It is a unibody four inch, long bed original style x, frame with around five four to five millimeter bottom plate. It is pretty beasty, it is the thickest of the bunch uh as far as your bottom plate and your arms go it's the heaviest out of the bunch all the ones i've tested, but this one is probably going to be your most durable out of the bunch. Dus, if you're looking for durability uh, this one is the one you want to buy. If you're going to send it out there and you're going to do some, some mild freestyle out there or you're going to take chances and possibly be around harder objects or concrete or things like that, this one is going to survive some serious impacts and i feel Like this one had an okay tune on it, i feel like the tune, could probably be a little bit better, but mine came all set up and ready to go. I was pretty happy out of the box. It is running on 4s 850. Als je wilt – or you can run it on that 4sp lion battery and you can get up to about 28 minuten vliegtijd, wat een beetje gek is, they did use the higher kv motors on this one out of the bunch. Dit is 3000 kv on here. These are the 1404s kind of a classic four inch. Long range, sub 250 gram, category motor, so four bolts on the bottom i've got a pretty large tpu standoff off the back of this as well.

It has my tbs crossfire right there. The immortal t with my bn 220, Ik geloof, 228 off the back, and i was able to get upwards of around 15 Aan 16 satellites with this, and the nicest thing about flying with this type of quad is that, if you've never flown with gps before in Betaflight, it does have to be set up in the cli. Most of these companies are not doing the cli setup for you. You have to activate gps, and my suggestion to you is to go into the fail, safe tab and set it to gps recover when you lose signal, because that will auto level the quad bring it up to your specified height and it'll return to home. So if you are out there and you're cruising down the river, you lose signal: it's not going to drop straight in the water, just make sure that you have that set up and you feel tested before you send this. When i say send it, i mean send it out there over your line of sight reference or out there a mile plus, so this quad will. It will be able to do i'm. Pretty sure i can get it out. Uh 28 25 Aan 28 minuten, and you want to do like your lowest cruise throttle that you can find just to keep the nose up when you're flying long range a lot of times too. You want to kind of go higher and higher as you go, but that's typically on fpv wings.

Echter, if you're running 700 milliwatt back here, you'll find that it actually has a pretty good penetration, the the vista does very well and so far in my testing this year, this one is doing quite well um compared to the air module uh it's been about. I think it's been about a year now, since we've actually been testing both of these back to back and video penetration is great, and i think i swear, i think the receiver failsafe's less on me than the air module. The air module has two antennas. Deze. Only has one and no on board dvr, but maybe it's just the architecture, but in all my testing, this one's working really great. So we also have a really nice iflight controller on here. It is able to power, the escs are able to do up to 4s and we have a tpu mount in the front with a lens protector on the front, die ik denk dat is geweldig. We have two bolts on the side. Each side of the camera decent amount of camera protection up front as well, and you can see my tbs nano receiver in the back back here. Underneath this tpu mount so very accessible, easy to bind up. Je kunt zien. The button is right there, so i had to do is stick my bamboo skewer in there and bind it up to my tango two and i was ready to go, but i like that this one has a nice truck bed on top.

We can get a pretty big battery. One thing that i would like to see, if i do is, do the replaceable arm version for you guys, but again this is going to be the most durable version of this class of long range. Sub 250 gram drones out there. I think ifly has nailed it as far as the durability goes and it's it's gon na be hard to break this one, but we're gon na we're gon na fly it now let's. Take it out there and let's do a little flying with it, because i think you're gon na enjoy the flying. This will go places that the seven inch can't and to end this video we'll do a little bit of comparison to some of the other popular ones. Out there in this same category, so you guys can bring something home from this review and make a decision on which one you decide. You want to get so let's go ahead and do some flying now guys. Hier gaan we Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek Applaus, Muziek Applaus, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek Applaus; all right guys welcome back from the flight test. I have the whole family here. Goed, what i would consider the most current choices for a bottom fly. Long range for your four inch sub 250g categorythese three are kind of the top picks right now. The flywoo explorer lr is this little guy right here, the camira and the baby croc, and i already have reviews of the baby croc and the explorer lr.

If you want to go back and watch those, please do on the channel, because those are pretty awesome reviews and i felt like this one didn't. Let me down either um. I i feel like again like, if you're a less experienced pilot and you're looking for something that's going to be more durable for your long range experience. Your sub 250 g experience, then um by all means, go for the camaro um and i know you guys are gon na be like hey, which one's your favorite out of these three, and this was one of the first one that i flew in this category. Uh dave cfpb nailed it with this design. He has that dead cat front end on here, iflight decided to go a true x, Ontwerp, which i think they probably should have done: a dead cat style frame and then gap rc with a crocodile baby. They did more of a dead cat style swinging out arms in the back, which i do prefer in this category. Even the larger seven inch quads back here, like the the croc light. That also has a sort of dead cat style, and this one is a little more forward. So it is very close to being able to see the props in view on those, but you don't want to see props in view on your long range explorers, especially if you're running you know some type of just fpv dvr recording in your goggles and and that's That'S going to be important, the guys that that don't want to run a camera on top if you're running a camera on top it doesn't matter, because you won't see the props in view.

Dus een ding om over na te denken, but let's go ahead and turn on the scale, guys i'm going to go ahead and get this zeroed out, and one thing i got to tell you too, is that the camaro, the bottom plate is four millimeter. I did measure that just so we're straight on that and now looks like a hundred 181 grams there for the camaro, and i believe he was the heaviest of the bunch now let's do the crocodile baby coming in at 160. and then the flywoo explorer 167.. So crocodile baby is winning the the weight award in that category, so lightest one out of the bunch should be the croc baby. This was the first one that i flew, and i love this one. This one also has an external beeper which is really needed in flying long range. The the khmer does not have that, but the gap rc baby croc does. It also has one in the back right there, but super important to be flying gps when you're flying long range as well, because uh most of the way that these quads are set up. Race, quads typically set to drop. When you lose connection and when you fly out beyond the line of visual sight, you definitely want to have gps on board again, which which all of these do so you know i leave it up to to to you guys to decide what you want to do. Daar um, probably my favorite design again, you know as far as your purchase goes.

Probably my favorite design is this frame here. I love this frame, but i also like that they went super light on the crocodile baby and i think again, this was probably the best tune out of all three of these and this one again, als u, if you're, not a really experienced pilot, this one is A good one to go for because it is absolutely going to be the most durable super easy to work on as well. Hiermee 2 up stack, you've got a back seat vista there easy access to the usb port, both usb ports. You have two different usb ports on this quad. You have usbc there for the vista, and then you have android style for betaflight and you're going to have to register this. When you buy this each of the new dji units that i get, i always have to register them so that's that only takes about five minutes. But hopefully you guys, like this review and you're thinking about picking up one of these again like this one wins: a durability, ward, dus um, maybe a few points off for the the true x style frame. But i think maybe this one is more of a close to medium range style flying quad, for if you want to do some freestyle, this one's going to be probably the best choice for freestyle if you're doing that for cinema. It would be these two, but these two will still freestyle but durability is, is winning on the camaro.

So thanks again for watching guys, i'm justin davis hope you, like all these different reviews on my channel and if you do please do subscribe and help me out on my patreon. That will be super awesome, guys thanks again and uh, trying to keep the channel going and keep it always moving forward for you guys and hopefully improving the quality over time as well. I appreciate it guys.