And I thought hey, I haven't done an ultra collection video in many many years, even though people have been asking for it and I thought hey, I could always start off with the largest part of my collection, which are my trail, trucks and rock crawlers, and that Way, if anybody has any questions or comments they want to leave down in the comments section, I can do my best if I don't answer them here to answer them there. So let's start off there's a lot of rigs here, guys I've been collecting for more than 10 years I've, given a lot of my trucks away to my friends and people that helped the show and the people that are in need that I meet. So if you don't see them here, chances are they're already gone and moved on to another family let's start in the back corner over there. OK, so this is my son's HPI FJ venture. Dit is een 110 schaal, trail truck a fairly good trail, truck I'd say for a beginner. It wasn't that bad at all, you can see it's a little dusty on the inside, not not a big deal. We live on an acreage here, everything's dusty, just by sitting on the shelf. It gets dusty 35 turn on the inside. We had some issues with the steering servo to begin with, but it was upgraded to a metal gear servo and then from that point forward Morris. My son really enjoyed this truck and still does I actually had a matching one to it, but I ended up giving it away to somebody that really needed it.

Ja, my G made comodo. This is with the tractor, tires the 1.9. What the heck were these called? These are from RC four wheel: drive the mud, basher tractor tire yeah that's, what it was, the mud, badger tractor tire, which I was really surprised, because this is the smaller version. You'Re gon na see the larger version in a few moments. This is my first replica of my large full size vehicle, my Ford f, 150, even though this didn't have another door back here, I kind of modeled it after the same thing so inside I had the the digital cordless servo from Salix, de 1210 very expensive servo, But you know I really have had a lot of good luck with those I put in a hobby wing ESC. I tend to use those quite a bit these days because they have quite a bit of value for what they offer yeah. My eighth scale and you'll see both of these vehicles are eighth scale, which means there are larger than the tenth scale vehicles and just as a side by side, comparison, there's, a tenth scale, comodo and then the traction hobby, Craig's Minh founder series. Now they had a a weird naming convention to what they did, but this was the f 150. It had all the extra trim on it as well, as I put a sound kit in here, it's, the S dual that I got from Asia T's, ook, as I put an upgraded MKS servo in here, which was not waterproof, but that seized up on me.

Vrij snel, but overall the axial s mt 10, Ik geloof dat het., was the monster truck that actual came out with these are the tires from that? I think they just fit it so well. Moving on this is the founder. Ja, I'm missing the front nose clip. I lost that this year, 2019 at the rudeboys RC tough truck challenge. Just before we all did the samurai table the sumo table. I should say where everybody was pushing trucks off with their trucks. I installed a huge LED light bar on this. It'S got to be at least seven inches long about that. Maybe six and a half that's what she said and everything is basically left stock people say to me: is there any point in getting the eight scale stuff compared to the 10 schaal? And I got ta say yes like it's, not that you're, making things easier, that you're able to take on different areas where your 110 scale may not have been able to do before let's move on to the next one I have here. This is a very unique looking ride. Some folks will remember this from when I had a savage. It was a nitro. I never did run it. I ordered the used one just for this body very difficult to find this body now here's the 2.2 size version of the 1.9 s which are way over there and I got a say side by side. They are enormous.

These are bigger than the end. Dit zijn 2.8 diameter D, 1 RC wheels and tires D 1 RC tyres on there. These are even larger, so the inside diameter is 2.2, but these giant mud tires super soft. I would suggest if you ever got them to try to find some clothes cell foam to put on the inside. Does anybody recognize this truck from back in the day? How about if I do this, it should be one giveaway when we're looking at that inside battery tray and inner wheel. Goed, this is before 3d printing happened. This is actually the Beast. This is the one that started it all for me on YouTube years and years and years and and morphed into so many different trucks. It was a Jeep, it was a Ford, it was obviously a Kawasaki. It was a Dodge at one time lots of different trucks. This was it I've always had it. I'Ll have a hard time ever, letting that one go and then look at this little track machine this one from Pig Studios. This is the eveyone ripsaw there's mini me in there that kapil had made for me many years ago. Kappa RC, which is an RC company. Jullie., will be familiar with in a few moments. This is a tracked monster, maar, like any tracked machine, it has limitations like if you come up to a bump or to something higher. This doesn't really want to kind of climb up on it, like a tire, normally conforms bends and then kind of crawls up.

These are great for snow as long as you're in the snow and it's not too deep. Now i don't want to be knocking tracked vehicles because they definitely have their place. Eigenlijk, in a video i had this body on this truck, ripping its way up a muddy mountain. It was slinging mud and eventually i had a great smoke show out of the motor didn't bother replacing it yet because i know that those little tracks are very hard on a motor and i'm going to be putting in a brushless system, which would be a lot Better, probably a Tekin rock for 12 set up that has torque and speed, but not super fast, but fast enough to turn the small little pinion in there to rotate that huge track around. When I first saw this Winnebago online, it brought back memories of when I was a kid I used to play with it with a similar RV let's see if I can get this whole lid open with one hand, do you remember this from when you guys were Kids, maybe not maybe you're too young to remember if you're watching had the kitchen ed had the dining room table there watching RC sparks they didn't have a flat screen at those times. A fridge is where I keep the battery and, Natuurlijk, all that neat stuff. I actually acquired this in a trade, even though I already had one. I had a body that I was going to convert myself.

There was some fella named Ryan that actually wanted a 6×6, the Beast to RC four wheel drive. I actually traded him because he wanted to is no big deal and I got I got this, which was awesome, because this came from Jamie Jamie himself had actually done a whole customization he's, the one who put this on, but I ended up doing a whole different. Instead of a driveline system, I went bro motor on axle here just to give it Altima belly clearance. I could talk so much more about these trucks, but guys there's only so much time in one video, if you have any more questions, leave them down in the comment section well, who remembers the Black Widow at the when the Black Widow was first released? This is a brainchild between myself and a young fella at the time named David jr. and his family. This he actually molded all the panels. Uit deze, I had a wraith kit. He was a budding an aspiring builder. He definitely wanted to work on something that I had done because he had been a fan of the show for such a long time. He actually fabricated these panels and we had never at that time seen anything like inner wheel, wells or inner fenders. Anything like that. The first time he did these panels was actually out of kitchen floor tile, and then you can see made out of metal now. I would run this more often and the last time we ran it.

Gek, Jo, actually slammed it into a tree by accident, front end damage but that's. Oke, it had the custom custom bumper that David jr. had put on there and those original vanquish axles. This is all set up on a 32 pitch gearing system, absolute beast, I'm. Sure we'll see this run again one day, but I love having it on the shelf just so it's part of nostalgic history. Voor mij, anybody watching here follow the build of bumble. Beast be EE, st hmm. Do you remember when the lights are on the windshield glowing eyes appear here, making all of bumble beasts head? This is what we wanted to do is to have the allspark flow throughout the body and access points. This was a collaboration with mice with my buddy Brian, from bloodshot airbrushing. This is a cross. Rcp g4l, Ik geloof, might have the model wrong, but I think that's what it was, but regardless a great truck, really long, low center of gravity with really low pumpkins. For the axial differentials, so I don't really use it that often plus the paint job cost me about 500 bucks because it was a custom airbrush job and I got a deal on it. So amazing that's part of the collection for sure. Natuurlijk, if I have Optima, I've got to have bumble beast the boom racing BRX. Oh een, Mijn vrienden. This was a bill that I did. Every one of my trucks usually has a build video series I chopped for a shorter door, a lot of people hated on me for doing this, but I don't care because it's mine, I loved it, because my mini me could sit here with his arm out and I could easily access the onoff and and get him in and out of their body pops off like this.

He got a great homes. Hobbies bum motor on the inside powdery brushed motor a little bit of a squealy motor. It lets out a bit of a whine when it's rolling, but not something that really concerned or bothered me. I loved the whole different transmission and shifting setup in this truck the BRX. Oh one was a very well thought out vehicle right down to the awesome awesome axles that were on it and all of the custom, like all of the scale, accessories that came with the kit itself. My wife actually went out on a little bit of a whim and decided to do a build video series for the viewers on rcadventures. She did a killer job with this axial scx10. It was one of the first series of the scx10 and it was the first time I had ever actually seen a gal put together, RC truck on YouTube, so that was really a special thing. She did a killer job. Not a lot of people saw that build video series, but she had a good time, I'm sure glad she did it and hopefully maybe he will see her put together another truck in the future. Who knows the sawback the G made saw back get to the choppa. This was where Arnold Schwarzenegger was sitting. This was in so many videos of mine. Eigenlijk, this is one of the first vehicles that I put a rock 412 Borstelloze. Look at that an 1800 kv set up wonderful crawling torquey motor.

This thing I have a hard time out of all the things I've let go given away, you know whatever recycled. I still have this one it's, just a funny old Willie. Ik, like it that's totally what she said. Do you guys remember when I did the whole? How to do a paint series where I did salt chipping how to do weathering this actually started off as a you know, like a white bod. All of that painted on rust aging of the winch snatch block on the side here very powerful I've used this truck. This is a CA 10. I believe I called it an International Harvester either way. I know they're different, but still they're. Pretty close, this one looks a lot like the one I have in my yard in full sized interesting fact about this one. This is only rear wheel drive with an open diff on Dooley's, very challenging I've got a brushed motor on the inside. A lot of people would ask me why the heck? Would you even bother with something like that and because, zoals je zien, I've got lots of different trucks set up for different uses and different applications. So I love the challenge of taking this truck out onto the onto the trail and having an open, diff dually and the challenges that's presenting that's. Why I've got the snatch block and the winch on the front? De 16 scale are see sparks figure in my one.

Sixth scale Suzuki Samurai, I upgraded this off camera, but since we've had so much bad weather, I haven't been able to really take it out and show you guys all the tires have been changed out. What an a beautiful aggressive looking tread pattern on there, the LED lights, the top cage, all these little accessories, really helping this this vehicle pop and, Natuurlijk, I was lucky enough in my years to earn this gold with name plated winch from capo that's. My full name got to put that on here. This was actually a replica of a chimney that I saw when I was in Hong Kong. Doing a filming an event called the Asian scale invasion. It was one of the things that I spent a ton of money on that I wanted to go to an experience at least one and once in my life and I'm sure glad I did here, it is the vaterra ascender I've had a few of these over The years that's for sure, but this guy has been with me the longest. This is the original. This is actually the RC four wheel. Station 2.2 mudslinger tires still has mud on the inside mount it up on aluminum rims, again LED light bar on top, and if I was to bust in here so I have a look you'll see it is very old but again there's a pattern with these servos. These Saavik 12 10s jeez they're very expensive, but they last a very long time.

What'S. Behind this ugly Gorilla Tape, a single box, speaker, that's, actually a splash guard, and this is a replacement top to the back box, their King shocks. A lot of people said they had leaky King shocks, mine haven't, but I know an RC stuff breaks down all the time. Nu, if you love rock bouncers, you are going to love this one. I got this in a trade from my buddy Michael. He actually ran it in this year's, die is 2019 rudeboys, RC tough truck competition. This is all, Natuurlijk, based on Traxxas style axles. So it's got all the brass weights all the way around front, and back of course, for those portal axles. A very strong and listen to this listen. You can hear it's just got strength to it. So I knew this is a no brainer. When I had a chance to get it, I snapped it up. This is possibly the only trail finder to that I've ever seen that pulled the judge with a top huge brushless t8. This is a racing motor. If you guys know anything about trail, finder tunes, you will laugh that I've got polar tires on here, a giant t8 motor. I was running up to a 6s life all on this thing, so I could pull the judge, which is a weight pulling sled that I have here. Of course it shredded the differentials it doesn't matter. If you add helical gears in there it didn't matter.

If you need different axles altogether, but dang it looks good all hail the toy boata. This is a Top Gear. Bbc Edition. Do you remember the knee sank? Do you remember the toy boata? Goed, this was a culmination of the two where I actually replicated Jeremy Clarkson's voyage of putting a giant outboard engine on the back while motor in this case plus he was piloting from the back here. So you could actually turn the engine with that steering wheel. It did have a bilge pump which would shoot all the water out of this fire cannon, and this thing weighs 13 pond. I wanted to replicate this right down to the point even to where the water line was for Jeremy and the challenges that he had. We definitely had a good time if you guys want to check out more about this, just search for toy boata, rcadventures tengo, a favorite of so many viewers, my very first Rock bouncer, always imagining that I was Tim Cameron ripping up the side of some bounty hill With mad RAM filming me, Natuurlijk, that's the beauty of radio control is that if you can't have it in large scale, you can certainly have it in small scale. The only difference, Natuurlijk, this one down on the end being a shaft driven Rock bouncer. I decided to go motor on axle here and then I installed some beautiful teak and 3100 kV brushless motors on here at the TTC this year.

I had glitch out on me for a power issue and, Natuurlijk, the small gears inside the transmission of these bully 2 axles did not like that and the drive pins shear so easily and they are an awkward size they're, not an average size. So a bit of a pain I'll have to take this apart and get this ready again, but tango and cash on the end for those who get the reference. Ah, my beautiful ace. 1. My second capo well, I should say it on the show today, a lot of people are wondering where my tatra might be my big 8×8 that I had from Capital years ago I actually traded it away, gave it to my buddy Luke and went instead for this Orange cagenow you guys are probably jaw dropped right now you did what, but the Tatra itself was one of the first engineering feats of capo, and it was a very challenging unit to work on. Also parts were a little difficult to get, but the ACE one. I actually was gifted this when I was in Hong Kong. I had a little bit of say in how this was put together and marketed, Eigenlijk, even with the price point that they had it in. I was able to negotiate with them when they were building this I've been working with capo for at least five or six years, that's part of the reason that's our 5th year anniversary, winch right there that I was able to get on the front of the sixer.

Goed, deze, Mijn vrienden, is a wonderful model, the ACE one. It looks like a rat's nest of wires in here, omdat het, but if you look at it, there's a B EC or the receiver, the ESC and a B II see right here. All kind of wired in and normally I'd have a battery sitting up here to take and power. My independent LED lights on the top. This was a cable driven steering system, one of the very first cable driven steering systems we have ever seen. Ook, it was a full disc brake that wasn't, something that was new, but Kapil is constantly bringing innovation to the game. This was a really great ride. A little bit like owning a Ferrari, Hoewel, is some thing like this hard body very difficult to take out on the trail, Omdat, if it rolls over, you could break it very easily more of a shelf king. If you want to take it out on the trail, you just got to be careful with it now this was my SMT 10, Mijn vrienden. This was maximum destruction. This was the whole build. I did on that. This is an open differential monster, truck really made for, op het parcours, jumping logs, jumping routes that whole thing. I love this truck as a whole. I did do quite a bit of upgrading to it. Eigenlijk, these fling Kings from J concepts are absolutely beautiful. Banden. The really wide axle on this truck makes it so it can handle speed and jumps without really having a super high center of gravity.

I had to modify the body posts of course, put in a sound kit, and then I put on this beautiful body right here that was gifted to me by my friend. I appreciate that very much, Natuurlijk, so moving on to the next one right here, Jean my man, I know you're watching right now or if you're not. I still want you to know. I appreciate that, because that really set that body off a lot of people may ask me and when they recognize this body didn't, you have another one for the killer, crawler too, and the answer was yes it's up there, but the killer crawler. I actually gifted to David junior many many many years ago, so that was a giant quarter scale crawler that I had here's my son's truck the TRX for sport, what a beautiful little rig, wonderful trucks, wonderful, 10 schaal, truck for kids to get started with, and or Adults, because single speed transmission, locked locked diffs all the time my son has had a ball with this. I did switch out the ESC. I did switch out the servo on it, but that was for no other reason than he really just beats the heck out of this truck and he's, basically out driving me already at 60 years old that's the job of any dad, though isn't it teach him what You know here's my wife's beautiful, numerous 80s from Traxxas. This is my wife. Didn'T have a Traxxas, we didn't know they're coming out with a 6×6 so soon after so as soon as I found that out.

This one went to my wife, because anybody in the in the scale trail truck game should have a TRX for of their own. Traxxas came on the market with the TRX for basically introducing the portal axle system and and really it has become one of the major frontrunners in the trail trucking game. There are lots of manufacturers out there, lots of people have their favorites and, Natuurlijk, it really comes down to personal choice and style. Looks like I'm gon na have to give her a little bit of a car wash here today, who remembers pinky the original girl RC. This chick has been through hell and back through the left bridge TTC's and the axle twisters long before crazy, Joe and the boys. Even existed, we were down there rocking with those go at boys, Troy Hatfield if you're still listening or watching man good for you for starting something that the worldwide has now been able to take up and adopt on their own. Pinky was a brainchild of mine to get my girlfriend involved in radio control because I loved radio control. So muchand I thought if I got a truck for my wife and I painted it pink and I did it up really nice and then surprised her with it. Maybe she'd go out on the trail with me and darn it. That was the thing and that's what happened, and now she has three different trail trucks, which is super fun for our son Morris, Natuurlijk, because now we get to go out as a family.

Almost like a gas truck from spin tires, the Russian truck this. My friends is a GC for em. I believe it was from cross RC. This is a command center truck it's, a wonderful little unit where you could actually that's, where I keep my battery, keep all your scale accessories your dudes, whatever you want in there. I was fortunate enough to have cross RC, actually paint this for me and then send it to me when I was actually really not doing well how why's they want to send it to me to cheer me up, and indeed it did. I got to unbox it on camera, have lots of fun with it, and it is now a part of my military truck collection. I love how they even dubbed down duck like like, muted the lights out, so it looks like it's, really a yellow light when it's turned on. I cannot mention Capel without mentioning their second JK release. Now they had a first JK release, but this is the JK max. This is different. This was not the one that was 2400 bokken. Eigenlijk, I helped set the price on this one as well, because it was so expensive out of the gate. I said you guys are gon na have a hard time selling it to anybody, so we were able to talk them down in price. This is an all metal vehicle guys. This is like ultimate scale. This is the vehicle to get it weighs.

13. Pounds also comes with all the lights: a lit up dashboard. You know you name it it's got it. I even put in an air ride system. Dat heb je goed.. The shocks are actually air shocks that you can fill up with a remote control, so it increases the height or decreases the height, depending where you are on the trail. I had a great time with this truck and I think it was candy in Palm Desert in the states a few years ago. If you guys want to go and check out the JK Maxx in Palm Desert, it is an absolutely phenomenal ride. I had a really hard time scratching the paint up on that one, because I love this truck so much now, you can't have one Mercedes without the 6×6 g wagon. This is absolutely almost every person's dream that loves Mercedes. To have one of these in full size that can run yeah, you know good half a million dollars that's for darn sure absolutely beautiful. You can get these all the way up to two million dollars from what I understand and that's us. If you really want to put all the tricks and bells and whistles, this is a slightly less expensive version. This is about just under 1000. What I understand us at the time of this filming, depending on where you find it, and you can own your own, go out on the trail. I love the extra axle we've shown.

The reason this extra axle is helpful in a 6×6 is when you're actually going up an incline on an angle. It actually helps you hold it even more steady another advantage of having a 6×6, obviously other than having the extra axle is to help you climb, because when you have a longer wheelbase you're, not gon na roll over as easily so we've been making six by sixes On the show, for years and years and years, and now that they're becoming more mainstream it's great to see it, a lot of people will say to me how come I haven't got the axial 6×6 and I got ta, say guys: I'm totally in love more with The older style of axial – Weet ik – I know I'm gon nahave a lot of people out there that are gon na hate on me for saying this, but those new one piece axles that axial is offering now that it's been sold to another company is just Something that personally, I find you know difficult to work with. I think people getting into the Hobby now it's great. You can buy you're ready to run vehicle everything's good to go. But really, if you wanted to start modifying, you really have to kind of do it from the ground up this model is actually the Beast number two. I know we've been talking a lot about beasts, but the beast number one, which was all the way back there.

The one that started it all, I always had a backup machine and viewerswill actually know that that watched the show that this was the beast number two same in 2g: shocks that were on there. It just was more of a stand in for shots that I need it. Look at the dodge paint job on here done by Pitt dog, hydro changes. You can see from green to brown to purple there's a flame job on there, absolutely stunning and of course right here. This is a discontinued rock crawler, another motor on axle. This is the axial XR 10. The XR 10 was the an answer to a burg axle which was from years ago and wrote burg. I believe they were called German. I believe hard to say back when rock crawling competition rock crawling was huge. That'S back in the crawler Ted days, Ted's Garage people ask me: where is crawler Ted? I don't know. I haven't seen him for years. Actually that's the thing about the Hobby. People come and go and meet up and then lose touch, but once you see each other again, it's always like hey, how are you doing? No time has passed and before you type a man, your tires are on backwards. They'Re not actually some people would think that they are but I'm, not mud, flinging I'm, not trying to clear mud out of these treads in fact, I'm using these as a clawing action. So as it's going forward it claws onto the rocks controlling each motor is two independent ESC s.

I also have a B EC in there, which is a voltage regulator to help run a super powerful, massive servo on the front, and then when we're talking about six by sixes. Here is what we used to call black Peter now all paint it up red Peterbilt. U hier zien, everything is beautiful. I'Ve got a new Tekin servo on the inside all element proof. I also have an air ride system. Just like I have on the JK max. There is the air compressor right there with the controller and so a six by six with all air ride that can pretty much lift up its whole base, the center of gravity and get underneath any of these old style pumpkin housings, what a beautiful ride this was Actually made by Craig Baylor well his original one I bought when he competed at the TT, see here and then he put his rig up two for sale. This was actually the winner here on the RC spark studio, rcadventures TT, see back in the day and then my friends last but never least, one of my all time, favorite rigs, another collaborative effort between David jr., myself, bloodshot, airbrushing and all the parts I could buy From around the world optimus overkill, which was HD overkill, the juggernaut, which was also the first dually truck that we ever saw on the internet on YouTube when it was black and gold who remembers watching the overkill series. Eigenlijk, this started off as an axial dingo.

110 scale Jeep this was years and years ago, finally ended up putting it on tracks. These beautiful, aggressive, looking tracks. I got those at aja, T's they're, not the into G ones. Those are into G Shock, so this has a smoke system on the inside blows smoke. It'S got four different motors on the inside. Look at this four motors. Two transmissions pick up your jaws off the floor right now, tons of torque there's the smoker unit right here. Eigenlijk, this goes on to this little tiny unit. This is a newer unit that I had just installed recently, actually no it's, all coming apart on me with one just doing it with one hand, but regardless. This is a Goliath of a machine, something I will be taking out in the winter for sure, because with tracks, this is definitely the time for, Eigenlijk, when Everett and I went outwe filmed this when it was black, it was the juggernaut back. Then I think this video got seen like 22 million times, where he rescued that brown Ford truck, which was actually the Beast back there guys, Weet ik, is a long video. Laat het me weten., are you still watching? Did you make it through the entire video of scale Trail trucks? If I missed any I'm sorry, if I didn't answer any of the thoughts you have make sure to post it down below, I really appreciate you guys tuning in hope. You enjoyed the look at this part of my collection.