DEEL 1 – The Real Truth about the DJI MAVIC AIR vs MAVIC PRO camera comparison

Is there actually any distinction in picture and video high quality between the Mavic Air and Mavic Professional cameras? Right here is the true reality.

DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Mavic Professional:
Panasonic 4K-Camcorder:
Canon 80D:
BOYA revers Mic:

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  1. does your air have image warp?

  2. I have recently started using 4k on my mavic pro since getting a 4k tv. I'm still in awe with its imaging. I do like how the mavic air does 2.4k at 60fps not many people mention that.

  3. Geweldige video. Actually I'm about to chosse one and the focus seems to be the key feature which I'm in doubt about. How good is the auto focus on flying or photo on Mavic PRO? Is is good enough or I'll be worried about focusing all the time. When doing photo, I'm ok with that, but with drones, this is something perhaps would compromise my recording sometimes
    Hoe dan ook, that's something I didn't decide yet.

  4. I just picked up the magic air and really love it so far! I honestly waited until DJI came out with a drone this size that is as capable as some of the larger models. Maybe I never learned enough with the Tap to focus on the magic pro but, I didn't care for it much. With a good ND filter and manual settings to take the shutter speed down to match Frame rates, proper gimbal settings and tweaked sensitivity levels….The Mavic air can produce some seriously impressive footage that can easily be edited in post! Weer, the choice to go with the Air all came down to the sheer portability factor. The difference between the Pro and Air cameras are so minor that the added features and sensors on the Air made my decision easy. Cant go wrong with either model!

  5. Is the higher bit rate on the Air noticeable on 4k video?

  6. This is obviously a hugely debated topic, but for real world applications the higher bitrate on the Mavic air does yield better results. Watch the video I link below and watch the far left building in the beginning, its simply a grey blob in the mavic pro video while you can clearly see details in the magic air. I do not agree with your conclusions in this video, drones are generally not used for shooting your subjects close, for that you have a normal camera, to be honest ANY compact cam and even some cellphone cams would yield better results than any of these drones. if you simply want a blurred image in the beginning of your video its easy to add in post. This is not a good comparison.

  7. You should probably add some transitions between clips, or cut/edit a little less.

    In some parts, your speech and movement are a bit choppy from the cutting and editing, it's very distracting and annoying. The video and speech stutter a lot. I like the channel, so please improve this with some transitions or smoother blending between clips. I've also noticed this on many of your videos.

  8. Great video to the point, captain would you be able do to a comparison between Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro. I currently have a Phantom 4, but would like to switch to Mavic Pro, should I switch or keep the Phantom 4. Thanks very much!

  9. Dank u! Exactly what I was looking for: professional opinion.

  10. Talking about photography and lens features tap to focus is useless because drones fly so far that you wont even see depth of field (back ground blur) anymore unless you shoot someone up-close

  11. I got a question for you only for you sense I love your videos look here I have never flew a drone before but I have Comman sense so which drones should it be the mavic air or mavic pro please let me know which one you think that I will be more happier with thank you

  12. Hmmm Thanks for the Air info mate. Not making it easy for me to make a decision! Wish one was just crap and it would be easy! 🙂

  13. Amateur pilot like me I prefer Mavic air. It's portable and easy to carry it anywhere I go. Only few adjustment I can go FLY the drone. I don't really see the difference.

  14. Stop right thereI compared both of this coz my cousin have the pro, in night shots the Air is better in low light by 2 steps.

  15. Well the batteries no problem there. If you know what your doing, 5 mins of shooting is enough for some.

  16. I think you should test this drones in real time than in your studio.

  17. Here's the way to fix the mavic air where you will have no more lagging or lost connection send it back Wi-Fi sucks

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