This is my home, my life and the place where I get my work done. This is about help design and build here in San Diego to lithium Island I've, gotten 26 minutes of 50 seconds on this pack with this drug 20 minuten van de vluchttijd. I I think I'd fall asleep don't. You play that well, that's good, because actually, with this one, we got GPS on board. We have phone GPS capabilities. So when you get bored you just put in GPS mode, take the goggles on what we do at 20 minuten. Really opens up the doors what's possible with a drone, because it's not only a great acrobatic flyer, maar nu, with this drought, its built around a Raspberry Pi, meaning you can hack it to do incredibly different things. Bovendien, we're running an app instead of beta flight, so you have full missions and waypoints for whatever you want to do. You know this is why civilians or scared of drones. We always talk about how the technology will be no fear, but in public, Als de piloot van een drone, probably been asked once or twice like you know, do you do stuff for the military? You know what is the military doing with drones, and this is this is happening now. This is the thing that you guys are developing this stuff and really pushing the limits. I always think that racing were pushing the limits with technology, but by all means, I think you guys are pushing me in a 2 inch part that can fly for 20 minutes where can't you basically go with this thing, and this is all open source text.

So you can get this as a civilian user for sale right now on our website. This is really for colleges and universities, the makers, the team peers, the people that might be a few pilots, but want to do cool stuff with a robot, a flying robot and the cool thing with it being a sub 250. You don't have to register it. You know Remo ID to worry about, and on top of that it's say you don't have to worry about putting a bunch of nuts crane a special space for it. You can pretty much fly this anywhere without having to worry about something going wrong. The frame is built around the Raspberry Pi, so what this battery pack and the PI they're actually like littles built for each other, got ourselves an m8 q. Five, eight three GPS on top. This tells the einav board down below where it's at in the world, and on top of that we got a barometer, so Romney gyro all the things you come to expect, but this allows the einav flight controller to actually fly autonomously, but Justin just juice out. Eerlijk gezegd, you flip a switch. You have full Accra, which is amazing for like this, so it kind of does a little bit of everything. De kerels van Hey. Zoe has brought us out to this beautiful park. Flash beach area, where we're gon na be testing out the micro Hawk it's kind of windy, so it's kind of moving around a little bit, but right now I'm completely hands off of it, so it's just flying on its own.

You know it's just over there doing this thing. It'S really windy out like this is first time he's flown in these kind of winds. So it was a little nervous, but it seems like it's, Fijn, Muziek. The pink is saying with this crown is that it doesn't just do a crow has a GPS mode, which means almost anyone can fly it. You don't have to be a pro pilot because essentially it flies itself, and you just tell it where to go. Oke. Now your right and left thumbs and you turn those side to sideyou want to turn them together. Op hetzelfde moment, huh you want to turn left move both thumbs left that'll turn you less alike, let's try and do a left turn that's so hard. I can't even see there. You go the drones in right now, enkel als dat. Now you can straighten it out and then you can try a little bit of a right turn. Both sticks push right. So your left thumb when you push that side to side that's gon na turn the like the angle of the drone, but your right thumb there is roll that's, your roll axis. So what do you not? What you want to do is you want to push your right thumb for that's your pitch and that's gon na, like you're doing right now, that's gon na bring you forward yeah she's, doing that she made all the way back from the other Island she's on this One let's try and hit this gap right here to these trees right here, so just go forward with your right thumb and give it some throttle.

Hey. You know you're gon na use your right thumb what yeah right there. I need any of either one of those two okay, so you're gon na use your right thumb side to side two muscles trying to get really nervous. I haven't seen her gaff anything and survive or keep going keep going. Oh there yeah, so yeah drones in stabilize no it's, really windy right now, Stephen with the wind it's, still helping a sister and flight, oh god it's so easier how's it assist Mike. Is it GPS, so the GPS assistant fly as we open something right now, it's kind of taking over, though some of the difficulties when you're trying to navigate is just trying to keep it in one position: you're, not necessarily telling the turn to go left or right. You'Re kind of the addition of the ground and the drone flies top off your time. It'S, like stabilized mode with extra Syst capabilities. OK, let's see this gap, huh she's doing really good doing really good. So your right thumb is gon na. Do all the work you don't need to yah, which is your left thumb side to side you're, just angling. It see like that and then you're gon na put push forward yeah a little more less yeah keep slowly slowly. So there you go beautiful. Take your time and once you know, you've made the gap push full forward. Those are racking us first time. One of these things are flown over water, so I'm Larry has CEOs systems and our model is maker, not just beyond just the hobby of flying.

Op. First person, you know it's a flying, robot and so that's, where we started like adding things like the Raspberry Pi on it, where it's all built around an integrator, so you can start doing experiments whole different subset of the community canal participate with. You know a high performance drone. My name is Sid Gracie I'm, a DSP engineer, test systems, DSP stands for digital signal processing, taking things that are in the air and then putting them into a computer and processing them. You can actually feasibly have this on it. The small like one of these drone platforms, this is simulating an Africa 25 signal which Africa 25 is public safety systems. If you have a police scanner and listen to that, if you're listening to an Africa 25, it is we want to be able to simulate this and put in remote locations where it can sort of become that kind of signal without actually having to have this expensive Hardware systems to determine underserved areas we utilize this information to these equivalent is people read using a micro. Hawk is absolutely an amazing platform to cover square miles of malaria, remotely the phone confidentially traverse the train to provides very vital information of bringing Wi Fi to the audience. So how do I go into actor about sorry? You are now an acrobatic and so changes the rates completely. It does duffel Scott here is our ending. Then ever go go park. It like hugs on the other side of the rivers go park it with GPS and hand it off for Paul alright, I'm ready for her to be enhancing it's, a good define good, so she should be center sticks or what should they do? No she's good Paul, Ja, Ja ja ja, you do.

I was ripping it. Oh good, that's, something generally with an accurate quad. You can't just shift it over to another pilot: Muziek Applaus, Muziek Applaus, Muziek Applaus, Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, but so I think Alexand I are gon nago for a walk on the beach we're gon na go away over there somewhere, where we Can'T see us yep and then we are gon na text. Her a GPS coordinate where you are of where I am okay, then let's see if you can put the GPS coordinates in the drone and have it come find me let's see if let's see if you a few hacker people can actually, Geloof ik, I'm down. For this challenge, I think we got this Alex let's go for a long. Goed, I don't know where they are anymore, so that's fun. You think they're actually to be able to find us over here hello. I guess this could really be anywhere like this doesn't really look like one particular area of the park. Are you reading the copy Music not right over us? Nu? Oh wait there. I can finally see it on Carol that's doing something it's doing something something range of the tree right in the tree. Oh, Oh, Oh, No, Ja, I know escape the tree. Oh nee, it scares the Train. It'S goes! Oh, Oh, gaande! Oh no honey, home it's coming home. I think the coordinates were low it off because it started lowering itself done and it went right into the tree so it's in set it sensed a problem I went back to home.

Did he go back in to return to home mode that's, pretty cool that's sick, go back that I recovered well. I think that's, pretty cool that I had an issue and it came home. So then you, Muziek Muziek. It is one now it is directly above us. Oh, Oh, it stopped it it's, coming down closer it's, get you dude it's, like really homing. You know that it's just like shot all shut off ya little monsters coming home, and I consider that a successful mission you guys just saw a flying a full gps based mission with no pilot in the loop house gzf. This is so anybody can fly it full. A pro mode at flies for 20 minutes an hour 250 grand platform.