Propel Altitude drone 2.0 Review en vlucht

Sorry we have not been posting recently. We’ll attempt to publish movies each weekend.


10 Opmerkingen
  1. the audio was kind of bad but good job

  2. Paint a fluorescent mark on the drone So you know which way is facing

  3. Where i can get it's batteries

  4. Where did u buy the other battery I can't find another one

  5. Very good video,do you think this would make an good beginner Drone to start out with….

  6. Where u get batteries? Plz respond

  7. i have one of those drones and my neighbor's kids got jeluase

  8. I hope they are okay. They said they would show the video footage and then they were never seen again. I submit that they recorded something "Top Secret" from the government and now they R.I.P. because of it.

  9. It's only 10 mins battery?

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