SJRC Z5 Foldable GPS Drone review – Nachtvlucht

SJRC Z5 evaluate. Night time Flight with this NEW SJRC Z5 GPS 2.4G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone with Adjustable 1080P HD Digicam, Voldoen aan Me modus en 14 …


9 Opmerkingen
  1. Nice review of a nice flyer looks good at night 👍

  2. Good to see it can fly at night. My Z5 is on its way from China and I don't want it to get lost over the Indian Ocean.

  3. Night Walker, Visuo's one is.better.

  4. Hello Bill, another great night flight and very fantastic👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Really cool night flight, it looks a bit like aliens are landing😎……..Duimschroef opwaarts Bill👍👍

  6. Great vid Bill. Enjoy the night flight vids

  7. Excellent night flight Bill! Many thanks for sharing. 👍👌✌

  8. Pretty nice quad, man! Grote vliegen! 😃

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