PARROT ANAFI vs AUTEL EVOCamera Comparison

The Parrot ANAFI is a small, very mild, drone with some nice options. Echter, how does the digital camera on the Parrot ANAFI examine with that of the AUTEL EVO? You be the choose.

Different digital camera comparability movies:
EVO vs Phantom four Professional:
EVO vs Mavic Professional:
EVO vs Mavic Air:


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You should buy the PARROT ANAFI Drone right here:

You should buy the AUTEL EVO Drone right here:

For those who reside outdoors the U.S., you should purchase the AUTEL EVO right here:

Sferische Touchdown Pad:
CAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
AUDIO: Tascam DR - 10L: BIG Gorillapod:

31 Opmerkingen
  1. Thanks for your video comparison. Helaas, you can not buy the EVO in almost all of Europe yet. She comes here way too late (if she comes at all). That's why I bought an Anafi and am satisfied. Another customer less for Autel. As Gorbachev once said: Whoever comes too late is punished by life…. it is a pity


  3. Wow, your shirt and the landing pad are identical in color!

  4. IMO: The Anafi looked better from further away and the EVO looked better at closer distances. Thanks for showing the comparison.

  5. Your videos keep increasing in quality and your channel will continue to grow because of it. You are really earning your success.

  6. Coming from an unbiased viewer (I dont have either of the drones) Evo clearly has a better looking camera. Thanks for the no nonsense review👍

  7. The Anafi in this video is overexposed I’m not sure why, I have shot some video with mine in bright sunlight and it seemed to me well exposed. I have yet to edit the clips together and hope to post here. The Evo has nice look but for me they are underexposed especially in the aerial shots. Nice comparison though. Bedankt!

  8. Cap't, you'd be doing a great service, now that the DJI Mavic Pro 2 is out, to do a SIDE-BY-SIDE/SPLIT SCREEN of the same target image from the Autel Evo & the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 to get a better visualization of which produces the best image quality. That is if you do acquire a Mavic Pro 2. So far, no one has produced this here on YouTube.

  9. I stopped the video at 3:39. It’s obvious that the Anafi is just a toy.

  10. Woah,…that EVO resolves a lot of fine detail! I'm surprised that they are getting that much fine texture with only a 1/2.3 sensor. They seem to have DJI's 1/2.3 image processing beat!!

  11. The Autel Evo easily wins this one. But the Anafi would be better with Firmware update. The camera is quite superior but the Auto settings are terrible. the P-log profile with manual control gives way better results.

  12. I think it just comes down to the Evo being a better tool in everyway and the anafi just being more fun.

  13. I just wonder. Plenty of videos people are making there is plenty of camera-drives. This comparison, in the moment drones turning to left. It is The moment. Picture is blurred badly on both cameras. It there a drone that handles the moving camera? Or is the data stream overloaded then?

  14. With Evo, in the shades your short pants looks very different color, like green-blue

  15. They advertise that the Anafi has a 21 megapixel sensor. How do they photos from it look, compared to the other 20MP sensor drones out there?

  16. I like the parrot anafi video quality in my opinion even though the exposure is not right. Autel evo is bit dark.

  17. evo is the best camera drone of 2018 and I'm not just saying that because I bought one a bit ago. It really does.

  18. Anafi owner here and Evo looks a lot better. However also more expensiveso I suppose you need to accept those weaknesses

  19. Thank you for the "grass is greener" disclaimer.
    I sometimes DON'T watch product reviews because I don't want to spoil my new purchase.
    I love my electronics but dont wont to fight a losing battle of "keeping up with Jone's family" of just buying stuff just to say "I have the latest and greatest." I just love good quality products. Not trying to be better than the next random Joe Blow.

  20. The Cap no nonsense videos, never tries to influence your choice , just shows you
    the difference so you can make a decision, Love your videos Cap.

  21. I prefer the Autel Evomore realistic color and contrast.

  22. Overall between these two drones which would you recommend to buy, especially for a beginner. Which one of easier to operate?

    Just curious because I just recently purchased the Anafi ( getting delivered ) thinking it was the Evo since the store I bought it from was displaying the Evo but it said Anafi and gave specs for Anafi as well.

    Was thinking of going back and making a false advertisement complaint after realizing it wasn't the Evo I was getting but after watching videos on here and it seems like everyone likes the Anafi, thinking perhaps I should just stick with it.

    What really caught me though with the Evo was the built in screen on the controller.

  23. Excellent review and comparison. Down low and close in I liked tje EVO but up high I lean toward the Anafi.

  24. 👌 Very good job, and funny, un saludo desde España 🇪🇸 edu bermudez 👌.

  25. I feel like Parrot is ALMOST there as far as a true pro-sumer productI'm hoping for an Anafi 2 with a true 3 axis gimbal and an optical zoom, even still it is a great option right nowit's getting harder and harder to justify DJI prices. The Autel is pretty sweet too to be honest

  26. Your glasses provide contrast.

  27. Anafi is better and quiter💪

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