Mijn 88 year old Father wants to fly the TELLO Drone. What could go wrong?

My Father has all the time wished to fly a drone, so I assumed the RYZE DJI TELLO drone could be good for him. Apparently his contact display expertise are slightly non-existent.

Canon 80D: https://amzn.to/2vfgzRn
BIG Gorillapod: https://amzn.to/2Hz4IQB

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  1. He-He nice. I think I will take my father 75 years old With me this summer and fly DJI Inspire 1 V2.0.

  2. lovely to see your dad enjoying the drone wish my dad was still here make the most of him

  3. Leuk filmpje. All the love to your dad. And god bless both of you.

  4. GOD bless him! You should be graceful with GOD that he still here with all of you… Bedankt voor het delen! 👍👍👍🇵🇷

    Greetings from Douglas, Arizona 👍👍🇵🇷

  5. Qué ternura! Felicitaciones por este vídeo tan humano, me fascinó!

  6. Great job the first flight is always the hardest Keep him going and he will be flying all over the house. Great video thanks so much

  7. That's awesome! I wish my grandfather was still around to see my drones. He would be fascinated with them I'm sure. He was very good with his hands (with electronics and cars and things like that). I'm sure he would have had the same problem with the cell phone though! He died in 2006 and he never had cable TV!

  8. Good that you shared time with your Dad, wish mine was here to share a drone flight. I know he would be shocked to hear how much I spent on DJI drones. 😄😄

  9. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Happy Easter and wishing the best all of your family.

  10. Zeer aardige video! You just so patient teaching your dad to play the smart phone and tello. I also tried to teach my mom on how to use smart phone a few times but just cannot make it. They are just so worry that they touch the wrong button and cannot touch the screen well to make it functioning. After watched your video, may be I need to try again. Thanks for this fantastic video clip.

  11. That was very heart warming and brought back memories of things my father and I shared together. Bedankt voor het delen. God Bless!

  12. You're laughing,when he goes wrong.don't laugh,help him

  13. I love your father ❤❤❤…..from iran

  14. oh this is so harteorming wish my prandpa liked drones

  15. Hello Cap. I thought this video was great and hilarious because my Dad has that same problem with his cell phone. LOL
    Your Dad Rocks! m/

  16. Smart *$$ devices is more like it. So many sensitive areas on face of phone makes controls awkward. Slowly getting my dad away from figuring his fingernail is going to effect anything trying to swipe or tap things.

  17. That's adorable! Echter, you can't blame the elderlySmartphone screens require you to have a certain amount or moisture in your skin to make good contact, so older folks with dry skin have troubles. Tell your pops to use a little hand lotion, then try again!

  18. Very cool looks like you showed Dad a good time !

  19. That is soooo cool! I use a touchpen because I'm the same way, not enough electricity running through these old hands any more! LOL

  20. Where is the big heart emoji?

  21. I thought your Dad was made with some sort of pre-touchscreen compatible fingers at first. Good for him and I'm glad to see he's still outgoing at 88!

  22. That was AWESOME Captain! Making memories out of flying drones ☺

  23. Good on him, Don't worry pop i hate flying with the phone as well. Get him to try with a Bluetooth controller👌

  24. They should make better touchscreen phones.

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