouldn't be able to travel necessarily so yeah um.

I really like that coffee by the way that they made. I love that yeah yeah that was barry, hawaiian coffee, so for for this year for 2020 uh september 12th for everyone. I think most people in here do know when it is but it's september 12th. I see rebel 7 is asking about it. Um, dus hallo, rebel, 7 welcome. Spin up is an an event that we've done in person two years in a row and what rose was just talking about, but for this year, we're doing it online uh at um, on ready, set drone it'll, be on my channel on september 12th from 10 Uur. Till about 3 Uur, i've got ken herron's coming to austin, dat is geweldig, he's going to be in the studio with me. I'Ve got several other folks, including uh brennan from droner who's coming into ons i've got sean oz and, i think that's, Geloof ik, that's all the people that will be in the studio, maybe one or two other folks who aren't committed yet. But our spiegel speaker list is awesome. I mean we have people now, Omdat, because it's virtual, we can have more speakers because a lot of them don't have to travel to speak on it. Eigenlijk, i just got i'm really cool. I thought this was really cool. Dji actually sent me a a a video to play at the event like thanking everyone. I don't want to give it away, but it was a really nice touching video that they produced just for spin up.

So i was super excited um, dus ja. Well i mean they're, they support. You know i i think there there's definitely there's. Definitely people uh, you know the big guys in the industry and maybe don't always have the best uh bedside manners so to speak, maar ik denk, als je erover nadenkt, none of us could do what we do creatively with with camera drones without dji. Right i mean they, they make the best they they equipment. They stone, headed the pathway for the drones. You know i mean no one knew what a drone was until and i always go back to my phantom that that was their flagship and it's still it. It is but it isn't, because they're they're getting more into the mavic series, but the phantom that's that's. What people automatically think when you say drone yeah, you think of the phantom or you know a a military. You know type drone, but usually it's the phantom that they think about. So so you did. You start with a phantom 2 or a phantom 3, or what was your name i just i i started out with the uh the cello did yeah. I won the jj pro from you and i flew that for a while. Then i got the mavic air from you and i flew that for a while and then i just happened to come across a great deal. I bought this phantom 4 pro from a guy nice.

I see uh metro drones in the in the house and i want to just say, uh phil. Your your ears must be burning because we were just talking about sandy and jody doing all the catering for spin up last year. So thank you for joining and uh and so roosevelt. So you never flew like a phantom one or two right, no haven't before dji. Really kind of caught on to what needed to be done? Weet je, as far as stabilization goes as far as the occu sync goes now does does your phantom? Is it um light bridge or occu occusync, or do you know it's light bridge? I have light bridge. I don't have the version too. I really want to get one, but i i have the first version: do you ever have issues with it dropping out like, or is the signal usually pretty clear uh? If i get in a more congested area like say, if i was flying, um yep like if i, if i go a ways away, you know it'll it'll break up a bit, but like out here, i really don't. I can get like the max range on it out here, nice and and uh. Thank you to timothy thompson. He said he bought his spin up ticket and he's ready, um, so win any of the prizes which dji is currently giving away uh one of each drone. They make we've got um we've got giveaways from remote pilot 101.

We'Ve got giveaways from uh emacs, which makes the tiny hawk series and actually emacs um is going to give away some of their uh fpv racing cars too, which have you ever seen. Those roosevelt, de uh, yeah and justin anderson is in the uh in in the chat, Hallo, justin good, to see you. I was emailing with him earlier. He won the um, he won the mavic air and it sounds like he got it and he flew it. A couple of times yesterday so that's awesome. Thank you justin glad glad you got it and everything's good, maar ja. If you want to win we're going to give away a lot of stuff um during spin up i'm. Actually most excited about that. I just found out is um. We are going to give away a fpv lesson uh in in the sim with jet, who is one of the drl champions. He'S gon na he's gon na actually teach a one on one hour, long lesson in whoever wins that so that would be something i would be into. But um you know, all you have to do is get the sim and then you get an hour with jets. The only person that's won the drl uh season twice in a row of the fp. No, No, i don't, i don't uh ed ricker is a fantastic pilot and and but i think ed is more about freestyle than he is about racing, because because they're really two different things, i mean a lot of people um a lot of people, kind of lump Fpv together um, but as far as being able to uh fly as fast as those guys, i don't think he could, but now in terms of freestyling, probably he did do you remember um rose when he did the the the trick.

Do you remember what it was called that trick? He did i can't remember, but it you know it went up and then it flipped rubik's cube and he had a challenge. I'M. We had talked about it last year, but um you know, we'll be poking along at like two miles an hour. Oh i'm gon na hit something here. It goes that'd be fun, that'd be very fun to see. I would i pay money to watch that. Goed, i don't know i don't know we might have to pay money to get people to watch. Actually so so what's um you've been, Weet ik, everybody's been a little bit more isolated, less travel. All that kind of thing uh. Is there anything right now going on in arkansas with you that you're excited about like any any uh anything cool that you want to share nothing here? I i am i'm i'm wavering, i'm spin down. I really wan na i've just got some issues going on. You know so i don't know if i'm gon na be be able to go. Put it that way. I i wan na go and it if i do go i'm, probably gon na drive, which is about a 14 hour drive from arkansas, but i i haven't been on a long road trip like that, since you know uh, Denk ik 2009, when i graduated high school And, Oh, that could be fun yeah. So i think i think i, if i do go, i will drive and um you know, take shots along the way.

So and you mean drone shots, not not tequila shots, Ja, Ja, Oke, be careful there uh, so so that's that's actually funny, because i think i'm gon na drive up to colorado as well. Um i'm. My dad came to spin up last year and he had a great time and so i'm thinking about taking him from houston um but here's. The thing right now there's only eight tickets left for spin down, and i say that not because i'm trying to uh generate hype around it. Spin down is not a money, make lake dillon in dillon colorado and then um food for barbecue for that day, maar um. Because of covid they're limiting how many people can meet at one time, which is currently 50 mensen. I hope the number stays that high honestly, maar nu, we've got 42 42 seats taken or 42 spots taken. So if anybody does want to come to spin up um or sorry spin down ticket and if you can't make it uh i'll refund up to seven days before the event. Dus eigenlijk., if you buy a ticket and you decideyou can't make it um. So so rosea i'd say go ahead, buy your ticket man and then, if you decide or buy your ticket, when it sells out, you can scalp it hey anybody. We'Re excited, Eigenlijk, um sean oz who lives in dillon has been trying to help me put this thing on, and sean is uh helping out with the um a couple of things we're trying to get some rc boats and have you ever played With the rc submarine i have not, i have not um, i know uh jim uh above and beyond drones down in florida.

He bought the dory and oh yeah tried it a few times, en, and ken kendo from original dobo has has has done it a couple times. Yeah yeah lake that we're going to be on is supposed to be the um deepest it's up in the mountains, but it's really deep but anyway, i'm hoping that we can get a hold of a submarine down there. Um so bufferingand i don't know what's going on with that i'm i'm. I'M kind of bummed uh. I can see the up i'm. Looking at my download here. Are you getting some buffering or can you as far as as us just us to know, but uh on youtube i'm, really not seeing much yeah, steve carpenter says yeah, i i will yeah, i see. I see it buffering right now on my machine too, so that that is a bummer um. Goed, so i this one's short there's two reasons: number one uh i'm meeting, somebody at eight o'clock, i sold a uh. I sold a computer monitor that i wasn't using i'm supposed to meet somebody at eight to give it to him and number two um. I want everybody who's watching if you're, als u, if you can to go over to um uh oz by drone and join his stream, which starts at 7 55 in about 20 minuten. So there you go so anything else you want to add rose. It was awesome. Having you on tonight, goed, it was awesome for you to have me um, de, the guys, you know the sunrise crew.

I told them uh. I think it was uh. I don't know what happened. Somebody came, i think it after everything was done and chris was done. I mean everybody. We talk every day, literally every day like when i get up in the morning, they're already talking so um, they said: uh, Hey, look at you hob and i'm with you know chris hope, and i talk a lot and and uh and yeah i mean dennis. I i i love those guys so so i'm i'm flattered, but you know uh don't, don't, overrate it it's all good man. Goed, hey man! Thank um, i'm gon na move this to fridays at seven, so every friday at seven i'll have something live going on, including first friday. First very, very interesting guy. You know he worked for um. I don't know if he worked for nasa, but he worked for the company or the organization that makes space suits so we're going to talk about face travel. He was the guy that uh did. He helped design the uh the little joystick thingy. Oh, No, that was that was um scott, an astronaut who went out in space, but but the aviation guy and he's he's going to be interesting. So i'll have him on next week but i'm trying to kind of like have have folks from the flight crew. On more often so uh you were, you were one of the first from that, en zo, if you're in the flight crewand you want to be on hit me upi'm kind of um, i'm kind of booked, i've actually booked up through uh, the middle of August, but after that i i have openings so um so again, jose thanks for being on man, and thank you for you know you always you always have a great comment or a super chat or something on all of the um on on something on the uh Uh comment: i love all you guys, you guys are great.

I think this with this um, this uh negativity negativity that we have going on in the world right now. This is exactly what we need. What is it together? What age you did say old farts earlier? I did all right well again, really great having you on. I actually um. I i'm gon na make a trip to arkansas at some point to do some mountain biking. I'Ve got some buddies, who want to go there and do it. So i, if i do, i will come, come visit you and we can fly together. That would be awesome. Ja. Just let me know uh, i don't know i don't know if they're planning, you know what what area do they live in? Goed, No, they all live in austin, but we've heard that there's really good biking around around uh bentonville. I think there's in there well there's that's that's, where walmart headquarter headquarters is um right. That'S going to the crystal. Is it called the crystal um it's, an art? The museum yeah yeah i've never been there, but i i rode past there, because i went to bentonville to go to the walmart museum and um the curator. She actually gave me a whole bunch of pins and she was like okay. So when you leave make sure you go by, you know the museum or whatever that's the crystal bridge was actually created. Christian bridges was created by crystal bridges. I went there a couple of years ago.

My daughter has a friend who lives in bentonville. I know we're on our way to missouri and then and then we went to crystal bridges and it was pretty pretty cool and it's actually well right here: it's, really good it's, really nice it's, a it's. Just this cool art museum over a lake cool to fly a drone there but i'm sure you'd have to get permission because you know the place is pretty high flute, Ja ja ja, but anyway again guys i i'm sorry for all the buffering. I don't know why that's going on, i will see if i can find out if that is something to do with the software, because on the upload side it looks great, but on the download side of seeing it it's, really uh, it's, really pixelated and buffering tonight. Dus, thank you again, jose good to see you thanks for everyone to everyone who tuned in i'll, be on again next friday, at this time and uh again go out to fly natural subscribe to his channel, make sure you check it out because i'd love to see A little bump in his subscriber numbers you guys stay safe and and uh. I guess you're flying uh sunday morning.