MAVIC PRO a new Look

On this video I have a look at a really good product that stretches onto your Mavic Professional to provide it a novel personalized look. The pores and skin is simple to use. Simply place it in your Mavic Professional, add slightly warmth and rub/stretch it into place.

You will discover this shade and others at HOBBYINRC:


DJI Mavic Professional on AMAZON:
DJI Mavic Professional on DJI STORE: http://Klik op = hyperlink&as = 0005&ch=MAVIC%20AIR

CAMERA: Panasonic 4K-Camcorder:
VERLICHTING: Studio Softbox:

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  1. Uitstekend!! Ik vind het heerlijk!! Bedankt

  2. Would be good if this makes the Mavic a bit more visible in the air

  3. Mooi! That grey was a bit dull and shiny colours are better if you drop the drone and so need to locate it.

  4. I have a spark related problem. I take it out 60 feet away and l receive a warning that states. You have been restricted to 30 meters respectively. Why does it tell me that???? I don't even come close to that. I always fly within sight of the spark. Because I don't want to lose it. PS do they sell them for the spark???? If so do you recommend it. ???

  5. Very cool way to change or customize your quad for your own personal taste. Nice product review! !!👍 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 👍

  6. I agree with Dan Dipper. If anyone should live stream it is you my Captain! Always wondered how difficult skins were to apply. Bedankt voor het delen.

  7. …. Sweet Color !!! Love ❤️ It

    So sad 😞 they don’t have it for the Typhoon H from Yuneec

    But they have some amazing skins colors for the Typhoon Hcheck link below

  8. The Hawaii Blue looks goodbut i would get the darker blue for myself. Over $20 US is not that bad.

  9. Stickers never look good on anything.

  10. Well done Captain, would have been cool to do a time-laps of the application. Be good friend, new video up tomorrow >>> "Dirty-Rat-Rod". Cheers

  11. A light blue color? You must only fly in bad weather or cloudy days. I would imagine that blue would blend in with a nice blue sky.

  12. Heel leuk, I think I'll do that to my car now.

  13. “Take ooot the battery “ 🤣

  14. Looks very nice. You did a great job putting those on. A+

  15. lol I'm not going to front, I like the skins for these drones.

  16. I'm glad to see someone else like me. I am a sucker for those things. Price is not bad too from Hobby INRC. I got mine from Decal Gal but the price is more like $22. I have an American Eagle and a Police Car. Leuk.

  17. Hallo, geweldige video ,just wondered what Gimbal cover you're using,is it a 2in1? do you have a link to it please?

  18. Where did you get that square gimbal lock/ guard

  19. Very nice way to spruce up ones drone! They do have some very cool colors depending on your mood I guess, LOL! Dank Steve, very fun and informative video!

  20. I'll be the odd one out. A few scuff marks will not impede the function of your drone. Added weight will. There is no practical point of adding cosmetic weight to a drone. The flight times will suffer and nobody can even see the new color scheme from the air. Spend you money on a six pack of beer instead.

  21. What’s the best waypoints app for DJI Mavic Air , vonk ? Do they have a belt in app from DJI ? Can you make video ?

  22. You posted this one day after I ordered a different skin for my MP. The site you referred has exactly what I was looking for at a cheaper price. I kind of settled with what I ordered instead of keep looking. So I will be returning what I ordered so I can get one of these. Bedankt voor de video!

  23. I’ve tried a different brand that didn’t allow me to move them at all, even a little. My Mavic Pro is Alpine white and thought some accent pieces would set it off. Definitely a little more difficult with only having one hand but will definitely give this brand a try. Thank you for the time and video

  24. Am I the only one think it's looks cheap plastic now?

  25. Where did you get the non OEM gimbal guard?

  26. Steve, an unrelated non cosmetic question Tonight I decided to do a night flight in front of my house, using the LED props,,
    two things happened, that never happened. Eerste , every so often, I would get a blinking yellow lamp, inbetween the green gps lock blinking light. The second thing that happend, is a very slight and annoying drift while hovering at about maybe 15 ft,,
    I did some digging and a couple of people said that the yellow light may be caused, by an out of balance prop? and the slight drift may have been caused by the positioning sytem working at night>?? strange thing , I did put the original props back and and it did not do that again,,lol but the drifting remained, of course I will fly in the morning for reference
    your thoughts,,,,?
    I flew it during the day today and super rock solid as usual

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