I had to put the MONSTER TRUCK tires on to my 1/8 scale traction hobby truck. They were too tempting not to do! They seem like a perfect size of an upgraded tire for the snow and trail. Steves 1/8 scale Traction Hobby Cragsman C, is painted beautifully with a burnt METALLIC Orange / Rood .. and the truck looks as aggressive as possible. He made some snow chainswhile I opted to go with a wider tire. I do pay a penalty for not having chains.. but my lighter truck certainly can move quick. Lot's of wheel speed.

Here is a link to Traction Hobby online:
This is not an affiliate link, just a helpful one.

The snow is very light, and much like small ball bearings today. Lots of wind has sucked the moisture out of the snow, and left ice crystals in its place. Almost like beads from a glass blaster..

The use os a 1/8 scale crawler is amazing. The terrain that it can conquer is definitely still limitedbut opens up so much more choice!
For winter, I find this style of crawler to be unmatched. It can traverse the snow, with much less difficulty and has the potential to really become a beast in the competitive aspect of our hobby.

I have been in the RC Trailing hobby since its inception, back in the late 2000's.. and I have to say once in a while we see some great innovation that will catapult the hobby forward.. deze 1/8 scale series of truck IS THE NEXT BIG THING in RC TRAILING! They are too much fun 🙂

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